September 1999 - November 1999


HEADLINES for November 25th, 1999

Massacre in the Swamp Stiffens KGB Resolve
Training exercise turns into a pitched battle for survival
Article by: Evak Vos'x , KGB Foreign Minister

(Seige Perilous - The Swamp) Last night, KGB forces gathered to practice military maneuvers with guild newbies and veterans. The purpose of the event was to teach newer members group combat techniques, following battlefield commands, and field discipline. Unfortunately, the training became all too real as a surprise attack by a huge force of Pks overwhelmed our unsuspecting exercise.
(Above) Dividing up into Teams for Training
(Left) The devastating element of surprise
(Left) The death toll was 70%
Many KGB fought bravely allowing many of the guild trainees and squires escape to the safety of the HQ but a high price was paid. Only two members survived the attack - a mage and a master hider. KGB Warlord Vuldan said the PK guilds of SP will be merciless on KGB because of our Constitution and beliefs in the Virtues. "It is painfully apparent that the evil's of the shard will band together to attempt to destroy the one shining light at the end of the tunnel. And in so doing...they begin to awaken the sleeping Dragon," said Warlord Vuldan.

Many famed and experienced KGB officers from Pacific are horrified by the gauntlet of evil that surrounds their Seige Perilous brothers and sisters. The blood spilled from our struggling order has moved many to action. General Colin of KGB-Pacific has asked for all Pacific members to create characters on Seige Perilous and join the fight. "My guild needs me. I call upon us all, myself included, to take 1 month active leave from Pacific, and join SP. One month will not hurt your pacific standings. It will not make you a Avatar on Siege either, but it will be a mighty blow to the forces of evil on SP". The mighty Thomas has also heard and become angered by the Swamp Training Massacre. "You can count me in... I hate to see the KGB be in any more pain then need be... I'll make my way to KGB public house and meet up with some members in order to get added to the stone...".

Warlord Vuldan addressed the guild and asked for volunteers to aid their brothers and sisters on Seige Perilous, "I am openly calling...each and every one of you who has ever considered coming to Seige Perilous, to make the move now. All I ask is that you heed my cry, our cry, and come to Seige. We need you, your skills and your experience. The KGB is well known throughout the shards. We have drawn the attention of some of the most vicious lamers and PK's from every shard, and we stand at the very brink. We need each of you to come grab hold of the rope and pull us back".

The Usual Suspects (Those that were pictured many photos were lost)

KGB Champion Thor Joins the SP Struggle
Lord Thor rejuvenates the spirit and strength of the struggling KGB-SP
Article by: Evak Vos'x , KGB Foreign Minister

(Seige Perilous - KGB HQ) KGB Champion Thor, from the the Pacific KGB, announced his commitment to Seige Perilous and his contribution to our struggle against overwhelming odds of Evil. Thor will be one of the first High Ranking KGB veterans from Pacific to make the switch to SP since the original crossing months earlier. His announcement sent a wave of renewed hope and determination through the ranks of KGB-SP. Although Thor has not resigned his post on Pacific he plans to give SP a hand and some needed leadership.

Knight-Captain, Champion, Thor

KGB GuildMaster Jetstar was pleased about Champion Thor's decision. "I am proud to see some of KGB's most famous veterans heeding the call to come to SP. SP is where their skills are most needed and I invite all Pacific Members to join us" said Jetstar.

KGB's Paradox Thorn was thrilled about Thor's decision, "THOR shows the kind of dedication and hard work that sets the standard for the KGB knight. Never have I seen such selfless acts of bravery and steadfast devotion."

KGB's Evak Vos'x said "The effects from an experienced veteran like Thor on SP can not be calculated. The boost in morale, spirit, and leadership from his help is worth more than all the Gold in Deceit".

GSS Agent Khail was excited about Thor's decision, "I'm very excited to have THOR on SP with us, he contributes a lot of hard work to our cause and I couldn't ask for a better man by my side. I know he wasn't to excited about leaving Pac at first, but he seems to be thriving in the more difficult and challenging arena that SP provides".

KGB's Master Knight Reldon was proud of Thor, " KGB shall once again rise to it's prominence with more and more of our brethren from our home shard coming over."

Gideon Darkbane AKA Thor

Evak Vos'x Interviewing Gideon Darkbane

(Vos'x - Thor Interview)

Vos'x - Why did you decide to finally retire from Pac and Join the struggle on Seige Perilous? 

Thor - Well I haven't officially retired from Pacific, I still hold title of Knight Captain there, but I spend most of my time on SP now. The reason why is because Guild war is so meaningless on Pacific now days. There are so few reds to hunt and if you win a guild war you are just fighting the same guys the next day in a different guild. 

Vos'x - Do you think SP is any different?

Thor - On SP its a new challenge from developing your character, to fighting the best from all the shards, On pacific its artificially controlled with stat loss etc. Here Antis can make a difference I believe.

Vos'x - What role do you see for yourself on Seige Perilous? 

Thor - My experience with guild wars and hunting reds can be a weapon for KGB in the war against our enemies.

Vos'x - What are some of the good things about the KGB-SP and what can we improve upon? 

Thor - Good is the strong bond of brotherhood from Pacific as a base. Second, is the leadership of Jetstar. Third, is our philosophy. Fourth is our bravery and dedication to our cause. We can improve our skills and train to become better PvP. BUT PvP individually wont cut it, we must perform better in groups. On pacific it was very PvP oriented and while we had large scale battles in guild war there was still allot of dueling and one on one action. Here on SP I have never seen a PK alone so we must learn to fight better in group size.

Vos'x - What role does KGB need to play in recruitment from SP and from Pac? Considering most Guilds (PK guilds) have active 15+ members, KGB are always fighting against large odds... 

