February 1999


HEADLINES for February 27th, 1999

Nightmare Clan: They got lame
Continued cheap tactics reduce the once pure NC to dishonorable lamers
An Article by: KGB GuildMaster JetStar

It seems to us here at the KGB Sentinel that Nightmare Clan qualifies for the now famous "He Got Lame" title being granted by the well known Skull on his editorial page. Because of Skull's friendship with NC and the DF members that infect their stone, he would never grant them this title no matter how closely they qualify for it. One thing you should note however, Skull desires to join the war against KGB, but is too embarrassed to join the NC stone. Why you ask? Why not ask him yourself.

Seems NC must have employed the professional dishonesty consultant Cry for Dawn to help with the denial of the turn coat in their guilds senior membership. The following are just a few more examples of lameness in its purest form:

This picture was sent into the KGB Sentinel from a KGB member on 2/23. You can see NC still uses the well known lame tactic of spamming

Below you can see NC members Res killing Googgenheim an incredable 32 times. Come on Nightmare Clan, even you are above this type of thing.


Nightmare Clan Coverup Exposed!
NC fails in attempt to hide the truth from its members and the world
An Article by: KGB GuildMaster JetStar

Nightmare Clan officials were enraged by the fact that the turn coat in their own ranks was true. NC GuildMaster Andren desperately searched for the spy while pretending it was no big deal. NC officials made several attempts to explain the pictures and to cover their origin. NC's Rosecrantz claimed he game the pictures of the NC GuildStone to KGB GuildMaster JetStar (Rose is not on JetStar's ICQ list). GuildMaster Andren then made a feeble attempt to post ICQ chat logs from KGB's General Wildcard. His attempt to backstab his friend was unsuccessful as GuildMaster JetStar reaffirmed his support from General Wildcard.

KGB's defector still remains on NC's GuildStone and has bee providing valuable inside information as to the inner workings of NC. Our NC agent has been able to shed light on the very search to find out who the turn coat is. Andren has consulted with many veterans around the shard to attempt to weed out the mole in his Guild.

To prove the NC claims are total lies, we are posting the latest set of NC stone screen shots here. They are less than 24 hours old. Why not compare them to the NC roster found on www.owo.com

As you know, you must be an active member of a guild and be on the GuildStone to take these screen shots. The spy him or herself is listed below. Do you know who it is?

HEADLINES for February 23rd, 1999

CKGB Leads Guild Treasure Hunt
KGB Members search for hidden riches
An Article by: CKGB Assistant Minister Ragter

A new era has come to KGB. Last night a group gathered at the Spawn Point Tavern to for a treasure hunt. Treasure Hunter Ragnarok proceeded to decipher the map that Paradox Thorn had fond on a Lich. Ragnarok quickly decoded the map and stated the location was just north of Trinsic. Armed with the treasure map, Rangarok, Paradox Thorn, Nathan Rahl, Status, Armegeddon, Hurmp, Thundurlok, and myself set out to locate the treasure.

We arrived in the general area of the treasure and Ranarok went to work excavating the treasure. Nathan and myself had taken up residence on a fallen tree whilst we awaited the spawn that was sure to come. It wasn’t long before a messenger came running *WE FOUND IT* We immediately stood from the tree to face two Ogre Lords, two Fire Elementals, and an Air Elemental. Emptying my mana supply on one of the Ogre Lords, I set forth to locate Ragnarok knowing that he had likely been laid down by the vicious spawn. I found Ranarok’s ghost not to far from where the treasure had been located. Quickly I made a gate for my fallen friend to the Spawn Point Tavern where I picked up Psycho whose task it was to unlock our newly found treasure.

I returned only a moment later with Psycho. Psycho went to work on the picking the chest. I returned to assist in the destruction of the remaining monsters. With the monsters all dead and the scene once again calm, I located Nathan Rahl at the corpse of Status whom had run off to find a healer. We collected Status’s things until her return. We then readied ourselves for the spawn that was sure to come when the chest was opened.

Psycho picked the chest and opened it. He then begun to call off some of the items and slowly proceeded to loot the chest. A few more monsters showed up, an Orge Lord and Air Elemental that I remember for sure and we quickly brought down the beast with our magical attacks. Content with our loot, we returned to the Spawn Point Tavern to split the haul and marvel in our great accomplishment over an ale.

KGB Joins PRA as sponsor
Pacific Shards largest guild joins the Pacific Role Players Assiciation
An Article by: KGB GuildMaster JetStar

During the formation of the Pacific Role Players Association, PRA leaders requested that KGB GuildMaster JetStar serve as Chief of Security. JetStar was unable to take this position due to the current War with the Nightmare Clan. KGB GSS Minister Peaches has offered assistance in this role. KGB supports the efforts of PRA and it is groups of this type taht the KGB exists to protect. I will be dispatching KGB forces to guard and provide support for PRA events.


Mor in formation about PRA can be found at http://www.angelfire.com/pa2/pra/


The Pacific Roleplayers Association has been established to provide resources and support for all player run events on the Pacific Shard. The PRA is an entirely volunteer organization. There will be 1 overall leader (chairman) of the PRA, who will oversee all aspects of the PRA. In addition, there will be several council members who will vote on acceptance/rejection of requests for assistance (beyond advice) made to the PRA. There will be a council member responsible for collection, inventory, and distribution of physical assets (prizes) made to the PRA. This council member will provide storage of the physical assets, and will responsible for the safety of these assets.There will be a council member responsible for organizing the volunteer security forces. This council member will be the liason with the various Guilds and individuals who volunteer to help support player run events in a pvp capacity. There will be a council member responsible for organizing the volunteer role players. This council member will be the liason with the various guilds and individuals who volunteer to help support player run events in a role playing capacity. There will be a council member responsible for acting as liason with the various public building owners/operators that provide support to the PRA. This council member will keep the public building owners/operators informed of event opportunities, and connect building owners/operators and event organizers together. The PRA Council will vote on support of any player run event that requests it through a sponsoring council member. The levels of support that can be provided by the PRA are:

Advice Only - This is provided regardless of council vote, and is done automatically.

PRA Sanction - This implies minimal support by the PRA. These events will be publicized by the PRA as being PRA Sanctioned.For Sanctioned events we will advertise for you and give advice but that is all

PRA Supported - This implies that the PRA is providing resources to the event (Locations, roleplayers, security, etc) but is not running the event.

PRA Sponsored - This implies that the PRA is running the event, and is providing prizes.

War Journal: No end is site as KGB and NC clash
Armed Forces productive in what has become KGB's longest War
An Article by: KGB GuildMaster JetStar and General Azryk Azyr (G1) (JK)

This is the report of two battles which took place between NC and the KGB. The first was a skirmish in shame. The battle in shame went poorly at first, but turned around when a few more KGB arrived. I died to Kit Sze's hellmount. I was resurrected after KGB killed the mount and its owner. I rejoined the battle as my equipment had been passed over by the looters. The destruction of NC forces went into full swing. I believe KGB and their allies lost 3 while NC lost 4.

The next battle took place at deceit and was the bloodiest I've seen yet. A group of KGB and some order guards clashed with an equally impressive group of NC. Our forces first hit each other in the hallway north and west of the bridge on the second level. The fighting was close and fierce. KGB suffered two losses (Juha(Red) and Circe), while NC lost at least 7 (confirmed). Derid and the other KGB there fought bravely and efficiently. This was the first battle that I've been in where KGB actually held the field. Normally in the past KGB might win for a bit and hold the field, but NC would still be around and come back with a larger force and chase us off. This time, we actually stayed around and held the field.

The Darwinism award for the night went to Rosencratz who was off the NC stone but thought he'd try to whack me anyway. While killing me may be an easy task, Rosencratz made it more difficult on himself when he realized I would fight back and went running smack into two bone knights. Instead of trying to heal or double back, he continued to prance around on his horse, trying to force his way through the skeletal knights (who were having a grand time hitting him). I could hardly believe my fortune as I ebolted him to death. (I don't mean to slam Rosencratz, we've all made silly mistakes which have cost us our lives)
We next went to shame and engaged several KGB enemies, including; Cry For Dawn's group, DoE members who attacked us previously and CB. (See 2192-2199)

Lastly, despite our greater success earlier in the day against NC and other enemies, we did suffer a loss while trying to protect an allies tower. NC poured in and killed 3 KGB without suffering a loss. I was one of those to fall. I managed to get caught up with Derid who survived the massive assault. He ressurected me and gave me a small bag of reagents. I went back to my body, but it had been picked clean. While there I encountered Arthur of FoD. We have a hatred for each other. I walked off into the woods as Arthur followed, taunting me. After getting away from the battlefield, I turned on him. I told him to hand me a sword. He threw a sword down at my feet. With only the sword and a small bag of reagents, we began to do battle. The duel went on for a bit before NC came crashing through the woods and annihilated me. Arthur told them it was a duel, but they did not care (nor should they). I didn't care that I died for I had many prevous victories to savor.
I was about to start walking when Andren yelled, "Don't attack! I'm going to ressurect him! Don't attack." (Well, minus the punctation and capitolization...) Being curious as to what Andren would want, I allowed myself to be ressurected. Andren quickly launched into trash talking. This is where things got interesting. I felt all the battles of the day were fought bravely by both sides. I quit listening to Andren and began speaking my own thoughts of how both forces fought bravely and that the war was quite fun. Of course by ignoring Andren's comments about my mediorce skill and whatnot, he became upset. (What's this? My newly ressed enemy isn't responding to my trash talking?! I must prove myself to be stronger in front of my men! I will make him listen!) One of the NC opened a gate and told me to go through. Andren stated I had 3 seconds to leave. I believe this was his feeble attempt to show that he could force his will upon me. I told him I wasn't going anywhere. I had nothing to lose. Walking did not bother me. Andren began attacking me, unloading with his magic. It was it this point that I was surprised by the actions of his men. They told him to stop and even healed me. There is some honor in the ranks of NC, it just doesn't exist at the top.
You'll notice in the screen shot that Andren is orange to me because he is attacking. You'll also notice one man telling me to go through the gate. Lastly, you'll see one NC man stating it isn't worth it to kill me. Worth what? Andren would not take a murder count as we are at war. Worth the reagents? No, they have plenty of resources. I believe the man referred to the loss of honor such a killing would bring to Andren.


