The KGB Sentinel Archives

February 1998 and March 1998



HEADLINES for March 31st, 1998


After a long standing rivalry between KGB and SOA (SOA was responsible for the distribution of the Orginal KGB Tower Keys [See December News]) SOA finally became tired of being killed. It is thought that they will attempt to organize a force against us. All KGB Members should add Du-Sith and friends to their growing list of enemies. GuildMaster JetStar offered a special bounty for documented kills of Du-Sith. The KGB Distuinguished Service Cross will be awarded to members who successfully kill Du-Sith in battle.

PrimeMinister Thorn Wolfbane's house was broke in and looted by members of the RWTD Guild. This violates the cease fire Treaty signed by both guilds on 16 March, 1998. Full Offensive operations will once again begin against this guild.

This is an ongoing conflict.

KGB Members and officers are here by authorized to destroy and and all Dread Lords and Thieves that are not affiliated with our Allies. Care should be taken to ensure that Dread Lords affiliated with our Allies are not killed. Even if you see members of one of our Allies involved in activities that are against KGB policy, you are not authorized to take action without authorization from the KGB GuildMaster.

General Ardath and friends take a heavy toll on Evil

Several people in the guild probably remember Lord Bo, one of two theives that plague the chaos shrine area and basically make lives difficult for hunters by stealing their runes and gold. Well I happened across him while scouting out the shrine area, macroing away. A quick blast from a meteor swarm made and early end to his macroing. While running around I also bumped into a thief named YUH who seemed set on owning my regeants. Not as set as I was however.


Another Dead PKer


I was relaxing on the roof of trinsic after just coming back from the chaos shrine when a gate appeared and ghosts started pouring out of it. Feeling a bit daring, and perhaps foolish, I dove through only to find myself in the orc fort surrounded by pks. Feeling discretion was the better part of valor, I quickly sent out a summons. Annul responded nearly immediately and he Kenwood, Aradaxus and I set of to deal with these foul scum. No sooner did we arrive then did we encounter two of the foul scum and after a short battle neither escaped.




House Thieves get some payback
By General Annul
In the last few days pretty much all of the houses around the KGB tower have been looted (mine being one of them ). Well a small victory has been won against these pathetic bug users. I was in the fire elemental room when I got a ICQ from Thorn Wulfbane that some people were trying to break into his house. Having just lost a lot of plate the night before, I recalled close to his house right away. I was just to the north of the house and I could see that TW was still inside the house. I did a quick tracking and found that Dread Lord Atlas and three other dreads were hidden at the entrance to TWs house. I ran up to the door and cast flame wall on them all to flush them out. While I was doing this TW recalled, banked his keys and recalled back. I was surprised at how badly the dreads fought, they looked like they did not know who to attack. I took Atlas's MR off and he cast an e bolt at me. Bad mistake, I had MR still on and it hit him. I cast an explosion on him and he was down to a few hit points. I saw him try to recall so I equiped my bardiche of force... it did not let me down. Atlas crumpled to the ground and I collected his head for a bounty. We chased after Dran and Violator, but they just eventually recalled. I was not there but I heard that the others arrived and killed the other dread (Evil Wizard ). It felt good to strike back at those who cant play the game fairly, oh and Atlas, thanks for the black plate :)


The following Awards were issued by the KGB GuildMaster and CIC

The KGB GuildMasters Golden Cross

Awarded to Squire Captain First Knight Coake for his relentless service to the Guild
Awarded to Guild Smith
Master Knight Raging Wulf for his unselfish services to all KGB members as Guild Smith.

This Medal is bestowed on an individual by the GuildMaster himself. It is a way for the top ranking officer to recognize individuals for exemplary service to him and to the Guild.


The KGB Distinguished Service Cross

Awarded to General Annul The ACE of the KGB in wartime service and winner of 6 medals

The Medal is a great honor to receive. It is bestowed on an individual by the CIC in conjunction with the commanding General. Soldiers that are especially innovative and stand out in their units are candidates to receive this award. It is awarded when a Service award just is not enough.

Order of the KGB

Awarded to General Ardath Winner of 6 medals

To join the ranks of the Order of the KGB, a soldier must present 10 documented kills (Screen Shot Required) of criminals that have been determined enemies of the KGB. You are not limited to one award. You may receive 1 per 10 documented kills.

In order to be recognized for your contributions you must send in written reports to the GuildMaster of your adventures and victories. YOU WILL BE OVERLOOKED! if you do not send in this documentation about yourself or your commrads.

KGB on the WAR path


HEADLINES for March 27th, 1998

As the KGB Armed Forces it is time to continue the evolution of the Military structure. Commander in Chief General JetStar is implementing the following changes immediately.

DIVISIONS will be divided into two PLATOONS.

KGB 1st Infantry Division
KGB 1st Infantry Division, 1st Platoon (4 to 8 Officers)
KGB 1st Infantry Division, 2nd Platoon (4 to 8 Officers)

Platoons will be commanded by a First Knight, who in turn reports to the Division General. A platoon consists of at least 4 officers with at least one Master Knight. A platoon may not have over 8 officers. Platoons will be made up of close knit groups that are on a generally the same times, they will work together, train together, and fight together. Generals may schedule times where a platoon may be on alert. For instance, during peak usage times, a platoon may be on alert status and respond to distress messages and PK reports. All members of a Platoon will share credit for any kills. The top producing platoons each week will receive special awards and privileges. Generals will not be members of these Platoons, they will be in charge of direction and may accompany Platoons into battle. Generals will receive credit for the performance of their Platoons and as individuals.

Many of you already have formed small groups. Talk to your General about forming official Platoons. Pick members you fight well with and are in the game at generally the same times. The whole idea behind this is to form ELITE FIGHTING UNITS that are very experienced in working as a team. If several Platoons are sent into battle, they would be invincible. I want to have the Platoon Rosters finalized by April 5th.