Thor - Well right now, KGB is at a crossroads, In my opinion there is little left for KGB to do on pacific given the nature of SP. SP really is where KGB should be regardless of how hard it may be to leave our pacific characters behind. Sure we can fight the same old guild war under a different name but really what's the point anymore? By and large we have been fighting the same old lamers, evils etc. In guild war over and over again and to be honest it has become stale and old. Unless you have a PK army of 10 to 15 actually fielded against you, KGB on pacific does fine in even numbers all the time. So what we need is for SP to develop their characters more fully, play in teams of about 5 and do hit and run guerrilla warfare if need be. I think we shouldn't recruit to heavily on SP until we are satisfied with our combat readiness otherwise those that we recruit for hunting reds will soon become bored if they have nothing to do. 

KGB's Lord Vydor Scores!
The editors of the sentinel have decided to celebrate Vydors first Pk kill
Article by: Evak Vos'x , KGB Foreign Minister

(Seige Perilous - Britain Moongate) Lord Vydor, a recent Seige Perilous arrival still early out of the training pits, nabbed his first baddie yesterday. The KGB Sentinel would like to thank Lord Vydor on his first blood and hopes his career on SP continues to shine. This particular nasty character decided to attack our brave hero Vydor and found a nasty suprise waiting for his crime (KGB training). "At first I thought, take my newbie butt and run for the moongate, but then I said screw it I am not gonna go down without a fight! So I grabbed my katana and charged in to prevent him from casting. Within minutes he fell to my superior speed and skill at arms! Too bad he was traveling light, I could have used more supplies......" Lord Vydor of KGB.

KGB Before and After Shots

(Left) A few weeks ago, the Babe in the woods Vydor, in training.

(Left) Last night, the Lion in mouse clothing.....

Way to go Vydor! Excellent.

HEADLINES for November 18th, 1999

A Moment of Silence for a fallen Comrade
Retired long time KGB member Slash passes away in RL
Article by: JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

(All Shards - All Games) In late 1997, and through early 1999, KGB members came together to form what I consider to be the second generation of KGB.  The first being the original Tanarus KGB.  We were a close knit group, a family.  During this time I met a player named Slash.  He was brought in an sponsored by some of the ranking officers at the time.  Slash was a believer in the KGB code and our mission of Justice.  He always was quick to help and a caring good friend.  Slash was stricken with a RL illness and in June of 1998 he was forced to retire.  In February of 1999 he returned to KGB service and our family once more.  Slash retired permanently in May of 1999 when a group of KGB members left to form a new guild called "The Arcane Order" TAO.
Slash passed away on the 16th of cancer.  He will be missed in our world and in RL.  I would like to say it was an honor to serve with brother Slash and an honor to know such a special individual.
GuildMaster JetStar retires Brother Slashes KGB Uniform Sash

Siege Perilous: An Ally For All Seasons
Wa'Shod Sar'Kwel's Rome D'Avarte always appears when the need is great
Article by: Evak Vos'x, KGB Foreign Minister (Siege Perilous)

(Seige Perilous - The Swamp) A warm thank you goes out to Rome De'Avarte and the W'S guild for carrying out the best principles of truth and justice. The Imperium and the Angels of Death, are often heard complaining about the damage and frustration caused by the followers of Wa'Shod Sar'Kwell. To the surprise of KGB trainees in our HQ, two gray thieves were stalking the training grounds trying to gain access through our doors. Since all KGB veterans were in far away lands, all the KGB squires and tradesmen could do, was hold the fort until help arrived. That help was quick in coming, but from an unexpected visitor - Rome De'Avarte, who appeared suddenly and slew the two criminals.

"Think on the bright side, at least you didn't get murder counts", Rome De'Avarte said to the two wannabe criminals. Perhaps they will reform? - Nay, states Rome, they will move to easier ground and continue to end up like this.

In T2A, Rome can constantly be seen chasing after fleeing murderers. One of the most popular exercises of the W'S, is to assist the morally and evilly challenged of Seige Perilous. KGB salutes the Seige Perilous social workers! The W'S are the true agents of social change in Brittania, reminding all those baddies, that there are indeed consequences to their wicked actions.

Rome De'Avarte in true form, selfless and dedicated. A true warrior of the virtues.

Siege Perilous: KGB Attacked on Every Front
Evils see KGB as a threat to their planned domination of Seige Perilous
Article by: Evak Vos'x, KGB Foreign Minister (Siege Perilous)

(Seige Perilous - The Swamp)Never in the history of KGB has so many Evil players attempted to stamp out the knights of our revered order. The letters KGB have become the rallying cry of every evil player that stalks the land. KGB's new HQ is under constant raids and attacks by some of the most notorious killers in Seige Perilous - The Pluggers, The Foo Jackin Pimps, Angels of Death, The Undead Lords, and the Imperium. "We are a threat to their evil way of life," said GuildMaster Jetstar "They must destroy us now, while we are weak or they will be destroyed in the end". Warlord Vuldan of the KGB declared, "Even now we sacrifice our lives to much superior troops and firepower and remain undaunted in our duty".

With the faith of the KGB firmly dedicated to the KGB Constitution and our code, the Knights of Glory and Beer have begun to slowly fight back. KGB Warlord Vuldan IronHand has added a renewed emphasis on training and discipline to meet the advanced forces of some of UO's most powerful Evil Guilds. Changes to the military structure are being discussed and war options are constantly being debated and evaluated. KGB Foreign Minister Evak Vos'x stated "We are on the right track despite the slow speed of our training, its going to take a little bit more time and then we will make them remember, with deep regret- the days when they attacked us". GM Jetstar told Vos'x after one defeat against the forces of Evil to "remember this day" because in the end, we will have our revenge.

