March 1999



HEADLINES for March 31st, 1999

KGB GuildMaster Ends Martial Law
A new era begins with a new and improved KGB Constitution.
Article by:
JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

With the advice and consent of the GuildMasters Advisory Council, JetStar complete the re-write and distribution of powers. The changes are designed to prevent some of the problems that have occurred and to clearly define the roles of all KGB governmental departments. At 11:59pm on March 31, 1999, the GuildMaster will relinquish control of the Guild to the new Constitutional Government. These changes are meant to clarify some of the issues that have lead to leadership conflicts in the past.

Here is a summary of the changes:

A) The creation of Article one's Distribution of Powers Act.
B) Changes to Legislative Branch
C) Creation of the Judicial Branch
D) KGB Members now police the leadership

With these changes, KGB has become a true Democracy. All leaders must answer to the Membership, and all Members will be held to the code of Laws. If any of the branches of Government fail to please the majority of the Guild, that branch or individual officer can be targeted for removal.

A) The creation of Article one's Distribution of Powers Act.

Article. I. [Distribution of Powers]

Section 1.

The powers of the government of the KGB are divided into three distinct departments, the legislative branch, the executive branch, and the judicial branch; and no person or collection of persons charged with the exercise of powers properly belonging to one of these departments shall be permitted to exercise any powers properly belonging to either of the others, except as in this constitution expressly directed or permitted.

In essence, the Guild was never sure who was to perform what task, this is clearly defined in the new Constitution (See the KGB Constitution Link on the Main KGB UO Page)

Executive Branch
The executive branch consists of the KGB GuildMaster and KGB Prime Minister. These two offices will be in charge of executing the day to day operation of the Guild, to execute the decisions of the KGB Supreme Court (Judicial Branch) and to abide by the laws created by the KGB High Council. The executive branch would also represent the guild in the enforcement of KGB Law. Suspected violators of KGB law would be brought before the KGB Supreme Court for judgement.

Legislative Branch
The legislative branch is responsible for representing the Membership in the process of creating and updating the laws that the Guild must abide by. These laws will be enforced by the KGB Supreme Court (Judicial Branch) and the Courts decisions executed by the Executive Branch.

Judicial Branch
The Judicial branch is responsible for impartial judgement of the enforcement of KGB Laws. Suspected violators of KGB law would be brought before the KGB Supreme Court for judgement. Judgements would be passed to the executive branch for enforcement.

1) KGB High Council passes a law that no member is allowed to drink beer (like that would ever happen)
2) KGB GuildMaster receives a report that Lord Deadly Arsehole was found drunk in Occlo
3) KGB Prime Minister files formal charges against Lord Deadly.
4) Chief Justice selects two other Justices and hold a trial.
5) Prime Minister prosecutes. Lord Deadly chooses the person of his choice to defend him.
6) The Justices come to a majority verdict and convict Lord Deadly for violations of KGB law
7) The Justices sentence Lord Deadly to a 90 probationary period and a formal warning.
8) The sentence is passed to the KGB GuildMaster for enforcement.
9) KGB GuildMaster formally warns Lord Deadly and announces his probation

In short, HC makes law, GM / PM enforce it, Supreme Court carries out judgement and sets punishment, GM / PM enforce. Each branch's role is clearly defined. No more confusion.

B) Changes to Legislative Branch

Article. II. [The KGB High Council / Legislative Branch]

Section 5 has been changed to limit the High Council scope of power to the management of the KGB constitution and creation and review of Guild Law. The High Council no longer is responsible for the judgement or execution of KGB Law.

Section. 5.

Clause 1: The High Council shall have the following powers:

Clause 2: To borrow Money on the credit of the KGB;

Clause 3: To establish an uniform Rules of Membership, and uniform Laws of conduct;

Clause 4: To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water;

Clause 5: To make Rules for the Government and Regulation of Armies (Rules of engagement);

Clause 6: To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the KGB, or in any Department or Officer thereof.


C) Creation of the Judicial Branch

Article. IV. [Judicial Branch and Powers]

Section. 1.

Clause 1: The KGB Supreme Court will work in tandem with the KGB Prime Minister to enforce and review the laws of the Guild. The GuildMaster will appoint a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court for the term of life.

Clause 2: The Supreme Court may officially mark Members for disorderly Behavior, and, after due process of law, expel any Guild Member or Senior Guild Official.

Clause 3: Due process of law consists of The Chief Justice selecting two additional Justices and holding a hearing were evidence and testimony for both sides is presented. The Prime Minister would represent the KGB. The accused has the right to be represented by the person of their choice. After both sides have presented the the Chief Justice and the chosen Justices will come to a majority verdict.

Clause 4: No Person shall be convicted of any crime unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses and/or one screen shot of the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Supreme Court hearing, or if the Act was witnessed by a Senior Guild Official (Executive cabinet, High Council, and or Supreme Court Justice)

Clause 5: If a Member is convicted of a crime against the Guild or a violation of the KGB Code, they will be marked with a 90 day probationary period on the first offense and any other penalties that the Chief Justice feels are necessary. If the first offense is serious enough to warrant dismissal, the KGB GuildMaster concur with the Chief Justice before expulsion on a first offense may take place.

Clause 6: If a Member is convicted of a second act in the 90 day probationary period, they may be expelled or granted a second probation. This decision will be made by the Chief Justice.

Clause 7: Expelled members may re-apply to KGB after a 180 day period. They must undergo the KGB Citizenship procedure before being allowed to join any KGB stone.


D) KGB Members now police the leadership

Article. VI. [Impeachment / Recall from office]

Section. 1.

Clause 1: Any member may with a petition of at least ten KGB citizens may enact the process of Impeachment / Recall.

Clause 2: If the membership of KGB feels that any Government Official (GuildMaster, Prime Minister, Chairman of the High Council, High Council Member, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Justice of the Supreme Court) is not upholding their office or adhering to the KGB Constitution, they may be the target of the Impeachment / Recall act.

Clause 3: A special vote would be held within seven days of the submitted petition.

Clause 4: A 2/3 majority vote would remove the the charged officer from office immediately


KGB: The Next Generation
First round of Guild officials selected
Update by:
JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

Please congratulate the following KGB members on their new positons:

Prime Minister Nathan Rahl

Chief Justice of KGB Supreme Court Azryk Azyr

Warlord Hard Cash

Foreign Minister Sancho

Paradox Thorn

High Council Members

Prime Minister Nathan Rahl
Chief Justice Azryk Azyr
Warlord Hard Cash
Foreign Minister Sancho
GSS Minister Paradox Thorn
General (G2) Darius

HEADLINES for March 30th, 1999

Failed evil alliances bring and end to the war with Fallen Lords.
Update by:
JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

Lord Dracus Undeclares
Lord Dracus just could not hold it together as yet another of his #2 men resign in disgust. The scum of DF has backstabbed its evil allie. Lord Dracus even violates his own code as you can see here. After his wild claims of destroying the forces of good and the KGB, he has failed as all others have. KGB VICTORY!

by Lord Dracus posted 3/29/99 12:13:24 PM
Forgive my lack of being there last night
i am having severe probs with ISPs and crash every fifteen mins usually ending up dead at relog on.
No one attacks an FL
and I will be taking severe action to deal with this..
I ask for your comments as to your wishes
So post Up Now
Or we will Cease operations against KGB
and Take up new arms Against DF.
also Cable modem goes in Apr 5 and 10 AM
Then ill be on
with Lightening Boots


Dracus can clearly be seen here showing his true colors

Second in command Sodom resigns from Fallen Lords because of DF's lameness:

by Sodom posted 3/28/99 8:45:01 PM
Well, that's all for me.
I refuse to stay in a guild where 3 members stand and watch me fight an order without helping. Following this, the same order continually res killed Herself.