KGB War Party Prepares to serve Justice
Picture By KGB's Metal

Images below by General Darius (G2) Crimson Knights (CK)

** Note from Editor **
Out of respect for those involved , the Pictures from this article are being withheld from view until a solution can be found to this situation. KGB Armed Forces were totally within their rights and will gain credit for these victories on their War records

I'll begin with the events that took place on the 17th. Jihad Knights (General Azyr, Captain Elyst, Mercenary Morden and Knight Circe) were on standard patrol. We encountered Hehe and were able to put him down before he reached the safety of the Xroad stronghold. (See 2171) We moved to deciet and were insulted and harrassed by Lynx, an NC supporter, who had in the past helped NC and was no stranger to using EVs to disrupt the KGB forces. Our tolerance levels were exceeded and fighting broke out. (See 2172)
More KGB joined our forces at this time (Darius, Lonestar, and Void were a few who joined). We went back to the Xroads to ensure the major junction was free of debris. Swiftdeath died swiftly when he recalled into the middle of our forces.
(See 2173) At this point, a large group was forming at the Xroads. KGB forces gathered just north of the intersection. DoE members, Purgatory and Sire arrived at the Xroads. A man named Thomas (either DoE or ViP?) also arrived. Luz Arius, guildmaster of ViP, was there as well. There was also a crowd of many people unknown to me. KGB units stoood on guard. Then without a word, Purgatory engaged Knight Circe of the Jihad Knights. KGB forces quickly healed her, nullifying any of the attacks. At that point KGB forces opened up a deadly volley of force towards Purgatory who fell dead. (See 2174) Then a fury of magic was directed at me. Without having to ask for assistance, KGB units quickly responded to the attack by healing me. When the attacks coming from four sources subsided, KGB went offensive. Sire was the next to fall prey to KGB's attacks. (See 2175) Then Monaco fell to the same focused attack. (See 2176 - Also shows part of the KGB firing squad) Thomas and Luz Arius, began to flee. We gave pursuit, but they were able to flee to safety. (Luz Arius currently seeks an alliance with the KGB in an effort to fight NC. Given his past actions against us, it is my personal opinion that no formal alliance should exist with such an opportunistic killer as Luz Arius.)
Our numbers thinned at this time, however, 4 KGB soldiers were able to find Savage alone in deciet. (See 2177) (NC retaliated later in the night by attacking our forces in shame as I was recalling to log. I recalled back in to try and support our group. Most of the KGB units recalled out. It finally came down to NC and their blue healers against Derid and I. I continued to heal Derid as they attempted to box him. We broke clear of the pack and precast explosions as NC approached. They took our explosions well and continued to press us. I was pinned against the wall. Derid did his best to heal me as I attempted to teleport out of NC's box of death. The wall blocked my line of sight and I fell. Derid wisely recalled at this point).
Lastly, a small group of KGB caught a murderer off guard at Covetous. (See 2178)

HEADLINES for February 22nd, 1999

Nightmare Clan Veteran Spying for KGB
Disgusted with the new additions to the NC Stone, a NC member turns coat.
An Article by: KGB GuildMaster JetStar

Nightmare Clan has lost its way. A anonymous NC Veteran contacted KGB GuildMaster JetStar and informed him of his desire to bring NC down. He said "Its just not the same, we have added all these fucking lamers. We used to be a tight group of friends and that is gone". KGB GSS is now in constant contact with our new friend and have offered him a ranking position in the KGB when this is all over.

This picture offers proof that this person is indeed a member of Nightmare Clan as only a member could take this picture. Its nice to see that even Nightmare Clan members realize its never to late to change your ways and join the forces of good.

We at the Sentinel have to admit we were quite stunned by this development, and freely admit it may be an attempt to infiltrate KGB. The strange part is that this person has asked for nothing in return for his assistance. We do appreciate this and we can only hope that the intelligence he provides will be useful. Thus far NC has remained a tight group and has warded off out attempts at infiltration. I keep looking at the Calendar, is it Christmas?

The KGB War Journal will be updated tomorrow, check back here for the latest developments in the war with nightmare Clan.


GuildMaster JetStar responds to Cave's Interview
Pacific Shard Times interviews Cave in a rage
Rebuttal by:
Interview quotations provided by: The Pacific Shard Times

Thank you all for taking the time to read my response to Cave's recent interview with the Pacific Shard Times. Let me begin:

Cave was a member candidate and not a full member, his application was being processed and during that processing time he resigned a total of two times. This is all over the now well publicized KGB/DOE incident. Many factors lead to the situation going out of control. Hot tempers and angry words seem to have prevailed. Cave has now used this situation to slander Pacific Shards largest guild. I am surprised that someone of Cave's social status would denounce a guild of 100+ people based on one situation. In the article labeled "Incident between KGB and DoE may start war", I go over in detail how this situation spun out of control and is a giant misunderstanding. Please take the time to read that also. Cave's words however will live forever in the annals of Pacific History. I have always considered remaining calm and talking out a situation is the best way to solve problems. DoE GuildMaster Monaco and Cave feel otherwise.

Cave has vowed to destroy the KGB and it is with great dismay that I add him to the KGB KOS list. It is the last place I expected him to be. But until he publicly states otherwise we have to assume he is involved in anti-KGB operations. Below I respond to some of the allegations:

Crypt - Before we talk about your vow to bring about the downfall of the KGB, what happened during your brief time in the guild?

Cave - They (the KGB) attacked my friends two times in two days, killing them. Plus they killed my Mage who was red after a big battle where 2 of my characters died at the hands of NC and they were cornered and fighting desperately. So I got my mage and ran to deceit to save KGB! At least that's how I thought of it. I get there, run through 2 attacks from the usual PKs past fleeing NC to get to the main battle area to give them aid and I was prepared to die - and I did - but from KGB not NC!  I told them I was Cave and they started attacking me. I spammed I am CAVE! I AM CAVE! And no one would stop - they killed and looted me even when people like Speedy and Ovid were shouting to stop.

JetStar - I can see Cave's frustration here. But you also need to understand KGB policy. Red = Dead - people run up to our forces all the time and scream "I KNOW JETSTAR, WE ARE ALLIES" and so on and so on. It is important for everyone to wear a title above their head to show who they are. Words mean nothing in this game during combat.

Even after this seemingly understandable mistake, Cave was ready to turn his coat and defect to try to kill KGB, see below:

Crypt - After explaining the situation, though, amends were made, correct?

Cave - Yes Jetstar himself and Nathan Rahl did apologize and we talked and I accepted there apology and vowed to work harder with them. I threatened then to start fighting them but later I re-considered and considered it an extreme reaction to being killed.

JetStar - I think Cave misunderstood his status. The GuildMaster can add special candidates to the GuildStone as class M (Mercenary MKGB) until their applications are fully processed. When the M is removed then I usually give a personal tour of KGB grounds and facilities and introduce the new member to other members. I never notified anyone that he was added and expected him to already mingle with the membership. Please read below, this is where I believe his feelings began to change:

Crypt - So, exactly what did happen your first day - I know a lot of things transpired.

Cave - Oh man! It did. My first day - I kept waiting for ICQs from KGB to say - come hang with us or lets kill orange or welcome to KGB but I never received that. I felt like I was just some loser to them that Jetstar let get into the guild.

JetStar - Now we get to the first incident, Purgatorys was on as Evil Ernie. (Evil Ernie is known as a Evil Murderer - Cave mentions Speedy's name above, and Speedy himself claims Evil Ernie has tried to kill him many times) Captain Juha Elyst killed him for attacking an innocent horse. Because of EE's reputation, Captain Elyst was fully within his rights to attack Evil Ernie. It is important to understand that no official alliance exists or has ever existed with the DoE Guild. Cave arrives at this scene:

Cave - Anyway, I arrive to find Purgatorys also known as Evil Ernie,  and Burgess dead. They are my oldest friends since newbie days and are in the DoE guild - who have been KGB Allies. They were dead and were killed by Circe and Juha.  In fact, both of them, along with us, were KGB allies and within the guild too!

Crypt - Why did they kill them?

Cave - I am still not sure why. Apparently Evil Ernie had killed Juha a few times before he was KGB. Anyway there was horse alone that was getting in EE's way and he killed the horse. Well Juha used this reason to attack my friend with Circe - and Crak-Hed and Burgess joined in. Burgess and Evil Ernie were killed. So I asked Juha or told him that they were my friends and to return there things. He wouldn't do it. I ressed Burgess and Burgess demanded his stuff back - anyway Juha says Burgess tried to steal from him. At this point ViP guild showed up (my friends) and Juha obviously attacked Burgess again. When the dust had settled, we killed him.

Crypt - A KGB Killed Another KGB!!!!!

Cave - Hehehe, no - I resigned first then killed him. But - Jet wanted me in the guild and I talked it over with Juha. He had a right to kill Ernie because of there past and he is part right. I said he was wrong because that guild DoE has been a KGB supporter and Guild rules always come before personal vendettas. He did not agree with me and we agreed to disagree and he did not press charges. I still think he is an honorable player and he made an effort to understand my point of view and accepted it.