(Left) The Imperium showing the world that their allegiance is not to some Emperor, but to the forces of darkness. GM Jetstar and GSS Minister Khail had always suspected that this was their true path despite their pleas and protests otherwise.
(Below) The Newbie killers Amon Chakai and Fuhgur meeting the KGB. GSS sources tell us that Amon Chakai (formerly of DC) was expelled because of his lameness and weak skills. Apparently, the Pluggers have no such restrictions on their membership.

"Run Pks, Ruuun!" Already, this has become a familiar site.

HEADLINES for November 14th, 1999

Siege Perilous: A Knight to Remember
KGB's Arrakis Khan answered the call to battle from SP's City of Coventry
Article by: Evak Vos'x, KGB Foreign Minister (Siege Perilous)

(Seige Perilous - Coventry)Last night an urgent call for assistance went out across the land. The Orcs were mounting an invasion of the good city of Coventry to stamp out the followers of the virtues. KGB Knight Arrakis Khan answered that summons and dressed for war. The battle reached epic proportions and thanks to Knight Khan's appearance, the Knights of Glory and Beer were represented honorably in this great conflict. Congratulations are in order to Coventry for repelling the evil attack, and a commendation is certainly warranted for brave Arrakis Khan for representing the guild in the best of light.

(Report from Arrakis Khan)

[Last night] I received a call from Pinoy Aswang, my good friend and GM of MoB (Merchants of Brittania), that reports pointed to an assault by the ORCs was to take place near the mines north of Minoc [Coventry] Recognizing the event as a battle against evil, I arrived at the scene immediately.When I arrived at the scene a few guilds have already joined and were awaiting the ORCs to make their attack. These guilds included the MoB, DoJ, Yew, BLD, Ni!, and -R-.

After about 20 minutes of waiting, the ORCs appear in massive numbers in the mine! The defenders quickly rushed to the mine before the ORCs could get out--

Approximately 15 minutes of battle took place as the narrowness of the mine entrance actually came to the ORCs' advantage. Both sides exchanged heavy fire. Eventually the ORC line fell and the good forces gained entrance to the mine---

The forces of good declared victory, and many left thinking the war was over... Nay! The ORCs came back within a matter of minutes with reinforcements from UDL! During the desperate attempt to react to the sudden attack, I was unable to take any screen shots, but as you will see in the following pictures, the forces of good were able to unite once again, this time defeating the joint force of the ORCs and the UDL-

The battlefield was covered by the remains of those who underestimated the power of the good-- A little side note: AoD was there as well, but I don't recall seeing them do anything but looting =). The forces of good joined together and eliminated the evil forces which could have very well taken over the town of Minoc if they were not stopped. Thank you, brave warriors.

Editor's Note: I want to thank A.K. for using the communications service of the Department of State. Without his chronicles of last night's great event, I fear it would never have become general knowledge. This service is available to all KGB members and KGB allies - please use it. Want to celebrate getting your first PK kill? Obtaining a Grandmaster status? Let us know!

Department of State - Communications

Siege Perilous: The Lamer Drought Is Over
Nothing lasts forever, Noto-Pks terrorize Delucia
Article by: Evak Vos'x, KGB Foreign Minister (Siege Perilous)

(Seige Perilous - Delucia)A group of evils are currently terrorizing the good adventurers of Delucia. Although they are relatively weak - they usually attack with odds 3 on 1, too much for most experienced fighters and overkill for new warriors. This group attacks people outside the gates and then wait outside for a time before charging inside to finish the job. Evak Vos'x gave healing aid to a warrior attacked by these three criminals. The good man luckily escaped but I did not. These three res-killed me four times and then continued to slam KGB and anyone else willing to listen. The d33wds have finally arrived and KGB must act to stamp out their lives - regardless of color (blue or red). Amazingly enough, they tell every warm and cold body within earshot that they are Anti-Pks.
They are very eloquent and well spoken, a common trait among lamers
They were saddened to not get that fifth res kill and then claimed they declared war on us. I replied "First who are you? Second, what declaration? Third, go declare now and we will accept within 10 minutes." Of course they left with no more taunts or responses (and no declaration).
We went 5 minutes later (after prompt KGB reinforcements) and the tough and experienced crew who laughed about our fear of them, quickly vanished.

Siege Perilous: KGB's Newest Dynamic Duo
Chyld and Streak bring Magery and more PvP experience to the growing SP arsenal
Article by: Evak Vos'x, KGB Foreign Minister (Siege Perilous)

(Seige Perilous - The Swamp)Just wanted to welcome our newest wizards Chyld and Streak. Chyld and Streak were well known PvP opponents on the Pacific Shard (by different names) and both are fantastic additions to the KGB-SP legacy. KGB-SP is growing slowly in power, but with PvP experts joining KGB (like these two) from all around the Pacific shard - our experience and power will soon be felt around the world!

The Sorceress Chyld - The Wizard Streak

HEADLINES for November 6th, 1999

Siege Perilous: KGB trudges ahead despite numerous obstacles
The IMPERIUM and Angels of Death try to hinder KGB Progress
Article by: JetStar, KGB GuildMaster and Evak Vos'x, KGB Foreign Minister (Siege Perilous)

New KGB Headquarters

KGB Siege Perilous Members rallied their funds and with a large donation from the KGB Treasury were able to purchase their new Headquarters, factory, training center, and pub (KGB Stout floweth). The KGB Store will still remain in it's original position do to the high traffic that passes it each day.

