The KGB Sentinel Archives

November 1997 through January 1998


HEADLINES for January 24th, 1998


KGB Members wiped out as the defend tower

Prime Minister Lord Ardath and GuildMaster Lord JetStar attacked Dread Lord Alex as he ran through the KGB compound. They had no idea that he was a scout for a highly organized group of PKers known as The Blue Clan. Using spells and LAG to their advantage, the wiped out our defense force as they came through a gate. KGB's strict key policy prevented the PKers from getting our keys. The tower remains secure. We will have our revenge. Here are the PKers names pictured.

Dread Lord Alex

Dread Lord THI

Dread Lady Yiu

Dread Lord Ali of Blue Clan




GOLD EVERYWHERE as another player quits

Another player quits, but this one in style. I watched as he spread his life savings all over the roof of the Trinsic Bank. Too bad. because this was before the most recent patch. Which in my opinion has changed the game drastically for the better. It still is amazing that he was able to do this and not have someone steal any.











HEADLINES for January 14th, 1998

KGB Rides through Britannia

As a show of force, and to remind PKrs of their presence now that the earthquake bug is a thing of the past, KGB road through the streets of Britain and Trinsic demonstrating that despite the recent civil war, KGB is united and strong. The ride began at Lord British's castle where upon receiving word that Guildmaster Jetstar would be detained, Prime Minister Ardath led the KGB through the streets of Britain. Despite tremendous lag, the KGB road all the way out of town before gating to Trinsic. Guildmaster Jetstar met up with the group at the Trinsic gates, and led the KGB past the Trinsic bank, to finally end at The Keg and Anchor for a round of cold ones. Shortly after, the server crashed. Undaunted, the KGB decided to ride the entire route again with Jetstar and Ardath at the front. They were also joined by friend and ally Moe of The Guild of the Kyrah, who road the entire second ride from Britain to Trinsic. Thanks Moe. The following pictures are attached:




Bridge - KGB Lines up on the Britain bridge with Guild Master Jetstar and Prime Minister Ardath

KegAnch - KGB enjoys a cold one after a long ride.

LrdBrit - KGB assembled at Lord British's castle.

TrinBank - KGB lines up to be dismissed at Trinsic Bank


GuildMaster JetStar creates new Guild Constitution

To insure that a conflict like the recent KGB split never happens again, GuildMaster Jetstar unveiled the new KGB Constitution. It is good reading if you have the time. GuildMembers should all read and completely understand this document. The High Council has new expanded powers. The position of Master has been eliminated and replaced with Prime Minister. GuildMembers will all have a chance to be involved in the government of this great guild.

HEADLINES for January 10th, 1998


GuildMaster JetStar retains control of KGB as GuildMaster Drek resigns and starts a new guild

The Order vs. Choas issue is the cause of former GuildMaster Drek's succession from the Knights of Glory and Beer. GM JetStar and GM Drek had differing views regarding the way Lord British's virtues were to be enforced. GM Drek and a group of warriors (Including Cry for Dawn) began to sweep the city of Britain, attacking any and all choas guards without warning. They outnumbered their opponents as much as 4 to 1. After three nights of this, the public began to cry out. GM JetStar received over 40 letters! Here are just a few examples:

"They carry the name of KGB to kill. Some among my group have declared a line with KGB and that is, KGB now is considered hostile, and shalt be avoided and shalt not be given any assistance even they ask. Well, what''s up with that? What kind of honor is that? I saw with my own eyes, Jarath, Cry for Dawn, and Drek attacked 1 Chaos guard to death, and of course, on with the loot, I was there, saw it with my own eyes, In Britain bank, in fact, twice, many people saw it too, some escaped some laid death, simply they were not even ready, what kind of challenge is that? It''s called random pking"

"Very nice, and your guys attacked your own friends just because of a shield? You ''challenge'' people by surprised them when they just recalled to a bank from dangerous situations, and barely have time to take a breath, then 3 of KGB attacked him just because he is a Chaos Guard from behind their back, and then, of course, when they bank, they might have a lot of stuff, and might not have enough reagents, and of course, they were not even ready, the loot was great, wasn''t it?"

"I do not support random attacks on the Chaos shield. My understanding of the Virtue Shields does not include automatic acceptance of evil by the assumption of a Chaos Shield. Therefore unsolicited attacks on Chaos are simply PK attacks under the false shroud of goodness versus evil"

"Attacking in groups and with no warning is cowardly. I have no problem with the war itself, just that there should be some combat rules; ie: never attack someone that is unarmed. or that there should be some kind of challenge given, or that it should be a somewhat fair fight, not 6 on 1.