Crypt - So you rejoined the ranks of the KGB.

Cave - Yeah! I mean I figured when the KGB star (Juha) got killed because of me that I was done for. But Jetstar and I have a long history and he knows I would not do that if I didn't feel I was right.

Captain Juha was killed and Cave assisted in the death of a Commanding Officer. Captain Juha was still kind and understanding enough to forget this incident and to not press charges. All was well, the situation stabilized. The situation would get worse, this time provoked by DoE's Purgatory's

Cave - Later that day - hehe at the Xroads DoE and ViP were fighting NC and strolled into the Xroads with KGB. Well I was thinking Cool! Everyone can meet and we can join together as a huge force. Well - Purg attacked Circe on sight and the whole thing turned into a big mess. Well I went red again and left to go home and serve my 8 hours. But before I did I MADE Sure! That everyone in DoE and ViP knew that the fights were a mistake and to not attack KGB. I reminded them that they were on our side and this (shit) needed to stop. And they agreed.

The following is General Azryk Azyr's (Commanding General that evening) account of the events that started this conflict:
We went back to the Xroads to ensure the major junction was free of debris. Murderer Swiftdeath died swiftly when he recalled into the middle of our forces. At this point, a large group was forming at the Xroads. KGB forces gathered just north of the intersection. DoE members, Purgatory and Sire arrived at the Xroads. A man named Thomas (either DoE or ViP?) also arrived. Luz Arius, guildmaster of ViP, was there as well. There was also a crowd of many people unknown to me. KGB units stoood on guard. Then without a word, Purgatory engaged Knight Circe of the Jihad Knights. KGB forces quickly healed her, nullifying any of the attacks. At that point KGB forces opened up a deadly volley of force towards Purgatory who fell dead. Then a fury of magic was directed at me. Without having to ask for assistance, KGB units quickly responded to the attack by healing me. When the attacks coming from four sources subsided, KGB went offensive. Sire was the next to fall prey to KGB's attacks. Then Monaco fell to the same focused attack. Thomas and Luz Arius, began to flee. We gave pursuit, but they were able to flee to safety.

KGB Units left this conflict with the idea that DoE are now our enemies. There was no discussion with our forces by Cave, and he did not have the authority to do so. The GuildMaster, Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, Chairman of the High Council, or the KGB Warlord should have been notified. They were not. Cave has stated he attempted to get ahold of me but I have no record of that. He also stated:

Cave - Before I recalled I told Azryk and Juha (by ICQ) that this is all a mistake and we are on the same side. All this fighting was between two people, 1 KGBer and  1 DoEer and it should have been resolved.

KGB Military commanders cannot confirm this. General Azryk does not even have Cave on his list. Another incident much more horrific was about to take place. I was alerted of this situation by learning Cave had left the stone and resigned for his second and final time. I immediately acquired Monaco's ICQ and attempted contact. He replied he was too busy and we could talk later. Not long after that KGB, ViP and DoE would get into another conflict in Deciet. Many were killed and tempers flared. Miscommunication and lack of understanding were rampant.

Cave - DoE heard KGB was fighting and went to Shame to help and when they were low health KGB turned on them and killed them. When a blue called them lame for res killing they attacked the blue as well.

Cave - To me this is the ultimate betrayal by KGB and makes then Number 1 on my kill list even above NC. ViP and DoE and V all agree that KGB had gone to far and they need to be destroyed.

Crypt - Well I know as well as you that KGB has problems, any guild of this size is bound to have turmoil and the "passing of the word" may not reach some members in time. Don't you think that killing KGB is a little extreme? Mistakes happen and you have been friends for a long time.
(**Excellent question here Crypt, notice below how he ignores it)

Cave - Oh, I still consider Jetstar a good friend and probably always will. But no - KGB made no attempt at making peace or solving the problem and now some of there fiercest battle companions (besides BH) are now going to kill them.

This is not true also, I attempted to contact GM Monaco several times and was ignored and told he was too busy. You can see here that Cave's allegiance is to his old friends, not to his new Guild or to his old Guild. It is commendable, but in KGB you swear to your Guild first. Cave has clearly lost his temper and now begins wildly throw out threats and claims of righteousness:

"this will be a benefit for NC in the short term. But KGB has already lost the war and KGB needs to undeclare or be killed to the last man. They are not KGB though they wear the same letters and have the same webpage. They are a weak, unorganized, totally demoralized and corrupt."

"not to help NC. KGB in my opinion is a greater threat because they are hypocrites and "good" people count on there support and protection. NC are "honest" PKs and evil.  KGB has failed almost every one of its principals of existence as of late."

"have KGB members like Moe shut their mouths. That letter on Pac Times made me want to vomit. How dare he tell the world how sick and tired he is of people accusing KGB of PKing without proof. Why is a normal person who doesn't know KGB going to get proof what the fuck do they care about proof they just know they died. Its the old KGB slogan "See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil - then there is no evil" that's bullshit."

Then there is this piece of work. I was shocked to see someone could twist a situation to such lengths. Read for yourself:

I have one major criticism about Jetstar that goes to the heart of the matter. Before I applied to KGB when we got CB, V, DoE, TM, and SiN together at East Bank and charge Occlo! Man it was a beautiful war and I told Jet when and where - he didn't show. I heard later that he told KGB to lay low because he stole Tarotgirl from Andren and wanted to show him up.  The only KGBer I saw that day during those battles in Occlo and Britain were you! Well..you see - we all died and fought hard and if KGB would have showed maybe we could have formed a tighter friendship. But Jet was more concerned with his own Popularity with a stupid issue of Tarotgirl. I'm not saying it isn't funny - it is and Tarotgirl got a kick out of it I'm sure! But for those of us who die and fight NC on a daily basis - KGB sold out for a prank. All that stuff is non-sense in my opinion and KGB and Jet failed there duty. That's my opinion- the sad thing is - a lot of those guilds who fought will not again - so KGB missed a golden opportunity for what? Some sick contest between Andren and Jetstar? I did not mean to suggets that Tarotgirl was stupid, or chasing after her was stupid far from it - Making your guild choose to show up the NC GM instead of fighting is stupid especially when allies count on you. 2nd - When I say KGB is corrupted I do not mean in money or bribes etc. I define corruption in this case as subverting the code of virtue and honor to fit every circumstance of your guilds state. There is not much gray area between honor/dishonor and with the virtues, also. Thats why choosing that path of play is very very difficult and strict. You cant stretch these principles to fit your needs - you have to force yourself to abide by them. When I say Corruption, I mean they have subverted the values they defend.

Any of you that read Skull's Page know that I was recently interviewed by him for his paper. I speak to TarotGirl and Andren both quite often. As a joke I professed my love for TarotGirl to get a raise out of Andren and to tease her in front of her Guild mates. This worked beautifully as many people tease TarotGirl about it and it was a funny thing. I sent out a message to the Guild saying "Andren is going to be pissed ". I certainly did not hold my men out of a battle over a joke.

Honor is something you must have to understand, and I fear Cave has none. Being early to judge and not being able to fulfill commitments are issues he needs to face. Im sure he gets frustrated looking back at the reasons his previous ventures failed. I ask him to look at his own actions and there is the answer. Your commitment to KGB meant nothing. In a trying situation you quickly shunned your commitment and did what your temper told you. Instead you should have been trying in every way you could to see that this situation was righted before it blew up. And blew up is an understatement. Instead you drew your sword and murdered your Guild brothers.

Honestly my problem is with the stability of some of the others guilds that share some of our views. As a GuildMaster of a Guild that was formed on day one of this word I have a hard time following who is who and what Guild your a member of this week. I do my best, but understand. I am flooded with requests for assistance, and I pass these requests on to the Armed Forces. The help when they can. Many times they are on their own mission and cant assist. We cant help everyone all the time.

In closing, you all know what KGB stands for. Its all here on this Website for you to read. I am a very active GuildMaster and I dont allow ANYONE to stray from what is the most strict membership code on the shard. We have all aspects of KGB membership defined and detailed. Our membership is diverse and a great group of people. Im proud to say I know them all.

To Cave:
My friend, you have much to learn. Success means keeping a level head. Rage can only unbalance you, and I am quite sure you are regretting some of the rash statements you made. You should not judge a book by its cover, or a entire Guild by a single incident. An incident that you yourself admits is full of mistakes and misunderstandings. I do consider you a friend despite the lashing you have given me, My Guild, and all that it stands for. I just hope you learn to control your temper and not act so impulsively. It will be your undoing. I think you owe KGB and its membership an apology. That is my opinion

To the Innocent:
You have nothing to fear. You last remaining defense (KGB) will never give up on our quest of making Pacific free of the those that wish to harm you, and use you. Murderers and Thieves alike, beware. My Members and I will allow nothing to stop us from our eternal pursuit of justice.

Thank you for your Attention

Incident between KGB and DOE may start War
Former unofficial Allies and the brink of War.
An Article by: KGB GuildMaster JetStar

Former KGB Member Candidate Cave removed himself from the application process and tensions between KGB and DOE reach a new high. KGB reporters have researched this situation and are ready to bring you the facts. Here are the facts as we collected them:

No official Alliance exists or has existed between KGB and DOE. Many of DOE's members are former members of SOV and the Vengeance Alliance. Some of these members were actually on the KGB stone for a short time. A unspoken friendship existed between us for a long time.