Siege Perilous KGB Store at Trinsic South Gate

KGB has not tangled with the IMPERIUM because of the proximity of the new HQ. It is a time for KGB to focus on it's skills and team work before we pursue our code and justice. KGB advances have not come without difficulty. KGB forces patrolling the area around the new HQ have tangled with forces of the Angels of Death (AoD). AoD is far ahead of KGB in skills and numbers. After a KGB team killed a AoD red, a AoD strike force attacked the new HQ. The attack was quick and brutal with KGB taking many casualties. Because the HQ serves as a training center as well as many other functions, the members present lacked the skills to protect themselves. Currently a cease fire with the AoD and surrounding Guilds is underway. Please read Foreign Minister Evak Vos'x's report on the situations (These original reports and detailed illustrations can be found on the KGB Siege Perilous Department of State Website)

(Siege Perilous-Trinsic) The Knights of Glory and Beer upgraded there Headquarters to a new Large Smithy complete with a dock, four rooms including a patio. The new HQ has been one of the goals of KGB-SP, with members frantically working and saving for over three weeks.
On placing the house, many hours were spent making the new HQ ready for operations and many of explored our new lands. To our surprise Brothers in Honor (BiH) had just built a tower directly to our North and the Knights of Ni (Ni!) were placed to our East.
Both of these guilds are organizations that value justice and the virtues. BiH and Ni! were kind enough to promptly come over and welcome us to the land.

(Siege Perilous-The Swamp) Following the KGB battle with AoD and allies yesterday, talks are under way to bring KGB into the Swamp Peace Treaty. Four guilds currently inhabit the Swamp (located north of Trinsic), the guilds are Brotherhood in Honor (BiH), The Knights of Ni! (Ni!), The Knights of Glory and Beer (KGB), and the Angels of Death (AoD).
Only AoD is an evil PK guild the rest are of good alignment. The BiH and AoD made an agreement early in the game where they would fight as usual in Dungeons and around the globe except at home.
Fireball, Guildmaster of BiH wrote: "I therefore humbly suggest that you [cease all] hostilities in the Swamp with immediate effect. If one of you is killed, don't go round to their house with a Posse... it'll just be some idiot disobeying orders, or who has not yet heard of the Swamp Peace Treaty!"
Mil, Guildmaster of AoD had this to say to BiH (spelling corrections added), "your neighbors below your is going to ruin the peace in the swamp they been squatting our forge and have a ghost scout in our place often they also use allot of un-guilded blues tell them to back off -this is second night I had to go to there place and whack all them these wisps and horses just don't want to see innocents get killed over there bullshit games they want a fight go to a dungeon there's plenty off fights out there IM just hoping u can talk sense in these fools but my next step is to be a pain the ass to them and send my thieves and stealthers down there to jack there forge thanks for your time."
JetStar informed the BiH and Ni! of the actions and our proof of wrong doing concerning AoD. However, the BiH state that while they are strongly Anti, having some small peace at home is worth it. The BiH fights AoD abroad just not at home where their close proximity would cause constant bloodshed.
Fireball says "AoD have stated that they wish to extend this agreement to include KGB and we at BiH hope that you will honor all our wishes to keep the Swamp free from warfare which is best kept in the dungeons, far from home."
At this time no decision has been reached. Expectations are, however, that the KGB will join the Swamp Peace Treaty and all hostilities shall cease in our own back yard. Our neighbors are pleased with the results of the Treaty and KGB may follow suit.

HEADLINES for November 4th, 1999

The Great OPP Cover-up
OPP GM Jackal tries to cover up defecting members and the departure of NightMare Clan (NC)
Article by: JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

Several OPP members are now going through the KGB Membership process. They have also included several pictures of the OPP Guild roster to prove their willingness to join KGB:

Maybe this is Jackal's problem?

Jackal has been unable to raise a force large enough to challenge superior KGB forces in recent days following the recent departure of the NC (Nightmare Clan) from the OPP Guildstone. GM Jackal is doing his best to cover up the departure of NC and try to turn it into some sort of warped victory. He posted this in the KGB Public Forum:

by Jackal posted 11/3/99 2:02:04 AM
NC left the stone because KGB doesn't even fight anymore. If we're beat where the hell is KGB? Put up a fight or save us the time and undeclare. I'm sick of fighting a non existent war.

You can see he is starting to lean towards undeclaration as his demoralized and outnumbered forces suffer loss after loss. As for the departure of NC. Here is a quote from an NC member as an example of why they left:

Anonymous NightMare Clan Member (Name withheld by request)
I was killed at Occolo during a battle with KGB. I asked 4 guys in OPP if they could lend me 1 of each recall regs because my supply from the bank was dry. Ignoring me, the 4 guys simply recalled. They didn't say a word. I don't believe that is what a guild or an alliance is about. One of my best friends is XXXXXXXX. I am sure some of you know him. He knew I was upset with OPP and asked me if we should resign. I have fought my last battle in defense of OPP.

Once again you can see Jackal in denial. With his guild crumbling before him, perhaps it is time to start negotiating surrender. Jackal can still save his Guild, but odds are that he will not consider such an option and allow his guild to be completely destroyed With the coming acceptance of some of OPP's active members into KGB, we will see what outrageous lies be plans to discount this most embarrassing of situations. I am sure that Jackal will sober up as he is struck down by his own former members. You can bet your paycheck that we will be there with the full story and the pictures!

KGB Night Commander Michael sums it up like this:
I might as well just cut and paste yesterday's battle synopsis.  Yet again, KGB was running around with about 7 guys and OPP failed to organize to fight us.  It's not like they didn't have the people on, it's just that they are in such disarray that they never managed to all be at the same place at the same time.
Although at first when we showed up on the scene, BD was already there.  The rest of the evening was just KGB recalling around looking for OPP.  Whenever we saw them, they ran in the house or recalled.  (Props go out to Chief Magua, who did make an honest effort to fight despite the fact that he always faced poor odds and no OPP support.)