I do not feel that attacking chaos guard in surprise guerilla type tactics is honorable nor do I feel it benefits your guild. I hold a great respect for all Great Lords and feel that a title of this magnitude deserves the respect of all including other Great Lords and as a solution to the problem seems I feel that issuing challenges to fight is fare and honorable. I understand the problem of boredom that must come when you reach the Great Lord title, but in my opinion the guild comes before the Order Guard"

After reading all this GM JetStar realized that these attacks were ruining the reputation of the guild. Many members stated that they would not be a part of a guild that practiced this random PKing. GM Drek argued that this is role-playing. Here is his explanation:

We are strictly role-playing. We are NOT PKers. We hunt PKers but are sick of there cheap/cheating tactics. We are playing this way in Britannia because we are sick of some Newbie Dreadlord that comes in with a earthquake scroll and takes out 5 of us in one shot. We fight in a fair environment where you control yourself without worrying about someone cheating you. Fighting in town gets everyone around excited. Everyone wonders whats going on and cheers or even gets into the battle. Being Chaos or Order is a chose and being one or the other has benefits and weaknesses. If you cant handle it dont be a virtue guard, Mojo and Rand agreed with me and admitted that it was very fun and got their blood flowing. They said it was the most fun they had in awhile and that they would continue being chaos, because without chaos there is no order. To end things... Its not like a GL cant handle himself. We are all veterans. Unless you are the type that gave beggars gold to raise notoriety and never saw a dragon in your life. :)

After long meetings between GM JetStar and GM Drek, a solution seemed to be nowhere in site. So to solve the conflict, GM JetStar issued a vote to all members where they could pick which side they were on. Of the 17 votes GM JetStar received 2 of them were for GM Dreks position and 15 for GM JetStar's position. During the voting process, GM Drek called a guild meeting. I do not know what was said, but six members quit the guild immediately after the meeting. The shouting could probably be heard from Trinsic. As members were quitting, GM JetStar arrived on the scene and went into a closed meeting with GM Drek. When the meeting was over, GM Drek had decided to resign. He gathered his belongings (What was left, the KGB Tower has a very bad termite problem) and left. Asking all who supported his Ideals to join him.

GM JetStar then began to pick up the pieces of the shattered guild. GM JetStar said, "I sent out a message to all members as to what had just happened, and asked that all members return if they felt I was representing there ideals and moral code. I think I was, and slowly members and former members alike began to return to the Tower." The totals are not in as some members are still undecided. The will be posted in the next couple of days.

" If Order is going to be Murderers, then I don't want any part of it. I threw down my Order shield and went to Lord Blackthorns Castle " said a defiant GM JetStar. GM JetStar explained that he would carry the Choas shield as a protest to the direction the Order Guards are going. "Lets see if my friends try to murder me just because of the shield I carry" GM JetStar said while holding his new Choas shield.

Later that night, Drek organized a party and attacked GM JetStar without warning. GM JetStar quick with his spell casting, recalled back to KGB HQ.

For those of you who are undecided. You swore allegiance to the KGB and to uphold it's ideals and principles. Those ideals and principles live on in the KGB under GM Lord JetStar. The KGB will continue to move forward in its never ending quest to defeat evil. Great Lord's are not what the KGB considers evil, but Great Lord's that murder unsuspecting people just because they have a difference in princilpes is what I consider genocide. "Rejoin the KGB and let us move forward into greatness" - KGB GuildMaster and Great Lord JetStar


HEADLINES for January 6th, 1998

First Meeting of KGB High Council Scheduled

GuildMaster Lord JetStar has officially scheduled the first meeting of the KGB High Council. GuildMaster Lord JetStar and GuildMaster Lord Drek will lead this first ceremony. After an official Knighting ceremony, High Council Chairman Lord Helmholtz will be sworn in. Also in this meeting, members will be introduced to the new Command Structure. Masters Lord Ardath and Lord Annul will also be sworn in. I know everyone will like the new system as it provides a chance for all members to be recognized for their service to the guild. THIS IS A MUST ATTEND for all members. If you cannot attend, please contact Master Lord Ardath. A special second ceremony will be held at a later date for those who cannot make it due to extenuating circumstances. Saturday, December 10th at 7:00 pm PST.







KGB Members come to the Rescue of AO

It all started with a cry from Tanarus Stiel on top of the Trinsic Bank. PKs have broken into Mord-Sith Raina's house. We need help or they will soon have her key. Quick to respond was Lord Darcath, Lord Frost Giant, Tanarus Stiel and KGB's Master Ardath. Upon arriving on the scene Lord Darcath-AO immediately recited an earth quake scroll, killing both Lord King and unfortunately a passerby of honorable noteriety. Lord Darcath's virtue shield exploded, immediately killing him. Next on the scene was Ardath who not knowing the PKs were dead, quickly packaged up Lord Darcath's corpse and recalled back to the bank. After depositting Lord Darcath's possessions in a safe bank vault, he returned ready for battle. Upon entering the door of the house Ardath noticed Lord Frost Giant in combat with Dran (a gentleman of evil notoriety). Three fireballs later and Dran recalled and the house was secure. In the aftermath, it was discovered that Dran had come to help and had been attacked accidentally by Lord Frost Giant. Ardath wishes to express his sincere appologies to Dran for the fireballs and hope his burns heal quickly. Lord Darcath-AO personally thanked Ardath and promissed he would try to assist any KGB guild members should they come to him in need.