The following is General Azryk Azyr's (Commanding General that evening) account of the events that started this conflict:
We went back to the Xroads to ensure the major junction was free of debris. Murderer Swiftdeath died swiftly when he recalled into the middle of our forces. At this point, a large group was forming at the Xroads. KGB forces gathered just north of the intersection. DoE members, Purgatory and Sire arrived at the Xroads. A man named Thomas (either DoE or ViP?) also arrived. Luz Arius, guildmaster of ViP, was there as well. There was also a crowd of many people unknown to me. KGB units stoood on guard. Then without a word, Purgatory engaged Knight Circe of the Jihad Knights. KGB forces quickly healed her, nullifying any of the attacks. At that point KGB forces opened up a deadly volley of force towards Purgatory who fell dead. Then a fury of magic was directed at me. Without having to ask for assistance, KGB units quickly responded to the attack by healing me. When the attacks coming from four sources subsided, KGB went offensive. Sire was the next to fall prey to KGB's attacks. Then Monaco fell to the same focused attack. Thomas and Luz Arius, began to flee. We gave pursuit, but they were able to flee to safety.

Thus begins the actions of the last three days. KGB units that have bumped into DOE units engaged them. DOE members fell to KGB attacks for three days in a row. On Day 2 KGB GuildMaster JetStar finally got wind of what was happening when Cave resigned his first time. This is the incident he describes in the interview on the Pacific Shard Times. A KGB member had been attacked without warning just the night before. We hope that Cave will review the facts and understand why this occurred. Although Cave has resigned, we certainly hope we can remain Allied friends with him and his future ventures. DOE GuildMaster Monaco admits the DOE attacked first in this quote from a chat between him and KGB GuildMaster JetStar:

"When i went to xroad with my members my member purg attacked one guy by mistake as far as i know and all of sudden purg was dead when i arrived so i asked ppl who killed purg? and ppl replied those kgb did so i attacked kgb"

I had attempted to speak to Monaco about this situation before a third and final confrontation took place between KGB and DOE units. Monaco was too busy to speak at that time. After this incident there was to be no talking. GuildMaster JetStar has tried several times to speak to DOE GuildMaster Monaco. Here are the responses:

DOE GuildMaster Monaco:
"Here is what im going to say quick and i will leave tommorrow there will be big thing happen and i will make sure kgb will leave this shard once for all, bye"

"Well for one thing for sure there will be big merge tommorrow DoE, XX, FL and CB will be united as one guild to destroy kgb"

Even with these threats and totally lack of respect, KGB GuildMaster JetStar still tried to hammer out a deal. He has reportedly lost his patience. It is truly a shame that Guilds with a similar goal could go to War over a mistake. But KGB will defend itself, and if you look through our history it is only KGB that has remained an uninterrupted force on Pacific.

KGB Sentinel Editor retracts Statement
PACIFIC SHARD TIMES Editor had a proven source
An Article by: KGB GuildMaster JetStar

Pacific Shard Times posted several letters to the editor in the past week and KGB GuildMaster JetStar rebutted to each of them. PST Editor and KGB Member Crypt only posted the article after he had verified that the source had been on the KGB Stone. In a scathing response, I said things like:

"This is an example of journalism at its worst. I would like to express my disgust that the Pacific Shard Times editor would post such a letter from a totally anonymous source."

I would like to retract these statements and apologize to the Editor of the PST. As you can imagine its easy to lose your temper when faced with comments of the nature of the ones made by this anonymous person.

HEADLINES for February 20th, 1999


An Article by: KGB GuildMaster JetStar
This Article is partially reprinted from an earlier date

As a famous sailor once said, "Thats all I can stands, and I can't stands no more". Anti-KGB propaganda has reached an all time high. As I respectfully visit the sites of our friends and foes, I cant help but notice the swelling tide of misconceptions and outright lies told to attempt to stop the KGB from completing its ultimate goal. What is that goal you ask? There are portions of the KGB's Oath and Membership code that I feel can explain our mission best. KGB has the most strict and well defined code and structure of any Guild in the history of Sosaria. Before you make a judgement, read the text below closely, then go read our long history. I invite you to make up your own mind.

Membership Oath (Taken from the KGB Members Handbook)

As a Member of the Knights of Glory and Beer, my personal integrity is irreproachable. I will never degrade myself by the lying to, cheating of, stealing from, or killing the innocent. I hold myself personally and unequivocally responsible to ensure the preservation of the honor of the Membership and good name of the KGB at all times. I will, to the best of my power, cause the peace to be kept and prevent all offences against the persons and properties of those of "good" alignment.

Member Conduct (Taken from the KGB Members Handbook)

KGB is a close knit group of friends. You as a member are expected to treat your fellow members with respect and courtesy at all times and in all forms of communication. The KGB you wear above your head represents the respect and spirit that KGB members, active and retired have sacrificed hundreds of hours to build. Everything you do with the KGB title effects that reputation. Be honorable and help others whenever possible.


It is the responsibility of the GuildMaster, Prime Minister, and KGB High Council to enforce the conduct code of the Guild. All members should assist in this effort by recording and reporting fellow members that would harm the reputation of the Guild. Members should add the following line to their UO.CFG to be able to access their journals as a means to help enforce these rules. Screen shots should be taken of any KGB member violating these rules and submitted to the GuildMaster.
JournalSaveFile=c:\uojournal.txt(this should be deleted or compressed from time to time as it gets big very quickly)

**Download this GREAT and FREE Screen shot program! Click HipShot to Download**
Ultima Online SS Utility

*Attention Readers*
** If you have witnessed an act by KGB officers that you feel violates the KGB oath, please contact KGB GuildMaster JetStar at ICQ#1830881 or Email at gm@the-kgb.com . All incidents will be investigated and you will receive a response from the GuildMaster personally **

The Pacific Shard Times recently posted several letters to the editor. I have taken the time to respond to each and every one of them. Please take the time to read them for yourselves:

Written by Trekkan:
In response to the last letter to the editor about the guild KGB, the statements made there are true. Members of KGB regularly PK off the east road in Britain. My own guild members have been PK'd there by them several times as well. While I do not know if this is the way the guild KGB is run, some members of the guild are PK'n there.

This person speaks of the crossroads, this is a place murderers, thieves, and blue PK's await innocent travellers to rob and kill them. KGB regularly patrols this area and serve justice to those who would harm the innocent.

Written by Cecil:
Hello, I am Cecil and I frequent the Britian X-Roads where I maintain a public smithy as well as a potion shop. As I walked up to the crossing, I noticed some commotion. I saw the body of a good friend of mine as several KGB members standing around. I asked what had happened but did not get a response because the KGB members were too busy res killing the man that they just had supposedly killed. I will not give his name here, because I do not know if he would like it to be known to all of Pacific. Anyway, after both sides yelled at each other for a bit, the KGB members left and I stayed to chat with my friends at the crossroads. Although my friend is a thief, the KGB page states that no KGB member will "res kill" anyone unless it is war, and my friend was not at war with the KGB... I wish I remembered the names of those jerks, but I didn't think to write them down... KGB and honor do not particularly sound right together in my book...

Lets cut right to the key statement here "Although my friend is a thief, the KGB page states that no KGB member will "res kill" anyone unless it is war, and my friend was not at war with the KGB..."
KGB serves justice to those that would steal from the innocent. And here is an exact copy of KGB New Res policy taken directly from the KGB Members Handbook:

"KGB will not execute the newly resurrected.
** There are special circumstances in which you are allowed to execute a newly resurrected enemy:
The NR (Newly Resurrected) attacks you
The NR is taunting, insulting, or disrespectful in word or conduct.
The NR is attempting to retrieve his belongings.
Refuses to leave the area and is believed to be taking part in spying.
The GuildMaster repeals this temporarily."

This person continued to try to steal from KGB Armed Forces units after he was res'ed. Our new res code is very simple and fair. This thief violated the KGB code and continued to do so. He and not KGB decided his fate.

Sandrah of the Pacific Shard wrote:
Like all large guilds of an "Honorable" nature, KGB will always have a few dishonorable characters in it. This story is a bit old, and I no longer know if this particular member is in the guild or not.
Several months ago, I was in The Shadow People guild(TSP), a small spinoff of the RasCals guild(Ras), a long-time and well established guild on the Pacific shard. At that time TSP and Ras were in an informal(spoken, not guild-stone-allied) alliance with several other guilds under the organization of the XXL. One day I decided to travel to Mage Island on level 3 of Despise, as it was often a place I'd go for training. I recalled in and quickly checked to see who else was there. Potion Boy of XXL and Kush of KGB were both there. At this time the TSP guild master had added -XXL to all our guild titles to help identify eachother in combat. I greeted them as allies, "Hail XXL, KGB, good to see allies here." They responded back with kind words. We killed mages for a bit and agreed to take turns with the loot. Then I fell for a sucker-trap. I had collected a few of the robes others left behind after looting the mages corpses. I mentioned I would take any that they didnt want. I saw the animation of Potion Boy putting a robe into a dungeon chest next to him. He said that I could have the few he had put into that chest. Like a fool I opened it, it was tinker-trapped, and I died. I noticed how quickly they began looting my body... "Anything good?" "Crappy reags" were exchanged by Kush and Potion Boy respectively. I had been betrayed by allies.
I know it was my fault for even opening the chest, but I only did it due to the false impression of security given by these two. I ICQed a Ras friend to reverse gate me out, and then explained what happened. One of the Ras founders and another Ras went to the island, where they were attacked by the pair, and forced PB and Kush to recall. The two Ras checked some of the other chests and at least one other one was trapped. Not too long after that I saw Kush at the Bank in East Brit, I called her a traitor to the alliance, and she apologized in a round about manner, explaining Potion Boy was a real-life friend, and she couldnt stop him from doing what he does. I pointed out the fact that she supported his deception, not against some random innocent(which would have been bad enough), but against a player who had identified themselves as an ally, and had well-known markings in their title. She didnt seem interested in owning up to this fact, and as the conversation was going no-where, I left.
So while I read about the nobility of the KGB I cant help but say, "Bah", as one of the few interactions I've had with this guild ended in betrayal. I also know of one other player that has just recently joined the NC in this little war. He's a long time player who is quite proficient in PvP. He only joined the NC as several of the KGB had been recently badgering him that he was "Old and washed-up". This is a player that I know has a strong sense of justice from personal experience.
Just a caution not to be quick to praise or decry either side in this guild war, as both guilds are sure to have honorable and just, as well as dirty and deceptive players.
-Sandrah of the Pacific Shard

KGB has never had a member by the name of Kush. The name itself implies that it was an imposter "Kush of KGB". I have personally added each and every member of the KGB to the GuildStone, and we keep detailed records of our present and past membership. There are several JetStar imposters around, I can assure you, if you see a naked JetStar fighting rabbits, it is not me.

