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October 1998 thru November 1998


HEADLINES for November 30th, 1998

Commanders Sir Drek and Sir Mantis depart Sosaria
Ghost Knights and Crimson Knights Division Commanders Depart for Norrath
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

It was a sad day indeed as the departure of Ghost Knights Commander and former KGB Co-GuildMaster Drek and Crimson Knights Commander Mantis became official.

They will be joining the legendary KGB Paladin Annul as the first full time Norrathian KGB Members when the world becomes inhabitable in January of 1999. This is by no means good bye and I am sure we will hear of these two fine Commanders adventures and victories in the next KGB conquest. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sir Drek and Sir Mantis for their unyielding support and dedication to the Knights of Glory and Beer. Good Luck my brothers.....

Full Story: CB Breaks Peace Treaty
An Article by Hard Cash, Foreign Minister and KGB Champion

For the complete story and pictures, please see Minister Hard Cash's KGB site at

Minister Hard Cash keeps a detailed record of the Military operations that he is involved in, check back often!

KGB Charter updated
A Notice to all members from JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

The Charter has been updated and the latest member information added. Members should check their entries to make sure they are correct. Any changes need to be E-Mailed to

Make sure the subject of the message is "Charter Correction". Any changes will be implemented within 24 hours of notification.

HEADLINES for November 29th, 1998

Warlord Ardath Steps Down
The Father of the Modern Military returns to his roots
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

Warlord - Supreme Commander of KGB Armed Forces
Warlord Ardath is one of the few KGB officers that started with us way back in Tanarus, almost a year and a half ago. Since that time he has held just about every public office there is. He has helped to shape this Guild into the wonderful organization it is today.

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the great accomplishments that General Ardath has made. In recognition of his outstanding service, General Ardath has been promoted to General of the 4th Circle and awarded the KGB GuildMasters Golden Cross.

Please take some time to congratulate General Ardath on his accomplishments and he great service to the Guild. General Ardath will be placed in command of the Division he created (The KGB Black Knights) until he makes a final decision as to his intentions. Please review his fine War record:


General Ardath

General Nathan Rahl Named as KGB's Next Warlord
KGB's Senior General named to Warlord position my GuildMaster
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

Warlord - Supreme Commander of KGB Armed Forces

Warlord Ardath and GuildMaster JetStar concurred on the selection of the next KGB Warlord. General Nathan Rahl is the Senior General in the KGB Armed Forces and is excited and ready to lead the KGB Military into the next century. If you have any suggestions or comments for him, please contact him directly.

Warlord Rahl has been promoted to:
General of the Fourth Circle

Chairman of the KGB War Council

Warlord - Supreme Commander of KGB Armed Forces

Peace talks Fail in CB War
CSE initiated peace talks Fail, Cease fire lasts only 2 hours
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

After 3 days of discussions, a peace treaty was agreed upon. Both sides agreed to cease hostilities. During the Wedding of BH GuildMaster Steihl almost an hour later, Members of CB attacked KGB members at the KGB tavern. This attack was unprovoked and a blatant example of ClanBloods lack on honor and inability to keep its word.

KGB has since redeclared and the war continues. Next time we will not be so trusting.

Norrathian KGB brings Changes
Changes announced as many KGB members leave Sosaria
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

You have heard the talk, preparations are underway and the process is beginning. This reorganization will be a positive move and should only serve to strengthen our great Guild. The following explains the new Provisional Government that will take effect as soon as the migration to Norrath begins:

KGB GuildMaster - JetStar will remain in UO full time. It is of the upmost importance for JetStar to oversee the refit of the Sosarian KGB. Sosaria is considered the Foundation of the guild and KGB will continue to be very active in this world for as long as it exists.

Prime Ministers of KGB Instances - KGB presence in a virtual world is considered an "Instance". Each Instance will have its own government and its own Constitution that will be molded to the situations and challenges of the new world. The Position of Prime Minister is becoming a more important position. The Prime Minister will assume more and more of the daily operation control of the KGB Instance as the GuildMaster's time will be split amoung many worlds. The GuildMaster will be more and more involved in publishing and Guild administration. Members should begin to look to the Prime Minister for more and more of their service needs.

The two active Instances are now

Ultima Onlines Sosarian KGB - Prime Minister Thorn Wolfbane

Sony / 989 Everquest's Norrathian KGB - Prime Minister Torina Marshall


HEADLINES for November 24th, 1998

Addressing the concerns of our Allies and Friends
Recent reports of member conduct investigated
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

Anyone who knows the KGB and its leadership knows how serious we are about our mission and adhering to our laws and code. Occasionally there will be a member that abuses that code. When informed of this sort of abuse, KGB officials investigate all claims against members. In some cases members are expelled (See 23 November Article). I would like to remind all of our friends and allied to report any misconduct you see by our guild. I can offer you my promise that we will get to the bottom of it quickly. Many times KGB members are mistaken for other guilds or there is a specific reason behind their conduct. Please see this letter from GuildMaster Cave of the Inquisition:

This is Cave from Britain. It has come to my attention; from you Guild Newspaper that 3 members were convicted of treason in KGB. Evil Hart and Drax have no love for me, or my members. We have engaged in combat in town and in shame several times very recently. Perhaps these were the bad apples that caused havoc between my associates and your guild. All of this is unconfirmed, of course. However, I deeply feel that the most logical explanation for reports of KGB attacks on innocents - can be laid to rest at the feet of those three savages.

And, as you said to me "That is not our way sir." I believed you then and now.

As one of the oldest and largest Guilds in Britannia, envy and jealousy play the biggest role in the Public Relations problem of KGB with many UO players. However, I hope you can agree, or consider, that a lack of KGB presence in Britain and other cities may cause mistrust and add fuel to the flames. When the typical dOoDz burn your name in effigy - many whom have never seen the grace of a Paladin or a troop of knights can easily get caught up in "the excitement".

I ask, as an somewhat minor old friend of KGB, to increase your presence in Britain and other cities and make a renewed effort to get to know some of the players in this troubled area. I think many players would look up to your way of life - instead many newbies and other characters just want to fit in with the CBs and TMs of the world - who don't care about anyone! - Unless they have loot.

Again, I can not say these three you let go were the cause of these recent problems but I would bet it is. I must warn you, of the inherent dangers of having unsupervised groups of KGB or anyone together with nothing to do... More often than not, a character may seem familiar, or there may be thoughts of wrongdoing in the past - these in themselves are not reason enough to provoke attack.

I hope my comments do not offend you sir. I speak plainly. I would never presume to interfere with KGB policies or missions. However, the perception is...get a group of KGB together and you better hide or recall because they will eventually find a reason to kill you. I think that comment alone - should be extremely offensive to any KGB member; at least I hope it is.

Also, by writing this email to you, is a decision in itself. The decision to not declare war on KGB. Shocking? Well, we would be a gnat going against an elephant. Guilds such as the former WolfPack, BROS, and Former SoV have been discussing joining together to fight KGB! It seems outrageous that groups who worked so well in the past came to discussing war. I have made my decision not to engage in war and attempt to stay optimistic. Sir, I hope you can see that the PK allegations were not unfounded and frivolous. The reasons for not declaring war, were not fear of death or taking on a larger guild - they were reasons of principal. That principal was mainly that CB is a bad guild and we would not associate with their craven kind against anyone. My new Guild does plenty of PKilling everyday. That is no secret. However, the players we kill are the same scums you are fighting CB, and BO, and PoA. We don't kill innocents, we don't kill newbies. We pretty much kill the same people that SoV killed. But then again, we have always been a rough group and quick to take up arms!

One last comment - the main reason in my mind for declaring on KGB? If your old friends and one-time allies can't give you a hint that something's wrong inside your guild by declaring war on you - then nothing will.

Good Day Sir, and take care of Crypt!


GuildMaster of Inquisition -I-

Former GuildMaster of Spirits of Vengeance SoV

I would like to personally thank GuildMaster Cave for his kind words, trust, and understanding. I would like to assure GM Cave and all others, that after this time of transition, KGB will be seen once again in the cities and in force

Please, anyone who has any questions or concerns about KGB, our future, our conduct, or our Guild in general, please contact me by E-Mail at

Thank you for your attention.

State of the Guild Address
An Address by

Good evening KGB Members, Allies and friends.....