GENERALS: All promotion, award, and division transfer actions need to be submitted to the CIC for recording and approval. Generals will be required to oversee the training and performance of their Platoons. Generals will be held directly responsible for the actions of their units and officers. It is a Generals job to oversee their Platoons, The First Knight in each Platoon will be the Platoon Commander. Orders to the Platoon should be given only to the First Knight unless of special circumstances. in the event of a Generals absence, they will select a First Knight to fill in for them while they are away. A Master Knight will then be selected to lead the Platoon until the return of the General and the First Knight. A General is his own unit and may therefore decide who should share in the credit for his personal kills. Generals will compile the Platoon weekly reports (Due from commanding First Knights every Friday) and submit a summary with any promotion, award, and division transfer requests every Sunday.

FIRST KNIGHTS: The FK is the field commander of the Platoon. They are responsible directly to the General for the actions and performance of the Platoon. Although the FK does not have the authority to promote, award and or transfer any members of their platoon, they may suggest these items to the Division General. A General will always respect the views of his First Knights. The FK will help to refine tactics and train its members to be a ELITE FIGHTING UNIT. A Master Knight will be chosen to fill in for the First Knight in the case of death or absence. First Knights are responsible to turn weekly reports on Platoon operations and performance every Friday (even if the Platoon was inactive). This reports will be reviewed by the General and submitted to the CIC.

Please talk to your GENERALS and begin forming Platoons immediately. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact CIC General JetStar.

This policy is now in effect

HEADLINES for March 24th, 1998

It is your job as KGB members to report outstanding conduct by members to the GuildMaster. If you see your fellow member doing something kind or brave, write an account and send it in. These reports are used to award members for outstanding service. HELP GET YOUR FELLOW MEMBERS RECOGNIZED. Send in your reports TODAY!!!! (Please use EMAIL! it is easier to store and file)

As the war against PKers continues, KGB and it's allies are scoring victory after victory. KGB's rapid response to distress calls is the key to success. Our guild has suffered minimal casualties, and is able to organize considerable response teams in just minutes. We have outnumbered our competition time and time again. GuildMaster JetStar said, "We will continue to pound these murderers. I feel the tide is turning. We will continue to pound them until they leave this shard." Please take time to congratulate KGB's Armed Forces for a job well done. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

PKers killed while trying to hide

PrimeMinister Thorn Wolfbane scores again

The following Awards were issued by the KGB High Council

The KGB High Council Medal Of Valor

Awarded to Minister of the KGBGSS Lord Moe for his actions in the great battle against RWTD

This Medal is the KGB's second highest honor. It is bestowed on an individual by proposition and vote by the KGB High Council. This Medal is a way for the council to award a soldier for showing the ultimate bravery in a COMBAT situation. It is almost a requirement that the recipient die and sacrifice his notoriety to receive this ultimate badge of courage. Only in the rarest of occasions does the Council consider this award. Recipients of this medal may wear black gloves as part of their uniform.

The KGB Distinguished Service Cross

Awarded to YDF Commander Speedy for his actions in the great battle against RWTD. Speedy and the YDF are KGB allies

The Medal is a great honor to receive. It is bestowed on an individual by the CIC in conjunction with the commanding General. Soldiers that are especially innovative and stand out in their units are candidates to receive this award. It is awarded when a Service award just is not enough.


Order of the KGB

To join the ranks of the Order of the KGB, a soldier must present 10 documented kills (Screen Shot Required) of criminals that have been determined enemies of the KGB. You are not limited to one award. You may receive 1 per 10 documented kills.

GuildMaster JetStar recorded his 10th PKK and receives his first Order Medal

2nd Infantry Commander General Annul recorded his 20th PKK and receives his second Order Medal

HEADLINES for March 16th, 1998

Military honors announced today. High Council Honors to be announced on Thursday March 19th, 1998. Due to lack of member accounts, this list may not be complete. GuildMaster JetStar has not received one written member account of the battle as requested. Now additional Military awards will be granted for Fridays after Wednesday March 18th, 1998. It is not too late to send in your written accounts of the battle.

All members that were involved in the battle must contact GM JetStar to receive the KGB Guild Service Medal. Send GM JetStar an ICQ to receive it.

The KGB Service Medal

In addition to the Guild Service Medal, KGB 4th Infantry First Knight (Acting General at the time) Helmholtz, and KGB 3rd Infantry First Knight (Acting General at the time) Havok are to receive the KGB Distinguished and KGB GuildMasters Golden Cross.

The KGB Distinguished Service Cross

The KGB GuildMasters Golden Cross

In addition to the Guild Service Medal, Commander of the KGB 2th Infantry General Annul, and KGB 3rd Infantry Master Knight Moe are to receive the KGB Silver Star and the KGB GuildMasters Golden Cross.

The KGB Silver Star

The KGB GuildMasters Golden Cross

KGB 3rd Infantry Master Knight Moe has been promoted to the rank of MINISTER of the KGB GSS. Former Minister Slippery resigned due to illness (RL Lack of Money Syndrome) and will continue to serve the KGB and the GSS as a Senior Agent. GSS Members please report to Minister Moe for immediate operations. Please join me in congratulating Moe as KGB's second GSS Minister

BY GuildMaster and Commander in Chief General JetStar
There has been some confusion among KGB's members and officers about how best to enforce KGB's rules. I would like to clarify this once and for all.

1) Any Person involved in Random PKing, Looting, and or cheating may be attacked and or killed by any member of KGB unless ordered not to do so by a ranking officer.
2) Any member of a GUILD that is ALLIED with KGB is immune to this, but if you witness any of these acts, you should report this with screen shots to your superior immediately
3) GUILDS that we have a CEASE FIRE AGREEMENT with must abide by KGB rules. YOU MAY ATTACK MEMBERS OF GUILDS THAT ARE AT CEASE FIRE STATUS WITH KGB if you see them engaging in conduct listed in item #1

If you are questioned in the field about our policies, please refer these questions to your superior officer. If you need any clarification about these guidelines, please contact me directly.