KGB Smith Declared Open by KGB Master, Lord Ardath

Despite my constant promises, to get the large smithy purchased and placed, I have not had time to do so. However Thorn Wolfbane took up the cause, went out and gathered funding from our members and then took on the perilous mission of running to Bucaneers Den to purchase it. On returning, KGB members rushed to one of the intended locations only to find that Shishio had placed his new house there. KGB members searched high and low to find a good place to put it, but to no avail. Unfortunately, the area we are in is extremely populated, and we could find no conveniant place to set up our new smithy. So for now the large smithy is
sitting in the bank and we have built a small smithy neighboring Shishio's new house. As a reminder, Drek and Jetstar would prefer that you speak to them about KGB building plans, before placing the foundation on your new home. The following people donated the following amounts for the construction of the new tower:
Helm 4k
Thorn 13.5k
Atticus 10k
Annul 7.5k
Ardath 4k
Daine 5k
Katrina 3k
Aror 7k
Coake 668gp
Delerium 850gp
Stoney 2k

Special commendations for Thorn, Atticus and Aror who went well beyond the call of duty.


HEADLINES for January 1st, 1998

Combat Etiquette by KGB Master, Lord Ardath

Its been a while since I've posted but I thought today I would focus on combat etiquette when dungeon exploring in groups. While exploring with a group, I was flabbergasted when one of the group told me to go find my own monster to kill.

Strategy dictates that their is strength in numbers and that spreading your numbers across a large area, a dungeon level for example, is a great way to ask to be PKilled. PKrs don't like even odds. They like being out-numbered even less. But if they find one lone straggler, they just love that.

So why should everyone fight their own monster? Two reasons come to mind. When a monster is killed, only the person who gets the death blow gets notoriety. When a monster is looted, only those close to the monster get a chance at the loot. In addition, some players are very skill oriented and want to take the maximum swings at a monster to have a maximum change of increasing their skill -- but in a group environment this is silly.

Notoriety is a sticky subject. Helmholtz and I solve this problem by alternating who walks away before the killing blow lands. Unless you have such an agreement, if you go to help someone your grouped with kill a monster, make sure he gets the killing blow. He who swings first gets dibs. Otherwise, it will look to him like you are just trying to steal kills from him, making him angry and making yourself look like a jerk.

Most groups quickly establish a policy about treasure. Helmholtz and I loot everything and split it when were done. However, if no policy has been established, he who swings first at the monster has dibs on its loot as well. If you think people get angry over notoriety, wait till you see how they get over treasure.

Skill earning on the other hand is ridiculous. If a group has to wait for an individual to kill a monster before they move on, they all take skill penalties (skills go down over time) while the skill obsessed gets a slight chance of earning more skill. If they do the sane thing and just move on, then they have made their friend easy picking for any PK that comes along. If everyone groups together to kill the monster in question, it dies faster, but the whole group can look for something else to slay keeping them mobile and together. In addition, the whole group feels like they contributed even if all they did was kill a mangy Orc.

In conclusion, people who group together should stay focussed and fight together. Keep in mind sharing both treasure and notoriety. Stay close to each other. If you are not in the active fighting consider casting healing spells or reflective armor on the people who are. A group is definitely more powerful then the sum of its parts, but only if they act as a group.


Lord Annul and Lord Atticus strike again!!!

As we entered Deceit we came upon what looked like the decayed remains of two individuals who had recently perished. Our first response upon seeing these two was that PKrs had probably got them. Our hypothesis was right as we soon discovered only moments later. Three Dread Lords suddenly appeared and being caught off guard we ran deeper into the dungeon to get a better grip on the situation and decide what to do. Unbeknown to us though, the PKrs were hot on our trail and again caught us off guard as they found us huddled together discussing attack strategies. Both Ureshi and I still had our weapons in hand and immediately rushed into the corridor, escaping a quick barrage of spells that the PKrs had let loose. Bravely, Annul stood behind and took on all three PKrs alone. Quickly realizing Annul had stayed behind, I unequipped my axe and headed back to do battle. The three PKrs popped into view but I didn't see Annul. This was a perfect opportunity to use my earthquake scroll and I seized it. I positioned myself in the middle of them and used the scroll. To my astonishment, two PKrs immediately collapsed dead to the ground. Moments later, Annul came into view and I realized he had weakened them enough to allow me to kill them with a single earthquake. Both of us then turned our energies on the remaining PK. With all of us being out of mana, including the PK, we were forced to go to hand to hand combat. Being out classed and out gunned, the PK smartly decided to recall having reserved just enough mana to escape. Victory was ours!