As many of you know, the times are changing. There has been much rumor and misunderstanding about the direction and future of KGB. I would like to clear up some of that uncertainty in this address. For those of us who were here back in the Tanarus days, you remember that before I left command of the Tanarus KGB to a trusted member and left to the new world (Sosaria) to scout and prepare for the eventual migration of KGB. Due to the limited scope of the Tanarus world, It was my intention move all members to Sosaria and shut down the Tanarus arm. KGB left Tanarus forever in February of 1998.
Since that time, KGB has been very successful and is one of the oldest and most respected Guilds in the land. We have prospered through both the good times and the bad. We continue to pursue our purpose of fighting Evil and those who would take advantage of good and innocence. Recently, many have heard a calling to a new land. The land of EverQuest and Norrath will be the next stop in the progression of KGB. The difference being that this time we will not abandon Sosaria. Many of our Members have stated that they are very comfortable here and wish to remain here to continue the mission of KGB. I too will continue to invest my time in keeping the Sosarian KGB alive and strong. The Sosarian KGB will certainly be suffering a setback as many as half of our membership will be leaving for the new world. Many of those that are leaving are in ranking and important positions. More recent Members that are dedicated to the Sosarian KGB will see lucrative opportunities arise. If you plan to stay in Sosaria, now is a great time to be in KGB.
I have seen some of our members worried and uncomfortable, some of our members have left or are planning to leave. This is a time where your commitment to KGB is most important. It will be a difficult and complicated task to rebuild the Sosarian KGB once again. I need all of you to assist me in this process. If you are staying in Sosaria, please contact me and I can tell you how you can best assist the guild. If you have requests (such as updates to the KGB charter) please remember that they will be delayed due to the demands of the upcoming changes.
Now an update for the settlers of Norrath. I am in the process of creating the Members Handbook and new Military Structures to accommodate the new world. I have been discussing this with many of you and expect the details to be worked and the new rules and systems posted by 1 December, 1998.
In conclusion, I think we have been able to create a refined form of government. Using the guidelines and systems we have created, we should be able to not only fill the vacancies of the upcoming settlement, but adapt these rules to fit our new world and to see the Knights of Glory and Beer prosper in Sosaria, Norrath, and any other new lands discovered in the next century.

May the gods bless each of you, our glorious Guild, Our brave Allies, and our benevolent friends.

Thank you again, and good night....

HEADLINES for November 23rd, 1998

KGB Member Expelled for Treason
Member Crimson Hart / Evil Hart / Drax convicted of Treason
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

After a two week investigation and gathering detailed statements from 15 KGB members, GuildMaster JetStar ordered the expulsion of Crimson Hart/ Evil Hart / Drax of KGB. The terms of a conviction of Treason (Article III, Section I, Clause I) were upheld. Names of those who testified are being withheld to protect their identity. The following is a list of the charges he was accused and convicted of:

Treason Count #1: Divulging KGB Confidential Information
Allowing members of an enemy Guild to access the KGB Meeting Hall using his account.
When he was confronted with this, he stated that "His Brother" must have given the information away.
His Meeting Hall account was suspended on 1 October, 1998

Treason Count #2: Conspiracy to Compromise KGB Property and Divulge KGB Confidential Information
A report came in from the GuildMaster of the Gathering, implicating him in plots against the KGB.
I just heard a talking between Evil Hart and Matt Bellis at xroads. I was hidden there and they didnt notice me. Evil Hart told Matt Bellis, that KGB is thinking, he would be still in the guild. He was talking about, that he knows all houses and the tower of KGB, that KGB tells him all their secrets and that he can enter their tower.
Rawindra, Guildmaster of the Gathering


ЮX (ICQ#1762601) Wrote:
But I think that some of your members are just a bunch of fucking whiners.. and they fuck with the wrong people just cause there in KGB and they think that no one can fuck with them.. but I get really pissed when people from KGB attack me and provoke me to do something.. and even when I tell them who I am they still attack cause they don't believe m

ЮX (ICQ#1762601) Wrote:
KGB has done fucked up

ЮX (ICQ#1762601) Wrote:
they attacked me for the last time

ЮX (ICQ#1762601) Wrote:
Hard cash.. and 2 others.. they don't like me cause they attacked my friend cause he was Grey from looting a fallen friend.. and I told them to stop.. and they told me to back off and I wasn't gonna stand for that shit

ЮX (ICQ#1762601) Wrote:
no this one.. he's my best friend in real life... and I don't care who I am in a guild with.. no one fucks with my friend

After the Message from the Gathering's GM, Crimson Hart's tone suddenly changed:

ЮX (ICQ#1762601) Wrote:
hey jet.. good news.. I got hella trust with C.B. last night I joined a allied guild with C.B
C.B is in chaos and so is the guild I joined.. I'm about to start being able to start going to there houses and all..
ill inform u of when I will be going to enter one of there houses.. and we can raid them.

Crimson Hart / Drax of KGB's War record will be deleted and he is permanently expelled from KGB and its sub-guilds.

As a former Member of KGB, Members are advised to leave Crimson to his own business and to move on. This is not a KOS order.

KGB and Allies moving ahead in ClanBlood War
Members beginning to refocus on conflict
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

KGB war operations too a short lapse this past week as of KGB's members briefly left the world of Britannia to explore a new world. KGB members got back to business in the later days of the week by racking up several major victories. KGB casualties have been light but noticeable. Newer members have been caught in surprise CB attacks at city banks. The following are pictures and reports from the conflict.


An Anonymous GSS Agent reports:

While walking along and saw Menzobarenzane walking into a gate with many other people.  I quickly went into the gate as well and hid upon reaching the other side.  I sat hidden while I witnessed Menzobarenzane talking with a bunch of individuals of the "Dragon Family" (DF).  I was unable to catch all of the conversations because they would walk in & out of my screen, and I was unable to move without being seen.  However, the word "alliance" was thrown around allot.  To get to the point, It seems there either is or a possibility of an alliance between CB & DF.  You may already know this information.  Attached is a screen shot....  Menzobarenzane went to get something out of the bank while the others waited.



In a recent letter to GuildMaster JetStar, Jackal of ClanBlood wrote:

"As I read your code(rules, laws or whatever u called them) I see no killing new ressed, yet another lie, I was killed 3 times apon ressing at britian healers(I guess you guys were jelous because you didn't get me the first time and needed to get me new ressed, come on guys you can do better then staking out the healers shop can't you?)"

Let me direct you to the KGB Members Handbook, Section 3 (Member Conduct):

KGB will not execute the newly resurrected.
** There are special circumstances in which you are allowed to execute a newly resurrected enemy:

As you can see our policy regarding the killing of newly resurrected enemies is clear. Let me now direct your attention to the following report from the battlefield.

KGB Foreign Minister and Champion Sir Hard Cash wrote:

"Note of warning: CB Members were coming back as "newly rezzed" but carrying just enough reags for 4-5 Corp Pors. They'd try to knock one of us down before we could kill him. I'm not sure, but I think Houdini got one of us this way. Houdini tried this many times, and as you can see we made him pay the price. Tons of loot off of him, at least 100 of each reag myself, plus a full set of gold plate, full set of silver plate, and several bone sets, some decent weapons, potions, and runes."

Members of Clanblood are using tactics aimed to take advantage of KGB's policy. In cases such as this, Condition 5 of this policy states that the GuildMaster may repeal the conditions for killing the newly resurrected. ClanBlood has violated the the courtesy that KGB shows its enemies by exploiting this rule.

By the power vested in me by Article II, Section III, Clause I of the KGB Constitution, I JetStar, GuildMaster of The Knights of Glory and Beer here by repeal the new resurrected policy set forth in Section 3 of the KGB Members Handbook.

**KGB Members will now enforce the will of the guild upon any member of ClanBlood, regardless of their status as "New Resurrected" until this rule is repealed.**

Footnote: I would like to thank Jackal of ClanBlood for his mature and respectful demeanor in his letters to the KGB GuildMaster. KGB GSS Security would not allow the complete post of his text. Again, thank you Jackal!