HEADLINES for March 14th, 1998

DO, X-LORDS, KOAD, and YDF join up with KGB to DEFEAT RWTD, The Fallen, and The Black Lords.

On the evening of March 13th 1998, GuildMaster JetStar was informed by the KGBGSS that the war with RWTD would intensify on the evening of the 14th. GSS Agents had intercepted messages that the RWTD was forming a large force of Dread Lords and was planning large scale offensive. GuildMaster JetStar knew that if this war was to be won quickly, the KGB would have to score a quick decisive victory. GuildMaster JetStar summoned KGB Foreign Minister Randal Floyd to contact all KGB Allies and Friends to assist us in this great battle on the 14th. Then the KGB Armed Forces were put on alert. Military Commanders, Officers in a joint effort with the KGBGSS immediately began covert intelligence gathering operations. An emergency meeting of Division Commanders and officers was held early on the morning of the 14th to discuss tactics. At that point, GuildMaster JetStar had done all he could do, all that was left was to wait and see if the covert operations were successful and how many of our allies would join us in battle. It is rumored that GuildMaster JetStar stayed up all night looking at maps and going over plans.
RWTD and ALLIES at attention
As the sun went down on the 14th, KGB's allies began to respond to the requests. The response was enormous! By 9:30pm PST KGB and its Allied army numbered 50+. GSS agents reported the enemy force at approximately 30 members (the actual number was 31). Then KGB and it's allies received the break they were looking for. KGB GSS Ghost Agents were monitoring the positions and conversations of the enemy force, but the enemy had its top officers in a private IRC chat. Much of their conversations were out of reach. Then a KGB GSS agent was able to successfully join their chat, and was reporting their command dialog word for word directly to GuildMaster JetStar. Now JetStar knew where they were, what they were doing, where they were going, and what the were saying. GuildMaster JetStar said "It was sauce on the goose, but I wanted to have a 2 to 1 advantage, and we were not quite there. I know how Dread Lord's think, they are impatient and hard to control. When they arrived at the KGB headquarters I knew that the longer I stalled sending in our troops, the more disorganized the Dread force would become. As the taunting messages began to come in, I stalled. I sent, "We are on our way!", "Be right there!". Still I held our force back. Our spy's at the tower began to report unrest among the enemy, some even recalled! Now was the time to strike." GuildMaster JetStar then gave the word for KGB and its Allies to move in away from behind the enemy position.
KGB and Allied Recall Deployment
It was at this point that GuildMaster Speedy of the YDF bravely recalled right on top of the enemy. GM Speedy and some members of his force were cut down. As they focused KGB, DO, X-LORD's, KOAD and other friends of the KGB were moving up behind their position.
Seconds before ALLIED ATTACK
With the enemy spead out and unready the Allied force ambushed the the Evil force. A KGB member was on the roof of the tower casting offensive spells, some KGB members recalled to the East of the enemy position. Most of the force attacked from the West side of the tower.

It was the most intense battle this reporter has ever seen. Bodies everywhere, Corp Por's flying, WAR IS HELL.

The picture above was taken during the peak of the battle. At this point both sides had committed to battle, neither leader knowing who would prevail. The battle was total carnage. Many died honorably in combat, everyone fighting bravely. When the dust settled the ALLIES had won. The Enemies that were not killed eather ran away or recalled out.
Immediately after the battle RWTD GuildMasters requested a cease fire meeting. GuildMaster JetStar met with RWTD leaders to finalize the agreement. RWTD leaders congratulated the KGB and its Allies on their victory and returned the long sword of vanquishing they had taken when GM JetStar was kill earlier this week. Special thanks to all KGB Allies who supported us in this battle. Awards are to be issued to Allied Guilds and heroic KGB members on Monday March 16th.



Check out Sebratis Dragons account from the Evil Side

HEADLINES for March 13th, 1998

KGB Calls on Allied Assistance
X-Lords, DO, The Resistance, and KOAD contacted regarding allied involvement.

KGB Foreign Minister Randal Floyd sent letters to the GM's of our Allied Guilds. KGB is requesting assistance to rid the land of its PK enemies. GuildMaster JetStar said, "All PKK groups should join our cause. If we can create a coalition, we can score a smooth decisive victory for all the citizens of Britannia".


KGB Search and Destroy Missions Successful.

General Ardath and other KGBers score victories in dungeons.


HEADLINES for March 12th, 1998

Trying to use bugs and fighting with Wands, RWTD coward warriors begin to feel the heat.

In this picture you can clearly see how the RWTD tried to use a bug to get their mule character TT in the KGB tower. The 3 corpses of TT lie of the stairs. TT has been trying to get inside the tower for 2 days now using every trick in the book. If you look to the left you can see another victim of the KGB's might. Dread Lord Prolix- was killed by members of the KGB using the very wands we looted from their bodies. The KGB does not believe that using wands is a fair way to fight, however we must fight fire with fire. GM JetStarI received a message from RWTD GuildMaster Sebratis Dragon. I was told that the KGB was using "Pussy" wands in battle. GM JetStar reminded her that RWTD members using wands started this who conflict. Every RWTD member that has been killed so far has had a wand on his body. GuildMaster JetStar also received this message from the RWTD GM "well my friend..................In 17 hours Your Guild will meet your doom, 'Death is coming, there is nothing you can do to stop it". I know the KGB all anxiously awaits this. All of us KGB hope RWTD enjoy life as ghosts.

