April 1999


HEADLINES for April 28th, 1999

Endless Graveyard threatens Skara Brae
GuildMaster JetStar vows to protect the city and its citizens
Article by:
JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

Reasons for the departure of

Ldy Death and the Factions of the Endless Graveyard made announced their first conquest today. Please read:

Hail citizens of Skara Brae! I am Ldy Death, Mistress of the Endless Graveyard. As the Queen of all that is Dead and Dying, I lay claim to the island known as Skara Brae, also known as the City of the Dead. You may retain the portion of the town upon the mainland for I have no need of it. I urge all of you now to proclaim your fealty to myself and the Council of Evil. If not, I fear for your Island for my fierce warriors will overrun and slay all that oppose us!

I give thee until this Saturday for a reply.

So, desist with your petty squabbles of elections or firing people from office or who citizens may talk to or do business with. They are no longer your concerns, for it is I and the Council of Evil who shall make these decisions. To make this transaction easier for all, I welcome Serena into our ranks. Will you accept this position? Time grows short and my warriors are working hard... I must tell thee, choose wisely your answers for it may well be your last!

Ldy Death
Mistress of the City of the Dead
Mistress of the Endless Graveyard
Queen of all that is Dead and Dying

KGB forces are planning to defend Skara Brae from this onslaught of Evil. More information will be posted as it comes available

GuildMaster explains veteran departure
JetStar explains his view of the recent departure of KGB Veterans
Article by:
JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

Reasons for the departure of many of the KGB's veteran members have been a hot topic on the KGB Forum. With several incorrect accounts of this incident (See KGB News Historical Archives March 30th) I have decided to explain in detail the entire situation.

The time has come for me to make it clear to those that read this board and are currently involved the debate as to KGB's honor and its ability to role-play. Let me begin.

ubject: 13 Veteran Members of KGB left to form The Arcane Order (TAO) in early April.

I am sure you have read the posts from former KGB Chairman of the High Council Helmholtz. He was a long time member of KGB, and served as the leader of the democratic portion of the Guild. We were friends for a long time, despite our differences, and up to his departure, we always found ways to work out our problems. KGB's most recent issues and the level of activity of many of the Veteran members would finally tear away KGB's oldest veterans.
Time wore on for KGB's oldest members. By February of 1999, many of KGB's leaders were tired of our world and were largely inactive. I was watching the guild slowly slip away. I knew I once again had to act to preserve the KGB. I also knew I had to act carefully as I did not wish to offend any of KGB's veteran membership, who had worked so hard to create and preserve KGB's reputation and standing. KGB was at war at the time and with the lack of activity from KGB's veterans I knew I would have to take drastic measures to prevail. Since December I had been speaking to former Evils that were tired of the total lame and anti-role-play atmosphere on Pacific. This was the time when Evil's motto was anti-role-play. Guilds like Nightmare Clan and The Mafia threatened to wipe role-players from the shard once and for all. I knew it was KGB's duty to combat this, but I now longer had the motivated staff to achieve victory. KGB Field General Derid and KGB Guild Champion Binbs were the pioneers of ex-Evils conversion to the forces of Good. The admission of these members was met with harsh resistance, but I pushed hard, and they have become some of KGB's finest. KGB's leaders stopped interacting with the member candidates and made their decisions not with personal experience, but reputation and rumor. This meant that many a potential KGB hero was sent packing. I felt that KGB needs to at least give people a chance to prove themselves worthy. Many others did not.
A conservative faction began to strengthen and aquire more and more support from KGB's veteran members. As with KGB's Paladins that recently departed, they liked the idea of a smaller close knit group of friends. In July many of us met in RL and had a great time. Many of us met again on New Years. The group grew closer, and our vision of the ultimate defeat of evil and a continued presence in Sosaria fell to the back burner. I held to my goal and the division began to become more and more serious. The stress began to mount as I brought in more and more younger players to assist us in our goal and enforcement of our code.
As the pressures of war grew with the return of Dracus and the Fallen Lords and their alignment with DF and NC, I made the decision that I needed full control of the recruiting process. These three guilds were hell bent on the destruction of KGB, and I felt we were only one demoralizing loss away from disbandment. I reformed the PGC with a GM mandate that essentially shoved this idea down the councils throat. This action Won the battle but also was the final nail in the coffin for many of KGB's veterans. I will say this, I did my best to uphold the code and spirit of the KGB. I am not perfect, but decisions had to be made, and I have to live with those every day. Again, I did what I had to do.