HEADLINES for November 2nd, 1999

The End is Near for OPP's War effort
Recruited allies leave OPP stone in disgust
Article by: JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

KGB GSS Operatives on the OPP stone have reported the systematic breakdown of OPP. Seems Jackal's worst enemy is himself as the Nightmare Clan leaves the OPP stone disgusted. OPP's numbers have dropped to 51 and are expected to drop even futhrer as the last of the NC members leave. Stop in and see the latest at:

KGB Knight Commander Michael had the following to say about OPP's current status:
"I think the end is near.  I could be wrong, of course.  OPP could very well recruit some new guys and make yet another comeback.  But in my opinion, this one's "in the bag".  That is not to say that I think OPP will go quietly (In fact, I think the excuses will fly as fast and furious as ever), nor do I think they will undeclare.  I think their members will slowly start leaving the stone until only a handful remain to carry on the tradition of cheap house banning.  Many of the original OPP have already left (I've seen Penn State, Haze, Hemdar, and others blue in the past several days), and more are surely on the way out.

I've talked with several NC.  Some of whom are considering working with us, and others who want to war us.  While I am not the official word on this matter, I will go on record as saying that we have no plans on declaring on any other guilds until OPP is defeated.  So if you guys want to fight us, but can't stand the smell of OPP, your best bet is to just leave the OPP stone."

HEADLINES for October 31st, 1999

Who is SP's IMPERIUM (-I-) and why must KGB act?
KGB's first challenge reviewed in detail
Article by: JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

In recent weeks, KGB relations with the IMPERIUM have been deteriorating. This situation arose from -I-'s recent enacting of a ancient guild law that dictates what armor may be worn in a territory that they have illegally claimed. This conflict is much like the battle against the BYZ, BYL (Byzantine) conflict from January of 1999 (KGB Sentinel Archives from January 19th, 1999). The BYZ organization had claimed a large section of land as "their" territory and were charging toll and freely murdering those that trespassed. At the time, KGB was at the height of its military strength and was in battle with the original NightMare Clan. KGB heeded the requests of the Pacific Training Institute, and in one short week the BYZ organization was destroyed. Another victory for justice and freedom on the Pacific Shard.

Again we face a similar situation on the newly settled SP shard. This time we face the IMPERIUM. The IMPERIUM is founded on an interesting concept. They claim to be for the common man, and for what is right and just. If you take the time to research the organization you will find it is corrupt and actually evil to the core. They have laid claim to the common lands that belong to all the citizens of SP as their own and have imposed policies that oppress the innocent, common man. Evil secrets are just below the surface:

Description of a IMPERIAL military division and how they were possessed - quoted from the Imperial website
"The Emperor summoned the demon from the depths of Hell and offered the souls of the brave volunteers in exchange for the power and life."

Description of IMPERIAL military tactics - quoted from the Imperial website
"Through brute force and intimidation, the Inquisition (Imperial Division ) keeps the peace in all communities local to Imperial soil."

Behind the Imperial Plate Law - quoted from the Imperial website
"The laws of Lord British were inadequate to protect us so we broke away from his rule and formed our own Nation lead by Emperor Tommurabi. Now, many years later, we still face those same dangers and thus the Plate Law is still needed. Below are the policies for enforcing this law and how they are to be obeyed.
The Imperial Plate Law
The plate law prohibits anyone entering Imperium territory from wearing any platemail. Anyone who violates this law shall be subject to immediate confiscation of his or her plate. Should they refuse, they will be executed and taxed.

It seems that the IMPERIUM fits the perfect profile of an organization that the KGB must confront and if necessary destroy their ability to oppress the innocent. After doing more research we have discovered another way to solve this potential problem. Many of the IMPERIUM citizens we have met have been very honorable. It seems they are oppressed by their EVIL Emperor who is misguiding these poor individuals. It is understandable that these individuals would follow the Emperor's unjust laws and land claims after reading quotes like this one : "The Emperor summoned the demon from the depths of Hell and offered the souls of the brave volunteers in exchange for the power and life." One can only imagine what would happen to a Imperial citizen if they were to speak out against the Emperor. Do not forget that the IMPERIUM is not a Republic like KGB. The Emperor has the ultimate power.

It is clear that it is the KGB's duty to try to liberate the oppressed members of the IMPERIUM from their Evil Emperor. Fortunately Imperial Law offers the perfect opportunity for the KGB to achieve this goal. Please read the IMPERIUM's policy of ascension :

"When we start up, we have everyone join a faction of the Imperium. These factions are basically sub-guilds with their own stones.Then the factions select their leader who is the Senator. Then all the Senators from each faction will meet and decide who will be the first Emperor. At this point the Emperor has supreme control of the Imperium. When the Emperor is killed or dies, he is no longer the Emperor and the character must be deleted. So now, he/she has to start all over again at the bottom. The Senate then decides who the next Emperor will be. This is what we mean by death.

This system keeps things fresh and exciting. Anyone can become the Emperor if they want. The government will always be changing. Each person who rules will have their own styles and missions for the Imperium. But if you are killed, you have to delete your character (read up on the details of this in the next section)."

KGB Forces must find and enact justice upon the Emperor of the IMPERIUM. If this is achieved, perhaps the new Emperor will be one that is not an Evil thug, but a just and honorable man or woman that has the well being of all the citizens of SP as a concern instead of his own selfish agenda. Perhaps we can form a future alliance!

KGB Members, it is your quest to locate and enact justice upon the Emperor of the IMPERIUM (Emperor Tommurabi). For if he is to fall, it will be a new day for the IMPERIUM and its honorable citizenship. It is our duty to free the IMPERIUM from the oppression of their Evil Emperor. It is time to show him the light.

"KGB Armed and GSS Forces, you are authorized to use whatever means necessary to remove Emperor Tommurabi from office of the IMPERIUM Organization. Detailed records and pictures should be taken as proof of his fate. We do this to liberate the oppressed citizens of the IMPERIUM."