HEADLINES for November 18th, 1998
ClanBlood War Update
Updates on the BlanBlood situation....
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

The KGB is in its 4th day of this conflict. Here are some of the recent events:

Propaganda From ClanBlood
ClanBlood Leader Manzobarenzane has been sending hate mail to the KGB. He refuses to leave a return address. In these posts he makes wild claims about CB victories over KGB. Here are a few highlights:

Menzobarenzane of ClanBlood
"I must say our war is going rather well so far. 12 members vs. 77 + allies."

KGB GuildMaster JetStar
"Yes, it is going well"

Menzobarenzane of ClanBlood
"You guys are pathetic, forgot to mention (In the News) how we've been kicking your teeth in since the beginning of KGB. You forgot to mention you need other guilds to help you. You forgot to mention none of your members will duel me. hmmm i wonder why?"

KGB GuildMaster JetStar
"I doubt very seriously that ClanBlood was around in October of 1997. Your organization is just another fly by night group that could never hope to achieve the friendships and organization that KGB has attained. As for dueling, I have said many times before, War is not a Duel...

A war is a contest between nations or states, carried on by force, whether for defence, for revenging insults and redressing wrongs, for the extension of commerce, for the acquisition of territory, for obtaining and establishing the superiority and dominion of one over the other, or for any other purpose; armed conflict of sovereign powers; declared and open hostilities. As war is the contest of nations or states, it always implies that such contest is authorized by the monarch or the sovereign power of the nation. A war begun by attacking another nation, is called an offensive war, and such attack is aggressive. War undertaken to repel invasion, or the attacks of an enemy, is called defensive.

A duel is combat between two persons, fought with deadly weapons, by agreement. It usually arises from an injury done or an affront given by one to the other.

This Conflict is not a contest to prove who is the best individual fighter, not a "fun" prearranged contest. This war is the forces of good (KGB and it's allies) against the forces of evil (ClanBlood and those like them) who would seek to harm innocent people. KGB and its allies intend to inflict defeat upon you until you leave this world or offer an unconditional surrender. We intend to force you to taste the beer you have brewed for others, and the more you talk, the more you will have to answer for when you beg for surrender."


CB Members hard to find

ClanBlood members have been tough to find as they have gone underground to fight a gurilla style war. KGB members have been organizing nightly sweeps of all cities looking for our elisive enemy. CB seems to wait until they have an advantage and strike. They seem to be frequenting the Crossroads and the Britain Cemetery.


A couple of Victories

HEADLINES for November 15th, 1998

ClanBlood Accepts War Declaration
The Battles Begin!
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

KGB members began to engage ClanBlood all over Britannia. High Knight Speedy sent in some of the ClanBlood registered kills. ClanBlood is very active and members are frequently seen. ClanBlood is badly outnumbered but continues to make brave stands against superior KGB numbers. KGB Military units are beginning to tighten up after several weeks of peace. The KGB GSS has been working around the clock to provide locations of ClanBlood buildings and strongholds. GuildMaster JetStar said, "I hope to make this a quick and decisive victory. Our Allies The Black Hand have also declared against ClanBlood and we are hoping for fast victory. KGB declared war in retaliation for ClanBloods attack on the KGB Tavern. Stay tuned for DAILY updates to the KGB news site. KGB Military forces are organizing and beginning daily search and destroy missions.

MEMBERS: Record screen shots for kill verification and Order of the KGB Credit. You should also send in brief summaries or your battle experiences and recommendations for awards. It is up to each of you to help recognize those you continually go over and above the call of duty.

Awards and Recognition

KGB Award Policy states that someone (Even yourself) must send a written account of the said incident that you feel warrants an award. It is your responsibility to keep track of actions or situations that may warrant awards. You may send these accounts in any time to GM JetStar or Warlord Ardath via E-Mail or ICQ file transfer. DO NOT USE ICQ MESSAGES to send in award information. You may also use the SUBMIT NEWS feature to record this. I prefer the submit news method, as it makes for easy record of this important information.

Rules of Engagement

-KGB Military is authorized to use force against any member of the CB Guild and any non Guild member that offers combat or magical assistance to them.
-You are to use your forces to defeat these guilds until you are ordered to stop by an unconditional surrender or the disbanding of the enemy GuildStone.

Newly Resurrected Policy

KGB will not execute the newly resurrected.
** There are special circumstances in which you are allowed to execute a newly resurrected enemy:

State of The KGB Page Updated

Lord Krindal and Lady Shadow Dancer Wedding
A truly epic wedding at Nujelm Castle
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

Long time KGB supporter and personal friend of the KGB GuildMaster, Lady Shadow Dancer tied the knot with Lord Krindal in what turned out to be one of the most diverse and largest crowds ever assembled in Britannia. The ceremony was only briefly disrupted by lamers. Many famous names from Pacific Shard were present for the epic event. ImaNewbie and some of his guild attended along with representatives of many of Pacific's major organizations. Crimson Sky Empire offered security for the event and did a fine job.

KGB members took a break from the War with CB to attend. The KGB group was small but representatives from all KGB branches attended. Here are some pictures from the event.

I would like to take this opportunity to speak for all of KGB and wish the newly weds the best of luck. KGB was honored to be invited to witness this ceremony. Thanks to all those that attended.

Lady Shadow Dancer is a ranking official in the Crimson Sky Empire. CSE has been allied with KGB for many moons and are considered close friends.



The KGB representatives are at the lower left

The crowd congratulated the couple after the ceremony

The Black Hand can be seen here in Green

KGB Allies TBH end war with WaterRoom
KGB Remains Declared until details can be worked out
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

WaterRoom GM Leaves the world and his guild after being unable to sue for peace. The details are still sketchy but TBH GuildMaster Steihl made a short statement stating that the terms were met to discontinue the conflict. Many members of KGB assisted in the war and will be recognized as the reports come in. More details will be available soon.

Keep checking the TBH Website for news updates.

HEADLINES for November 10th, 1998

The time has come for KGB to renew the fight against Evil!
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

The WaterRoom Guild assisted in the attack against the KGB tower on 20 October (See KGB News Archives) KGB will declare War at 7:00pm Pacific on Thursday November 10th.


ClanBlood (CB)
The Evil acts of this guild has brought the KGB to arms against them. KGB will declare War at 7:00pm Pacific on Thursday November 10th.



GuildMaster JetStar has placed the Guild on official War Status as of Midnight on November 9th. Official GuildStone Declaration will occur at 1900 Hours on 10 November. All KGB members should report to their commanding officers. Members no wishing to be exposed should join the CKGB Stone ASAP.

The following message was sent to Warlord Ardath just before Midnight....

Warlord Ardath, I ask you to assemble your troops for GuildWar to begin at 1900 Hours on 10 November. I am enacting Wartime procedures and posting the rules of engagement on the KGB sentinel and in the State of the KGB page.
Thank you GM JetStar

Rules of Engagement

KGB Military is authorized to use force against any member of WR and or CB Guild and any non Guild member that offers combat or magical assistance to them.
You are to use your forces to defeat these guilds until you are ordered to stop by an unconditional surrender or the disbanding of the enemy GuildStone.

Wartime Guidelines

Wartime guidelines were designed to ensure that Guild Members would ban together and reduce the need for rescue missions. IF YOU ARE KILLED AND ARE NOT IN COMPLIANCE WITH WARTIME PROCEDURES, NO RESCUE MISSION WILL BE MOUNTED TO SAVE YOU, DONT ASK! As rescue is part of what we do as a guild, the need for members to drop everything to rescue you should be greatly reduced.

IF YOU ARE IN COMPLIANCE, and require assistance, send a message to the GuildMaster via ICQ (Or ranking General or Cabinet member) Include the names of the 5 KGB members in your party and how you were killed (Monster or PK).

(1) Do not travel outside of Protection Zones without at least 5 members in your group
(2) Do not travel to Dungeons without at least 10 members in your group
(3) Search and Destroy Missions will be organized around the clock from on top of the Trinsic Bank 2
(4) REPORT TO YOUR COMMANDER when online for assignments
(5) Tower Key entrance is not permitted with out 10 members present for sweeping area
(6) In Battle, take screen shots of kills and send in written accounts to receive AWARDS and PROMOTIONS
(7) SHARE INFORMATION via ICQ about location of Enemies

Lady Shadow Dancer and Lord Krindal to Wed
A huge wedding is planned for these long time friends of KGB
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

Join KGB GuildMaster JetStar and his party in attending the wedding of Lady Shadow Dancer and Lord Krindal. KGB members that will be attending must contact GuildMaster JetStar before Friday. KGB Dress Silver Plate will be required. A large KGB Turnout would be appreciated.