RWTD GuildMaster calls his own members "Pussies"

The Following are posts to the KGB Forum about using wands in battle:

From: Thanos..
Date: 11 Mar 1998
Time: 21:00:15
Remote Name:

Hey wands arn't cheats.. I play to win.. (if u got a problem.. Page a GM) Also I dont fight 10 on 1.. Though it was 2 on 5 and we smoked 3 of ya's.. You probaly would have done better if two of ur pussy guild members didnt recall out right away.. Also.. Atlas says hi.. He's lookn at his collection of ur heads right now.. Hugs and kiss's.. RWTD!!!!

From: Lord Atlas
Date: 12 Mar 1998
Time: 00:05:40
Remote Name:

I just wanted to say that I am very impressed with KGBs orginzation and mindset. I would like to say that I never recall Speedy of KGB killing me, but I recall killing him on several occasions. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how I look forward for further skirmishes and battle. BTW 1 on 10 is Dumb Moe, and 2 v 5 with wands is smart.
We play to win, and if you consider using wands cheating you need to Page a GM, and quit complaining. Even with wand we still where able to out fight you again. So you can't lable us cheaters w/o labling
- Lord Atlas RwtD

Now listen to the ICQ from RWTD GuildMaster Sebratis Dragon:

"I noticed. And I do not use pussy wands."

Sounds to me like RWTD GuildMaster Sebratis Dragon is calling his own Guild pussies?

KGB Members after killing Lord Bleeds (he was Bleedin)

RWTD Dread Lord Micha-el learns his fate

KGB and DO before PKK Raid


KGB and DO Join Official Alliance

Last night at KGB TowerCounselor Joe declares the Alliance official

The turn out was large as the KGB and the DO renewed their vows as Allies at KGB Headquarters last night. KGB GuildMaster JetStar and X-Lords GuildMaster Prism signed and exchanged copies of the agreement. All the KGB would like to welcome our latest allies, the Great DO!


Drek quietly resigns from KGB.

After a heated discussion with GuildMaster JetStar, Drek submits his resignation. Drek had been involved in the KGBGSS. GuildMaster JetStar said, "It is most difficult to go from being a GuildMaster to any other position in the Guild. As you all know, Drek is very independant and was having a difficult time adjusting to the many restricitions placed on him. Although I do understand his point, the reason behind this restrictions is for the safety of the entire Guild. I hope you will all join me in wishing Drek the best of luck."


HEADLINES for March 11th, 1998


The Fallen Lords declare WAR on KGB


A series of events trigger WAR on Pacific Shard.

GuildMaster JetStar, Foreign Minister Randal Floyd, and Knight of the 3rd Infantry Psycho were ambushed and killed in front of the KGB HeadQuarters by members of the RWTD Guild. Dread Lords Atlas and Thanos using wands attacked. They were waiting in ambush in front of the KGB tower.

KGB Members and Allies responded only to find the RWTD Dreads gone. A party went searching for them. Close to the Choas shrine a Dread Lord was attacked and killed. It was Fallen Lords GuildMaster and self proclaimed Emperor Dread Lord Dracus. Dracus was quick to declare WAR. GuildMaster JetStar and the KGB General responsible for killing Dracus attempted to contact him. He would not respond.


A State of WAR exists between the KGB and the FALLEN LORDS, RWTD and their ALLIES.




A message from:

(CIC) (G5) GuildMaster Lord JetStar

KGB Members, Officers, Council Members, and Allies.

I speak to you today about our Guild, and a great Guild it is. We have reunited once again. I would like to formally welcome former members Drek, Ardath, Helmholtz, DarkGuard, and Daine the Wary back to the KGB. These men made up the core of the Guild in their time, and I know we are all glad to have them back. This Guild was formed around the ideals of the protection of good, and the persecution of evil and their murderous ways. I have allowed politics to cloud my vision, and somehow forgot the ideals that brought us together. Our members have been killed and our honor challenged. Your GuildMaster's head sits on a mantle at RWTD's HeadQuarters. They look and laugh at KGB, not knowing the sleeping Dragon they have awoken. I CALL ON EACH ONE OF YOU! RISE UP AND FIGHT FOR YOUR GUILD AND YOUR BELIEFS. THIS IS A FIGHT TO THE DEATH.


By the power granted me by Article 2, Section 5, Clause 7 of the Constitution of the KGB. I respond to the threats of War from these murderers. On this day the 11th of March 1998, I declare a state of War exists between the KGB and the following Guilds:

1) The FALLEN LORDS and their ALLIES to be named

2) The RWTD

This state of War will exist until we receive and unconditional surrender or drive our enemies from the world.

I thank you all and wish you Good Luck, and Godspeed.

GuildMaster JetStar.

Ardath, HelmHoltz, DarkGuard and Daine the Wary return to KGB

The Former KGB Execs given The Dark Knights, KGB's 4th Infantry Division

The following is General Ardath's account of the latest attack on the KGB Tower:

(G1) General Ardath


Another attack at the KGB tower. This time by a hear to now unknown group of PKrs who call themselves the RWTD. Lord Thanos and Lord Atlas attacking from ambush killed GM Jetstar and two other KGB members. Jetstar issued the following distress call:

Unfortunately by the time relief forces arrived, Lord Thanos and Lord Atlas had managed to sort out their weight problems, and managed to escape. Ten minutes later, former KGB member and Prime Minister Ardath and former KGB member and Chairman of the High Council Helmholtz were seen searching the area near the tower. In the middle of their search, an unknown blue name Grinder Grifter, recalled to a position just outside the tower, immediately hid, and then recalled away. It is suspected that this character is a PK mule be used to scout the tower area. Forty minutes later, Ardath entered into a private meeting with Lord Jetstar. The results of that meeting are currently undisclosed but many suspect that Ardath was discussing Tower Security and teasing Lord Jetstar, a veteran PK hunter, about his recent defeat

HEADLINES for March 7th, 1998

KGB GuildMembers and Allies share VICTORY!