* Story submitted by Lord Atticus

HEADLINES for 12/26/97

PK Hunting with the KGB's Lord Atticus

I was milling around Britain's Blacksmith, preparing for an adventure in one of the local dungeons when a person came running into town. Exhausted, he told me that he barely escaped a group of murderers who were assaulting people as they passed through the graveyard. I quickly got on ICQ and messaged a few of the KGB members who were around but none felt like doing battle at the time. Knowing that many Great Warriors like to hang around the bank, I quickly ran down there and gathered three who felt like ridding the world of some filth. Gonzo, Blinky, Lord Battle, and I headed up to the graveyard but found the murderers had long since left the area. We decided to head up to Despise and see if we could catch any pks up there. It didn't take long before we encountered Irredescent chasing some poor soul around the cave. Fireballs and meteor storms flew through the air and in a matter of moments Irredescent lay dead. We were thanked by some travelers who happened to be in the area and reveled in a successful kill. Lord Battle and Blinky headed back to town but knowing that Irredescent doesn't stay gone for long, Gonzo and I headed down to the entrance to see if we could meet him coming back into the cave. Sure enough, in just a few short minutes, Newbie came running in saying he had been attacked by Irredescent. We all hid and as Irredescent took his first cautious steps into the cave he was felled by a volley of fireballs. I then headed to Shame with Helmholtz and Kat. We were only going to do some dungeon exploring but it was quickly brought to our attention that a group of pks were in the area. We were able to gather a strong group of hero's and headed down to the entrance of Shame to meet the villains. At first we could find nobody, then seemingly out of thin air they appeared and the battle was on. The all names macro showed that some of the pks were neutral and it became clear from there attacking strategy that they intended on staying that way. Instead of attacking directly, the pks Ortega and Ranker were casting firewalls to avoid notoriety penalties. Dread Lady Mc Cheese was not using incognito and became my first target. I let four fireballs fly with three striking home and the last exploding above her dead body and she collapsed. Atlas, another pk, fell quickly also, and Ortega made a hasty retreat. Ranker continued to cast firewalls and Kat got trapped inside one and died. She was looted by Ranker before we could even react but he was forced to recall as we all started casting firewalls. Though we had one death, I'd say that was a pretty good X-mas Eve!




KGB opens new HeadQuarters at Secret Location

Here is a picture from the opening ceremony at the new KGB HQ Tower. The new location is great. Several KGB showed up to the small party! We have not figured out yet who ate the second pig. CONGRATULATIONS KGB!!









High Council Chairman Lord WISEONE Retires from KGB

With the KGB since it's earliest days in the world of Tanarus. A 3 Star General and Chairman of the KGB Joint Chiefs of Staff in Tanarus, Wiseone is a vetern of many wars. After a long and dedicated tour he decided it was time to retire to the Sanoma shard. I hope he finds some pease and quiet. Please stop in a see him once in a while. Here is a copy of his KGB Tanarus War Record:

WISEONE (G3) (CJCS) Retired 3 Star Lieutennant General NNNNNNNN



HEADLINES for 12/25/97

KGB Starts Guild Most Wanted List

Check out the new Most Wanted Section off the main page. As a guild Member you can add to this list by providing the information for the catagories listed for each Listee. Please use the submit news utility from the main page. Please provide any updated information for criminals already on the list. Check the list often, and get to know the names. It may save your life.

HEADLINES for 12/23/97

KGB Adventure Party Attacked

While on an adventure to the dungeon of Wrong. GM Lord JetStar and GS Daine the Wary we surprised attacked by two PKers using the Incognito spell to hide their notoriety. Dread Lord Sir Albert and Dishonorable Billy were the PKers responsible. Here is a picture taken seconds before the attack. GM JetStar and GS Daine were each engaging Giant Spiders when they showed up with the Incognito spell cast on them. Here is the eyewitness account from GM Lord JetStar, "I used my ALLNAMES Macro to check these strangers as they arrived on the scene, I detected gray or neutral for both of them. I had my sword in my hand then seconds later they started throwing fireballs at Daine. In 3 seconds Daine took 5 fireballs, I dropped my sword and threw a fireball of my own at Sir Albert, I then realized it was futile. I ran through the PKers as I watched Daine take another 3 before he fell. Just as I passed them. I recalled to my entry point behind the wall. I watched them loot his body, there was nothing I could do. I lost it, you see, I had persuaded Daine to come here in the first place. Ran back around and ran at them, I hit Billy with another fireball, and shouted "HEY ASSHOLES". They both then threw a barrage of fireballs at me. I ran and quickly recalled back to my entry point. I then Recalled back to Britain to contact the other members that were on and maybe some of Daine's customers". A posse was formed including KGB Master Lord Ardath and about 15 people returned to Wrong to face the PKers. We found them, but after a quick exchange of fireballs, they recalled. Obviously not wanting to tangle with the larger group. GM Lord JetStar has offered a large reward for the Heads of either of these MURDERERS. Lets all avenge Daines life.


Delerium of KGB Stranded on Hyloth for a week

After being PKed by unknown assassins, Delerium was forced to wander the island of Hyloth for a week before she was saved. There were no members of KGB on when she was and noone could help her. GM Lord JetStar while hunting PKers in wrong with Master Lord Ardath heard Delerium's message and recalled to Hyloth. She was instructed to go to the Humility shrine and resurrect. She was found alive, returned to Britain, and refitted with equipment. What a rescue Job!

GM Lord JetStar and M Lord Ardath race across Hyloth to help Delerium

Delerium Found alive at Humility Shrine


Naked Santa Clones Sited!

While traveling the mainland on our Pacific Shard home, I was pleased to see Santa Claus with some of his rain deer. What a site for the kids I thought! Here is is in the picture at left!






But then I was shocked moments later when I saw his naked clones. They were repeating Christmas messages over and over. Man, he must have been cold at the North Pole!