Saturday November 14th, 1998 at 9:00pm PST and the Nujelm Palace

HEADLINES for November 9th, 1998

KGB Website reaches 30,000 hits!
An Article by
JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

Special thanks to Moe, KGB Quarter Master
Master Moe has spent long hours creating most of the graphics you see here at the KGB site. He also help in the design, implementation and updating of the new KGB EverQuest Page. Lets all take a minute to recognize Moe for his talents!

Special thanks to Annul, KGB Paladin
Brother Annul is still an active part of the KGB family even though he retired from the UO KGB in June of this year. Brother Annul created the Java scripts you find here at the UO site, and masterminded the KGB HQ page and worked in partnership with Moe to create the new and improved KGB EQ page. Thank you Brother Annul for all the effort!

Thanks to all of you! From GuildMaster JetStar
Thanks to all of you, our faithful readers for making the KGB UO site so successful. I have enjoyed my term here as editor and hope to bring you interesting stories and pictures for another 30,000 hits

Other KGB Sites....

KGB EverQuest Guild Headquarters

KGB Internet Gaming Guild Headquarters

KGB Adventures in new lands
KGB Members scout the new and strange lands
An Article by Arginal, KGB Knight Commander (Black Knights Division)

One bright day I asked Darius if I might go sailing with him. He readily agreed and off we went into the unknown. Sailing though uncharted waters we sighted something off in the distance. As we approached, a battlement came into view. But it was only the wreckage of a ancient castle which seemed to have sunk into the ice waters. This heightened out excitement and our drive to explore the unknown.

We sailed north into the icy winds. Soon enough Commander Darius had anchored the boat next to a snowy cost. Throwing the gangplank down we stepped onto this new land. Very shortly after our landing we meet up with Arakis of the Blood Guard. The three of us traveled the harsh land bringing down those wintery creatures of death. But it was not all blood and gore, we had a few other adventures along the way. At one point we stopped to do a bit of mountain climbing and rest our horses.

After a bit of fun and resting we set out into the tundra once more to see what we would find. Truly this is the harshest land I or my mount has ever trekked across. So a warning to all who venture into the unknown; make sure you have good friends watching your back or you mint find yourself face down in a snowy grave as a few before us had...

KGB Defends The Gathered Spirits Tavern
KGB Members assist as thugs attempt to ruin business
An Article by Hard Cash, KGB Champion and Foreign Minister (Crimson Knights Division)

It was just another quiet non-war night of dungeon hopping and hanging out when I received a message from Steihl of BVH that their tavern was under attack by 4 pk's. I recalled in alone, and Steihl asked me how many more were coming, and I said only me that I know of, I came as soon as I got the message. We decided to attack anyway, outnumbered 2-1. We charged in the door and I was the target of the pk's attack. In less than 2 minutes I used all my mana and 6 GH potions just for healing, at which point I recalled out using a scroll. I messaged Steihl that I was grabbing more GH potions from the bank and recalling back. He replied that two more KGB had come, Lancelot and Wildcard. I quickly grabbed  GH potions and recalled back only to see that Lancelot had just died. Steihl, Wildcard and I focused our attacks and forced two of the pk's to recall. The last two weren't so lucky, and fell in a hail of bolts and Corp Pors.

HEADLINES for November 6th, 1998

Brother Sto Returns
Another KGB Paladin Returns to Sosaria
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

Brother Sto

HEADLINES for November 4th, 1998

Foreign Minister Hard Cash Promoted
Sir Hard Cash completed the requirements to become the Guilds Second CHAMPION
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster


Congratulations Minister Hard Cash!

Commander Darius in the New Lands
Tales from the new lands
An Article by Darius, Knight Commander

I was wondering through the new lands on a quiet afternoon.  The terrain around me was dense with trees and other vegetation.  I stopped for a moment to look at my map to find out where I was going when Pax Tharkas of the guild PO rides up next to me on his horse.  Knowing the PO guild to be filled with lowlife thieves and murderers, I was on guard but did not make any movement.  I think because I remained motionless he thought that I was incapacitated so he started to utter Corp Por.  I took the first hit then prepare to heal myself as he hit me with a second spell.  At this point I healed to full health and watched my opponent's next move.  He equipped his heavy crossbow and resumed the attack.  Seeing this, I equipped my deadly poisonous skinning knife (curtesy of Torina Marshal) and attacked back. The melee went on for several minutes while he took the bulk of the damage. He prepared to flee as I saw him utter Kal Ort Por, but instead of disapearing he stood there motionless.  I was prepared to spare him had he not initiated the attack, but since this was not the case I finished him off with a greater explosion potion and three energy bolts.  I then carved up his body and took his head as a trophy.  I further scattered his remains as a reminder to his ghost that KGB members are not to be taken lightly.

HEADLINES for October 31st, 1998

ImaNewbie Awarded by KGB GuildMaster
Former KGB member and now GuildMaster of the L.O.S.E.R.S. Guild risks life to save KGB Member
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

ImaNewbie is well known throughout the lands. You would probably think that he would not have time to help his former GuildMates when they get in trouble. Well once again GuildMaster ImaNewbie amazed us all.

The leader of the KGB Sisters of Poison and the KGB GSS Minister found themselves stranded on an enemy insland with no reagents and no way to return. They didnt even know where they were stranded. The call went out to KGB Members. GuildMaster ImaNewbie, being a former member of the KGB was able to pick up these telepathic messages from his friends and KGB Sponsor Torina Marshall. At the time all members of the KGB were alseep in their homes and failed to receive their calls for help. GuildMaster ImaNewbie quickly responded that he was going to hire a ship to go from island to island and find her. Braving uncertain seas and the dreaded sea monsters, GM Ima searched the lands.
GM ImaNewbie in battle at sea on a KGB rescue mission
It was not long before GM Ima found Torina and peaches and brought them safely back to the Mainland.

ImaNewbie went way over and above the call of duty in the assistance of a KGB member. GuildMaster JetStar said, "I have signed an executive order today that recognizes GuildMaster ImaNewbies efforts to help his former Guild. In order to decorate him for his deed, I am officially granting GuildMaster ImaNewbie honorary Member Status and awarding him the following decoration:"
Ladies and Gentleman, the KGB High Council and GuilMaster are proud to present the
The KGB High Council Medal Of Valor

This decoration will be placed on Ima's permanient record and with honorary Member Status his record will remain open. Please join all of us in congratulating Ima on his great accomplishment.

Peace time for KGB may be ending soon
Ranking members of Allied Guilds urging KGB to get involved in the next great conflict
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

KGB members have been enjoying a week of peace as the Membership, High Council, and GuildMaster decide on where to attack the forces of Evil next. KGB members have been seen exploring the new lands. Sources report that this time of peace may be short lived. So enjoy it while you can KGB! The call to arms can faintly be geard in teh distance.

HEADLINES for October 28th, 1998

An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

Special Recognition For Brother Raging Wulf, KGB Paladin and Guild Smith

KGB Award Policy states that someone (Even yourself) must send a written account of the said incident that you feel warrants an award. It is your responsibility to keep track of actions or situations that may warrant awards. You may send these accounts in any time to GM JetStar or Warlord Ardath via E-Mail or ICQ file transfer. DO NOT USE ICQ MESSAGES to send in award information. You may also use the SUBMIT NEWS feature to record this. I prefer the submit news method, as it makes for easy record of this important information. Complete descriptions of the available KGB Awards are available in the KGB Members Handbook and on the KGB Armed Forces Information Page.

Brother Raging Wulf, Order of the KGB Paladins and KGB Guild Smith
Many of KGB's members have taken the time to write to the GuildMaster regarding Brother Raging Wulf. Many of the KGB's Members, both new and old, depend on Brother Wulf each day. Weather its advising the GuildMaster (During the many trips JetStar makes to the forge for armor and repairs) or making the finest Armor and Weapons in the land, Brother Wulf has shared his time with all of us in some way or another. Brother Wulf has represented the Order of the KGB Paladins with honor and has proven to all exactly what a Paladin should be. Without members the like Brother Wulf, the KGB would be just another Guild. Cheers my friend, you deserve it.