Subject: KGB Veterans departure and former CHC Helmholtz.

TAO's Helmholtz has again began posting on subjects of KGB's stature and mission. I think it is important for you to know the whole story behind this man and the rocky final months of his membership in KGB.
Helmholtz's quick temper has become legendary in KGB. He would lose his temper at times but was always forthright in his apologies when he got out of line. He was responsible for spearheading the expulsions of former KGB icons such as Coake and Speedy of KGB for violations of the KGB code. He was a hardline lawmaker, and was known throughout KGB as such. In his final months his hard lined stance began to breed discontent. His repeated violations of the KGB code of conduct regarding respectful communication were a rallying cry for those that opposed him. This came to a point in the application of the well know Nici of Pacific and Baja shards. She is a well known role-player and a outspoken young woman. Because of her friends in the BYZ Guild and after visiting Nici's Website, Helmholtz labeled her a "Slut" and other offensive judgmental terms that I feel were unwarranted and unbecoming a KGB Chairman. Several of the KGB High Council Members finally became disgusted after he openly chastised members of the Council for their opinions. Two of KGB's Ministers told me that unless I acted to remove Helm, that they would be leaving. I spoke to former KGB Prime Minister Thorn Wolfbane and asked him if he could intervene. He did his best but was unable to quell the unrest. In a disaster of a High Council Meeting, all of the members resigned from Councilship and two from the Guild completely. In a foolish move I stood behind Chairman Helmholtz as he then began to plan the downfall of the Guild.
In a carefully written post he was able to inflame the membership, and the argument escalated into a out right cussing match, bringing many to the point of total disgust with KGB and forced many resignations. Helmholtz was able to force anyone on the fence about moving to leave, as he later bragged in messages to his former Guild adversaries. Later, more than half of the departed members contacted me personally to re-assure me that they did in no way condone the abhorrent and dishonorable actions of Helmholtz.
Personally I think he hoped for the downfall and final distraction of KGB, but we have disappointed him.

It should be noted that most of the departed members of KGB have left for Norrath, as I had mentioned, they grew tired of our world and seeked the kind of close knit grouping that EQ requires, I miss them very much, and long to be with them. I have decided to remain here and to complete the task I began two years ago.

I would like to assure you all, friends and foes alike. It is my personal mission to continue to refine and upgrade our Guild and code to achieve the goals I had in mind when I started this organization. I will continue to do this. Ldy Death and the staff and factions of the Endless Graveyard have claimed that we are unworthy of their notice. I can assure them and the other innocents of Pacific, if they are Evil and intend to harm or convert innocents, KGB will be there in force, protecting the common man and woman, and upholding the honorable code of the Knights of Glory and Beer.

HEADLINES for April 26th, 1999

Public demands explanation of KGB's ancient policy
Address by:

KGB's mailboxes have been filled with requests and complaints about the RED=DEAD policy. I have decided to address the Guild and the Public about this heated issue.

The Knights of Glory and Beer have long been the known as hunters of Evil and Murderers. KGB made famous the term "RED=DEAD". "RED=DEAD" means that KGB members reserve the right to enact justice on any red marked murderer. This does not mean that we attack all Reds because their Red. We always do our best to evaluate every situation, using the KGB code as our guideline. This also means that not all Blues are indeed honorable and just. In fact some of the worst murderous Evils on Pacific are Blue and remain Blue. The KGB GuildMaster has allowed certain members of KGB to go Red to deal justice to these individuals. As you know, our Notoriety system is not without flaw. This means KGB officers and officials are left to interpret the Code of KGB and apply it to the situation at hand. We are not perfect, but understand, we exist to protect the common man and woman of Pacific. Everything we do is to protect the innocent and to deal justice to those that deserve it.

If you ever witness a KGB member committing acts that you feel do not proudly represent KGB and it's code please use the following link and form. It is always available at the top of the KGB Sentinel Page:

THE KGB SUPREME COURT - Conduct Feedback Report
This form is used for the for reporting inappropriate conduct directly witnessed by you of a representative of the KGB Organization. All reports will be reviewed and you will receive a response. The KGB has a special law enforcement and judicial body that reviews and punishes KGB members that poorly represent the Guild or violate the code. All citizens are urged to take part in this program. If KGB is not performing its duty, we want to know about it.