Naked Santa Clones



Daine the Wary Becomes KGB Guild BlackSmith

Daine the Wary is known throughout the Pacific Shard as on of the finest, most skilled BlackSmiths. He has been repairing GM JetStars items for over a month (No Weakining!). He was officially appointed KGB Guild BlackSmith. KGB is lucky to have someone of his ability. Any KGB member requiring repairs or if you need something made. Stop in and see Daine. He can be found at the Britain Main Forge just about any night. Please help me welcome Daine to the Guild!





KGB is ready to build second Tower

KGB GuildMasters are in the final phase of picking a site for the Guild's second tower and new HeadQuarters. If you are a Guild member and have any suggestions, please contact Lord Drek or Lord JetStar within the next 24 hours, as we now are very close to meeting the required gold of 111,000. If you have not yet given you fair Guild share please do so. The New HQ should be ready for furnashing within 24 hours. There will be a new policy regarding HQ access. Please review these guidlines:



Black Horse sited on Baja Shard

While on the Baja Shard, I noticed a user by the name of Stoney who claimed he had tamed this horse on an island. Yes a black horse. Is this a video Glich or a new Horse. Since I wear all black, This would be my horse of choice. However, Stoney wanted 200K for this horse. Looks to me as if the wonders of Weird coloring could give you something every one wanted in the game. The choice of more colors for our everyday things! This photo is an original photo, not an edit photo. Is this a new Horse, or just another video glich! You decide, but either way, there is one black horse on Baja!

Story by King Cry4Dawn





HEADLINES for 12/16/97

Emergency Evacuation of KGB Headquarters

Evil had its day with the new KGB HeadQuarters today. A resourceful thief was hidden outside the from doors waiting for someone to arrive or leave. Sure enough it did happen. As soon as the door opened, the thief ran inside. The thief constantly shouted "Guards, Guards" and had a macro. We could not attack him. And tried to block him in vain as he collected what he wanted. This was too much for Ardath to handle. After spending hours with others decorating the place he lost his temper and hit the thief. The guards came and quickly killed Ardath. Then the thief looted his body and took his keys to the entire complex. GuildMaster JetStar issued an emergency order to vacate the new tower and place everything in storage. Many KGB members help move everything. GuildMaster Drek showed up and took a majority of the stuff, by himself to an undisclosed storage site. The entire guild is hopeful that we can afford a new site in a better location this week. It seems the original KGB HQ will just sit empty until a patch is made for changing locks. What a shame for such a beautiful building.



The Adventures of Ardath (Volume #2)

Ardath is a Special Reporter for and Member of KGB

PK'rs Hide Behind Honorable Titles

As the new patches come on line, PK'rs get sneakier and sneakier to avoid noteriety penalties. Last night while exploring Bucaneers Den and fighting a lich, there was a player who stood nearby watching the battle. As the tide of the battle turned against me, I asked for his assistance. To my amazement he started casting firewalls to block my retreat from the battle. It was obvious he was waiting for me to die, so he could loot me, and had nothing against encouraging that process along.

Acting quickly I whipped out a recall scroll and escaped with my four remaining hit points. Watch out for this sort of thing.




King Cry for Dawn's Terra Nova

On December 13, 1997 a new town on the Pacific Shard was created. An NPC and PC town with a King and Queen to rule and protect it's new found town. Only 1 day after the HUGH UO Event wedding at Lord British's castle, History was made again. The First PC run town in all of Britannia. Like Britain, it to has a Castle and a King. However this king helps people, defends his land, and makes it safe for others to live in. What is this town name you may be asking? The town is called Terra Nova. It is due north of Skara Brea and growing very quickly. This town plans to offer new event on the Pacific Shard ASAP! An Arena for battle is being built as we speak. Unlike the Arena in other towns of Britannia, you will be able to enter it, Fight to the death, and even place a bet with your opponent. There we be a fee to get into this event, and news of this Event will be posted for everyone to enter should they be up the to challenge. Terra Nova also offers peice of mind to live in peace. While having my Guild "The Resistance" and the Support of my Newest guild that was just born "United Virtue Guards" I feel this is the safest place to live in Britannia. Approx 1200 members strong, I dont think a PK threat will be a problem in this town. For anyone interested in taking up residency in Terra Nova, please see me or Queen Cyndra Callidarr, or visit the castle. I look forward to making more UO history and making UO a fun game with new events to do all the time!



HEADLINES for 12/12/97

The Dishonest Smith

After months of living in Britannia (Pacific Shard) I have found that on of the more honorable professions is a Blacksmith. I have come to trust several, and that was my greatest mistake. After hours of battling in the dungeons of Hyloth, I recalled to Britain for repairs and refreshments. I went to the main forge. I could not find one of my regular smiths, but read a announcement from a smith named DAKKAR. He said, "Free Repairs Honest Smith". I then handed him my armor and weapons. He took his time repairing these items. I offered to pay him. I handed him 50 gold before he returned my items, he then handed me an empty bag and ran. I chased after him until he stopped. He then said, "Do you want to buy your stuff back?" "Give me 1200 hundred or I will sell them to someone". I had no choice being that this was my best equipment. I went to the bank and was forced to pay him. I then followed him yelling "DAKKER is a THIEF", until he went and checked into an Inn. BE CAREFUL who you hand your equipment to! I once again had to learn the hard way. I must have gotten spoiled by smiths like Daine the Wary or KevinR. WATCH OUT!!