Please join me in congratulating Brother Wulf on receiving the following awards:

The KGB Distinguished Service Cross

The KGB GuildMasters Golden Cross

The KGB High Council Guild Service Medal


HEADLINES for October 26th, 1998

Stone War with TM Ends at Midnight
KGB's longest running war ends as promised
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

It has been an Epic battle between the forces of Good and Evil. Ranker and The Mafia have fought hard and certainly been a challenge for the KGB. Both sides have suffered heavy loses.

Both KGB and The Mafia have differing views of what constitutes the end of the War. As per the post on October 18th, KGB has accomplished its objectives and is ready to move on to our next quest and possible war. KGB will now focus on its original mission of Fighting Evil, Hunting Thieves, and helping those who need it.

You can review pictures of KGB's battle victories at KGB Foreign Minister Hard Cash's Website. See more that 100 pictures of KGB War victories at

Several KGB members held a Parade and show of KGB might on Pacific in preparation for the end of this conflict.

KGB Members Celebrate Peace

It should be noted that The Mafia was indeed a force to be reckoned with and turned out to be quite a challenge. GuildMaster JetStar said, " I expected this war to last for two weeks, as with our other enemies I expected them to give in to our numbers and accept defeat. Instead they all fought with a tenacity I have never seen. Ranker was able to use his limited numbers and resources to his advantage. I have the utmost respect for The Mafia's combat abilities. I wanted to say to Ranker and his men: Faced with overwhelming odds your men fought bravely, I detest your beliefs but I salute your bravery. Well Fought TM! "

HEADLINES for October 22nd, 1998

KGB Members and Officers recognized for exemplary service to the Guild
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

KGB Award Policy states that someone (Even yourself) must send a written account of the said incident that you feel warrants an award. It is your responsibility to keep track of actions or situations that may warrant awards. You may send these accounts in any time to GM JetStar or Warlord Ardath via E-Mail or ICQ file transfer. DO NOT USE ICQ MESSAGES to send in award information. You may also use the SUBMIT NEWS feature to record this. I prefer the submit news method, as it makes for easy record of this important information. Complete descriptions of the available KGB Awards are available in the KGB Members Handbook and on the KGB Armed Forces Information Page.

After reviewing Member accounts and speaking with many of the participants in The Tower Defense of October 20th, the following members are to receive the following awards:
The KGB Service Medal

Elvira, Sisters of Poison
Minister Peaches, Minister of the KGB Guild Secret Service
Commander Arginal, Knight Commander (Black Division), Guild Treasurer
General Ardath, KGB Warlord
Lady Kristible, Supreme Knight, (Crimson Division)
General Nathan Rahl, Knight General (Crimson Division)
Torina Marshall, KGB Sister of Poison
Brother Weiland, KGB Paladin
Raging Wulf, KGB Paladin
Albereth, KGB Cleric
Minister Thorn Wolfbane, KGB Prime Minister
Minister Hard Cash, KGB Foreign Minister
General Raider, Knight General (Black Division)
Commander Mantis, Knight Commander (Crimson Division)
GuildMaster JetStar, KGB GuildMaster and CIC

And receiving their first decorations:
Black Adder, Tyranos and Druss

The KGB Distinguished Service Cross

Lady Kristible, Supreme Knight, (Crimson Division)
-Lady Kristable was recommended for an additional by 6 of her peers in messages to the Warlord and GuildMaster.
Albereth, KGB Cleric
Albereth was recommended by the KGB Paladins.

Ladies and Gentleman, the KGB High Council has voted Granted the
The KGB High Council Medal Of Valor
To the Following Members:
Commander Arginal, Knight Commander (Black Division), Guild Treasurer
Minister Hard Cash, KGB Foreign Minister
GuildMaster JetStar, KGB GuildMaster and CIC


Senior GSS Agent Moe, and Brother Annul, KGB Paladins (Retired) have taken the extra effort to prepare KGB for the upcoming challenge in EVERQUEST. They have also created a into for KGB Internet Guild HeadQuarters. and . For their services they will receive the following awards.

The KGB Distinguished Service Cross

The KGB High Council Guild Service Medal


Many members have joined the ranks of the Golden Order of the KGB (100 documented victories). Take some time to review the Charter to see the Goldens Orders latest members!

HEADLINES for October 20th, 1998
Coming Soon!
KGB Member Awards to Be Issued on October 21st

Black Hand of Vesper are true Heroes
BHV fast actions and assistance made the difference
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

I would like to thank The Black Hand of Vesper Guild for coming to the aid of KGB. If it had not been for the quick actions of GM Steihl calling in the many Allies that assisted, KGB would have suffered a humiliating loss. BHV are truly "Rogues with Honor". BHV members unselfishly sacrificed their own equipment and their very lives to defend the KGB HQ as if it were their own tower in the early stages of the battle. It is for these brave deeds that the KGB Membership would like to bestow The KGB High Council Guild Service Medal upon The Black Hand of Vesper Guild. This award is given to a guild or individual that represents the ideals of the KGB Mission. (Guardians of the Virtues, Defenders of Innocence and conquerors of Evil). BHV is the first guild to receive such an honor.

The KGB High Council Guild Service Medal

KGB and BHV were currently in Alliance negotiations with BHV after being on the same side of many battles. In high level discussions between GuildMasters, BHV has decided to end this process but remain friends. BHV did not provide a reason for the termination of these negotiations.

All of us at KGB would like to thank BHV for their assistance in this matter and perhaps we will cross paths again in the future.

A Special Thank You to our Allies
Many KGB Friendly Guilds Come to assist KGB in Tower Defense
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

The Membership of KGB would like to thank the following Guilds for their assistance in the Battle for KGB Headquarters:

Lady Shadow Dancer of CSKY (Crimson Sky Guild)

Former KGB Member Dark Guard of SOD (The Sodalitis Guild)

The RSB Guild

The AC (Arthic Circle Guild)

The POA Guild

The Blood Guard (BG)

and many individuals

Many thanks to all of you for your much needed assistance.

Elections for the Skara Brae Advisory
An Article by Lady Raven, Chancellor of the Gentry of Skara Brae

To the Knights of Glory and Beer, I send you good greetings.

The Community of Skara Brae on Pacific Shard would like to inform your guild, as representative of the finest of Britannia, that city-wide elections will be held for the Skara Brae Advisory on November 3rd.  Any person who in good faith considers themselves a citizen of Skara Brae on the Pacific Shard may vote or run for office, but must register.  Details on registration are on the Skara Homepage  under the Advisory Elections link.  We will be holding a registration drive this Friday, October 23, from 7-11 pm Pacific time at the Skara Brae Town Hall.  The official Registrar for the community is Sam,, and if a citizen cannot make the registration drive, an appointment can be made with her to register at a convenient time in-game.

We would be very appreciative if you would inform all of your guild members of this announcement and pass the information along to any others who may be citizens of Skara Brae. Our elections will only be representative of the Community if the citizens vote!

Thank you!

Mafia Employs Pacific's Lowest to attack KGB Tower
Only 4 actual Mafia Members take part in mostly BLUE attack against KGB
An Article by JetStar, KGB Sentinel Editor

Events that lead to TM's Attack
Mafia members were frustrated by KGB's repeated victories. GuildMaster JetStar's constant taunting began to take its toll on TM GuildMaster Ranker. He realized he had to resort to more desperate measures than the one he was using. Lets review their less than honorable tactics.

After October 18ths KGB victory, KGB GM JetStar sent GM Ranker messages challenging TM to take their cemetery back. TM was largely outnumbered and outclassed, and after Rankers message of "Prepare for the Battle of your life" his offensive was overwhelmed and all of his members were killed or forced to recall. Ranker himself was killed.

Frustrated and looking defeat in the face Ranker made a deal to get the copies of the KGB Guild HQ keys from a former SS member. The KGB HQ tower contains no items of value and it is well known that it is not secure. Ranker was only able to assemble 4 members of his own guild and out of desperation was forced to call in all the filth he could muster to assist him in the attack. Of the 20 members that attacked, 4 were TM and the rest BLUE.