Most of our good members are rarely on, which leaves us to rely on the likes of people who have no idea what a guild is all about.

It is saddening to see what has become of FL. I wish you all the best, but I suggest that you being by purging the stone of those who are simply on it so that others appear orange to them.

The High Price of Victory
Core KGB veterans secede from KGB to form new Guild
Update by:
JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

In the picture to the left: GuildMaster JetStar arrives at the now famous KGB tower to find the uniform sash of a former member. JetStar bows his head in sadness as he watches many of his mates depart.

Many of you have read of the inter-guild turmoil of recent weeks. This finally came to a breaking point in a heated debate over some of KGB's Armed Forces members RED status. As GuildMaster, I will not use this forum to speculate how long this was planned, or who organized a ingenious plan to enrage the membership and cause the situation to spin out of control. I will however use this forum to thank the departing members that did hold true to the spirit of the Guild, and their loyalty and friendship they have offered me over the last two years.

KGB is a well spring of fellowship and lawful good goals that has brought many friends together and as started two splinter guilds. Im glad I could be a part of that, for it is the code and the KGB system that forged these friendships.

To my former KGB members: Those of you that served the guild with honor, you know who you are, and I salute you and your accomplishments, for KGB would not be here without you.

Departing KGB Members:

Thorn Wolfbane, former Prime Minister
Lord Ardath, former Warlord
Lord Helmholtz, Former Chairman of the High Council
Lady Katrina, former member of the High Council, Minister to the Craftsmen
Lady Peaches, former member of the High Council, Minister to the GSS
Lord Arginal, former member of the High Council, Black Knight
Lord Mantis, Champion, Lord of the Guild
Lady Kristible, Champion, Lady of the Guild
Sir Joseph, Black Knight
Sir Ramiriz, Black Knight

HEADLINES for March 25th, 1999

KGB's Restructuring is a Success
Newly mandated changes to KGB's system taking effect
Update by:
JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

A KGB for All!
New mandates have been implemented and a new day has begun for KGB. Most of the membership has applauded the changes. Additional to the mandates listed below, GuildMaster JetStar also ordered the creation of the KGB Supreme Court and further expanded the duties of the Minister of the KGB Treasury.

The KGB Supreme Court was created under Prime Minister Thorn Wolfbane. The KGB Constitution explains this in DETAIL under Article 4. This body will be responsible for enforcement of the KGB code. Members please understand the Prime Minister has a very very difficult job ahead of him, please offer him and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court all the assistance they ask for.

The KGB Supreme Court will be taking over the GuildMasters job of enforcing that ALL MEMBERS (Citizens and Armed Forces alike) adhere to the strict KGB Membership Code. This code is defined in the KGB Members Handbook (Link on the Main KGB UO page), The KGB Membership FAQ (Use the Join the KGB link from the main page), and the KGB Guild Constitution.

KGB members are first warned, then expelled if convicted of violations of the code. There is a new facility for anyone to report the conduct of KGB Members to the Prime Minister and the KGB Supreme Court. We would appreciate hearing both sides of the story, Send in KGB Award Request when you feel a KGB members has done something honorable and or brave. If you see a KGB member do something you feel violates the KGB code, please file the new KGB Membership Feedback Report

It is our Goal to ensure KGB is performing duty to the highest level of excellence. We ask for your assistance in identifying both the accomplishments and the problems.

HEADLINES for March 25th, 1999

GuildMaster JetStar Mandates Changes
Divisions among KGB members driving Guild to the edge of disbandment

The NEW KGB Structure

A Notice to Members
KGB was once the premier "Anti" Guild on Pacific. Our Guild has a rich history of victory and respect. In recent weeks we have scored some stunning victories, and suffered some painful defeats. Im not talking about the on the battefield. Growing frustration with the game and the lack of a clear vision from OSI has left KGB without a clear focus. Our guild has been wandering the land of morality, looking to find its lost purpose. I fear we have lost our way my Brothers and Sisters, we stand at the rim of disbandment.

We recently lost a large group of some of our oldest Members, and the KGB High Council is unable to provide a solution to the growing division in the Guild. Wednesday's Council meeting produced the resignations of 7 of the 10 members. Many of KGB's veterans long for the days of old, the fellowship and the close friendships. Many of the Veteran members from that time have moved on. The newer membership are skilled Warriors and wish to expand the scope of KGB's combat endeavors and focus even more on the combat aspect of the Guild. It is this conflict that has torn the Guild apart.

Rather than trying to rebuild the High Council at this time and have them start from scratch, I have decided to assume control and mandate change that I feel will unite us, or see the end of the Sosarian KGB once and for all.

The KGB organizations (Armed Forces, General Membership, and Craftsman and Woman) will be divided formally onto three separate stones. Each group will have specific rules and tasks while sharing a common Constitution.

All divisions would ultimately report to the KGB GuildMaster as before. Organizations will have more autonomy, and be be able to shape themselves more (Except the KGB Armed Forces. The AF will continue to report to the KGB Warlord and KGB GuildMaster as before)

The KGB High Council will work totally differently. Processes will more closely resemble the United States congress. Meetings will be discontinued. All KGB High Council discussions and votes will be held in the Public message area of the Meeting Hall. Any citizen of the Guild may make a proposal for Guild review and eventual voting by the HC and review by the GuildMaster. The High Council will be rebuilt by the GuildMaster after these mandates take affect.

The following GuildStones and Abbreviations will be implemented at Midnight on Friday 26 March.

The KGB Stone - General Membership (KGB)
Sample title: GuildMaster, KGB
This stone will be a new stone and be placed in the KGB Training Tower to be renamed the KGB Tower. The Second Floor will be dedicated to the KGB and the Stone will sit in the middle exactly as the current KGB stone does. The stone will be controlled by the KGB GuildMaster but changing his fealty to the Prime Minister and Chairmans of the HC as needed. Ownership of the tower will be held by CKGB Minister Karloff (Katrina) as the third floor will be used for CKGB Storage. (blocked by locked down end tables) The roof will be used as a CKGB factory. All Craftmaking improvements will be placed to allow a place for the new and expanded KGB and CKGB to make money. The KGB Stone WILL NEVER be involved in Warfare of any kind. Members of the KGB Stone may hunt reds (cause red = dead). This stone is for the Hard Core KGB traditionalists, adventuring, hunting murderers, Diplomats and Veterans that will never have to worry about being orange to anyone. This group would be focused on the role play and spreading the virtues of good. The KGB GSS would also reside on this stone

The CKGB Stone - Craftsman Knights of Glory and Beer (C)
Sample title: GM Smith (KGB), C
This stone will remain in the store and under the CKGB Ministers control. This stone will be used for CKGB Staff and Craftsman only. If you have a secondary craftsman this is the place for them. The CKGB will be run like a business. ALL KGB MEMBERS should support the guild by creating their crafts in tandem with the CKGB. CKGB members will be paid for their services as the Guild will buy crafts for sale in the KGB store. You could make more from selling on your own, but this way you can help the Guild too. Sale price will be divided like this 70% to the Craftsman, 20% to the KGB Guild Treasury, and 10% to the KGB Military fund. More details will be provided from CKGB Minister Karloff (Katrina). Karloff and his assistant Ragter now have the opportunity to fill in the details of how exactly to run this venture. It is my hope to attract some of the finest Craftsman in the land.