The Thief Smith DAKKAR



The KGB Guild Opens it's HeadQuarters

After months of planning, the KGB oficially opened their headquarters just outside of Britain. The structure is a TOWER owned by KGB member and Great Lord Atticus. The KGB will be leasing this building until the a TOWER owned by the guild can be constructed on an island at an undisclosed site. I would like to take this oppertunity to personally thank Lord Atticus for his generiousity in lending us this site. He is a true shining star in the KGB Guild. The picture at left shows some KGB members at the dedication ceremony cunducted by Guildmaster Lord JetStar and Lord Atticus. The building is still largely unfurnished, so members please start bringing in furnature!









HEADLINES for 12/11/97

The Wedding of Cry for Dawn and Cyndra Callidarr

The big Wedding happened almost as planned. Unfortunitly a couple of lamers showed up and tried to ruin everything but the KGB Honor Guard was able to keep everything under control. The bride and groom seemed a little nervous. Our KGB Sentinel photographers were able to snap some fine photographs of the event. After the Wedding a reception was held at the Britain theater. Thank you from the Bride and Groom to all those who attended.



The KGB Honor Guard


The Adventures of Ardath (Volume #2)

Ardath is a Special Reporter and Member of KGB

I heard about this today. It seems that some dastardly mages are using summon creature to summon up horses. They then sell the horses at a big discount (200-300gp). Unfortunately a summoned creature only sticks around for about 5 minutes. So after a bit your new horse is gone, the seller is gone and your money is gone. Take your time buying a horse. Look him over once or twice. Haggle and chat about the weather. Kill five minutes. You might just save yourself some gold.

With this newest patch the prices of weapons and armor have gone up, but that's not all. Tailors around Britannia rejoice that the tailor shops are now buying shirts for between 25 and 27 gold a piece. This is approximately 10 gold more than previously. I did some quick tailoring last night on 5 bolts of cloth and netted more than 1000 gold in less than 20 minutes. Not as much fun as dungeon exploring, but not bad for those who aren't quite up to the dungeons yet.


HEADLINES for 12/09/97

The New Patch!!! Good and Bad

Take a look at the picture at right, there was 3 more Orcs off the screen. The new patch certainly seems to have solved some major problems with spawning. One thing it has done is make monsters allot tougher. I was struggling to kill a Troll without healing. I am a Master Swords (98 Swords Skill). It certainly is more challenging. It would seem you have to travel in groups. I feel sorry for those people that don't have a horse, as the Orcs seemed to run after me. This could bring a whole new aspect to the game. Early reports from other KGB members are coming in. It seems the Dungeons are packed with monsters. I will be checking for myself. Lets see if the Server crashing can stabilize.




KGB's Roving Reporter Ardath (Cinder from Tanarus)

Ardath (Cinder) is one of the original members of the KGB from our home world of Tanarus. Ardath communicates with us often and always has good tips and amazing stories. So from this point on, Ardath's letters will be included in this special section in the KGB News "The Adventures of Ardath". Here is Volume One:


The new version is awesome but beware when first entering the dungeons. The spawn rate is much higher and weaker players may quickly find themselves overwhelmed in areas that were safe before.

Romas, a thief that hangs around the Britannia bank, managed to steal a set of magical arm plates from me right after I bought them. I caught him trying to steal another item, but he had already banked the arms he stole. I never even had a chance to put them on. If you see this guy outside of town, drop me a line with the sextant coordinates of his corpse. It will make my day.

Also if you see Ardath in the game, say Hi. Its me. I am not using my Tanarus callsign when I play Ultima Online.

Quick note: If you are doing allot of recalling but don't want to risk those valuable runes to PKers, keep them in the bank. Put a rune to get you back (and a scroll of recall) in your backpack and cast recall on your destination rune in your bank vault. This way it stays safe and sound.

Always carry a recall scroll as they never fail. It can be quite disappointing to die to PKers just because you failed to cast recall. Also the scroll can come in handy if you run out of regents opening chests and the like.


KGB Guildmaster Attend Wedding Practice

GM Drek and GM JetStar attended the wedding practice. The big wedding will occur at 8:00 PM in Lord British's throne room on December 11th. Be there in Dress attire! This will be the role playing event of the season!!!



HEADLINES for 12/08/97

KGB Guild chosen as Honor Guard in Wedding

The KGB has been chosen by Cry for Dawn (The Groom) in the upcoming wedding. GM's JetStar and Drek will be choosing the Honor Squad. Please contact either of us if your interested. More details on this subject as they come available. In the picture at right, GM's Jetstar, Drek and Member Peril are discussing the Details with CFD. Sounds like we will be lining up along the isle in Full Dress Platemail.


KGB's Delerium has evil twin

2 Players approached GM Drek and JetStar to say that a Dread Lord named Delerium of KGB attacked them and tried to PK. This sounds like the same thing that happened to JetStar. I am almost sure that there is another JetStar of KGB out there with an Evil notoriety. Several well known PKers told KGB members that JetStar hired them to join a new PK guild? Don't be fooled by Imposters


KGB members never fall below Dishonorable. If they are Evil, they are not part of our Guild.