Name withheld by request wrote
My name in KGB is XXXXXXXXX. I quit XXX days ago. Any question you need, just ask me, I still have my account and I still have my char in KGb so if you need prove, I can send you a screen shot of me.
I am a member of KGB. Who I will not say. But since I'm not that proud of our own guild, I'll share the light of truth about KGB to the whole world. Yes, some...well, actually most of us are pks. The only person who isn't a pk in KGB is their guildmaster Jetstar. Jetstar is a very honorable and a great political leader. But with that aside, KGB does have a few bad seed in their guild. Not only they pk people in the Pacfic shard indiscriminately, but they pk their own members and recruit as well! One of the biggest pk in KGB is Speedy of KGB. There was a lot of time he pk people that was just a innocent bystander taking a sniff of fresh air out in the forest and a numerous occasion which Speedy try to pk a new KGB member when they were afk or macroing their character. There are many others who are vile and evil but I'll keep this message short! KGB is a lying, evil bunch of pking bastard!!!! Honorable! HA! May the KGB(King of Gay Butthumpers) get slaughter for their evil ways!!!
An anon member of KillAllLoser guild

The person who wrote this letter did spend some time on the KGB stone. They never had access to the KGB Meeting Hall and was not a real part of our Guild. This person was not even awar of Speedy's expulsion from KGB and refers to him as a "Member". As a friend of Speedy I can say these allegations are untrue. I have to say that I cant think of anyone that would want to be a part of a Guild that ran as the above person mentioned. I dont feel a futher denial of the above allegations is necessary.

In Conclusion:
I challenge anyone to provide proof that the KGB acts in violation of its code. I investigate EVERY claim against our Guild. In the past when crimes have been committed I have acted quickly and EXPELLED the offending member. Its all there for you to read in the KGB Sentinel archives, read and decide for yourselves. It is my opinion that once again our foes have resulted in desperate measures to attempt to hinder our cause. To seek support from the vary people we have sworn to defend is a truly sinister tactic indeed.


HEADLINES for February 17th, 1999

War Journal: On Patrol with KGB's Jihad Knights
Jihad Knights relentless pursuit of Evil is amazing.
An Article by: KGB GuildMaster JetStar and General Azryk Azyr (G1) (JK)

Commentary from KGB GuildMaster JetStar:
Any of our regular readers of the KGB Sentinel have noticed the huge contrabution that has been made by General Azyr and his Captain Juha Elyst. The have accumiliated almost 100 enemy deaths between them in their short tour with KGB. Their honorable and dedicated manner is an example to all KGB. I have therefore seconded the reccomendation that their records be read before the KGB High Council in tonights meeting and the
KGB Medal of Honor be granted to them. This is the KGB's highest honor only bestowed 6 times in the long history of our Guild. Join me in congratulating just two of our brightest stars.

General Azyr:
The first engagement took place at Covetous. Binbs and I attacked Winnie, who was alone, but she managed to escape. Farad showed up, but quickly ran off. Winnie returned and tried to EV us. We chased her down and killed her. Farad returning from his run, was too late in trying to heal her. Kit sze, Farad and Lumber jack next went after Binbs and I. As the attacks rained down, we received heals from Valor's Spy and Belgarath. Despite their attacks, we went after Lumber Jack who fell to our magic. Despite what Farad claims, after Lumber Jack fell, he was the first one to run off. Savage and the downed NC were all charging in at this point. Binbs and I had exhausted our mana trying to kill Kit Sze who was healed by HFBjr. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough mana to heal Binbs, nor did he have enough to escape. Binbs fell and the remaining NC turned on me. I was able to make it out after taking a pounding from Savage's explosions.

The next battlefield was Deceit's lich lord room. We stormed into the area and began attacking NC. Winnie was the first to fall. Choas was boxed and slain shortly after that. The fighting became more intense at this stage. More NC were starting to arrive. I saw Sigfried in the door and began attacking. He became poisoned and tried to get away to rid himself of the toxin. I watched his health drop steadily until he expired. (The area was pretty laggy - Sigfried told me later he just couldn't do anything). More NC kept piling in. There were only 4 KGB knights at the battle (Knight Binbs, Captain Juha Elyst, Knight Hassan i Sabbah and myself). We did however have 3 or 4 healers known to me at the time (Valor's Spy, Candyman and Circe). NC had more in the fight, but it wasn't like the odds were completely stacked. Nonetheless, NC focused their attacks well at this point. Savage and other NC units began raining spells upon me and Michael brought a deadly (we must get this thing away from him) halberd down on my unarmored body. I fell to the barage. The numbers mounted and the remaining KGB were forced to exit the battlefield with 3 wins and 1 loss. Binbs had managed to grab my bag containing everything I had except my katana.

We took some time to regroup. Binbs had scouted deciet and located Cyric alone at the Lich Lord's room in Deciet again. Unfortunately, it turned out that NC arrived in number at the same time we opened a gate. Once again Juha, Hassan and I poured through the gate with Circe and Valor's Spy behind us. NC quickly placed an energy vortex next to the gate. Captain Juha Elyst took the vortex full force. I turned to heal him but 3 NC had already detonated 3 explosions on him as the vortex devastated him. He fell to the vortex and NC attack. The hallway where the gate opened was packed with NC and blue bystanders/healers. NC was on one side of the hallway, while the remaining KGB held the other. Hassan charged with his spear any who would try to violate the east end of the hallway. I began hitting NC units who tried to navigate the crowded hallway with explosions and ebolts. Binbs used EVs to distrupt the NC hallway. Kharza Xorlarrin fell in the middle of the crowded hallway. I then noticed Chaos attacking another in the hallway and not paying attention to himself. I unloaded two explosions and followed with ebolts. Chaos rolled off his horse onto the ground. NC regrouped and mounted impressive numbers to attack the three remaining KGB. They charged in, driving us back out of the hallway. We began working Lee who fell to our combined efforts. Despite our success, NC's forces were getting larger and more aggressive. Michael, Savage and other NC forces began pelting me with spells. I ran to the north to get out of Savage's line of sight. I unfortunately charged into a vortex. I tried to heal regardless but was interupted by Michael's halberd. This interuption proved to be fatal. Hassan continued to fight hard, but fell to the north of my grave. NC was pouring through Deciet. Binbs, the suicidal one, continued to attack without fear or regard. Binbs darted in and out of battle, launching magical attacks and EVs. Traci Lords fell to such an attack. At this point, only Binbs remained in battle. He reported downing Greenacre, but he'll have to supply the confirmation of that kill and any that followed. Candyman ressed me but NC (Traci Lords and other DFers) res killed me (it didn't come as a surprise from these young NCers). When I left for the night, we had suffered 4 losses at deciet (Azryk x2, Juha, Hassan) and confirmed at least 9 NC deaths (possibly 10, I can't confirm Greenacre's death or any others Binbs may have killed). Considering the size of our force, I'm quite pleased with the outcome.

HEADLINES for February 16th, 1999

Setting the record straight about KGB
Post on Pacific Shard Times about KGB breeds concern.
An Article by:

KGB has an image problem. There are many that do not know of the KGB and its mission. Many have seen the KGB in battle and mistake our enemies for innocents. This has become a huge problem. Please read the letter to the editor from the Pacific Shard Times:

I have seen much praise for the KGB guild on your page. HOWEVER, many a time have I seen - and even been - pking occurring by members of the KGB guild. They are NOT an honorable and just guild. At least some of their members Player kill and thieve, rob people and torment them. I cannot name the members of KGB, as I did not write down the name, rather I remembered the guild abbreviation - and I was shocked to see that they are being proclaimed here and just and honorable! They are thieves, murderers and liars!
- Anon, player of Pacific

This is very disturbing to the Membership of the KGB. We have always worked hard to rid the land of Murderers and Thieves. Sometimes mistakes are made in KGB's strict "RED=DEAD" policy. I refer to this as friendly fire.

In cases of friendly fire, as GuildMaster I personally investigate all allegations against KGB and its membership, and in proven cases repay the victims for their losses out of my own funds. I have done this on several occasions.
** If you have witnessed an act by KGB officers that you feel violates the KGB oath, please contact KGB GuildMaster JetStar at ICQ#1830881 or Email at gm@the-kgb.com . All incidents will be investigated and you will receive a response from the GuildMaster personally **

Please read through the KGB Oath of Membership:

As a Member of the Knights of Glory and Beer, my personal integrity is irreproachable. I will never degrade myself by the lying to, cheating of, stealing from, or killing the innocent. I hold myself personally and unequivocally responsible to ensure the preservation of the honor of the Membership and good name of the KGB at all times. I will, to the best of my power, cause the peace to be kept and prevent all offences against the persons and properties of those of "good" alignment.