The KGB Armed Forces Stone - The Warriors of Glory and Beer (WGB)
Sample title: Champion (KGB), WGB
The new and powerful FIST of the KGB. All Military divisions would be disbanded, all KGB Armed Forces would join a single division and work together as a close knit group, hunting reds and declaring on those that deserve it. The current KGB stone would be converted, and the current HQ tower would become KGB Armed Forces HeadQuarters. The WGB stone could be used to crush the enemies of good. This stone would be under the control of the KGB GuildMaster. The KGB Warlord and all Armed Forces would be given objectives by the GM. Members of the Military would have a say in the declarations and focus of the KGB Armed Forces.


KGB Citizenship and Organizational Membership
Members that go through the Citizenship application process would be considered full members of the KGB and would appear in the KGB Charter and have access to the KGB Meeting Hall, KGB Facilities, and be able to wear the title of (KGB) while on the CKGB or WKGB stones. Citizens can make proposals to the High Council and help shape the future of the Guild

Application for Citizenship
This would be the most difficult or procedures to complete:

Sponsors will be required to introduce the candidates to other KGB members for a minimum period of 14 days prior to the acceptance vote by the KGB High Council. During that time the High Council will select 4 KGB members from the rank and file of KGB members who did not previously know the candidate. The selected 4 members will convene with any one or more High Council members and the candidate will be interviewed.

In addition, at least 10 KGB members must post substantial replies to the candidate during the 14 day evaluation period; simply saying "I think they are OK" is not sufficient.

During the evaluation period the candidate must participate to some degree in KGB activities and visit many locations where KGB are gathered and it is the responsibility of the sponsor to see that all of these requirements are satisfied, including arranging the interview.

At all times the candidate must display exemplary adherence to the KGB Code of Honor. The candidate must disavow association with enemies of KGB, and those who do not demonstrate behavior consistent with the KGB Code of Honor.

KGB Armed Forces Membership
Citizens - Candidates - Allies - Advisors

In filing the KGB Armed Forces application, potential members would swear to uphold the code of the KGB. Full KGB membership would not be granted until the Armed Forces Member completed the KGB Citizenship procedure. KGBAF Members would not be able to display the KGB abbreviation in their titles, would not appear in the KGB Charter and would not be able to receive awards. They may achieve Military rank but all titles would be prefixed by "sub". For instance:

AF Member:
Sub-Knight, WGB - Sub-Commander, WGB

Full KGB Armed Forces Member:
Knight (KGB), WGB - General (KGB), WGB


CKGB Membership
Craftsman - Business people

The application would be focused on moral and craftmaking abilities. With a membership to the CKGB you could help to build what we hope to be a tight and organized economic power. This application will be created and managed by CKGB staff. After submission to the KGB Website it would mailed directly to the CKGB staff. CKGB members could not display the (KGB) in their title until full citizenship is achieved. More to come on the CKGB.

Enforcement of KGB Code - The KGB Supreme Court
Prime Minister - Chief Justice - Justice

The KGB Prime Minister oversee the Cheif Justice and the new KGB Supreme Court. This body would be responsible for reviewing KGB Laws for their constitutionality and the enforcement of the KGB code for all members of all KGB organizations. This enforcement and review would take on a new seriousness, as all organizations represent the ideals and code of KGB. Any person that witnesses a member of any KGB organization should report this conduct to the KGB Prime Minister and Chief Justice for investigation. If you are found Guilty of violating the KGB conduct code you will be warned once. If you are found Guilty again you will be expelled permanently. THE KGB PRIME MINISTER IS NOW EMPOWERED TO EXPELL ANY MEMBER AFTER THEY HAVE RECEIVED ONE WARNING. ALL MEMBERS SHOULD RE-READ THE KGB MEMBERS HANDBOOK AND CONDUCT CODE FOR NEW INFORMATION. The code specifically states:

KGB is a close knit group of friends. You as a member are expected to treat your fellow members with respect and courtesy at all times and in all forms of communication. The KGB you wear above your head represents the respect and spirit that KGB members, active and retired have sacrificed hundreds of hours to build. Everything you do with the KGB title effects that reputation. Be honorable and help others whenever possible.


The KGB Constitution will be updated to allow for the addition of the duties of the Supreme Court and the Prime Minister.

In conclusion, I think this new system give something to everyone, and provides a KGB type of organization in whatever organization you plan to persue. I ask you all to assist me in implementing this and to bare with us in this great change. This new structure could help to grow KGB into exactly what each of us want.

Let the gods bless us in our crusade to complete our mission

KGB Charter and Awards Updated
First Charter and Award Update since January
Update by:
JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

Member Award Policy
KGB Award Policy states that someone (Even yourself) must send a written account of the said incident that you feel warrants an award. It is your responsibility to keep track of actions or situations that may warrant awards. You may send these accounts in any time using the Award Request feature. The feature can always be found at the top of the KGB Sentinel page and the KGB Members Handbook.

ATTENTION MEMBERS: Awards were granted based on screen shots and battle reports. All other awards were granted from the Award Request feature. Its never too late to recognize your fellow members. The Charter has been simplified by removing award dates for easy updates. The Charter will never be allowed to fall this far behind again

The following members received awards (other than Order of the KGB Awards):
Lady Circe
Warlord Nathan Rahl
Captain Talon
CKGBM Katrina
Sir Yakov
Lady Ragter
Lord of the Guild Moe
Sir Ramirez
Captain Juha Elyst
General Azryk Azyr
GSSM Peaches
Lord of the Guild Wildcard

See someone missing? Send in your awards request TODAY!

HEADLINES for March 23rd, 1999

KGB to return to its historic role
GuildWars to end on March 25th. Advisors dismissed and invited to join
Article by:
JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

The time has come to return KGB to its original mission. After accomplishing our goal of diverting attention of the the Evils to the PGC and now to the KGB, the 40 hour evil patch should sufficiently protect the innocent.

KGB is now allowing the Evils to remain blue because of the on going war status. Its time to see what the Evils are made of. Do they have the courage to go red? As defenders of the innocent, you will have to go red if you wish to battle the KGB. Our motto and oath clearly states this

As a Member of the Knights of Glory and Beer, my personal integrity is irreproachable. I will never degrade myself by the lying to, cheating of, stealing from, or harming the innocent. I hold myself personally and unequivocally responsible to ensure the preservation of the honor of the Membership and good name of the KGB at all times. I will, to the best of my power, cause the peace to be kept and prevent all offences against the persons and properties of those of "good" alignment.

On Midnight the focus of KGB will shift from GuildWar to the hunting and punishment of evil reds. Lets see if the Evils have the courage to be Evil, and Evil = Red, and Red = Dead.

Thank you for all of the support you have given our mission, you are all invited to file a KGB application (with a KGB sponsor). Applicants should read the membership FAQ, Members Handbook and fill out the electronic application. (For those of you that have applied, your applications are being reviewed per the new membership system that will be posted after Wednesdays High Council Meeting.

HEADLINES for March 20th, 1999

The Good vs Evil Vision Disappears
A Message Board post by: McWop of Fallen Lords

IWhether a player that represents good or evil, we all take a major hit from OSI if they do not move forward with the implementation of the evil patch. Without players being able to respresent the natural evil side of humanity there become very few attractive aspects of Ultima Online. Guilds representing the "common good" will have meaningless purposes, and people that represent evil will simply not exist. It is apparent that many players are taking the defense on this issue and the purpose of my writing is to say that we should all e-mail OSI. Venting on the message boards may temporarily relieve the frustrations, but will never send OSI the message on what they need to do to keep their customers happy.
They will face major problems from the players if this is truly what they decide to do. An impact, that with the release of EQ ( a game that offers PvP), may cause their downfall.
Please, if you have visited this board, send a message or 10 and hopefully they will take note of the number of players they are dealing with in this situation.