HEADLINES for 12/07/97

KGB Imposters Trying to Tarnish Guild Image

Many of us have heard about Evil Characters walking around claiming to be KGB. DON'T FALL FOR IT. KGB members never fall below Dishonorable. If they are Evil, they are not part of our Guild.

GM Drek and Slipprey Reach Title of Lord

GuildMaster Drek and Slipprey reached the title of Lord. After many hours and lots of Dead PKers and critters. Good luck to them and can't wait to see them at Great Lord!


KGB takes part in the Great Newbie Give Away

GuildMaster JetStar gave away 6 ring mail tunics and sets of thigh boots. He also gave away 15 Reactive armor spells and various other items. Here is GM JetStar at the big event in Britain at about 6:00pm Sunday December 7th.




KGB's GM Drek Leads Raid against LOE

Here is the eyewitness account from GM Dreks Journal...........

Well today was more then interesting. I was doing my normal visit to the dungeon of Hyloth, when all of a sudden I see Dread Lord Drona of LOE attack a lich and then another warrior RAMERIEZ starts to attack Drona. In all the confusion, I snuck in behind and also attack the evil warrior. After a bit RAMERIEZ gets the death blow on Drona, I quickly start seeing what a could take off his dead body. Bingo, I found tons of reagents, runes and keys.

I started getting curious, where do all these runes go to. So i started recalling all around the world. I couple of runes went straight into the Lords of the Obsidian Empires territory. Being that I've been killed in my early start by some LOE, I was glad to seek some revenge. First a cheap shot I quickly changed one of their signs to LOE SUCKS I HAVE YOUR KEYS and then I saw Prolix sleeping outside their meeting hall. I quickly did a fire field over his body and wow roasted LOE meat

Well that was a little revenge today. I quickly left. Sometime later I got bored and decided to see what was going on at their meeting hall again. To my surprise MOG and Prolix were waiting. I quickly tried to run and recall, but my spell failed and I quickly got toasted by fireballs. Damn my curiosity! My only real mistake is that I didn't bank my new keys and that they killed my horse GloryBeer :(

I then talked with Sammy of the Trackers Guild about attacking the LOE site later in the night. After some maybes and such. I noticed that there were some KGB members in the area. So we gathered up for a raid. Me(Drek), Wiseone, JetStar, Drekken, Thorn Wolfbane, and Delerium met together at our favorite watering hole the Keg and Anchor. Wiseone brought some friends along to; snipe and Yoda. The raid begins....

A gate opens and we go through, ending up close to the LOE meeting grounds. At first it was quieting but then it all went nuts. We managed to enter one of the houses and started looting big time. When MOG shows up we quickly started attacking and casting spells. Chaos erupted. As soon as we would get MOG low on lifes blood he quickly recalled to a spot outside of the area and would quickly come back. This cycle happened over and over. Well after a while we had so much stuff on us we were overloaded and could not move. So we started recalling back to our home bases and laughing to the bank. Perfect revenge for the times I've been vulched.

Later we noticed that we had left Delerium and Thorn Wolfbane behind. They did not have a recall and perished in battle. We will have to work on helping everyone leave a battle field intact. Maybe its funny at a bunch of average players could pull off such a raid that makes this so sweet.

Then at Trinsic a LOE member approached me bragging how we only stole 4 hours worth of their stuff and that it really didn't matter to them. Then he said MOG would duel any of us. I laughed thinking "ohh yeah right me dueling MOG in UO would be like him dueling me in Tanarus" LOL. Well maybe we will met someday in the future when I've built my strength up as much. The KGB is just starting to grow now. It much harder building honest warriors. As Slayer(noble LOE) and Sith(neutral LOE) will now(they are going for virtue guard status. Its too bad Sith dropped to dastardly after the battle, but don't you think thats where he should stay. They he was saying that they won the battle because he said we all ran. He failed to notice that MOG recalled away 3 times, if he didn't he would be dead on the ground. We did what we came to do. And thats our success, mission accomplished.


HEADLINES for 11/27/97

KGB UO begins Membership Drive!

JetStar began advertising for New Members today. Posting bulletins and telling people about the ever increasing public awareness of KGB and it's mission. If you know dedicated players that need a guild to call their own and a good cause. Have them apply. As the numbers of KGB members increase so will the guilds notoriety and respect. Lets get the work out there. You can find the KGB Website by doing a search in YAHOO for KGB+UO

I would like some of our members to submit information of interest so I can post it here in this section. There is a form available for this now off of the main page. Try it! Everyone wants to hear your stories also.


Two More PKers Cut Down By JetStar

Dread Lord Derin and Dread Lord Bear Lie Dead

JetStar on his own PK hunt managed to inflict justice on two Dread Lords.

HEADLINES for 11/24/97

PKers Never Quit!

The KGB's very own Wiseone the Mage informed us of the advantages of using the Magic Arrow spell against people. Apparently you get no chance to resist this spell as you do others. Be careful!!!