The Battle Begins
by Torina Marshall , KGB Sisters of Poison

I logged in to find 3 drakes loose in the tower. I called Kat and Peregrinator to come help tame and place them again. Arginal also showed up at the tower. Pere had tamed the 2nd or 3rd one and was out front with Arginal when a gate sprung up. We saw 5 blues come out of it and where curious more than worried. Well suddenly they ( I think ) attacked Arginal the same time one of them opened the door. Me and Kat sprang into action attacking the intruder and chasing him out. This persisted for a few minutes and we had managed to drive off all 5 of them. (end first wave, scouting attack)

About another half dozen KGB show up at the tower and just in time for about 6 TM blues to come back again. This time we killed 5 of the 6 and suffered no losses. This time around we also managed to realize something big was brewing. All KGB online (that I know of) managed to come to the tower along with Steihl (BHV GM) Jet cleaned out the tower so we would lose nothing and we worked out what was to do. Our BVH ally spoke that an attack was mounting in Skara and that it was going to be large. (end 2nd wave)

This is when things went a bit nutty and will be just my view due to the scale of the fight. First we saw one of the blue enemy run down and back. About 5 KGB jetted after him and then it went down hill from there. The enemy came in about 5 at a time and where ALL blue. fighting was pretty even from what I could see until the last 5 or 8 came in right in front of me. 6 ebolts and some bolts in the back later (all at once) I saw nothing but Gray. I realized we where out numbered about 20 to 15 and it was starting to show. Many KGB dropped and it was rough fighting. It took them about half an hour to get everyone either dead or recalled (most of us fought to the death).

At this point I say 2 things, Thank you to Dark Adder for saving my kryss and a round of applause to HardCash for being the last KGB standing and managing to evade being killed for so long while at the same time killing them. *bows to HardCash*

(end wave 3)

Now the TM (about 4 TM at most and the rest where blues) are ransacking the tower that had nothing in it. Kristible showed up and got killed when they came streaming out of the tower before I could tell her to run. This is about when a gate opened in front of the tower and our allies poured out of it. From here on out it was MAJOR confusion cause about 99% of the guys there I did not recognize. What finally happened was the TM and their blue allies running off like lightning and we once again had the tower with our new allies. We managed to stick with it all night and in the end did Win but it was a pricey one.

(end wave 4)

To sum it up I counted BHV, AC, CSKY, PoA, SM, and RBE and alot of solo KGB friends at the final wave. We had some straggler TM allies but they left fast enough with a force that size around. I know Ranker will brag he and the TM won, but i can not see how he could possibly see it so when:

a) we won 3 out of 4 rounds
b) only 3 or 4 TM where present when we had nearly all just our guild at the first three battles.
c) He uses bugs to crash some members in order to kill them or does a new res kill (on me) in order to count a kill on his belt.


HEADLINES for October 18th, 1998

Official End to War with The Mafia set
The Mafia can no longer hold its territory
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster and Kristable, Supreme Knight (Crimson Division)

KGB Takes Control of the Britain Cemetery at will

KGB and its allies showed their Military might in the last two days. KGB is now about to take and hold the Britain Cemetery (TM's claimed territory) for as long as it chooses. KGB has been able to push back countless attempts to regain their territory despite their blue healers, Blue thieves, and their constant tactics of leaving their GuildStone, recalling, and running. The stubborn Mafia will never accept defeat. Their members will continue to attempt hopeless attacks half dressed and weaponless. KGB's agent that is currently a member of TM said the following in a recent report, "The status of this war remains fruitless as TM remains a guild of two bit chain snatchers and petty pk thugs. TM are like a bunch of rats, there is no way of really defeating the guild, they just survive on stealing and opportunistic looting. They have poor equipment overall because they're not willing to earn it by honest effort. A guild like this is hard to hurt in any serious way, for there's no center point to kill them, you can't drain them of good weapons and armor for they don't have any. The slimy and scum always find a way to survive; TMs aren't prospering on the Pacific shard, just hustling out a meager existence, bottom fishers (most TMs are Scoundrels) of the first order. TMs often take the bone armor off corpses- that should tell you something :)." Knowing this evaluation is accurate, GuildMaster JetStar has decided to claim victory and end the conflict on Monday October 26th, 1998. This will give us an opportunity to further prove our Military superiority and put more stress on TM's war supplies.

At Midnight on Monday October 26th, 1998, KGB will remove our GuildStone from War status against The Mafia Guild. We then plan to move on to our next conquest. We do this based on the following premises:

1) KGB outnumbers TM members at least 5 to 1.

2) KGB can Control TM's claimed territory at will

3) KGB has infiltrated TM and has a active spy on their stone

4) KGB has free access to The Mafia GuildStone

Report from Lady Kristable, Supreme Knight (Crimson Division)

On the evening of Saturday 17, 1998, KGB and BHV joined forces to launch a victorious attack on the Britain Graveyard to annihilate The Mafia. The results were staggering. No one, friend or foe, could witness the success of the KGB and BHV and not at least silently applaud the valiant and well-implemented battle tactics displayed. Stone members of The Mafia had two choices, which were to fight and die or to recall. Non-stone members who thought they were safe and thought their taunts were cute and clever swallowed a few deadly spells found themselves dressed in death shrouds.

KGB GuildMasters State of the Guild Address
KGB Members recognized for their service
An Address by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

The KGB Renaissance

Good Evening KGB Members, Allies, and Friends...

The definition of Renaissance is a new birth, or revival. This is precisely what has happened to our Guild in the last month. Participation of our record 57 members is at an all time high. Retired members are returning to share in this victorious time of epoch brotherhood. KGB has truly become a large family, and that is just what I had dreamed of back in June of 1997. It is impossible for me to share the level of pride in the performance of all of you. Each and everyone of you are the reason KGB has been so successful. Let us not forget the effort of our retired veterans who helped build the Guild's foundation. Let us thank our Guild Officials for their relentless effort to further our causes. Let us also take the time to thank the members who spill their own blood on the battlefield on a daily basis to see that KGB is recognized as a force to be reakoned with. It is truly an honor to serve with you all.

The Reform

The road to reform has been a difficult one. Back on September 12th I began issuing a series of mandates that were designed to revitalize our ranks. I have been overwhelmed with the enthusiastic response from all our our members. I would like to thank everyone for their efforts. There are is a individual that has gone over and above the call of duty and should be recognized for her efforts:

Torina Marshall
The KGB GuildMasters Golden Cross
The KGB Silver Star

For her relentless push for KGB greatness. Torina has personally sponsored the most new members into KGB and has taken personal responsibility for training all new members. Torina also founded the new KGB Sisters of Poison. Torina embodies the spirit of the KGB GuildMaster Cross award and the KGB Silver Star (The KGB Armed Forces highest Honor). Congratulations Torina! (Torina has also been submitted by the GuildMaster to receive the KGB High Council Medal of Honor, KGB's highest honor)


There are many in KGB that deserve recognition for the new prosperous time KGB is enjoying, take the time to recognize a fellow member below for their service. The KGB Executive Cabinet will review these requests and grant awards based on your testimony.


KGB Award Policy states that someone (Even yourself) must send a written account of the said incident that you feel warrants an award. It is your responsibility to keep track of actions or situations that may warrant awards. You may send these accounts in any time to GM JetStar or Warlord Ardath via E-Mail or ICQ file transfer. DO NOT USE ICQ MESSAGES to send in award information. You may also use the SUBMIT NEWS feature to record this. I prefer the submit news method, as it makes for easy record of this important information

HEADLINES for October 16th, 1998

Search and Destroy
KGB performing nightly sweeps of TM
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

KGB Members are now sweeping the Britain Cemetery and other TM hangouts nightly. Watch for daily updates of the KGB offensive.





HEADLINES for October 15th, 1998

The Mafia resorts to desperate measures
TM proving to all that it has no honor
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

The Mafia taking the war outside of Pacific, KGB responds
Mafia Members resorted to spamming the KGB Guestbook. After spending over an hour cleaning up after this menace, GuildMaster JetStar ordered the rules of wartime conduct suspended. All members of KGB are authorized to fight in any fashion they choose as long as it is not considered a bug or exploit (KGB members are strict anti-cheat/bug). Here is the modified list of Guidelines:


Wartime Newsreel - Pictures from the Battlefield
KGB scored several victories that we feel prompted the dirty work by Mafia members. Here are some picture of recent kills:

TM GuildMaster Ranker casting paralyze with his Bow in hand
Decide for yourself. In this picture you can clearly see Ranker with his bow in his hand. This member of KGB did not have a chance. You can see the effects of the spell to the lower left. This is obviously the use of some sort of exploit. We would appreciate hearing from any of our readers that can tell us how this is done and if this person is indeed using a bug or exploit.