10 PKers cut down in Major KGB offensive

In a joint military action, KGB and its Allies surprised attacked 16 PKers at the entrance to a local dungeon. PK's present at Covetous when we attacked: Lady Francine Booth, Lord Zeus, Lord Pudrick, Lord Crono, Lady Phyre, Lord Firaxis, Lady Solanacia, Lord Sir Damani, Smoke Dawg, Narsis, Franko, Lord Sir Lancelot, Lord Druid, FlatLineR, Lord Byte of Wood, Lord SlacKeR, Lord Mike, Ziggy, DamieN, ZoRaK, Skull, Lord Kellen, FLETCHER, Bruce, and Bazerion from Guilds: Lords of Apocaplypse, WOS (White Orchids), The Executioners, HoD, and Shadows.

The Pkers that were not killed, recalled. A total VICTORY was achieved. GOOD WORK KGB!

GM JetStar offers bounty on thief sBAXTER

GM JetStar sentences sBAXTER to Death. The KGB Distinguished Service Cross will be awarded for documented proof of sBAXTER's death

KGB 3rd Infantry Commander, (G1) General Stoney was setup up and robbed by sBAXTER. It has been reported that sBAXTER is a member of KGB ally The Resistance. GuildMaster JetStar will be contacting Resistance GuildMaster Cry for Dawn regarding this issue. This offer will stand until the 35,000 gold is returned. All members are asked to participate. In addition the KGB GSS has been assigned to this task

The KGB Distinguished Service Cross

Lady Sky Retires from KGB

Lady Sky was granted a honorable discharge today to join The Sodalitis Guild.

GuildMaster JetStar granted Lady Sky's request for an honorable discharge today. She leaves the KGB on the best of terms. She will be joining Lord Mungo II in The Sodalitis. Lord Mungo II is a personal friend of GM JetStar, and the KGB GuildMaster frequently vacations on the Sodalitis's Island (Scorpion Island). The KGB is currently in the process of formally becoming Allies. GM JetStar said "Lady Sky was fortunate enough to meet my good friend Lord Mungo, her heart is truly with him. Im sure we will still be seeing allot of her. I thank her for her contribution to the KGB and she will be granted personal ally status".

Lord Moe Resigns as Guild QuarterMaster

Lord Moe to focus on his Military Career.

GuildMaster JetStar accepted Lord Moes resignation from his Guild QuarterMaster position. Lord Moe will be focusing on his military career. He has done a fine job and his efforts are certainly appreciated. Thank you Lord Moe. If you are interested in the Guild QuarterMaster position, please send a note to GM JetStar.

HEADLINES for March 5th, 1998


High Council votes unanimously to allow Drek to return.

GuildMaster JetStar designed a proposal to allow Drek back into KGB. A contract between Drek and GM JetStar has been signed and agreed to. Drek will be involved with the KGBGSS. Drek has stated that he has given up his personal war against Choas Guards and wants more than anything to return to the guild. As you can see (Below) Drek has an acceptional war record. Please join me in helping Drek to re-integrate himself back into guild life style. GuildMaster JetStar said, "Although we cannot forget the past, and what has happened, I know my brother Drek, and he has sworn his allegiance to the guild and to me. I then made myself responsible for his actions. In the proposal, I will be charged and tried for any crimes against the guild he could possibly commit. He is my brother and my friend, and I know he will do well."



GM JetStar and Lady Delerium's wedding postponed

GuildMaster JetStar has called off the wedding until further notice. JetStar said, "Lady Del was unable to make it to the practice, she has some things she is taking care of and I cant be sure if she will make it. I didn't want to take the chance of standing up there all by myself". The wedding will be rescheduled for a time when many more Guild Members can make it.

HEADLINES for February 28th, 1998

General (G1) Annul becomes first Order Member

With 10 documented PKK's (G1) Annul becomes the Order of the KGB's First Member.

In a private ceremony, General Annul became the Order of the KGB's first member. For those of you who don't know of the Order, please check the award section of KGB armed forces page.

Order of the KGB Award

HEADLINES for February 27th, 1998

GM JetStar and Lady Delerium's Wedding Plans

Wedding is scheduled for Wednesday March 4th, 1998 at 7:00pm

The wedding will be held at the Nujel'm Theater. Practice is at 10:00 PST on Monday the 2nd!!!. All are invited to attend. Contact GuildMaster JetStar for runes to the site. Hope to see you all there!

All current members are invited to serve in the Honor Guard. Please contact Honor Guard Commander General Annul for details...

Administrative Changes

Squire Captain Coake was given the rank of First Knight under (G5) (CIC) General JetStar for administrative purposes.

Raging Wulf sworn in as Official Guild Smith

Official Military role call is being taken. If you have not joined a Military unit and you are interested contact (SC) First Knight Coake.

Current Military Divisions are:

KGB 1st Infantry Division commanded by General Annul

KGB 2nd Infantry Division commanded by General Atticus

KGB 3rd Infantry Division commanded by General Stoney

A new special division was created today by GuildMaster JetStar. The KGB Guild Secret Service Division. This special division of the KGB armed forces will specialize in protection of KGB Executive officers, covert operations and the gathering of defense intelligence information. With Guild wars a coming possibility, the need for this special unit becomes apparent. The GSS will not carry standard military ranks and will report directly to the GuildMaster. Its leader will carry the title of Minister.

KGB Guild Secret Service Division directed by GSS Minister Slipprey

GM's State of the Guild Address

GuildMaster JetStar give the 2nd State of the Guild Address

GuildMaster JetStar......

Dear Guild Members, Allies and Friends,

There have been many changes in the guild in the past weeks. Your new Executive Officers and have worked very hard to make this Guild what it is today. We have lost some members and that has been tough. I always knew that we would lose a few in this journey. To those of you who stayed, I salute you. I feel the High Council is strong and our members are dedicated and brave. When I venture into danger with you all, I feel a sense of pride, proud of our name, proud of my comrades. We demand respect, as we show the world an example of dedication and humility. I love to see the faces along our parade routes, I love to hear the cry of "Wow, look at that" as we ride in uniform. I have come to realize in the last few weeks that our greatness is not made up by any one individual. It is all of us as a group. All of us sworn to defend the Constitution, all of us sworn to spread goodness. It truly shows, and I can feel it. I know the Guild is stronger now than ever.