Lord McWop FL

HEADLINES for March 15th, 1999

KGB Combat Operations Begin
General Darius of the Crimson Knights Division leads first KGB war party
An Article by: General Darius (G2) KGB Crimson Knights

I lead a party of nine into Deceit on the first eve of our resurgence as KGB. Our goal was to teach our enemies that the end of PGC does not represent a victory for them and our performance was clearly evident of this fact. On hand were Morden, Draz, Gemini, Marcus Tiberius, Paradox Thorn, deadly arsehole, and KGB advisors Luz Arius and Water. NC members Jubei Yagua, and FARAD, plus blue supporters Marcus, Stigma and Quentin were vanquished. Cryic managed to escape by recalling. On our side we only lost one person, deadly arsehole. All in all, a successful campaign to mark the dawn of a new era for KGB.

The PGC returns to the history books
PGC disbands peacefully after achieving its goal
An Article by: PGC Chairman JetStar

As Chairman of the Pacific Guilds Coalition, I made the mission of the PGC clear when I resurrected it just 10 days ago. I did not want to its goals and swore to disband it when those goals have been accomplished. The PGC is a powerful alignment of the Guilds that represent good. And if it is needed again someday, It stands ready to be reborn once again.

The 40 hour Evil patch forces the enemies of the innocent to now have to become red for a substantial amount of time. This means that the innocent of the world are more safe than they have ever been. It is now up to all the member Guilds of the PGC to take the fight to the reds. KGB will assist in this task as our Guild was formed with this in mind.

KGB however must venture down a different path. A path I did not feel was fair to steer the PGC down. KGB will remain declared on all 10 of its current Guild Wars until the Good vs Evil patch is released sometime in the near future. KGB stands outnumbered almost 3 to 1 after dismissing retired and inactive veterans from the stone. Our roster stands at 67 members. We will continue to shed our blood for the forces of light and the innocent. Several advisors from the PGC have chosen to stay with the KGB's mission and or begin the KGB membership process. Any former independent member of the PGC may contact me about joining the KGB and its mission if you wish.

I would like to take this time to thank the ALL the members of the PGC. Who shed their own blood to protect the innocent. To all. I salute you.

With that I officially disband the Pacific Guilds Coalition, and return to my GuildMastership of the Knights of Glory and Beer.

HEADLINES for March 14th, 1999

The Goal of PGC complete: The Future of Good vs Evil
OSI patch makes PGC obsolete - PGC to disband again, this time with honor
An Article by: PGC Chairman JetStar

The PGC and the Future. I dont think I could explain it any better than an to debate rivals, KGB's General Azryk Azyr and Nightmare Clan veteran Michael:

Posted By: General Azryk Azyr (KGB), PGC
Posted At: 3/13/99 12:50:06 pm
The KGB and their allies have always sought to protect the innocent. It was for this purpose that I joined the KGB. I use to be involved with a small group of healers, BoC, (Draz Drakkir, Azrakhan Tarak, Hassan i Sabbah) who frequented covetous, healing those in need. However, there was always one force present that stole from and murdered the innocent travelers. That group was NC. They claimed to 'own' covetous. They slaughtered and stole from people on a daily basis. They had their group of scared lackies who would support them out of fear. It was this behavior that we wished to stop.

We joined the KGB hoping that together we could fight NC and make a difference for those innocents at Covetous and around the shard. That was my goal. I had no delusion about wiping NC out completely. That would have been nice, but it was never a goal I set in this war and something I personally think is not achievable. We were successful in our goal to hamper NC's (and later DF and FL's) slaying of innocent travelers. There is no question that they still murder innocents. That is not arguable. What has changed is the number of innocents they slaughter. They simply don't have the time and resources to engage in killing innocents when they are at war. They are busy fighting and hunting KGB. Their murder counts are spent on KGB allies rather than the innocent and the uninvolved. Our enemies may claim differently, but having witnessed the crimes NC committed against people shard wide, not just at covetous, I am certain we've had an impact.

Many of our enemies claim that KGB has stated they've won the war. KGB has not 'won' any war. Have they achieved some of their goals? Most certainly. I believe it was this text taken from the sentinel that our enemies have taken as KGB claiming to have won the war:

"The KGB and PGC have been successful in their bid to have the forces of Evil focus on us instead of the innocent. No doubt countless lives have been spared as PGC and its member guilds shed their blood in the defense of the innocent."

This simply restates what I've written above. We have accomplished what I have set out to do. If other KGBers claimed that we'd win the war by wiping out our enemies completely, I believe they set their goals too high.

So why would KGB undeclare when the new EVIL system comes into play? This has much to do with the same reason we fought NC. KGB is about protecting the innocent. If we fight blues (it will be MUCH harder to stay blue if you kill innocents after the next patch), then we are wasting our resources on those who do not truly harm the innocent. In affect, we are being tied up just as NC was being tied up with fighting KGB. If NC, DF and FL are truly evil, they will declare themselves as such and our fighting will continue. If they are Evil only in name, KGB won't waste our time on them. ExistenceByProxy has been stating this for weeks now. He pointed out that the guildwars would be a thing of the past once the EVIL/Paladin system was put in to place. He's right. This also helps KGB in other ways. No longer can people take KGB's fighting blues out of context. If KGB kills a blue who had helped the enemy or killed someone previously, it may look very bad to a bystander, hence rumors are spread and our name soiled. By only attacking reds, no such mistake can be made.

If our enemies wish to see this as a victory that does not bother me. I've achieved the goals I set out to reach. If they feel that they've beat us so that we are unwilling to fight, I suggest they go red and see for themselves (after the Evil patch). The true war, that of good and evil, is just beginning. The question is whether our enemies who claim to be evil will actually declare themselves to be evil. I have a suspicion that many will abandon their evil ways and join the 'good' side.

Azryk Azyr

P.S. JetStar stated that he would undeclare on Monday. Since the Evil system is not going in on monday, I doubt we'll undeclare. If we do, I think we'd just be giving our enemies a three week spree of unopposed killing, which I'm firmly against.

The reply to this is next:

Posted By: Michael of Nightmare Clan
Posted At: 3/14/99 1:21:54 am
KGB fights to stop NC from blue-PKing

NC blue-PKed because they lacked a PvP enemy and therefore were forced to take any "enemy" who happened by (Namely innocents).

KGB provided NC with an enemy. KGB is happy because innocents are no longer killed. NC is happy because they have a PvP enemy (Which they did not have to take murder counts for).

So when it comes to accomplishing one's goals, both sides have succeeded. However, there is still one little factoid you are ignoring. KGB is undeclaring. Undeclaring is a sign of defeat, no way around it. You may have accomplished some of your goals, but "winning" is about more than that. In the big picture, you had success in certain areas (Just as NC did), but you lost the war.

With the disbanding of PGC at 11:59pm Monday March 15th, The PGC stone will convert to the KGB stone once more. All members of the PGC and KGB will be removed. (The KGB stone hold the names of many of its retired veterans) and only KGB members will be readded. KGB will NOT undeclare until the full Evil patch is released. I have been told between 8 and 10 days.

PGC member Guilds will be encouraged to continue to fight by hunting the RED MURDERER population. Our mission to make Evil pay for the murder of innocent has been completed by the new 40 hour red patch that is coming. Evils will be too scared to go red and Murdering of the innocent as we know it will cease to exist. (shows their true colors does it not?).

I would like to thank all the members of the PGC, you all fought the good fight, and did it bravely at that. PGC independents that would like to continue the fight are asked to file the KGB electronic application from the Join the KGB page (Not the PGC application). All PGC members that are still on the stone at 11:59 tomorrow will be placed in a special PGC memorial. The innocent lives that were saved were many, and without ALL of you, this would not have been possible.