KGB returns to War with The Mafia
Members of the newly formed CKGB hold their first event
Article by:
JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

After almost 7 months of peace, a newly formed Mafia Guild drwas KGB Armed Forces into War. Stay tuned for wartime updates from front.

The Mafia is known for their foul mouths and persecution of the innocent. KGB has made it their duty to enact Justice upon them.

HEADLINES for April 24th, 1999

KGB Holds Picnic for Members and Friends
Members of the newly formed CKGB hold their first event
Article by:
JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

Members of KGB and friends from all over the shard came to the KGB Picnic at the center of the hedge maze. Food and Beer were had by all as KGB showed why its last name is Beer!


KGB forces get a much needed rest
KGB gets break as Evil reorganizes at the Endless Graveyard
Article by:
JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

Fallen Lords have undelcared War on KGB again as Lord Dracus attempts to hide his defeat with deception and lies. KGB Armed Forces continue to battle the DF (Dragon Family) and to enact justice upon red murderers. This is a time to recuperate and prepare for the upcoming Good vs Evil conflict that is expected to turn into a massive War.

Here are some pictures from the front lines


HEADLINES for April 15th, 1999

KGB making a difference during difficult times
A new generation of Military Advisors join KGB.

Article by:
JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

KGB continues to rid the land of Evils despite a new and unprecedented smear campaign. KGB will continue its quest to rid the shard of Evil and will continue to live by and enforce what is the most strict Conduct code of any known Guild.

KGB's Sir Ramirez said it best in a recent message in a public forum:
"After reading posts on many boards about KGB killing blues and greys that people are calling innocent I have this to say. The reason this guild is so successful and are true champions of honor is very simple. The first thing people must understand as KGB does is that the color scheme of blues,grey,oranges,greens, and reds is a total farce, a farce in which our enemies hide behind and that if it comes right down to it certain members will ignore. Dracus you surly understand this for as I received recognition for me being of good standing and going red helping a guildmate, you as a red evil player were busy macroing to blue-seems sort of backwards dont it-does your blue color make you an innocent-i think not : ). The second thing is when i go to lets say the evil town and see blues hiding to block our advancement to slay our "orange" enemies and then healing them and think that their lives wont be taken as they are blue aka innocent is truly laughable.At that point you chose your side you made your choice and became an enemy-at that moment at least.Im sure it was a pleasure and HONOR to see another enemy vanquished who was befuddled to see that his color could not save his life."

KGB Serves justice to the Evils of Pacific:

HEADLINES for April 12th, 1999

KGB and the City of the Endless Graveyard
Forces of Evil unite to create a city of death.

Article by:
JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

I am sure you are all wondering, what is the Endless Graveyard? The following was taken from Lady Death's official description:

The Town of the Endless Graveyard is in the wilderness, formerly called the Yew Crypts (see maps) and as such is not under the direct rule or protection of Lord British.  The Town of the Endless Graveyard is only as peaceful as the citizens and visitors make it. This is to say, the evil and neutral people in the Town of the Endless Graveyard are generally safe and protected, but non-RPing criminals can spoil the day. RPing criminals, on the other hand, can have a great deal of fun becoming involved in quests.  Anyone disturbing the peace that is not labeled good are given two option:   1) Leave in peace or 2) Leave in pieces.  Those labeled as good only received the last option!

We sincerely hope you enjoy the the Town of the Endless Graveyard player-town. It was created for all evils to enjoy!

"Anyone disturbing the peace that is not labeled good are given two option:   1) Leave in peace or 2) Leave in pieces.  Those labeled as good only received the last option!" After reading this quote, GuildMaster JetStar dispatched KGB Supreme Court Chief Justice Azryk Azyr and Supreme Knight Circe to pay a visit to the Endless Graveyard. Here is Azryk's conclusions and explanation of the visit:

The warning is simple. Support or engage in evil activities and you will pay the price. Evil will be stamped out. The just people of this land are not cattle for evil minions.

Circe and I paid a visit to this budding evil town and found it to be repulsive. We marked runes throughout the 'city'. I paid special attention to locations that will need to be purified by fire when we bring our torches and oil tonight.