HEADLINES for October 26th, 1999

OPP's Propaganda Machine Exposed
GM Jackal gets what he asked for....
An Analysis by: JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

by Jackal posted 10/26/99 12:59:46 PM
"I have provided proof on the OPP news as to when the KGB news lies and trusts the facts. I have yet to see KGB do the same for OPP News and its because everything i post is 100% true. No one has even questioned my news with any sort of proof because my proof is right there!"

We here at KGB News have decided to take up OPP GM Jackal's challenge and get to the bottom of this issue once and for all:

Jackal accuses KGB of using BUGS/EXPLOITS in combat
October 7, 1999-1:00 A.M. PST-Jackal OPP NEWS
"There is a bug currently(I’m not going to say how it works so don't ask me! And yes, it has been reported to OSI and will be fixed soon) involving spell casting, certain people around and in KGB have been flagged for using this exploit which will make the person they are casting on get the infamous “spell bug”. I was told this issue would be resolved by Friday. So to all those people who might end up fighting KGB be careful and to all people inKGB STOP USING BUGS. Bugs just ruin the game for everyone playing, if you are not good enough to win without cheating DON’T PLAY!"

After posting a warning to "All people in KGB, STOP USING BUGS", he later said he never claimed KGB used a bug. He then posted that GM Mustang made these statements:

October 10, 1999-3:00 P.M. PST-Jackal OPP NEWS
"Did I ever claim that KGB used a bug? No it wasn’t a claim it was straight from GM Mustangs mouth"

If you read the October 7th quote from Jackal's news, you will see that he makes no reference to the fact that a GM confirmed that KGB had used an exploit. OSI has a strict policy regarding the use of BUGS and EXPLOITS. Their policy clearly states that if you are caught "flagged" using a bug or exploit you will be BANNED. No exceptions, no questions. So I ask you as the reader, what do you believe? Personally I have seen many people banned for allot less.

KGB's word and the Great Shard War and OPP Lies
KGB is repeatedly bashed for not taking part in this so called "Shard War". I can assure you as KGB's GuildMaster that no deal was ever made with ANYONE. Jackal repeatedly talks of "promises" and "was supposed to's". All of this is fabricated and has been twisted and used as a propaganda to excuse OPP in the act of adding NC and DF to it's Guildstone. Please review the facts and again, make your own decision:

October 13, 1999-0:00 A.M. PST-Jackal OPP NEWS
"Also I would like to take this opportunity to point something out to KGB: OPP is now at war with D&S, I was told by KGB officials that when the OPP vs. D&S war started KGB would declare on NC, TCC, and several other guilds. Let’s see if KGB can keep their word."

What KGB officials? No KGB executive officer spoke out about this, not one. Many KGB members showed interest in this scenario but it was ultimately decided against by REAL KGB Officials. Jackal then proceeds to slander us as "lied to", "lost the war", etc.

October 15, 1999-0:00 P.M. PST-Jackal OPP NEWS
The thing that struck me as odd, is even with this many people that can attack us There was AT LEAST 15 blue healers with them, at times the blues out numbered the oranges. I assume this means KGB has lost the war and is stretching for any advantage they can get since they have already broken there word on our global war declarations(when OPP warred D&S, KGB was supposed to war TCC NC and DF. CSE was supposed to get involved on the KGB side also). In the end we just wanted another large-scale war. So here we all are stuck after being lied to by the “honorable” KGB, again.

Again KGB never promised ANYONE that we would be declaring on any list of Guilds. Watch as Jackal continues to bend the truth to accommodate his own failure.

October 21, 1999-4:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
War Updates:
KGB, D&S, ODB, T&A, BDR, C@C, B&R, OBM, BR = guilds allied/friended against OPP. Some of these guilds have been working together for a month and some just joined up and declared. These are the current guilds who have been fighting along side D&S and KGB. There total numbers off the OSI webpage = 159.
War Updates:
With the addition of T&A to the Horde(as we have begun to call D&S/KGB/Allies), OPP is now up against an alliance of over 10 guilds. None of these guilds say anything about he situation. Maybe its because they have their hands full with just OPP?
KGB is on the verge of implosion from mass recruitment and D&S is quickly falling apart as they undeclare wars in an attempt at self-preservation.

If you check the KGB ALLIES page, you will see that KGB has no official alliance with any of the Guilds mentioned by Jackal. What Jackal fails to understand is this: Many Guilds on Pacific are so tired of OPP's cowardly tactics, dishonorable and KeWl DoOd behavior that they have chosen to go after OPP on their own. There is no organization or planning behind this. D&S on the other hand is not an official Allie, but is hone to many former KGB members. KGB Armed Forces members have fought with D&S as friends, again with no official alliance. I the latest State of the Guild Address, this entire subject was explained in detail:

KGB GuildMaster JetStar, October State of the Guild Address in the KGB Sentinel
"Rumors persist about a shard wide war of Evil aligned Guilds vs KGB and Allies. As you know by now, KGB does not go to War for "Fun". KGB will only take the War option when it is clear that a enemy Guild exists to ruin the gaming experience of the innocent or those that focus on role-play. KGB possesses some of the most experienced PvPers on the shard. Understand that these individuals have come to KGB to make a difference, not just fight meaningless battles. Currently, the proposed scenario of a Shard War does not warrant involvement of the KGB or its members. We have chosen what we believe to be the largest threat to the innocent and the role-player. That threat is OPP.
The trouble does not stop there. The other Guilds that are currently assisting us in the OPP War do not share the same strict moral code that KGB does. Potential problems may arise when our allied friends partake in actions that violate the KGB code. It is no secret that some of D&S's membership are former KGB members that left due to the strict code and KGB law.
It is because of these reasons that we will not be making any further declarations at this time. We will keep you informed as the situation changes."