PGC/KGB HeadQuarters over run
PGC Chairman JetStar falls in battle with tower keys
An Article by: PGC Chairman JetStar

The forces of evil must be rejoicing at this hour after their victory in 2 out of 3 large engagements at the PGC HeadQuarters Tower. PGC Chairman JetStar unable to stay in the tower as the PGC forces fell before him, ventured out with the master keys in hand. On both occasions he was killed in action. NC, DF, and Fallen Lords were able to gain access to the PGC/PGB HQ tower and hold it for up to 20 minutes. The KGB White House (Chairman JetStars residence) was also infiltrated. The secure containers held and loses of property were kept to a minimum. Stealth Thieves were also able to rush the door and keep it open, despite the futile attempts to ban the intruders. The HQ Tower's ban list is very full.

Editors Note: Fallen Lords have no HeadQuarters tower. There HQ is a single room house that is public. PGC forces will not have an opportunity to return this tactic.

The HQ tower has been wiped clean of enemies and is secure at this time. The battles continue with the forces of light are now badly outnumbered.

Fallen Lords False Claims of Honor
PGC Chairman JetStar see's FL hypocracy first hand
An Article by: PGC Chairman JetStar

Don't believe the claims of "Honor" by the Fallen Lords. They are not honorable, and if you care to look, you will see the daily examples of their lack of honor and common decency:

1) Storm General and author of the Fallen Lords page-o-lies had this little thing to say to a PGC member:

Quote of the day CAVE: "YOU GOING TO LOG PUSSY" was his scream to me just before I smacked him with sliver of health and he ran for his life to bring back 10 FL to attack me.

2) While banking at Skara Brae, I (Chairman JetStar) attacked a group of 4 Fallen Lords. I knew I would die, but just didnt want to run, regardless of the fact that I was holding the KGB/PGC master key set. Being the average warrior I am I was still boxed and spammed. I was FURIOUS. I stood there as a Ghost as Fallen Lords Inspeckta told other members how good of a tactic boxing and spamming was. I immediatly contacted #2 Fallen Lord Lancelot. This is what he said to me:

Lord Lancelot (ICQ#8259528) Wrote:
lol Inspekta is TM on FL stone I do not tell him how to run his people as far as spamming is concerned I havent seen it anytime around me on either side so I would call it an isolated incident don't you?

This in contrast to:

Lord Dracus (ICQ#6668430) Wrote:
1 Do not loot or attack any DF Moon CH NC PoA
2 Heal these allies whenever possible
3 After Tonight we will go back to standard Guild
4 After KGB admits Defeat by declaring Peace we will enter a Building period
Building Gold and Housing and rescources for the Up Comming Evil noto
Building our empire and making it strong
5 Always set The Example in Evil On Honor For we are the Best
send this to all

I would have to say to Lord Dracus, yes indeed you are setting an example. Ask some of your own members that have left you. You have no control over these other Guilds, you associate and and align with Guilds that make your so called "code" a joke. Why not just admit the truth publically. Fallen Lords is a place for ANYONE who wants to fight KGB/PGC. You CAN use profanity, you CAN use lame tactics, because if you do FL leaders will simply turn their heads, or perhaps even join in the lameness.

Andren and the Nightmare Clan will never bow and be lead by you Dracus, be careful that your goals go in tandem with Andrens, for I know Andren and his Evil men and woman will never follow orders from anyone but themselves. I await the day some of the lamers in your guild upset him, and mark my words, it will happen.

Here is a final piece. The following is an ICQ from former X-Lords GuildMaster Lordian after an "Honorable" engagement with the Fallen Lords:

Lordian (ICQ# Withheld upon request) Wrote:
ok this is <Censored> BS im at bank in death robe nothing on me just got resurected and Mordecai and Raptor kill me after i tell them im freshly resurected now im <Censored>

Lets call a spade a spade shall we?

HEADLINES for March 13th, 1999

Bloodiest Battles in History
Many lives are lost as huge forces collide
An Article by: PGC Chairman JetStar

As the final hours of the era of Guild Wars tick away, PGC and the for combined forces of Evil (FL, NC and DF) throw huge resources into some of the bloodiest battles ever witnessed. Its truly an epic site to behold. Many battles were fought today, some won and some lost. The overwhelming numbers of the combined forces of Evil prevailed in the end when after feeling confident from 3 previous victories, PGC once again attempted to take Occlo and failed. Perhaps if we have adopted the res killing tactics of NC and DF we could have kept their members from resurrecting and returning to battle. The constant flow of DF from the healer was too much for PGC forces to take. almost the entire PGC force fell in the battle for Occlo.

After 2 successful Tower defenses, the PGC take and hold the F L GuildStone

PGC Chairman JetStar is scene here after two enemies fall during an attempt to take PGC tower

HEADLINES for March 12th, 1999

Goodness Prevails: PGC enters its twilight
Mondays patch releases PGC member Guilds and KGB's need for War
An Article by: PGC Chairman JetStar

The Dread Vs Anti days return on Monday. The gods (OSI) have finally made it costly for the forces of Evil. Monday marks the beginning of a new era. The Guilds of the PGC no longer need to remain on a common stone as Evil murderers can no longer stay blue. Murderers will be easily identifiable and KGB can go back to its true duties of long ago. RED=DEAD.

This means that KGB can focus on those that persecute the innocent. Those that claim to be Evil will have to prove it. I have personally been awaiting a return to the days of old. Now justice can be dealt to the unjust and those that commit murder will be labeled as such.

The KGB and PGC have been successful in their bid to have the forces of Evil focus on us instead of the innocent. No doubt countless lives have been spared as PGC and its member guilds shed their blood in the defense of the innocent.

After the patch has been implemented on Monday and it is confirmed, The PGC stone will be disbanded and all KGB Guild wars terminated. KGB will then begin our hunt for REDS. Lets see if the Evils have the courage to truly be Evil, or perhaps will this patch convert them all to the forces of light.

PGC members you are now in the twilight of the Guild War era, lets make these last few days EPIC!


PGC's Night of Vengence
PGC forces produce 35+ documented victories in a single night!
An Article by: PGC Chairman JetStar

All night long, PGC forces lead by KGB Commander Morden and KGB General LoneStar routed FL, NC and DF Evils all over the shard. PGC are dominating the battle field. As the Fallen Lord, Nightmare Clan, and Dragon Family continue to their slander campaign, PGC forces are busy dealing out justice. A dead murderer cant murder the innocent. The upper hand clearly is in the PGC's favor. Here are some scenes from last nights actions:

3 PGC members, 3 dead enemies

PGC forces dominate the FL stone

This picture identifies Ovids corps

PGC Commanders prepare troops for the nights events

Fallen Lord's First Knight Lancelot fells PGC justice

FL's Cave is silenced 3 times in one night

HEADLINES for March 8th, 1999

Turncoats in FL make the difference as PGC Generals get inside information
An Article by: Azryk Azyr General KGB Jihad Knights Division / PGC

MPGC forces were in Deceit. Morden, LoneStar, Juha, Circe, Valor's Spy, Fell Shadowblade, Binbs, Sir Albert, Taco, Deacon Tristram, Biski and perhaps a few more that I can't identify from the screenshots were present. FL and their allies can downplay the importance of intelligence reports (spies) all they want. It only makes battles like this easier for the PGC. I was informed that the FL forces were massing on level 1 of deceit while we were located on level 3. I ordered PGC forces down to the duel room area to prepare for battle. As indicated in picture 2, Psychotic Disco made a run to join up with FL but was cut down. Notice PGC forces calling out to stay back and that NC and FL forces were on their way. We were expecting them and the first of their forces had been sighted.
The battle quickly ensued at this point around the square zombie chamber. The fighting was intense and fierce. As can be seen in the pictures, Binbs and Fell Shadowblade perished. The only possible errors in counting the dead in picture #1 would be body #1 (unidentified) and body #13 (unidentified). I had taken part in killing 10 and 11 and knew them to be orange. All other corpses have the bright green that FL was wearing or are clearly name tagged. Also, one can see the body of Kal(something) just down and to the left of body #13 which is also identified in picture #4, but I didn't notice this body until the official count had been taken. So the best case scenario for the PGC is that they lost 2 and killed 17 (18 counting Kal...) or worst case, we lost 4 and killed 15 (16 counting Kal...). Regardless, the PGC clearly dominated this battle.
FL of course claims they stormed in from the south, killing 6 PGC members. I urge them to show the screenshots of these 6 slain located at this battle. At the debreifing and Dracus head tossing ceremony, I was informed that the only known losses were Binbs and Fell Shadowblade.
Dracus, know that if you step foot into battle with your men, death will surely follow. Your evil presence shall not be tolerated in these lands. PGC forces are winning this war simply because those who FL kill are willing to make that sacrifice. While your forces spend all their efforts slaying PGC, the majority of good people in this land walk freely about. One of our goals has already been met.