I have personally enlisted a new order of KGB officer called KGB Diplomats. Our Diplomats will roam the land assisting innocents and spreading the word of the KGB. Currently we are Pacific's largest Guild, and will continue to grow to better protect goodness and the virtues in the Sosarian Pacific.

Lady Brin and Lord Rykors Wedding Disrupted
First the Resistance then NightMare Clan
An Article by: KGB GuildMaster JetStar

The Resistance has sunken to new lows. Cry for Dawn dispatched some of his idiots to try an break up Lady Brin and Lord Rykors Wedding. Despite little assistance from the GM's present, the wedding managed to go off pretty well. The couple were joined in a long ceremony and many guests from CSE, KGB and SOD attended. All was well. After the ceremony KGB GuildMaster was warned of an incoming attack by NightMare Clan. NC was offering a KGB member 10,000 gold for information as the to location of the Wedding. The member refused, but it was only a matter of time before the location was discovered. GM JetStar gave the order to leave the party as to not disrupt Brin and Ryk's special day.

Moments later NightMare Clan showed up storming through the place and attacking KGB stragglers that had not yet left the party. NC's GuildMaster Andren gave the order to attack.

It is truly a shame to see the once respectable NightMare Clan first open its membership, then to stoop as low as to take part in a War raid during someones Wedding. This is something you thought only a member of The Resistance who has no honor or respect could do. NightMare Clan is truly sinking to new lows. Perhaps it is the discipline of daily combat that has taken its toll.

Many at the Wedding stated that GM Andren returned shortly after the attack to apologize. I think after realizing what he had done he he attempted to save face. It was reported that he swore to never attack another Wedding (accept of course JetStar's). Perhaps Andren has seen the error of his ways and is turning over a new.

TR Lamers rain on Parade

HEADLINES for February 11th, 1999

The Definition of Lamer - Cry for Dawn and The Resistance
Yes folks, when it comes to lameness, CFD has no equal
An Article by: KGB GuildMaster JetStar

Cry for Dawn is up to his now famous dishonesty once again. After declaring peace after only two hours of War with KGB, The Resistance broke a new shard record for the fastest War loss in history. Later claiming he never declared at all, and that a "bug" had been used on his stone, CFD once again attained a new level of dishonesty and lameness.

CFD insisted that he wanted to initiate a conflict with KGB, and KGB members were estatic. He claimed he had moved to a new GuildStone "Resistance" and that his former GuildStone "The Resistance" was deleted.

JetStar Wrote:
You have 2 stones and your on the one that is not at War, Im not even going to wast my time..

Cry4Dawn (ICQ#2659301) Wrote:
dude I told you. we only have the STONE RESISTANCE NOW> You dont fucking listen..

Cry4Dawn (ICQ#2659301) Wrote:
hey jet. what is taking you so long man. My troops are waiting to goto war with you on the ONLY stone now Resistance... Lets go

So as I always do, I just could not resist a chance to kill the shards "King" of the lamers. I declared on the stone, and did some reasearch. I bet you can guess what I found. I just have ZERO respect for anyone that could follow such a fool. The ironic thing is that the only thing Nightmare Clan and KGB can agree on is our mutual hatred for Cry for Dawn and his clan of Liar Lamers..

Just as I thought, two members.....

The real Resistance Stone of cowards

Crimson Sky Empire Rocked with Scandal
Master Alydar and Master Krindal Expelled For Treason!
An Article by: KGB GuildMaster JetStar

Sources from the CSE Guild report serious trouble in the leadership of one of KGB's oldest Allies. CSE has become the largest Guild on Pacific. Initial reports state that a Council meeting went out of control, and Master Alydar and Master Krindal were expelled for their comments and views. KGB diplomats remain at a state of readiness and are watching closely to see this possibly explosive situations outcome. Stay tuned to the KGB Sentinel for up to the minute breaking news...

Here is the official statement from:

Ragnar, High Lord of the Sosarian CSE faction

What I am about to do I take no joy in but, It has to be done. There are circumstances in which a CSE faction high Lord must act alone using his or her best judgement. This is not to say that ALL CSE members do not have a voice and are not allowed to speak their minds. I think it has been proven that the leadership of this guild has always listened to and respected its members opinions, regardless of rank, even if the outcome is to agree to disagree. What has transpired in the last few days has gone too far, too many lies have been spread and too many honorable people have been hurt. I am forced to make a stand. A stand that I feel is in the best interest of the guild I have known, been apart of and loved for over 2 years. I urge you all to act as you see fit in accordance to the decisions I have made and am posting here tonight. After reading and listening to all parties involved I pass the following judgement. It is irreversible and has been sanctioned by the founder of the Crimson Sky.

Alydar, Master of the Black Sun House and Krindal, Master of The Order of the Rose, You are guilty of high treason to the Crimson Sky Empire and I hereby must remove you from this guild, effective immediately.

I take no joy in this whatsoever and it sickens me that the Crimson Sky has come to this point. It is my hope that we will overcome this and once again remember what it means to be Crimson Sky. The remaining members of both houses are free to take whatever path they choose, whether it be to remain as CSE, to remain with their former masters or set out upon their own. Please know that your standing with/in CSE, whether you remain or not has not been tarnished.

Alydar and Krindal I bid thee farewell and hope for you no ill.

With a saddened heart,
Ragnar. High Lord CSE UO faction

Cowardly Attackers get what they deserve
Jihad Knights the dealers of KGB Justice! Evil beware!
An Article by: KGB General Azryk Azyr

I was patrolling Shame when I met up with Paradox Thorn. I greeted him, but he did not respond. His eyes seemed glazed over (lost connection). Others were about, so I carried on as if we were having a conversation. However, Demodren came by and swiped Paradox's reagent bag. I remained quiet, hoping that perhaps they would think were both unconscious and perhaps spread their attacks across both of us, instead of focusing on Paradox Thorn. We were surrounded. Little J, Sephrina, dedhed, Demodren, God were all poised for attack. Fu Man Chu, stood off in the back, not supporting their actions, but not assisting us either. More time passed as Demodren peeked into our bags. I sent a message to Captain Juha Elyst to join me on the 4th level of Shame. Finally Demodren gave the order, "Kill them." All but Little J attacked Paradox Thorn. I began healing him. I realized that eventually I'd run out of mana and they'd kill him anyway, so my only hope was to try and drive them away. At that moment Juha Elyst entered the field of battle.

I drew my katana and charged Dedhed. Juha joined me in the attack with his kryss. Dedhed fought back and received heals from his group. They launched magic at us, forcing us to take a few steps away from the melee combat to heal. We then launched our own magical attack against Dedhed, who ran, but could not avoid destruction. We then quickly turned on god, who met the same fate. We next turned on the remaining three who recalled. We resurrected Paradox and gave him the loot from the two we had killed. Demodren returned to gate his fallen friends.
Paradox wasted no time in attacking. Demodren was about to enter the gate that his ghost friends had just entered when he made a critical mistake. He attacked me before stepping into the gate. Juha and I launched into the gate after him. We chased him through Vesper and across the west bridge. It was at this time that we staggered our magical attacks. He fell to the ground. I took his head for Paradox Thorn. We returned to give Paradox Thorn more reagents and loot from Demodren. Sephrina is still not accounted for and I'll order her execution if she is caught within the Jihad Knights' next patrol.action


MKGB's Nobles Bane enforces the KGB Code
LoneStar and his unit making their mark
An Article by: KGB GuildMaster JetStar

I received a report from a close member Darwin that he and Deacon of KGB were both PKed in a orc fort. I quickly gathered all the reinforcements I could find and we all recalled to Decula where one of the "Blue Pks" was gloating to Darwin. We promptly left in search of these Blue Pks at the scene of the crime, Darwin promptly pointed them out and we began fighting at first they put up little resistance the one we attacked recalled at the first sight and it was equal odds. We fought Link one of the PKs for less than a few seconds until he recalled when he came back in full force with all 4. Not even suffering one causality we isolated Meathane and promptly dropped him. Istvan one of the blue pks kept coming back with pre-casted recall talked some trash and recalled as soon as he was unparaylzed. After 15 minutes of this Darwin followed him into town even as a gray and finished him off. Link was still hiding near the inn while this was going on and he his cowardice wasn't worth our efforts. This is but a fraction of the military actions taking by NB. NB is the name we currently use but it might be subject to change in the future. For the time being we are known as Operation Noble's Bane the battle hardened ex-order guild who has spent months at war with PoA, DF, NC.

HEADLINES for February 9th, 1999

Jihad Knights On Patrol in Shame
Jihad Knights rumored to be about to receive KGB's highest honor
An Article by: KGB General Azryk Azyr

Knight Captain Juha Elyst and I were on patrol in Shame. We were looking for enemy troops and helping adventurers. I was on the 4th level when a CB soldier by the name of Jackal approached. I immediately sent a magic arrow at him. He laughed and bolted to the north. I figured I had a runner on my hands. I contacted Captain Elyst who was up a level. I then went after Jackal. I assumed he put his reflect back up, so I went in with my poisoned katana. He had just cast recall, but I charged anyway. I hit him a bit and he began to run. Unfortunately for Jackal, a blood elemental went after him and Juha arrived. I pinned Jackal against the blood elemental and began slashing him. He was poisoned, but continued to heal himself. Juha then unloaded some magic on the trapped Jackal who thereafter succumbed to our attacks.