I think this sums the situation up. Jackal wont quit with his fabricated scenarios and his twisted truths. Below is a OPP News story or editorial directed at me personally. Now that you understand the truth, read and see how warped it really is. I will address these accusations point by point:

October 24, 1999-10:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
"Honestly Jet, what is this crap? Let me make this plane and simple for everyone out there: KGB promised to declare DF, NC, and TCC when OPP declared D&S, CSE, and about 8 other guilds listed below on another nights news."
This is TOTALLY untrue as I have stated time and time again. All it is is a carefully planned excuse for OPP to add it's declared allies to its Guildstone to stop taking the nightly losses - JetStar

"OPP declared those wars in good faith believing the word of the “honorable” KGB paladin(of course KGB lied). Now that the odds are beginning to even out Jet goes crying to the public for more help. Hey big Jet OPP is still outnumbered give up the bullshit no one wants to hear it."
KGB NEVER asked OPP to make any declarations of any kind except upon KGB. OPP acted on false confidence and rumors and nothing else. I have never "cried" to the public for more help as Jackal claims, in fact it is Jackal himself is the one you asked for assistance from his allies and is using "mass recruitment".
In Jackals own words he claims these tactics are an indication that OPP itself is losing the war:
- "I assume this means KGB has lost the war and is stretching for any advantage they can get"
- "KGB is on the verge of implosion from mass recruitment"

"KGB admitted Defeat the day they refused to follow up and declare OPP Allies after OPP had already declared KGB allies."
Again Jackal, you did this on your own accord, KGB made no deals or promises.

"Jet in this news article you have proven yourself a worthless coward who will do anything to protect your dream of shard domination. This goal will never be achieved because you’re weak and you think your lies make you strong."
Jackal my twisted friend, I fear for your well being. For only on one other occasion have I seen a web of lies spun so elaborate, warped, and so deep, and that was by the infamous Cry for Dawn. I find myself wondering if it is he that is posing as you. That would explain a great many things. Perhaps you can have your friend GM Mustang change your name to Jackal for Dawn.

KGB NEWS READERS: As always, I ask that you read the facts, compare the information and make your own decision in this ongoing situation. I will continue to provide you with the truth and discount Jackals blatant lies and ploys to warp the facts to cover his blunders. He is a slippery GM, and I will do my best to start ahead of the garbage he calls facts and news.

SP SHARD - Imperium Forces attack KGB Store
Innocent KGB Craftsman Murdered by Imperium forces aiding known murderers
Article by: JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

Evocare and other forces of the Imperium assisted the murderous Sweet Evil in a unprovoked raid on the KGB Store near Trinsic. Tensions are at an all time high as GuildMaster JetStar forms an official policy regarding this band of thugs.

The Imperium hides behind unjust laws and a rich history. KGB will not tolerate this tyranny and is in preparations for retaliation.

HEADLINES for October 25th, 1999

Jackal and company call on NC and DF to bail them out of a no win situation
Article by: JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

After weeks of pounding from KGB, OPP was forced to beg Nightmare Clan and Dragon Family to join their ranks on their stone. It seems that OPP has finally admitted by this most recent action that they just could not win the war themselves. Jackal is planning a huge propaganda flood to try and cover this move, which is a clear sign of defeat. It will be interesting to see how many more guilds will swallow their pride and wear the OPP title just to get a chance to meet KGB in combat.

KGB officials are in talks as to how to counter this consolidation of Evils. Stay Tuned!

New KGB Site
KGB's Knight Commander Michael's Battle Log site has it all
Article by: JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

The now famous Knight Commander makes his victories and losses known on this propaganda free site. Stop in and see the truth about the war with OPP and the adventures of the KGB Pacific Defense Forces.

Here is KC Michael's own description of his new site:

This page exists to offer hard evidence of KGB battles.  All accounts given reflect my experiences as accurately as possible.  No news will be intentionally distorted or exaggerated.  All kill shots presented here will be of enemies who are, as best as I can tell:
a) Not Fresh-Rez b) Reasonably Equipped c) Not Disconnected.

While I have never traditionally been the "screenshot" type, the need for this site arose due to the constant lies and half-truths told by our enemies.  When you're Pacific's premiere guild of "good guys", some people will say and do anything to try to tear you down.

If any information presented here is inaccurate, please email me and I will either clarify any misunderstandings or correct any mistakes.

You can contact the pages author at

KGB of Today, KGB for Tomorrow
Address by:

Welcome KGB Members, Candidates, Allies, Friends and Foes.

Today marks a new age for KGB. We have a strong presence on two shards. The KGB Pacific Defense Force is doing very well and its membership is increasing all the time. The War with OPP is going well. KGB forces hold a minimum 2 to 1 kill ratio that seems to be getting better all the time. I intend to support the KGB's presence on Pacific indefinitely. KGB's home shard will be policed by us for as long as it exists.

OPP GuildMaster Jackal has masterfully masked his loses by a well planned propaganda campaign in the KGB Public Forum and on their own website. As I have always said, read the information, consider the source, and then make your own decision. There is something I wanted to address and that is KGB's new res policy. This policy was developed in the first incarnation of the PGC and has remained KGB law ever since.

Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the KGB Bill of Rights and Conduct: Newly Resurrected - KGB will not execute the newly resurrected.
** There are special circumstances in which you are allowed to execute a newly resurrected enemy:

** Due to the conduct and lack of respect and honor of our enemies, I have REPEALED this policy until further notice. This means that KGB members should still follow these guidelines, however res killing of OPP is permitted because of their actions.