PGC Member Expelled For Code Violations
Demons Child violates PGC conduct code
An Article by: PGC Chairman JetStar

Demons Child violated the PGC membership code and was promptly expelled from the Coalition by Chairman JetStar. Chairman JetStar reminded the membership of PGC's zero tolerance policy against the murdering of innocents. Demons Child claimed that he killed the person for his reagents, which is totally unacceptable. The victem was ressed and his items returned.

PGC Chairman JetStar speaks to Pacific Shard
An Address by:

Many have asked about the PGC and its mission (Click here for details). I wanted to explain my personal feelings and try to combat the propaganda campaign launched by my Evil counter parts. The KGB has a long history of fighting Evil and Murderers, we have been lucky enough to have some of the best known "Anti's" among our ranks. The PGC has been reborn with a even more strict moral code than it had at its birth almost a year ago. KGB will serve the PGC along with many of the good aligned guilds on the shard. Please read my words below.......

I ask you all to hear me out. By now you know of the Mission of my Guild. I have expanded this mission into the Pacific Guilds Coalition. This is an attempt to align the forces of good and to convert former Evils to the light of justice and what is right. I feel I have been chosen to unite all those that consider themselves good and honest, not as a dictator, but as a director. PGC Member Guilds keep their autonomy, and as long as they adhere to the conduct code, they are welcome to fight for the coalition. I
take this conduct code very very seriously. I personally investigate all claims of wrong doing by the KGB Guild and the PGC member guilds. I use my personal wealth to compensate anyone who was wronged by the KGB or PGC. (You can contact Chairman JetStar at
ICQ# 1830881 or Email to with any report of PGC misconduct). The PGC is growing at a
careful rate. I personally that the time to meet with each added member, and ask that the formally swear by the PGC conduct code. Some of Pacific's well known former criminals have been cleansed of their evil ways and are some of the PGC's most experienced and motivated supporters.

Part of being good means we forgive the bad and give them a chance to make right on their crimes. This is something that has been difficult for me, as I now stand next to brethren that once sought to murder me. The power of light has truly possessed me, and I have come to know my brothers would lay their very lives down for the cause.

THEY WILL TRY TO SLANDER US. They will lie, provide false evidence, and use negative propaganda to try to sway the masses. They will try to weaken you and convert you to darkness. Each time I get frustrated, I go to the meeting hall known as "the Players Club" and listen to the words of filth, the ultimate lameness, and I am reborn. I suggest you do the same. I listen to the words of Dracus, and I remember why I dedicated my life this quest.

My first day in this world was a day of wonder. I walked the streets of my home city of Trinsic. After one of the many system crashes I was pleased to meet Lord British himself. He handed me 500 gold (they paid players for crashes for a short time). I took my fortune (500 was alot back then) and bought some new ringmail. Showing off my proud new duds, and with a new longsword in hand, JetStar the novice swordsman, and first of the KGB to arrive in Sosaria (Most of the original KGB remained in the world of
Tanarus as JetStar scouted the new world) set out to discover new lands and new adventures. I walked toward Britain on the road from Trinsic. At the bridge I met 4 other adventurers who surrounded me as I spoke. After pretending to be friends they murdered me and then squabbled over my new armor and left over gold. I'll never forget that moment, and it was that moment that my future was written. I have lead a force of what is now called "Anti's" since the earliest days of Pacific, and I promise you all. I will succeed. So be hasty about what you hear, remember who is saying it. Never forget who good and who is Evil.

If you murder innocents for profit, you will be dead. If you commit Evil acts that harm others or their property, you will be dead. After you are killed, you will be allowed to quickly leave the area. If you loiter, or try to assist or retrieve your items, you will be dead yet again until you comply. If you wear FL, NC or DF titles, you will be dead. If you assist FL, NC or DF you will be dead. These are the mandates I have made to my PGC brothers and sisters. All residents of Pacific shard should now fully understand our mission. I will never stop until it is completed. I intend to drive evil and darkness from the land at all costs.

PGC Membership Reaches 138
The forces of good continue to unit under the PGC Coalition
An Article by: PGC Chairman JetStar

A special welcome to:


The Wolf Dragons


The Order of the Sleepless Knights



HEADLINES for March 7th, 1999

PGC Welcomes the Dire Wolves of Justice
GuildMaster Dark Wolf ok's (DWJ) to join the PGC Stone
An Article by: PGC Chairman JetStar

Trinsic's Dire Wolves of Justice were welcomed to the Pacific Guilds Coalition today. In the picture at left, DWJ members listen to the lengthy orientation from PGC Chairman JetStar. The dire Wolves are just on of many Guilds in the process of joining PGC. With numbers surpassing 125 members, the PGC is approaching it's historic membership level.

At the orientation, PGC Chairman and KGB GuildMaster JetStar had this to say, "It is my intention to get all the good aligned and honorable Guilds to join the PGC cause. The general public is seeing right through the attempts by Lord Dracus and his #1 Lancelot to pretend they are honorable. As more and more look at the roster of Fallen Lords, they come to us and inquire about membership. It may be hard to believe, but their are far more victims out there than there are victimizers. I dont intend to stop at 150 or even 200 members. Any Guild that feels it can contribute and is of honorable standing is welcome to join the coalition. Almost everyone can remember being wronged by someone on their roster. Many have speculated that the PGC cant win, I say the PGC cant lose, the more the Fallen Lords act like themselves, the stronger PGC gets. We shall see who wins, I remind Dracus that KGB has been an uninterrupted force on Pacific since day one of Sosaria, we have never lost a war, and we never will."

Nightmare Clan Ruins PST Tournament
Join PGC today and fight lameness such as this
An Article by: Pacific Shard Times Editor Crypt

The first PST Free For All and possible last PST Tournament started tonight a little after 10pm PST. I was quite surprised with how many people actually showed up. Members of most guilds on the shard, I believe, were there. The crowd was so large that the combatants had to move to the room next door while the spectators filled the original arena room (and if you look at the sports page, it is QUITE large).

Numerous matches went on. First was Binky and ARTHUR of TR (with ARTHUR as the winner), then Exodus and Terak of FL (Terak won), MERLIN versus No Limit Soldier (MERLIN won), SquirreL CoverZ against Sir Gallahad (SquirreL won), HFBjr of FL versus Vinnie (Vinnie won), CAVE of FL fought Bejita (CAVE won), Kons fought KOSH (KOSH won), and the last first round match was to be bob and Amadeus Requiem.