KGB Victory in Nujelm



Victory in the The Britain Cemetery
TM's Blue Healers and Tank Thieves got a taste of their own medicine tonight as KGB vanquished anyone that assisted Mafia members. KGB has been frustrated by TM members going on and off of their GuildStone. They do this to offer their members who are on the stone an unfair advantage. The Mafia not on the stone heal the members that are and the KGB cannot attack these persons because they are "Blue". Tonight despite the "Blue" status, KGB members attacked and killed them anyway. TM members also have thieves that are not on the stone that try to steal from KGB members while in battle.

HEADLINES for October 11th, 1998

KGB Paladin update
An Article by Brother Raging Wolf, Order of the KGB Paladins

I would like to take this time out to welcome the newest members to the order of the Paladins. Brother Weiland , Brother Deadly Arse , and Brother Kenwood. A time of rebuilding for the brotherhood was apon us. With several of are senior members retired and moving onto to other worlds, are ranks had thined out some. The two remaining Paladins, Aror and Raging Wulf were not as active as they once were , and we decided that it was time to expand are ranks. We invited those that we thought would be worthy to up hold the rank of a Paladin. All the members , retired and active , voted on their admittance, and they were welcomed into the brotherhood with open arms. If you see these members around. Please take the time out and congratulate them for they deserve it.   With are ranks now up in numbers. I am hoping that once again we can go forth into the lands and conquer all that is evil. Also, it is a honor for me to welcome back Brother Havok. He has choosen to come out of retirement and continue with the battle against the evil that rots are great land. So, from all of the Paladins , welcome to are brotherhood and may you continue to fight for the glory and honor that is KGB..

Visit The Black Hand of Vesper

The Black Hand of Vesper is a strong supporter of KGB and its mission. Stop is and see their recent victories! GuildMaster Steihl runs a tight ship..

Adventuring with Lady Kristable
An Article by Kristable, Supreme Knight, Order of the KGB Crimson Knights

Adventuring in Wrong

KGB was shining brightly today even in the bowels of the nasty dungeon Wrong. A small group led by High Knight Kristible embarked on a mission to expire the lives of evildoers, enhance team performance, and gain some plunder. She was accompanied by Druss, Wildcard, Tybalt and Hellfire. A formidable force, even after Kristible’s misgate, the squad arrived at Wrong just in time to chase a TM to recall. That nuisance put aside, the next task was to conquer the troll room. Trolls were quickly dispatched left and right. Feeling warmed up and ready for another challenge, the companions made their way down to the second level to engage ettins and more trolls. This proved to be more difficult because there were so many of the foul creatures, but everyone fearlessly joined the melee. Those monsters dispatched, it was decided that the fight should continue down the hall where the ettins spawn, but there was another group of able warriors who had that situation under control. The group unanimously decided to continue down the main vein of the filthy place to do battle with the ogres and ogre lords, when a few more TM were discovered. Tybalt made a wise decision to recall when sorely pressed and soon after another TM was forced by the valiant group to follow suit. Being surrounded by ogre lords, uncertain of how many TM were still in the dungeon, and being a member short, the group was requested to recall and regroup forces and distribute the spoils. The group successfully implemented healing techniques and staying together. Due to these tactics, not one KGB member fell. This was a shining event for KGB.

The Adventure continues in Rat Valley

After their successful run to the dungeon Wrong, KGB was warmed up and ready to do battle with more enemies, particularly the TM who are despised so much. It was proposed that TM be hunted in the graveyard or even possibly in the town of Britain itself. But due to the fact that there were only five members, it seemed like the graveyard would be a death trap. And worse still, only three out of the five members were on the stone, forcing the non-stone members to be reduced to blue healers in town fighting. Not wanting to sink to the TM’s level, it was decided that the companions would go to Rat Valley to rid the chaotic place of vile murderers. Again led by High Knight Kristible, Druss, Wildcard, Tybalt and Hellfire bravely set off. Shortly after arriving, the brave warriors happened to come across TM’s Jebediah standing over our own Jaco’s corpse. Enraged by the grisly scene, the group made short work of cutting Jebediah down. Jaco was then resurrected and healed, as many of his belongings returned to him as possible. The hunt was brought to its conclusion when Kristible unexpectedly was forced to recall due to an outside act of nature (something called a long distance telephone call). This was another extremely successful event. No KGB lives were lost, of those above mentioned who were part of the original party. Again, success was due to excellent implementation of staying together as a group and healing techniques. Glory to KGB!

The End is near for The Mafia
Relentless infiltration and Military attacks promise to soon end the war
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster
Pictures and Evaluation provided by The KGB Guild Secret Service

After almost two months of bloodshed, it seems another KGB victory is at hand. Recent KGB Armed Forces attacks have been successful. KGB Guild Secret Service has successfully installed Members into the TM Guild itself. This link is destroying The Mafia Guild from the inside out. The information provided by this infiltrator helps plan attacks and to keep track of Mafia members at all times.

Ranker, Mafia "Godfather" GuildMaster has claimed that there is no way that KGB could have infiltrated his Guild. In recent communication with many of The Mafia's members GuildMaster JetStar said he would provide the name of the infiltrator. Several challenges have been issued. We here at KGB would like to offer proof to our opponents that we do indeed have a Agent that is a current Member of their Guild.

Only Mafia members have access to this information


Another Shot from The Mafia's Guildstone utilities

We here at KGB have decided to make the most recent intelligence report public. It is listed below:

KGB GSS Report 09 October 1998 Agent XX

The status of this war remains fruitless as TM remains a guild of two bit chain snatchers and petty pk thugs. TM are like a bunch of rats, there is no way of really defeating the guild, they just survive on stealing and opportunistic looting. They have poor equipment overall because they're not willing to earn it by honest effort. A guild like this is hard to hurt in any serious way, for there's no center point to kill them, you can't drain them of good weapons and armor for they don't have any. The slimy and scum always find a way to survive; TMs aren't prospering on the Pacific shard, just hustling out a meager existence, bottom fishers (most TMs are Scoundrels) of the first order. TMs often take the bone armor off corpses- that should tell you something :). It is clear based on some observations that Ranker wishes KGB to war PoA as the stress of continued relentless KGB attacks is wearing them down. PoA is mostly embroiled in Chaos/Order warfare; TM isn't getting much attention from PoA anymore. Ranker's neurosis showed itself by whimsically switching in the past weekend from regular guild to Chaos then to Order then back to standard. Multiple TMs became disgruntled about this and have since not been seen much in the Graveyard.  The stress of KGB attacks is causing their GuildMaster to do unwise things and he and the guild are suffering for it. None the less, value remains in continuing a low level of tactical and strategic intelligence that only an infiltrator can provide- passing on the occasional key and location of a house to be used by GSS. I have yet to need to attack or kill KGB members, the level of oversight in TM is enormous.

HEADLINES for October 8th, 1998

An Open Challenge to Cry for Dawn
KGB GuildMaster finished talking
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

Once again Cry for Dawn has been up to his lies again much to the disgust of the KGB GuildMaster. KGB defeated Cry for Dawns resistance on June 15th 1998 (See Sentinel Archives for more detail [CFD Declared War on May 30th]). The KGB GuildMaster has become so disgusted in fact that he is offering an open invitation to him.

Cry for Dawn, I personally challenge you as leader of The Resistance to declare war on KGB. After a close examination of the KGB code and our mission statement, I have decided its persons like yourself that the KGB was built to eliminate. Your constant lies and claims to fame are disgusting. If you look closely Cry, your the laughing stock of Pacific. If you dont believe me ask around.

Id like to ask all of our readers to their personal opinion about CFD. I will post all your opinions as long as you have a valid address for return E-Mail (Yahoo or Hot Mail is not acceptable). Lets see if im the only one who feels this way. use the icon below.

Let see your Top Ten Lists today!