While on patrol on the 3rd level of Shame, Juha and I noticed Cyric nearby. I told Juha to wait back and to have his magic ready. I went after Cyric, to bait him into our ambush. I tripped Cyrics magic reflection with a magic arrow and then ran towards Juha. I had not noticed Mordecai was with Cyric. They both followed me up to Juha. Juha and I then unloaded magic on Cyric. Unfortunately, my magic was failing me (spell bug) so I drew my katana and charged. There was another fellow with them. Cyric cried out for heals, but they did not come before he fell to the earth. We quickly looted Cyric and turned on Mordecai. Mordecai, conscious of Cyric's death, led us away from Cyric's body. He then broke away from us and opened a gate at Cyric's grave. I gave the order to follow through the gate. We entered the city and began slashing at Mordecai. He began receiving heals from a blue bystander. We continued after him. He then rode for the bank. We slashed at him while he attempted to bank. I smeared some poison on my katana and stuck it in Mordecai. He had to stop to rid himself of the toxin. It was at this point he fell to our continued attacks. Knowing Occlo to be enemy soil, we took our leave with the victory in hand. I located a green moongate

Images from Battle
Here just some of the most recent battle victories
An Article by: The Membership of KGB

Jihad Knights Making their Mark
In record time Captain Juha Elyst reaches 50 kills. He is averaging 10 documented kills per day
An Article by: KGB General Azryk Azyr

I located a green moongate near my residence. Having never used such a portal, I entered. When I reached the other side, a man named Nightmare of CH cast a magic arrow. I trotted down the road a bit to give me some time organize myself. He then walked up and cast his magic arrow again. I cast one as well. He then let it rip and I did the same. Next he tried to paralyze me. I stood there and took it, hoping he'd waste some of his mana. I tripped my magically locked pouch to shrug off the effects of the paralyze and then launched in with a paralyze, explosion, x3 ebolt combination. After Nightmare was unparalyzed, he began launching ebolts of his own. I drank 2 greater heals to offset any damage done. After firing my last ebolt, I raised my katana and charged. With one slash, Nightmare fell dead. (See Nightmare)
While at the crossroads, Captain Juha Elyst and I found trouble with CBs. Our first victim was Moghedian who died only steps away from the open door which would have granted her safety. Her assistant, ERAZER, fell next. General Hard Cash joined us in a match against 5-6 at the crossroads. We were out numbered but stayed in the area. We should have waited for more favorable odds, but nonetheless we struck out at them. Tiras Khal was slain with a volley of magic. However, five of her friends launched a massive quantity of ebolts at Hard Cash, who unfortunately fell before Juha and I could heal him.

Lastly, while in shame, one named Dark One and Decklar launched their attack on me while I was fighting an air elemental. I lured Dark One away but he ran back to the support of Decklar. Captain Juha Elyst was one level above in shame, so I sent a message to him to meet me. I then went after Decklar. Dark One was distracted a bit, so I had a free shot at Decklar. Seeing him naked, not a pleasant sight, I decided to forego magic and use my katana. I began hacking him which resulted in toxins running through his system. He began to run but Juha had entered the battle and laced him with ebolts until he spun to the ground. Dark One ran off and recalled.

In other news, KGB and a few allies charged Occlo. Hard Cash, Crypt, Draz Drakkir, Juha Elyst and Dewke were there at the beginning. We first came upon Cyric who was quickly paralyzed, boxed, and slain. To Cyric's credit, there was really nothing he could do. Normally his fast steed takes him out of danger, but with two paralyzes and a box formed, his horse wasn't going anywhere. I was distracted by Winnie, when the KGB forces surrounded and killed Lumberjacker. I have no screenshot confirmation of that kill, so hopefully one of the others can confirm that death. We battled on in the streets of Occlo. Mordecai was the next to fall to a box. It was at this point that more NC were showing up. Andren had raised Cyric after we killed him. I've seen Cyric re-enter the battle too many times so I began attacking him, naked. Some might question this behavior, but in hindsight, it was the correct path. I did not slay him as he moved with great speed (Best connection/fast walk combo in the game). Once he was away from the bank, I went about helping others. However both he and Mordecai snuck back to the bank and re-equiped. The tide of the battle then turned in NC's favor. Draz Drakkir went down, then Juha Elyst, and then I was paralyzed repeatedly and slain. I believe Hard Cash made it out at this point. I left the battle, not to return the rest of the evening.


HEADLINES for February 5th, 1999

Stories from the Front Line
After a humiliating defeat, The Resistance is ready for another spanking
An Article by: KGB General Azryk Azyr
With Commentary by: KGB GuildMaster JetStar

Captain Juha Elyst and I arrived at the Crossroads. We immediately spotted Poseidon and engaged him. He fled and recalled out of battle. His two CB guildmates Crimson Heart and Phelan decided to join the fray. Phelan was the first to perish in a flurry of magic. After this attack, Crimson Heart rallied his bystander friends and they all joined in the battle. I put on armor while Captain Juha continued the magical assaults. Markevali joined in the attack and was quickly put down. (See Death2). Phelan, having re-aquired himself joined the battle a second time. Again he fell prey to the concert of death which was taking place at the Crossroads. (See Death3) Despite our success the enemy pressed the attack. I poisoned Dart, and Juha and I turned our focus upon him. Crimson Heart and Poseidon charged up to help the fleeing Dart, but it was of no use. (See Death4) We quickly turned on Crimson Heart (the archer featured in the dart kill shot) who fled for his house, but fell dead near the remains of Markaveli and the corpse of Phelan. (See Death5). (To fully appreciate the amount of death being dealt to CB and their supporters, death shot 6 shows Markaveli's remains and the corpses of Crimson Heart, Phelan and Dart.)

The battle had turned, yet the enemy was persistent. Dart, having re-aquired himself with an assortment of plate, potions and weaponry sought to attack the Jihad Knights a second time. Juha, launched a volley of ebolts as I began slashing him with my katana. He fell quickly, surrendering his newly acquired possessions. Poseidon having witnessed the destruction of his guildmates and allies began running, but he didn't get far. (See Death8) With Poseidon's death, the battle was over. The dead were unwilling to re-equip and take up arms. The Jihad Knights returned to their camp to distribute and store the spoils of battle.
It was at this time that I began to write an account of the events that took place at the Crossroads. However, my writing was quickly interrupted. Captain Elyst reported sighting Rydia Ironfist, a looter and murderer who had escaped justice on previous occasions. Rydia was being assisted by Natasha II. I quickly left for the battle. Upon arriving, Rydia and Natasha II used the teleporter pad in the Bone Knight room to avoid our deadly spells. At one point, Rydia drew a powerful sword and began slashing and Juha and I. The sword hit so hard that Juha and I were both forced to retreat. Rydia gave chase after me. I rode to a safe distance and healed myself. I then prepared explosion magic. Rydia came running up behind me. Unknown to him, Captain Juha Elyst rode up behind Rydia! Our magical attacks met Rydia at the same time. He tried his best to flee, but magic was already flying in the air. Rydia Ironfist's life of crime was cut short. Natasha II, his assistant in crime, then tried to loot Rydia. We turned upon her with our weapons. She laughed and called us newbies. It was only a second later that she began choking on poison from my katana. She quit trash talking and focused on trying to heal herself. Her efforts were cut short, not 2 paces from where her murderous friend had fallen.

Unfortunately, a looter named scraper came up and took much of our loot. We turned on him but he was able to run up to some of his allies and get healed before dying. By the time we returned to the corpses, they had been picked clean. It mattered not, for the Jihad Knights are not in the business of Justice for the profit.
Lastly, we returned to the Crossroads. Perhaps I was overconfident considering our success against horrific odds earlier in the night. I charged after Markaveli, who once again joined the battle against us. I pinned him near his house and began delivering damage to him. However, CB and their allies surged around me. I was pinned between their melee fighters. A CB then began a magical assault upon me. Captain Juha Elyst attempted to heal me. I drank healing potions and then attempted to teleport from the box., however the melee weapons and magic were too much. I fell in battle. Juha attempted to see to my belongings, but was driven away by the enemy. He then circled the house. Badar Basim, a traveling mage and long time friend of the former BoC, joined the battle with Captain Juha Elyst. They quickly finished of Markaveli who had not tended to his wounds. CB and their allies were swarming around the field of battle. Captain Elyst and Badar then focused on one named Blade, who quickly yielded to their magic. The enemy began raining arrows and magic and Juha and Badar. They were forced to retreat. (Unfortunately, no screen shots were available given the intensity of the battle.)
The two Jihad Knights recorded 11 kills while taking only 1 casualty.

Commentary by:

As you can see, KGB is busy not only fighting our enemies of war, but also continuing to protect the lands from the Murderers and Thieves that make a living on persecuting innocents. The KGB is always read to assist the innocent in their efforts against evil. Recently, miners in the Minoc area (Formerly BYZ territory liberated by KGB forces) have been falling victim to Murderers and ore thieves. I would invite representatives from these miner groups to contact me via ICQ at 1830881 to establish a defense network. I will be willing to dispatch KGB forces in defense of your trade and important craft. It is our duty to rid the land of Murderers, Thieves and Lamers. Those three classes represent my definition of Evil. KGB continues to grow so that it may better serve Pacific.