Upon entering the deeper chambers, we came across a foul smelling man named Guther. I could see by his dark beady eyes that he was hiding something. I questioned whether he had any part in the rising evil in the crypt. He boldly stated that he financed the operation. He stated he was to meet with Ldy Death this very night. I attempted to force the time and location of the meeting from Guther, but he would not see the light. I then began dispensing justice upon this evil doer. His coin will not pay for the blood of the innocent!

The fallen lord Kurtz then arrived on the scene. I reminded him of the words Ldy Death directed at me:

"I am not sure if you read the Laws of our Town. Let me sum them up for you, though. If someone if caught causing a disturbance, they will be given two options: 1) Leave in peace or 2) Leave in pieces. Any who fall under the banner of good or heroes only get the second option!"

I challenged Kurtz to enforce the 'law' as it was written. Kurtz would have no part of it. Your laws are feeble and unenforceable, Ldy Death. Your coalition of evil will be crushed. The gauntlet has been dropped, prepare yourself for destruction.

KGB and the KGB GSS have been closely following Lady Death and here efforts. I have followed the charter of the Endless Graveyard and have come to some conclusions that have mandated our actions.

-Is the Endless Graveyard a place that promotes Honor and Goodness?
No it is not. It is to be a collection of Evils and those that consort with the forces of darkness.

The person that was punished by KGB was a contributor to what we consider a new Evil alliance. This person freely admitted this and appropriate steps were taken.

We have all sworn our lives to promote Good and defeat Evil. Your new town promotes Evil, therefor you are our enemy.

FL Defector joins KGB Armed Forces
Former Fallen Lords 2nd in command Lancelot now on KGB Stone

Article by:
JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

Former Fallen Lords #2 man joined KGB today after a falling out with his former Guild. Lord Lancelot is now a member of KGB's Armed Forces and will be taking up arms against Evil.

Fallen Lords continues to fall apart as more and more members become disgusted with Lord Dracus apathy and poor leadership. Lord Dracus's attempt to smear KGB is an example of his desperation. Fallen Lords will soon be a bad memory once again.

KGB sweeps the Endless Graveyard
KGB dispenses justice in Evils HQ

Article by:
Sir Vuldan Ironhand, Knight - KGB Armed Forces

Ahhh..the Taste of Victory and the Agony of Defeat. KGB forces stormed the new town of Evil located in the Crypt south of Yew last night, to find our earnest enemies, those foul members of DF lurking about. Led by our esteemed Warlord Hard Cash and General Juha Eyrst, a small band of KGB warriors stormed into the midst of DF forces like a whirl wind of death. Forced to sit dily by due to a new bug discovered (see end of story), I observed as my brothers literally destroyed the larger force of DF. Within seconds, my tracking screen was littered with the bodies of Lorren, The Jackel, Knight Crawler and so on...as once again, KGB forces reigned supreme. Of course, my enthusiasm was deeply dampened when, following GM assistance with the bug, I charged up to join the fray, only to find myself with the rezzed and re-armed members of DF I had seen dead moments before. Set upon by 5 DF, including summoned deamons did not boad well for Vuldan. Within moments I found myself with!
in that grey sphere we know as Ghost time...the roaming dead. But thanx to a loyal and brave fellow KGBer by the name of Thor, who, at risk to his own life, bravely opened a gateway for us and I was able to escape with my faithful steed and travel to yon healer for life rezzing. As to the bug, all beware. If you should be banned from Ldy Death's house/Mayor of Evil Towne's office, located on the roof of the Crypt, the ban will prevent you from ascending the stairs to the room directly underneath the House. Caution is advised to those of you who have been banned, such as Colin and Wildcard, to name a few others. Have a great day and Honor and Glory to KGB!

HEADLINES for April 9th, 1999

The Spirit of the KGB
KGB members honored.

Article by:
JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

Members Please Note: Please take the time to recognize your brothers using the Award Request feature. It is the only way that members can gain recognition for their actions that are considered over and above the call of duty.

KGB Award Policy states that someone (Even yourself) must send a written account of the said incident that you feel warrants an award. It is your responsibility to keep track of actions or situations that may warrant awards. You may send these accounts in any time using the Award Request feature. The feature can always be found at the top of the KGB Sentinel page and the KGB Members Handbook.