The Military is my next big focus. We will be the best fighting force on the Pacific shard. If you have not joined the Military and are interested please contact one of our Generals. I know you have all made a commitment to make this guild great. I thank you all for your support and dedication!

Another Officer Leaves KGB

First Knight Shishio Resigns.

Without notice, First Knight and long time member Shishio left the guild today, no reason was given


HEADLINES for February 23th, 1998

New Officers Chosen.

GM JetStar releases names of new Guild Executive Officers.

With the recent departure of the Prime Minister Ardath (See next article). GuildMaster JetStar has restructured the government for what he says is the last time. Blue indicates the High Council 's 6 members.

GuildMaster JetStar

Prime Minister Thorn Wolfbane

ChairPerson of the High Council Lady Katrina

Foreign Minister Randall Floyd

High Council Member Atticus

High Council Member Annul

High Council Member Stoney

Guild Treasurer Delerium

Guild QuarterMaster Moe

Guild Squire Captain Coake

Special thanks to all the interim High Council members. You may still continue to serve the council by going through one of the 6 members.

Prime Minister Ardath resigns.

KGB Tanarus veteran and UO Prime Minister ends long KGB Career.

As one of the last of the original members from world Tanarus, Prime Minister Ardath leaves the KGB with with a impeccable record. His departure marks the complete turnover of the high officers in the Guild executive branch. GuildMaster JetStar had this to say "Lord Ardath was one of our best and our bravest, he will be greatly missed, and I will respect his request for privacy regarding his leaving the guild". After serving his resignation and toasting the guild at a small meeting at the Keg and Anchor, Prime Minister Ardath was seen standing next to a wall in Trinsic motionless with his head down. Please honor one of the guilds greatest heroes.

Please Examine Ardath's War Record:


HEADLINES for February 22th, 1998

GuildMaster Addresses High Council and Officers Regarding Recent Events

New Zero Tolerance Policy adopted by the GuildMaster

In a emergency meeting called by new High Council Chairperson Katrina, GuildMaster JetStar gave this serious address.

I relinquished many powers to you all to run the guild in everyone's best interest. It seems that this has done more harm than good. I came up with the new system to discuss matters in the new HC message board. Please re-read the new section in article once of the constitution. There is another change in policy you must be aware of. I am addressing this to our cabinet members, officers, and remaining High Council Members. I will no longer tolerate outbursts or disrespect from members of the High Council. You are supposed to be an example to the rest of the guild of respect and honor. I intend to see that that is the way you are perceived. I want to tell everyone this before I enforce it, you need to discuss matters and be mature and responsible, while respecting other opinions. Any dialog spoken or posted that is determined by me to be in poor taste or disrespectful to anyone, will get you IMMEDIATELY EXPELLED from the Council. This includes profanity, jokes, anything that could disrupt the important job the High Council has. The mission of the High Council's to share and debate ideas. You will show respect to your adversaries on a given point. You can disagree but respectfully, you can make strong points, but with tact. If anyone in a position of power or on the council shows lack of respect for the guidelines I am stating in this address, or if I determine them to be out of line, THEY WILL REMOVE FROM THAT POSITION IMMEDIATELY, no questions asked, no appeals, no apologies. I cannot tell you how serious I am about this point.

I like you all very much. You have become my friends, and I will not allow the Democratic process to tear the Guild apart. If you do not feel you can adhere to this protocol, please notify me and I will remove you from your position immediately. This division in the guild will stop NOW. And I will do whatever is necessary to defend this guild we have all worked so hard to create. Thank you all for listening.........

GuildMasters Office working to fill vacant positions

CHC and FM positons open

SAA Katrina was named to Chairman post. GuildMaster is expected to make a decision today regarding filling the vacant positions. If you are interested in filling eather of these positions, Please contact GuildMaster JetStar ASAP.

Former KGB Officials Speak to the Guild

Former Chairman of the KGB High Council Helmholtz's Letter of Resignation

I have resigned from KGB. While I enjoy the company of most KGB, I can not say that for all. I considered resigning my post as CHC due to my growing inability to tolerate the particular associations, but realized that I would never follow their leadership either. KGB is destined for greatness and I will miss the comraderie and fellowship. I will continue my friendships with all, even those who've taxed my patience.

After a short discussion GuildMaster JetStar accepted his resignation and moved HelmHoltz official Allie / Friend of the guild status. Helmholtz has been granted the use of all KGB facilities and should be treated with the respect of a former officer.

Former Guild Smith and Foreign Minister Daine the Wary's Letter of Resignation

Please accept my resignation from KGB, there are numerous reasons which i will be willing to discuss with you, this covers both characters btw...thanks for everything you've done to help me, and i hope our friendship will continue in ther future, please consider both DarkGuard and Daine to be friends of KGB...Daine the Wary/DarkGuard

After a short discussion about the issues that caused Daine to leave, GuildMaster JetStar accepted his resignation and moved Daine the Wary and DarkGuard to official Allie / Friend of the guild status. Daine has been granted the use of all KGB facilities and should be treated with the respect of a former officer.

HEADLINES for February 21th, 1998

CHC Helmholtz and FM Daine the Wary resign.

Turmoil in KGB Government suspected as reason for leaving

SAA Katrina named to Chairman post. No exact reason was given, but both left sometime this afternoon. GuildMaster JetStar working to fill the voids and get the Government running again. Expect an update soon.

KGB assisting players in Hyloth

KGB members hold equipment and ressurect dead players in Hyloth

KGB GuildMaster visits former KGB Member Speedy

Speedy is GuildMaster of the Pacific Shard YDF (Yew Defense Force). A casual visit turned into Rescue / PK hunt.