But before that match could go underway, a horde of Nightmare Clansmen (NC) appeared on the scene. The sight frightened me somewhat since we are at guildwar. But then again, members of their guild were spectators here and at my last tournament and nothing bad occurred. Furthermore, some of the Fallen Lords, allies of NC, were in the tournament and two of them had made it to the second round.

The match was about to begin when Sir Goodwin and Mordecai and another NCer teleported into the area. I asked in all caps "PLEASE LEAVE THE ARENA, A MATCH IS UNDERWAY". The reply was not something I will ever forget. Instead of bob and Amadeus Requiem fighting, I was wrestling an energy vortex cast by one of the NCers and absorbing energy bolts from them too. Red letters flashed before my eyes as it shows me who was attacking me. I was not one for paying too much attention to that, though, as I was trying to either dispel the EV or heal myself.

I was appalled and angered. Not at the loot I lost. I have been guildwarring since the patch came out and am use to dying. Unfortunately, I still had some of the contestants' entrance fees on me that were quickly looted by the NCers.

I was also enraged upon the fact that NC knew I was hosting this tournament. Not KGB, the guild they are warring with, but me as the Supreme Editor of the PST. Some of you may be saying, so what. You are at war with them, this should be expected. And if that is what you truly believe, then I feel sorry for you. This tournament was a wondrous thing. Allied guilds and guilds at war with each other and guilds that did not even know one another, coexisted in harmony to watch one of the most honorable and time honored traditions of a duel. A duel not for loot or bragging rights, but for honor and dignity. Everyone was treating each other with the utmost respect. Then NC disrupted it all.

And the worst part is they knew it was a duel. I have been advertising this tournament not only on the Crossroads of Britannia or the UOVault or the UOSS or this newspaper, but on NC's very own message board. There is no way they could not know what was going on. Some of you may also think this stupid since I am at war with them... but it was not like it was a secret and they couldn't find out from other sources. In the last tournament, members of NC participated as contestants and we had no problems. I invited all citizens of Pacific, no matter what guild they were in, to come enjoy the festivities.

I made many errors this night. When I notices none of the Counselors or GameMasters showed up, I should of postponed it or changed the arena to another area. I should of recalled to the bank as soon as I got more contestant's entrance fees. I should not of dropped my guard. But for all the mistakes I made, I cannot excuse what happened.

So, I make this statement to the guildmaster of the Nightmare Clan. Those members that disrupted this tournament, a tournament your allies and own guildmembers were at, need not only repay the fees that were stolen... fees that people paid to participate in this tournament... not just pay back all the loot they took from the spectator's bodies that they killed, but also they be kicked out of the Nightmare Clan. They discredit the guild and anyone they are aligned with. If this does not happen, I call not upon only the good people of Pacific, but all those with honor and morals, whether good, evil, or neutral, to rain havoc down upon this guild until the demands are reached. What they did showed no honor. They attacked many people, people I am sure they don't even know, all for what... two KGBer heads? I would gladly give my life and loot to them but what they did to others...

All I can say is that vengeance must be served!

As for those contestants that paid to participate. I still have much of the loot in my bank and, after posting this, will be working my arse (forgive my Britannian) off to make up what was looted from me that is rightfully yours. At the moment, Crypt if poor but I am responsible for what happened and it is only right that I make amends to you. If I do not already have you on my ICQ list, please ICQ me at 9211059. I have a list of names of who paid but some of you I do not have on my ICQ.

Thank you for your time and understanding.

Fallen Lords make the right choice
Member involved in racial incident is removed by FL leaders
An Article by: PGC Chairman JetStar

I would like to thank the leaders of FL for dealing with this most delicate of situations. I spoke with Lord Dracus about this situation and the member in question was removed. I hope that both sides can keep this from happening in the future.

Bloody Battles across the shard
An Article by: PGC Chairman JetStar

On the day the PGC was reborn, offensive operations began. PGC forces are still outnumbered and have taken on a record number of war opponents. PGC is still in the process of coming together, and soon should be at full strength.

In Battle in Occlo

HEADLINES for March 6th, 1999

Fallen Lords Sink to new Low
Racial slurs cross the line into RL
An Article by: PGC Chairman JetStar

I was reminded of the wars of old and the kind of conduct only seen in the most immature and biggest lamers in UO history. Fallen Lords Member Instinct is seen here just before he recalls away from me. He shouted this and other racial slurs before recalling away like the true coward he is. This kind of garbage brings Fallen Lords to a new and unpresidented low.

This Conduct is personally very offensive to me and brings what is supposed to be a fun game to RL hatred. I have submitted the entire screen shot and a letter stating my outrage against the conduct of this member of Fallen Lords. I ask Lord Dracus and Lord Lancelot to terminate this individual immediatly and show some tact in who you allow on your stone. You can see the problem here in Lord Dracus's recruiting policy:

Lord Dracus (ICQ#6668430) Wrote:
Listen Up brothers and Sisters
I have a few RL probs to conquer at moment
But i have Confidence in all of you that you can overtake them
SO Tonights sode order is GET everyone you know and can into FL
Seduce Lure Them If you are friends with any guilds talk about Getting them on FL stone as a seperate enity
Recruit your Hearts our and we will raise a Unholy Mass Army against PGC since Jet couldnt deal by himself

Just as I predicted a few days ago, Seems Dracus has lost control of his troops and an lameness is on the rise in record time. I ask that everyone that reads this article take Dracus's ICQ number and tell him personally how disgusted you are with Instinct's comments. I will certainly be speaking to OSI shortly.

The Pacific Guilds Coalition (PGC) is Reborn
Forces of good come together to re-form this famous Coalition
An Article by: PGC Chairman JetStar


The PGC (Pacific Guilds Coalition) is a coalition of Good aligned guilds formed to combat the growing tide of Evil on our Pacific Shard. PGC is made up of many Guilds together on a common stone to fight Evil and the forces of darkness. The PGC's mission is to rid the shard of Evil making it a safe place to live and work for the common man and woman.


Oath of the PGC

As a Member of the Pacific Guilds Coalition, my personal integrity is irreproachable. I will never degrade myself by the lying to, cheating of, stealing from, or killing the innocent. I hold myself personally and unequivocally responsible to ensure the preservation of the honor of the Membership and good name of the my Guild and the PGC at all times. I will, to the best of my power, cause the peace to be kept and prevent all offences against the persons and properties of those of "good" alignment.


The History of the PGC

On May 26th of 1998, the largest and most powerful Guild Coalition was born to fight the forces of Evil and Lameness. The three largest Guilds (KGB, XLORDS, and CSE) joined a common stone to combine their strength and destroy Evil once and for all. The battles were epic in their scope and size and nothing has equaled it since.

Honor Guards from the Member Guilds met in the Castle of Lord British to form the Largest and most powerful coalition in History. It was to be short lived, but the ideals in which it was formed were good ones

The Coalition would be short lived, lacking organization and a clear focus. Many of the member Guilds had friends on both sides of the conflict. Many PGC members refused to fight certain enemies and soon internal conflicts developed. A organized structure was not developed and the proposed government did not work. With accusations of inactivity and misconduct flying, KGB resigned from the coalition on July 5th of 1998. The breakup of KGB that ensued after that point was costly to the members of all involved. Careers were destroyed and many feel it lead to the XLORDS departure from Sosaria. Just a few days later, KGB's infamous Paladins retired from Sosaria, to move on to other callings.

The founding ideals behind the PGC were good ones. But the foundation and leadership were not strong enough to support this tremendous task. Most of these founding fathers of the PGC have passed on as have many of its membership. I owe it to them to complete the task that the PGC set out to accomplish long ago. I owe it to the people that had their careers destroyed and to the Guilds that disbanded in the aftermath of this noble cause gone wrong. I intend to seek those who share these goals and those that have the courage to make a final stand against Evil. Many of you will be leaving our world for the land of Norrath in the near future. What better way to spend your final days than in the ultimate battle of Good vs Evil. When we have won, I will disband PGC, and it will have a positive place in history. Noone will ever forget the day that the forces of Good joined forces to vanquish Evil.