Farad's Demise
An Article by: KGB General Azryk Azyr
I went to Shame looking for Knight Captain Juha Elyst. I recalled into the dungeon and was immediately set upon by two NC, Farad and Cyric. A little surprised and outnumbered, I recalled to safety. I then contacted Captain Elyst. At the same time, General Wildcard contacted me about a sighting of an NC unit in Skara. I reported my situation to General Wildcard. We all agreed to meet in Skara Brae. Upon arriving we went for the NC unit. He recalled before any fighting took place. Kiki joined us in Skara as well. I ordered Captain Elyst to open a gate. Having listened to enough of Farad's remarks in the past, I chose him as our target. We entered the gate.
Upon arrival in shame, three NC were present; Farad, Cyric and Psychotic Disco. We charged into them. NC quickly spent their mana trying to kill us. We healed ourselves when needed and pressed the attack. We attempted to box Farad as much as possible. Eventually we cornered him long enough to poison and slash him to pieces. The other NC units tried to heal Farad, but our attacks were too much. The four KGB units then turned on the remaining NC troops who fled as fast as their horses would carry them. They escaped, leaving us to finish looting Farad. We then resurrected Farad and opened a gate to Skara Brae.Captain Juha Elyst and I arrived

Images from Battle
Here just some of the most recent battle victories
An Article by: The Membership of KGB


Special Thanks to Morden for his assistance

Former TR Member Arthur caught in lie
Looks like Arthur took lessons from Cry for Dawn
An Article by: KGB GuildMaster JetStar

I received this message from Arthur:

Arthur (ICQ#9159878) Wrote:
i have killled 14 kgb today
me and nc are going to raid you guys again
i got people camped at your house killing them
ah its so fun
thanx jetstar

I began to laugh as I knew that there was only 4 KGB in game most of the day. I knew he was lying and decided to call him on it.

JetStar Wrote:
Your so full of
*Censored* you make me laugh, send me the screen shots to prove it, your just like Cry for Dawn

Arthur (ICQ#9159878) Wrote:
which one

JetStar Wrote:
Zip them all up and send ..

Arthur (ICQ#9159878) Wrote:
ok i will

Arthur (ICQ#9159878) Wrote:
never put them all on 1
but should be easy

Arthur (ICQ#9159878) Wrote:
can i just send you a few

Arthur (ICQ#9159878) Wrote:
i have about 13
wich oen do you wan

JetStar Wrote:
send um all I dont care, lets see if your telling the truth, I want 14 pictures of dead KGB

Arthur (ICQ#9159878) Wrote:

Arthur (ICQ#9159878) Wrote:
i got a few of them where there kgb allies
you know
did you hear about last night
me and nc killed allot of BoC

Arthur (ICQ#9159878) Wrote:
i got to go
i will giveyou more tonigh

The only picture he was able to produce was old. Demoyn went into RL Army basic training almost three weeks ago. This must be Cry for Dawns little brother!

Notice lightly in Blue Demoyns name

HEADLINES for February 3rd, 1999

KGB Accepts new War with The Resistance
After a humiliating defeat, The Resistance is ready for another spanking
An Article by: KGB GuildMaster JetStar

GuildMaster was pleased to find another confirmed death of TR's GuildMaster Cry for Dawn, considered by many as the "King of the Lamers". Also known for his outragious lies, CFD has created a second stone, so he can War KGB when he feelis like joining it. KGB has been and will remain at a state of War with TR. We await for him to accept our challenge. Many in KGB cant wait to get a chance to show the Pacifics biggest liar who is boss.

The only good CFD is a dead CFD

Check back often for Resistance kill shots here at your Resistance War HeadQuarters

Another for JetStar's collection

NC vs KGB - Fighting cools as members hone their skills
Here is the latest Wartime information from the front
An Article by: KGB GuildMaster JetStar, KGB General Azryk Azyr, and KGB Sentinel Reporter Kha'el

KGB GuildMaster JetStar
With the discovery of the new skills, KGB members have been busy in intense training sessions to help to improve their ability to fight and inflict damage upon enemies. KGB Search and Destroy missions should resume by the weekend. KGB continues small unit operations a various times during the day and the results are posted below.

Azryk Azyr (G1) Jihad Knights
While on routine patrol of KGB property interests (Tavern), I encountered Monkiboy of NC at the Crossroads. We stared at one another for a moment before charging each other. Monkiboy launched a magic assault while I closed with my katana. His assault of explosions and ebolts forced me to step back and heal myself. At that point, Monkiboy drew his blade and we started to battle. I quickly grabbed a vial of poison and smeared it on my katana. Monkiboy's blade had been poisoned as well, for we both became ill as our wounds mounted. I used potions to dispense with the toxin in my body. Monkiboy used magic to rid himself of the toxin.
Monkiboy wisely used reactive armor magic to keep my attacks from finding a weakness in his defense. Unfortunately it was at this time that Monkiboy became overconfident. He began taunting me. The local citizens of the area became aware of our battle. They moved to either side of Monkiboy so as to reduce his possible escape routes. He began taunting me, stating that I needed help. I pressed my attack by wetting my blade with poison a second time. Monkiboy's reactive armor magic expired and he began to take damage. His taunting stopped. He then tried to escape on horseback, but I blocked him to the west and two citizens had blocked his retreat to the north and south. He had not noticed the large boulder to the east blocking his only path of retreat. There was no taunting as his horse danced around in a frenzy trying desparately to find an escape. Monkiboy then sought to escape through magical means (Kal Ort Por). It was too late, my poisoned blade had struck home. The toxin seized his veins. He tried repeatedly to muster the arcane gestures that would take him to safely, but my katana and the deadly toxin in his body kept him from doing so. Monkiboy slumped to the ground; quiet.

KGB Sentinel Reporter Kha'el
Early 3rd February... 5 individuals known as Circe, Reignier, Angel Eyes, Morden (KGB member candidate) and Binbs (KGB) recalled outside Occlo - shortly after to see Kit Sze at the bank under NC stone.. They boxed him in and started bashing at him. 2 Spectators started healing him - whiel a few more NC arrived attacking the 5. The five fled into the woods outside Occlo - where the fighting commenced. They fought over the town guards protection limits. The NC - loCke, Wind II, Ky, Strong chased after the five.. aftre a few chasign out of towns as in town.. the ended up fighting a little outside town to the north... BUt as soon as they got their chance the ones capable of killing Morden (Order), Binbs and Angel Eyes (order) made sure to kill a NC member as he got too close to the group , as Circe and Reignier who were blue to NC at that time made sure the three were kept alive. Circe then got on an Order-stone as there was peace for a while. The group had been split up after k!
Illing the first NC. and met later to being chased by various NC including July, and some blues by the name of Penny, ANDY, and Chun Chun, a few murder attempts were made by these altho escaped. while fighting uneven odds outside Occlo Circe fell to NC - but hadnt given up the resed NC went and got back into the battle as well.. These small fights outside town resulted in 5-6 Nc/helpers casualties and only 2 Kgb/helpers dieing. As the small group was spread over Occlo island hiding waiting for the next attack - hey found none NC at the bank causing the small attack team of these five to go underground again...
This reporter can only write about incidents i have seen for myself as being on the scene . I am not capable of witnessing every battle between KGB and NC - but will be bringing anything I can to the eyes of the public...Until next time

KGB Battle Victories since 31 Januray
NC Members ask for pictures as proof of KGB kill claims
An Article by: KGB GuildMaster JetStar

Please examine the pictures yourself, and you decide. Special thanks to MKGB's Sir Binbs for many of these shots and to the Jihad Knights Division for their contributions.


Member Awards
Members Please Note: Please take the time to recognize your brothers using the Award Request feature. It is the only way that members can gain recognition for their actions that are considered over and above the call of duty.

KGB Award Policy states that someone (Even yourself) must send a written account of the said incident that you feel warrants an award. It is your responsibility to keep track of actions or situations that may warrant awards. You may send these accounts in any time using the Award Request feature. The feature can always be found at the top of the KGB Sentinel page and the KGB Members Handbook.

QuarterMaster Moe has been awarded:
The KGB Distinguished Service Cross
Moe has once again shared his talents with all of us in assisting the KGB with the Warlords Armed Forces Page and many other projects. Thank you Moe for your distinguished service!

Foreign Minister and Field General Hard Cash has been awarded:
The KGB Distinguished Service Cross
At 219 documented kills, General Hard Cash is approaching the all time KGB kill record held by KGB's most famous Paladin, Brother Annul. Im sure we will see Hard Cash break this amazing record in the days to come. Nice work HC!



Commander Derid, KGB Shadow Knights Division has been awarded:
The KGB Silver Star
The KGB GuildMasters Golden Cross

A true innovater in combat and tactics, Commander Derid has helped to increase the overall skill of the KGB's armed forces by sharing his knowledge and skill. Commander Derid is highly respected by both friends and enemies alike.

MKGB Knight Sir Binbs (Serving with the KGB Skadow Knights) has been awarded:
The KGB Silver Star
The KGB GuildMasters Golden Cross

Binbs tireless service to the KGB is just amazing. Not afraid to go up against overwhelming odds. His bravery and skill are amoung the highest in the shard. He also is the proud killer of The Resistance's GM Cry for Dawn, which gets him an instant GuildMasters Golden Cross.!


General Azryk Azyr, KGB Jihad Knights Division has been awarded:
The KGB Silver Star
The KGB GuildMasters Golden Cross

The leader of KGB's newest division is helping them make their mark, once again a tireless warrior who is not afriad to go against the numbers and who kindly shares his wisdom with everyone around him. Im sure we will be hearing lots more from the Jihad Knights Division.


Captain Juha Elyst, KGB Jihad Knights Division has been awarded:
The KGB Silver Star
The KGB GuildMasters Golden Cross

Always ready to assist his brothers and always cunning and brave, Captain Elyst is a shining example of all the qualities a KGB officer should hold true. You honor us all with your presence Captain!


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