By GuildMaster JetStar. I was glad to see former Tanarus and UO KGB member Speedy and his new venture. We talked about many issues regarding his former membership. Most of all now he like the respect of his former guild. After a few hours of talking, I explained to him why some of our members feel the way they do, and for his part in the Civil War and the Tower incident. He explained to his side of the story, and I assured him that we were allies. During our conversation a rescue call came in from High Council Member Lady Sky. GuildMaster Mungo II and her were out hunting when a storm of horrible lag disturbance blew in and seperated them from their bodies. Orcs did the rest just as a group of PKers arrived. I quickly sounded the alarm and Speedy offered to assist. Members Locke, Kenwood, Dragon Lord, GuildMaster JetStar and others from Mungo's guild assembled at the Trinsic bank for transport. As we appeared we did battle with three PKers that eventually recalled. We then swept the area for Lady Sky and Mungo II. Speedy was first to find the body and retrieved all he could carry. I would like to personally thank all those that assisted, and especially GM Speedy for his help...

Let us as a guild let bygones be bygones and support GM Speedy in his new venture..

HEADLINES for February 19th, 1998

New KGB Members

Locke, Kenwood, and Dragon Lord

Were officially sworn into the guild in the last 48 Hours. Please welcome our newest KGB members.

High Council Chairman, and Members walk out of Meeting

Heated tempers and general frustration with the slow procedures lead to walkout by some High Council Members. NEW COUNCIL PROCEDURES ENACTED BY GM JETSTAR.

The KGB Constitution section has been updated with procedures for Members to speak with a Council Member, to create and submit a Proposal, the prevote Proposal discussion, and the voting process. These items can be reviewed in the KGB Constitution, Article 1, Section 1, Clause 4.

1) A Member contact the High Council Member of his choice and shares an idea for a proposal. Or a High Council Member creates an idea himself that is worthy of a High Council Proposal.

2) The High Council Member, writes the idea in Proposal forum.

3) The High Council Member posts the proposal on the High Council Message Board

4) The outcome of the vote on the proposal will be posted on the message board. It will be added to the Constitution and eventually deleted.

HEADLINES for February 18th, 1998

Commander of 2nd Infantry, General Atticus Receives KGB GuildMasters Golden Cross

General Atticus honored for outstanding performance

General Atticus was presented the KGB GuildMasters Golden Cross for his outstanding service to the Guild and GuildMaster. He has recently developed the KGB Forum page and has always given 100%. GuildMaster JetStar said, "This man actually gave us our First Tower, can you imagine? He has always been loyal, always helping other members and risking his life. In my opinion General Atticus's role model is one we should all attempt to follow." General Atticus retained his High Council seat due to his recent appointment to General of the Second Infantry. CONGRATULATIONS ATTICUS!!!

The KGB GuildMasters Golden Cross

HEADLINES for February 17th, 1998

KGB and X-Lords Official Allies

Counselor Joe declares the Alliance official

The turn out was large as the KGB and the XLords renewed their vows as Allies in Britain yesterday. KGB GuildMaster JetStar and X-Lords GuildMaster FK signed and exchanged copies of the agreement. All the KGB would like to welcome our latest allies, the Great X-Lords. JetStar said, "I was very impressed with the organization of their Guild. I hope we can be that organized at our next function."










Counselor Joe makes it Official


New Officers Elected in First High Council Elections

The following positions are elected by all membership;

Treasurer, Sargent at Arms, Quartermaster, Squire Captain, and 3 at large members.

The Job Descriptions

Treasurer - to coordinate the financial dealing of the guild. This office needs to account for all funds to the council with written reviews of the transactions. all income and expenses.

Sargent at Arms - keeps meeting notes and voting records. the person to see for meeting transcripts. Coordinates communications . All KGB messages for broadcast are sent to this person. This person is responsible for all membership data (the census). Maintainance of ICQ and email data files for distribution to all KGB members.

Quartermaster - coordinates the material posessions of the guild. reports to the council a total inventory, accurate where appropriate (who cares how much firewood is at the tower, etc). Also coordinates with the generals and Squire Captain to provide disaster compensation for losses while on KGB battles where the involved party cannot re-equip properly due to lack of funds. This should be a very rare occurance with a veteran.

A set of bone, thigh boots, red shield, KGB sash and cape, and a few reagents, say 10 of each. I also think it would be good to require a person to donate a return set before they get another, at the descretion of the QM to thwart abuse. Donations and guild fees will provide funding.

Squire Captain - A coordinator of new membership and training development. Responsible for getting sponsors paired with members and passing member info to the messenger. Will find out new member needs as to training and will provide assistance when the sponsor is not able to do so. He will maintain a list of those able to train in skills for the trainees to reference. Perhaps start a FAQ for newbies.

Election Winners are:

Treasurer - Delerium

SAA - Katrina

Quartermaster - Moe

Squire Captain - Coake

Members at Large - Thorn Wolfbane, Lady Sky, Nathan Rahl, Havok

Outgoing Council Members Receive GuildMaster Award

GuildMasters Golden Cross Awarded to Randall Flyod and Xerxes

After the elections, GuildMaster JetStar awarded the KGB GuildMasters Cross to the outgoing members in recognition for there service to the Guild. Thank you for your hard work Randall and Xerxes.

The KGB GuildMasters Golden Cross

HEADLINES for February 13th, 1998

Alliance Ceremony with Xlords

Alliance Documents to be signed

at 7:00 pm on Sunday, the ceremony will take place at the Britain Arts Center (Theater by Forge). Full Silver Dress is required. All members are required to attend this meeting. So start shining up your uniforms. If you cannot attend for some reason. You may be excused from the meeting by GM JetStar.