Here is JetStar's Cry for Dawn Top Ten Biggest Lies:

Number 10 : "Im the best PvP fighter on Pacific, and I have never lost"
Number 9 : "I have spies in KGB" Muwahahahahahah! sorry...
Number 8 : "I have 102 Strength and 102 Intelligence"
Number 7 : "I know I quit, but I got 250 Emails from people asking me to stay" Bah! Hahahahahahah sorry....
Number 6 : "I can kill anyone in two hits from my bow"
Number 5 : "I dont PK"
Number 4 : "People like me"
Number 3 : "The resistance started with 1205 members" AaaaaaaaaaaaAHAHAahahahah! sorry again..
Number 2 : "I dont cheat or use bugs"
Number 1 : "I dont lie"

Mafia Offensive Smashed
KGB scores another stunning victory
An Article by Brother Raging Wulf, Order of the KGB Paladins

We were gathered at the KGB tower for Drek's magic/resist/PVP training event. All was going well. We were working on raising are magery skill and some members were sparring off to the side. Drek decided it was time for us to go upstairs to do a 4 on 4 battle. So off we went. Teams were set up and the count was given. Needless to say, I was not on Drek's team and well I died. Does not help that are side only had 3 members.. While we were standing around waiting to rez the dead, one of the members yelled out that they saw a TM down below. We ran to the edge and saw him standing under a tree. A few of the members attacked him , but he was able to get away. We continued on with the rezing. About 10 minutes later, a large group of TM's arrived at the tower. They were milling around at the bottom waiting for us I assume. Drek decided that we all recall  to T2 restock if need be, then gate back to the tower and kill every last one of them. While we were in the middle of gating, someone yelled out that there were TM on the road infront of the bank. We all went into action at that time. One TM teleported onto the bank roof, why, I have no idea , needless to say , he died rather fast. We descended to the road and continued with the battle. Several more TM fell to are might. The group stuck together , and put to use what they have learned in the past little while. We only lost one member , and I do believe it was do to a comp crash. All in all , KGB scored a rather impressive victory over the TM.

KGB HQ just before the attack

The Battle in Trinsic

The Aftermath

Run Forest Run!

HEADLINES for October 5th, 1998

The Mafia pays a heavy price for Order/Chaos shift
KGB Victory in Britain Cemetery
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

The Mafia decided to remove themselves from the Order/Chaos conflict there by damaging their GuildStone yet again just before KGB members attacked the Britain Cemetery. KGBers appeared blue to TM members giving them no chance to retaliate. TM blood was spilled everywhere.

On a different note, the KGB GuildMaster has received several messages from TM members. GM JetStar will attempt to answer these questions below:

Question #1: "You know Jetstar you are the biggest lamer/MORON ive ever seen in my life how could you believe thats the real ImaNewbie i can make a char named that infact someone did I remember about 3 months ago I saw ImaNewbie at the cem to be honest that is the same ImaNewbie that just joined your lamer guild and I must say whoever writes this [Censored] here is dumb" -TM's Darkmage

Answer #1: "Well since you dont believe me, why not go to ImaNewbies site yourself, E-Mail Tryon yourself and ask him. After he tells you the truth then you can consider yourself "the biggest lamer/MORON youve ever seen in your life" JetStar -KGB GuildMaster

Question #2: "There is no way in hell you have a spy in our guild" Ranker, TM GuildMaster

Answer #2: "Unlike the well known compulsive liar Cry for Dawn, I will produce the Agents name in a detailed report very soon in this paper, and I'll bet 5,000 gold that your going to be shocked, surprised, and humiliated as the KGB GSS has done to you so many times before" JetStar KGB GuildMaster

Here are the latest pictures submitted to the GuildMaster for Order of the KGB award credit.

GuildMaster Rankers falls

Tough night for TM's Hellmonger

TM's USAF didn't do much better

New pictures of past TM Kills


GSED Declared s Success
KGB Members turn out in force for Guild Sponsored Events Division's Training and Hunting Missions
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

The GSED has been a great success. GSED Training meets have been being held every night with a great turn out of KGB new and old. Members share their fighting experience and sharpen their PvP abilities. GSED Sponcered hunt have been a complete success!

The GSED Page is in the process of being secured and no events will be posted on the Calendar until that has been accomplished. Keep your eyes on the Meeting Hall and keep you ICQ online for the latest event information.

Members remember, you must use the APPLY FOR GSED CREDIT option on the GSED page to receive credit on your permanent record. If you have any questions you can contact Prime Minister Thorn Wolfbane at

HEADLINES for October 3rd, 1998

Imanewbie Joins KGB
Another Great Meeting! Welcome Imanewbie
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

Days like this come just a few times in a century! Go visit Imanewbie's Cartoon site at


On December 21st, 1970 Elvis met President Nixon in RL:


On October 3rd, 1998 Imanewbie met KGB GuildMaster JetStar in UO:

HEADLINES for October 1st, 1998

KGB Flexes it's Muscles
Young and Old KGB Members Join together for a Classic KGB Hunt
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster
Pictures by KGB Guild Secret Service

*This is a GSED Event, if you took part in it, use the GSED Credit Option to be recognized on your permanent record*

On a day when four Veteran KGB members returned to our world and the rest of the members that were awake were hungry for action, a diverse group of KGB set out on the war path. GSS surveillance reported in from the Britain Cemetery. Members of The Mafia had made the decision to make change their Guild to honor the Virtue of Order. This opened them up to relentless attacks from POA and other guilds that honor the Virtue of Chaos. Badly outnumbered and surrounded, Mafia members made a brave stand to protect the Cemetery they call home. The superior numbers on the Chaos side slaughtered TM forcing their remaining numbers to recall. TM managed to hold on through many attacks. GuildMaster Ranker was able to rally his men and the Chaos side could not seem to finish them off. Here are some pictures from the battlefield:

Order vs. Chaos Bloodbath at Britain Cemetery

TM and the Order Cause suffer heavy loses

The KGB force was assembled and ready at a preset location. GuildMaster JetStar said "I was in command of the kind of force that I have not seen in a long time. Some of the best members of all the different Military units, Vets and new officers, and the largest showing of the KGB Paladins since the July 20th retirement. My confidence was high. The GSS warned me to stay out of the cemetery, that is was a bloodbath and that TM had suffered heavy loses and was forced to recall. But they said Ranker, USAF, and two other TM members were in the Cemetery and it seemed to be between battles. I decided this was our time to strike if we wanted to kill ranker. I gave the order to attack despite the GSS warnings to stay away. Catching the TM off guard we surprised them with 20 KGB members storming the graveyard. Unknown to us at the time, the Order declaration by TM had cause a bug with War status. TM members later said that KGB members appeared "Blue" to them and they could only run or risk being "grey" in a shark tank of killers. Superior numbers of KGB did their jobs quickly. I was very proud."

Here are some highlights from the KGB attack.......

An unprepared USAF falls to members of the Crimson Knight Division

Black Knights and the KGB Cavalry Terminate TM GM Ranker

KGB Paladins Patrol the Perimeter prepared for interference

After we withdrew I spoke to Mafia GM Ranker about the situation. We agreed that KGB would cease hostilities until the GuildStone situation could be resolved. We are in the process of trying to solve this situation.

Several Members of the KGB strike force decided to Shame and hunt for Murderers. SBAXTER attacked us several times as well as a group of 5 PKers. the KGB forced was able to remain healthy and intact. It was truly a knight to remember.

KGB Members in Shame

First GSED Event a Success
Ghost Knights Commander Drek organizes PvP training
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

Member who attended will receive their first GSED Ribbon (you receive your second at 11, then 21 and so on) Members should go to the GSED Page and use the Apply for Credit option. You will not be credited unless you file a request for credit. Stay tuned for more of these events. The GSED page will not post any events until the password security is fixed. Check the Meeting Hall for latest events. You can also use the Submit event feature to share your ideas about new events.

The first GSED event went well. All who arrived got to partake in some good PvP training. Stay tuned for more similar events.

This is the GSED ribbon for attendance of up to 10 events

Brother Havok Returns
KGB now has 5 Active Paladins
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

There has been a very recent revival of the KGB Paladins. Members of the Paladins were known for their fierce PvP tactics. On July 20th, 1998 the majority of the KGB Paladins retired leaving only Brother Raging Wulf and Brother Aror. There numbers have grown again, so watch the battlefields for the famous white robe and red aprin.


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