Sir Ramirez - Knight, KGB Citizen and Armed Forces Member
The KGB Silver Star
Former KGB Member and Guild Secret Service Minister Peaches wrote:
Ramirez, upon aiding Juha while Juha was red and being attacked, helped destroy those that were attacking Juha, thus turning ramz red. Ramz resigned from the stone as a result of being red. He showed great honor and self sacrifice.

Luz Arius - Advisor, KGB Armed Forces Member
The KGB GuildMaster's Golden Cross
KGB GuildMaster JetStar wrote:
Luz to me represents the potential I see in everyone. Once a hated thief and murderer, Luz wandered the land looking for a group to pledge his allegiance. All Luz found was liars, and back stabbers. Soon Luz would become just like them. After a falling out with the Evils, Luz came to me and swore on his honor to uphold the KGB Code. He has done this and more. I would like to recognize Luz as one of our most active Armed Forces members. I asked Luz how he feels he has changed since joining KGB. Please read his tale...........
Thief Pk Scum.. Yep, that was me two months ago. I would venture just about anywhere with people and steal over & over again till I would be attacked. Once attacked I would try & kill that person any way I possibly could. I didn't care if they were newbies, women or whatever.. I just wanted to loot and would do anything to get it.. But one day I took it too far ... This poor newbie was in the Deciet bone room and I must of stolen everything he had... With the sword in his hand and the Shield in the other he attacked me with no supplies or regs. It took 3 seconds to kill him.... 1 hour later i thought to myself what am I doing? Their are people with real feelings on the other side of that computer.I've taken thief pk to a point where it's hurting people... From then on I vowed to start helping people any way I could..Give money to newbies, heal people when they hunt monsters, and fight the forces of evil ... KGB came along and I saw their courage & valor.. I wanted to be a part of that guild. They did such glorious things! I remember one time when KGB was outnumbered by NC & DF but they held their ground and defeated both those evil forces in a spectacular battle. This was a guild I wanted to be a part of.. This was a cause I wanted to take part in.. KGB has blessed me with an opportunity to join their guild. I devote Luz Arius to KGB for as long as the guild is on Pacific...

Captain LoneStar - Knight Captain, KGB Citizen and Armed Forces Member
The KGB Prime Minister's Golden Cross
KGB Prime Minister Nathan Rahl wrote:
I have appreciated Lonestar's help during my term as Warlord in proposing changes that have helped enrich the military. He continues to help focus the structure of the armed forces and is constantly setting up hunts to further the aims of the guild and frustrate our enemies. There are many people involved with the military and I would like to honor each of these individuals, but (cont) my first PM Award shall be given to this worthy individual.

DF Undeclares on D&S: VICTORY!
DF surrenders as KGB keeps up the pounding
Article by:
JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

With the end of NightMare Clan and the Fallen Lords falling from Evil grace, DF is left to fight alone. Long known for their lack of honor and respect and their constant use of foul language and exploits, DF is probably the lamest guild on the shard (toss up between The Resistance and DF). We are all hoping that these loses will be the final push for them to leave the shard once and for all

D&S GuildMaster Skull sent in this announcement:
Looks like D&S has won it's first big war. DF undeclared after only a few weeks of getting their asses kicked. The score is like 100 to 10. D&S having over 100 DF kills, and DF only getting maybe 10-12 D&S kills. This just goes to show how weak DF, they preach of mass war and carnage, but can't even handle the likes of a small guild by the name of D&S. Victory is OURS!

A KGBers work is never done
KGB Armed Forces make the difference in the ongoing battle against Evil
Article by:
JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

Here are just a few pictures from the front line in KGB's conflict agains Evil Murderers and Lameness

HEADLINES for April 1st, 1999

KGB Warlord Hard Cash Becomes KGB's First 5 Star General
KGB's most decorated General surpasses the great Paladins of old in Victories
Article by:
JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

Warlord Hard Cash truly hold the current rank of KGB's most productive Warrior. I have had the pleasure to serve with General Hard Cash for quite some time, and in that time he has shown unparalleled bravery and upheld the Code of KGB with his life. Many thought Former KGB Paladin, Brother Annul's record of 240 documented victories would never be equaled. General Hard Cash has reached 321. Currently Warlord Hard Cash is serving as KGB Warlord as he moves into a new position of Chairman of the KGB High Council. First to receive the 5th Star, General Hard cash deserves it.

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