HEADLINES for 11/23/97

GuildMaster Drek Leaves KGB in Home World of Tanarus

Still uncertain of what this means to us here in Britainia. As you know, in this world Drek and JetStar share the responsibility of holding the Guild together. I hope to have more information soon in this tense situation.


HEADLINES for 11/19/97

WATCH OUT! PKers use dungeon Entrances as DEATH TRAPS!

JetStar was the unfortunate discoverer of the PKers latest Technique. "It seems they sit behind Dungeon entrances and wait for players to come through, in the 3 to 5 seconds of lag when you enter they have time to cast several FIREBALLS. I was dead before I even appeared." I think the best way to enter a dungeon is to let someone else go first!


HEADLINES for 11/11/97

JetStar opens his KGB Guild Page to the Public!

News Items Censored for Political Reasons


HEADLINES for February 4th, 1998


GuildMaster JetStar meet with the Lady Cinder Colluder, Wife of Cry for Dawn

KGB GuildMaster Lord JetStar met with Cry for Dawns wife, the Lady Cinder Callidarr. She had no idea that Cry for Dawn was planning to marry again. As you know Lord Cry for Dawn asked the KGB's Lady Delerium to marry him and to break off marriage plans with Lord JetStar. He had told everyone that he was no longer married, and would fight to the death for Lady Delerium's hand in marriage. Lady Delerium made it clear that she intended to marry JetStar and thats when Cry for Dawn Declared War on the KGB guild.

During the conversation between Lady Cyndra Callidarr, JetStar said, "She was on a trip for a week, and was shocked to hear that Cry had forsaken her. What kind of man would do such a thing. He has no honor and she should leave him. As for the War, I have mobilized the KGB and our allies. It seems Cry for Dawn has many enemies. I have yet to see 1 of the so called 1205 members he claimed he had. Not one person I have met would admit to being affiliated with him. Its a classic case of someone self destructing. Sometimes compulsive liers do that, they lie themselves into a position that they cant get out of, Like Cry's 1200 members. Im sad to see a once great man end his life as a dishonorable lier. Most of all I feel for Lady Callidarr, I offered my assistance and support to her. She was obviously fooled by his lies also. She is a strong Lady and I know she will do whats Right."

GM JetStar has released the the text from Cry for Dawn and his conversation regarding Lady Delerium:


1/30/98 12:58 AM Cry4Dawn I challenge you to a Fight the to death for the Hand
of Lady Delerium!

1/30/98 2:01 AM JetStar Im not afraid.......

1/30/98 2:02 AM Cry4Dawn I am glad.. You wont live long though...

1/30/98 2:03 AM JetStar I just dont understand thats all, hard to tell who is
threatining me.....and you the one who challenged me
to a duel...

1/30/98 2:04 AM Cry4Dawn that was for the hand of Del.. a fight you couldnt win

1/30/98 2:04 AM JetStar Your married my friend, and I dont have access to the
magic weapons you do, under certain conditions I

1/30/98 2:05 AM Cry4Dawn You dont have access to any sword to match what I
would bring... AND I am no longer married

1/30/98 2:06 AM JetStar Really your divorced....Didnt know that........
Long swords and no armor, no magic.....thats a fair

1/30/98 2:07 AM Cry4Dawn wouildnt call it a divorce.. I am not exaclty sure
yet.. Havent heard from her in a while.. he best
friend left, she did too

1/30/98 2:57 AM JetStar so based on your reaction I take it you dont approve
of Del and I getting married..

1/30/98 2:58 AM Cry4Dawn Lets just say i was a day late in asking her...

1/30/98 2:58 AM JetStar Early bird gets the worm...

1/30/98 2:58 AM Cry4Dawn Ill tell her you said that

1/30/98 2:59 AM JetStar thats fine.......We have talked in depth about all this

2/1/98 7:22 PM JetStar Delerium is not a piece of meat that you or I can own.
She makes her own decisions....As I have said before,
if a fight is what she wishes, then I would gladly
fight you. But I dont feel that that is what she
wants...In fact it would tear her up...You cant accept
that she agreed to marry me....Why not honor and
respect her decision, rather than look like an


HEADLINES for February 3rd, 1998


Lord Cry for Dawn protested the the Wedding plans of GuildMaster JetStar and High Council Member Delerium.

The same Lord that KGB performed honor guard ceremonies for at his wedding is forbidding the wedding between JetStar and Delerium. In several attempts to ruin their plans, Cry not only challenged GM JetStar to a duel, but declared WAR on the guild. Here is a screen shot taken of Lord Cry for Dawn speaking the words. Former KGB GM Drek, Councilman Coake and CHC Helmholtz withessed the exchange.




A KGB GUILD EMERGENCY HAS ARISEN. Article 2, Section 2, Clause 1, of the KGB Constitution gives the GuildMaster control of the guild Military. War has been declared by a hostile power. All KGB members lives have been threatened. Do not travel outside the cities alone or without proper protection. Do not recall to the KGB headquarters compound without armed escort.

As GuildMaster, I am calling all able KGB members to defend the guild against the oncoming horde. This is not a drill or exercise. Contact other members and organize parties before adventuring.




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