I stand before you today at a difficult time for the forces of good and defenders of the virtues. Evil Guilds have overrun the land and we struggle to keep them in check. Guilds like Nightmare Clan, DF, Punishment of Asia, ClanBlood and their Assassin Guild plague the innocent and make our shard a difficult place to live. We all share a common purpose in destroying those that embrace Evil and all that it stands for. Evil has run free for far to long and I feel it is time to finish what was begun long ago.

I propose to solve the problems of the original PGC by adopting the same kind of detailed structure that KGB has successfully run with for 2 years. I propose to create a structure that all member Guilds could be heard and decisions would be made by a ruling council. Please review the proposed structure below:


The PGC Constitution

SECTION I - The PGC System

Clause 1 - The PGC would be made of good aligned Guilds that share the goals and values proclaimed herein.

Clause 2 - Member Guilds would join a common Guild Stone while preserving their individual Guild names and titles (Example: GuildMaster (KGB), PGC). This would allow us to be a combined force while retaining our individual ranking systems and titles.

Clause 3 - The PGC would be ruled by a PGC High Council made up of the GuildMasters of the Member Guilds. Any Guild with a membership of 10+ members would be offered a seat on this council that would hold weekly meetings in a special IRC channel.

Clause 4 - The PGC's purpose is to rid the shard of the Evil axis of Guilds:
Fallen Lords (FL)
Nightmare Clan (NC)
The Resistance (TR)
When this task is completed, PGC would return to a inactive state with all member Guilds returning to their respective stones.

Clause 5 - All incoming Members Guilds would be proposed and voted on in PGC Council meetings.

Clause 6 - A majority vote in the Council meetings would pass proposals

Clause 7 - Special Message Boards would be maintained for all PGC members and another for the posting and discussion of proposals for the Council Meetings

Clause 8 - A PGC News site would be established

SECTION II - The PGC Structure

Clause 1 - The Position of Chairman of the Pacific Guilds Coalition would be held by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster. The Chairman would see to the day to day operation (GuildStone Management) of the Coalition and make the day to day decisions that may be required. All actions taken by the Chairman of the PGC would be subject to review by the PGC High Council and may be reversed with a majority vote. This position would have 2 votes in the PGC Council.

Clause 2 - The Position of PGC High Council Member would be filled by GuildMasters of the Member Guilds, and would ultimately be responsible for laws and conduct of the PGC and its members. Each Council Member would have 1 vote.

Clause 3 - The PGC Coalition High Council would meet on Wednesdays at a selected time in a specified IRC chat. Proposals could be brought up and voted on. A majority vote would enact a proposal that was proposed and seconded.

SECTION III - The Conduct Code

Clause 1 - No Member of the PGC will use bugs or exploits of any kind

Clause 2 - No Member of the PGC will use foul language to taunt and or racial slurs under any circumstances.

Clause 3 - No Member of the PGC shall attack or kill individuals or Guilds unless:.

Clause 4 - PGC will respect its fallen enemies (Res or gate if possible) provided they respect the PGC in return.
** You are not required to assist a fallen enemy that is taunting, insulting, or disrespectful in word or conduct. **
PGC will not execute the newly resurrected.
** There are special circumstances in which you are allowed to execute a newly resurrected:

You or you Guild can signed up to Join the
Pacific Guild Coalition (PGC)
By clickin below

(PGC) Sign Up

HEADLINES for March 5th, 1999

Fallen Lords Return
The Dread Witch Dracus rears his ugly head once more
An Article by: KGB GuildMaster JetStar

Yes, its true, just when you thought it was safe to roam the land, the Fallen Lords have returned. Our old friend Lord Dracus is back with a vengeance, and guess who his target is this time? Once again he claims he can destroy the KGB and the forces of good, a claim that many have made but have yet to succeed.

History will show that Lord Dracus is by far the greatest leader the Evils have ever seen. Thats not saying much considering his only competition is fly by night evil guilds that spring up each week, with the same old claims of lust and fury. History will also show that his endeavors have failed miserably, not because Dracus is a poor leader, but because of the nature of the people he intends to lead. Evil Lords are a proud and independent bunch. Many refuse to take orders or be controlled. This is a most difficult situation to manage as a Guild leader. It is a combination of this fact and Dracus's own uncontrollable temper that have been and will be his undoing.

Digging up the Fallen Lords GuildStone after a 6 month lapse, Dracus has reinvented the Fallen Lords yet again. This time with claims of honor and mercy. Fallen Lords is being portrayed as "Evil with Honor". Dracus is playing off of the forces of Evil's dissatisfaction with the GuildMaster of Nightmare Clan Andren's total lack of regard for the RPed Evil persona. Many of the Evils want to "feel" nasty, they want to be feared like the spooky man in blue that is their new logo. His persuasion is working and he is luring a large number of the well known Evils to his side. It seems that NC will now need to heed to the new claims of honor made by Dracus or become extinct when its members leave to join Fallen Lords.

Lets talk about the real Dracus, the one that most have forgotten. The legend of Lord Dracus has been romanticized by his absence. Credit for the disbanding of the famous PGC has been falsely placed on his resume (PGC imploded after questions of loyalty and internal conflicts tore it apart). The truth is that once Fallen Lords reached a certain size, Dracus lost control of his membership (which is easy to do with Evils) and something as light as a defeat in battle brought out his true colors. Here is a quote from and incident that occurred in July of 1998. This is my personal favorite quote from Lord Dracus:

Lord Dracus, July 3rd, 1999:
This is an Order
Use anymeans to kill
and Destroy the Lame ass Xlords
Use bugs even dont give a shit anymore

Im sure some of you veterans will remember that (See KGB Sentinel Archives for July of 1998). For those of you that are interested, I can predict the future. Fallen Lords will grow and grow. Past a certain point Dracus will start to lose control. Internal conflicts will develop, and soon Fallen Lords will be fighting itself. We have seen this before, and as the saying goes. "History is doomed to repeat itself". You know where I would bet my money.

KGB at war with Fallen Lords and Nightmare Clan
KGB at war with a record 9 Evil Guilds
An Article by: KGB Armed Forces

NC and Fallen Lords keep talking. KGB Warriors have fought bravely, not always winning, but making their presence fealt. Here are just some of the pictures from the battles that rage on nightly.

a KGB platoon prepares for battle

A KGB War party at Covetous entrance

Cave and Dracus

NightMare Clan GM

Story below by LoneStar

I was walking through Deciet thinking I'd find a lonely unlucky FL. To my surprise it was 4 FL so I EVed one and recalled. Discouraged I got Talon, Hendle, Derid and called more KGB but no response. Later on we searched and found no one. We finally came across a lone FL, despite our volley he was able to recall. I decided that we must hold the Duel Room in Deciet at all costs. Luckily the General Azyr showed up and i instructed Lady Circe to watch the back wall and I guarded the front. FL arrived quickly. We attempted to paraylze them and EV, as we were expecting a large force, but surprisly they rushed our defenses.
We had Juha, Circe, Hendle, Derid, Az, myself, and a few others. Fallen Lords and NC ran through but came into the full wall of force of our volleys. First Colin dropped, then Terak, Savage, Jackal tried to run but met the back side of my Quaterstaff, then Rosencratz the unlucky masscott of NC ran in after the fight died within .5 seconds. FL and NC had blue healers but did not expect that strong of a resistance. Long live the Republic of KGB who I owe my life, my alligence, and my honor.


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