New KGB Members

Sky, Morgoth, Loric Wulfsbane, and Thorn

Were officially sworn into the guild in the last 48 Hours. Please welcome our newest KGB members.

GM JetStar Awarded KGB Medal of Valor

The High Council voted to award GuildMaster JetStar this first Medal of Valor

General Atticus entered a proposal to award GM JetStar the KGB Medal of Valor. Almost two weeks ago, JetStar sacrificed his Great Lord status to help return Items looted by Goldmoon. After several warnings, JetStar dropped his shield and killed Goldmoon in three strikes of his axe. JetStar had this to say, "Goldmoon not only looted at least four bodies, he refused to give back after they had resurrected, and he insulted me and the Guild". JetStar then returned the items to the owners.

The KGB High Council Medal Of Valor

HEADLINES for February 10th, 1998

GM JetStar Officially Activates Military Divisions

General Annul, General Atticus and General Stoney begin Military Service.

The first three Generals of the KGB Armed Forces were sworn in today. GM General JetStar created three infantry divisions and assigned a commanding General to each one. Here are the assignments. The generals have begun recruiting members. If you are interested in a military career please contact GM General JetStar or one of the Generals listed below. BE ALL YOU CAN BE, JOIN THE KGB MILITARY!



Commanded by




Commanded by




Commanded by



GM JetStar and GM Cry for Dawn End Hostilities


After a long meeting in the Trinsic park, GM JetStar and GM Cry for Dawn came to terms and decided to end hostilities. Cry for Dawn and the alliance has been restored. KGB MEMBERS SHOULD IMMEDIATELY CEASE ALL HOSTILITIES AGAINST CRY FOR DAWN.



Master Knight Moe receives KGB's First Medal

GuildMasters Cross Awarded

GM General JetStar awarded the GuildMasters Cross to First Knight Moe for his services in build the KGB Website. Thanks Moe you deserve it



HEADLINES for February 7th, 1998


Members of three PKK guilds Clean out PK city

After a failed attempt to ambush the BLUECLAN in the Despise skeleton room, members of the KGB, DO, and LOP decided to pull a surprise attack on the PK City at the choas shrine. After creating a gate to the Choas shrine about 25 PKKers ran through and began cutting down these vile murderers. May ran and the ones who did not were killed defending their make shift city. GuildMaster JetStar achieved his 5th documented PK death blow. He had these words, "Although we were a bit unorganized, we had superior numbers. We suffered zero casualties and killed at least 7 of them. It is great to see Good finally hitting Evil where it counts. I would like to thank the KGB that showed up. Everyone fought bravely."




Pictures of the KGB Tour





HEADLINES for February 1st, 1998

GM Lord JetStar and HCM Lady Delerium to marry on March 1st

GuildMaster JetStar's Wedding Proposal was Accepted by High Council Member Delerium.

GuildMaster JetStar in a surprise move asked High Council Member Delerium to marry and become the KGB's first lady. Lady Delerium in a short interview said it would be business as usual. She plans to keep her position on the High Council. Lord JetStar told the press that Lady Delerium have been saving for a house for some time. Details about the Location and time of the wedding are not set as of yet. They will be announces sometime in the next 2 weeks.





GuildMaster Lord JetStar and Member Havok sighted and killed a Daemon Lord.

The First Daemon Lords name was The Keeper of Souls, about 10 people were able to slay it. It was very difficult, then another even more power Daemon Lord showed up. Everyone recalled, by Member Havok managed to snap a picture of two while hidden.




Former KGB GuildMaster Drek, Former Chairman of the KGB High Council Wiseone, and Former KGB High Council Member Speedy implicated in HeadQuarters Break-in.

It must have been an act of God that prevented the former KGB members plan from succeeding. After Former GuildMaster Drek let former members Wiseone and Speedy into the KGB HeadQuarters, they proceeded to loot everything out of the tower. After they completed this, Drek attempted to lure KGB High Council Member and Assistant Sergeant at Arms Katrina back to her house where Wiseone and Speedy were hiding, waiting to MURDER her. Then a miracle occurred! A time warp hit, and this entire incident never took place.

The principle of this issue that can not be excused. GuildMaster JetStar said "I was warned by my staff that this incident would take place, I made a terrible error in judgement. I thought of Drek, Wiseone and Speedy as my friends. They were part of the KGB almost from the beginning. Even though they went off in their own separate ways, I always thought they were honorable. I told my staff that my friends would never do this to me or the guild. I blame myself for not seeing what type of people they really are. I am glad that they have shown their true colors, as I now know how they will be treated in the future."

GuildMaster JetStar then issued an executive order to evacuate the Tower Headquarters as it is not secure. Seems our great HeadQuarters will meet the same fate as the guilds first tower.

It should be noted that former GuildMaster Drek met with GuildMaster JetStar and disclosed the entire plot. After the incident, Lord Drek showed remorse and told the whole truth. He also swore it would never happen again. Drek also stated that other former members and ambassadors were aware of this plot before it happened. Implicated by Drek as having knowledge of this incident before it happened were:

In a short interview with Councilman Annul, he sent a STRONG message that these allegations are false. "I knew they were up to something, but I had no knowledge of the tower incident or the Murder plot". It should be noted that Lord Annul is not under indictment for any charge at this time.


Bridge - KGB Lines up on the Britain bridge with Guild Master Jetstar and Prime Minister Ardath

KegAnch - KGB enjoys a cold one after a long ride.

LrdBrit - KGB assembled at Lord British's castle.

TrinBank - KGB lines up to be dismissed at Trinsic Bank


GuildMaster JetStar creates new Guild Constitution

To insure that a conflict like the recent KGB split never happens again, GuildMaster Jetstar unveiled the new KGB Constitution. It is good reading if you have the time. GuildMembers should all read and completely understand this document. The High Council has new expanded powers. The position of Master has been eliminated and replaced with Prime Minister. GuildMembers will all have a chance to be involved in the government of this great guild.


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