The Great Shard War
Rumors persist about a shard wide war of Evil aligned Guilds vs KGB and Allies. As you know by now, KGB does not go to War for "Fun". KGB will only take the War option when it is clear that a enemy Guild exists to ruin the gaming experience of the innocent or those that focus on role-play. KGB possesses some of the most experienced PvPers on the shard. Understand that these individuals have come to KGB to make a difference, not just fight meaningless battles. Currently, the proposed scenario of a Shard War does not warrant involvement of the KGB or its members. We have chosen what we believe to be the largest threat to the innocent and the role-player. That threat is OPP.
The trouble does not stop there. The other Guilds that are currently assisting us in the OPP War do not share the same strict moral code that KGB does. Potential problems may arise when our allied friends partake in actions that violate the KGB code. It is no secret that some of D&S's membership are former KGB members that left due to the strict code and KGB law.
It is because of these reasons that we will not be making any further declarations at this time. We will keep you informed as the situation changes.

KGB Siege Perilous
SP KGB continues to make progress, however money is in short supply as is raw materials. I personally spend all of my time in game mining and smithing to help us get our new store. Once we have a larger building we will be able to store more raw materials more safely. This should increase our earning capability and Get us rolling to our first tower. I will be adding additional craftsman to help collect and create goods for the store. All KGB members are ENCOURAGED to donate what they can to get the ball rolling. KGB SP is here to stay and is growing quickly. A new generation of KGB is coming to be, and the future of KGB is on SP.

SP SHARD- Conflict Brewing with the Imperium
The Imperium claims ownership of public lands near KGB Store, 2 KGB members murdered
Article by: JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

Territory Claimed by the Imperium

From: Senator Tengu, Imperium posted 10/21/99 10:59:45 AM
Allow me to introduce myself, I am Tengu, Senator in Service to the Emperor, Imperium. I am also holder of the Book of the Land, a document of prophesy, parts of which I am making public CoB/Tales. I arrive to formally object to the poor treatment of our humble Citizenry by members of your organization and to notify you of the Laws which we hold dear and claim Sovereign right to enforce within our Borders. I refer to the recent wearing of Plate Armour in our lands in flagrant disregard for the our most ancient and cherished Law. Though I am told that you have been informed of our Laws, out of Diplomatic courtesy I will reiterate it here:
"No Plate Armour shall be worn on Imperium Lands except by those directly responsible for the execution of Imperial Laws (currently only members of the Inquisition). All persons found wearing Plate Armour shall be Taxed voluntarily or involuntarily. In the event that the Violator does not produce the Armour voluntarily an additional fee (in gold or reagents) may be collected from their corpse to compensate the Inquisitors for their expenditures in the course of their duties. Covered by the Plate Law are: Chest, legs, arms, and helm. Exempt from the Plate Law are Plate Gorgets, which may be legally worn as part of an "Archer Armour" set."
** Note from Editor ** If your going to impose a tax on something, at least be able to spell it correctly "Armor"
Please note Plate Arms are NOT exempt from the Law and may be legally Taxed. This communication serves as formal notice of our laws and no further notice shall be considered necessary. If you enter Imperium Lands please be prepared to be engaged by our border patrols or by members of the Inquisition. Should they see you to be in violation of the Plate Law they will give you fair notice and you will have a brief chance to surrender your Plate Armour and allowed to go on your way in peace as a Guest of the Imperium in Her lands. I suggest haste in this interaction (you might prepare words to the effect of "I submit to the Tax" or "I surrender") as due the highly dangerous nature of their work the Inquisitors cannot be put at a disadvantage by waiting overly long for a reply. If the attack has begun you may signal your delayed compliance by placing your Plate Items on the ground. Efforts will be made to cease the attack at that point, though there is no guarantee expressed or implied that death will not occur, It is suggested you notify the Tax officers immediately of your compliance.
We are a peaceful Empire of long standing, concerned only with the well being and safety of our citizens, we desire to be good neighbors and upstanding citizens in the World Community. We simply require that our Sovereign Laws be respected and observed.

The official KGB response was made by Evak Vos'x - Foreign Minister (KGB) posted 10/21/99 11:16:54 AM.

We do not recognize your emperor nor your authority. We stand for free passage and the right of all citizens to hunt on all KGB lands free from hassle, robbery, and murder which we oppose in all forms.
You have settled on KGB protected land on our Eastern Shore. You have murdered a KGB officer and the consequences will be severe. I would advise that you relocate and move elsewhere.
We will not allow innocents to be murdered and subjected to tolls/or taxes by your guild. We also will exterminate all vermin and rabble especially those stooping to the lowest life form - the Highway men who rob newbies and ask for platemail by threatening execution.
Unless your band of thieves and newbie bullies packs up and relocates elsewhere - we will come in and fumigate the whole area.
The choice is yours.
Evak Vos'x
Foreign Minister KGB

It seems KGB has found its first major conflict on the SP Shard. KGB Forces become stronger and stronger each day with 57 Members on the GuildStone. As GuildMaster, I attempted to meet and negotiate with Imperium officials.

I met with IsaacChickenhawk who is an Arbiter for the Imperium. As I attempted to work out some sort of peace, I was disturbed by this mans arrogance and un-found confidence. He knew nothing of us, yet was willing to try to dictate terms to us? I was appalled at the thought of this organization attempting to impose a Tax on the innocent just because they wear a certain type of armor. The talks ended quickly with me offering my contact information just in case they change their minds.

I can assure you all, the KGB will not allow these thugs to dictate terms or claim territories as their own. We will sweep the area until such a time as the Imperium withdraws these outlandish demands and land claims.

HEADLINES for October 10th, 1999

PACIFIC SHARD - Victory near for KGB in OPP war
Stories from the frontline and response to OPP accusations of foul play
Article by: JetStar, KGB GuildMaster, Michael, KGB Champion, and Thor, KGB Champion

Battles rage on around Pacific as KGB has stepped up its war effort. The KGB PDF (Pacific Defense Force) was formed to continue the long traditions of our code in what has become our home world. Once again Pacific has a large number of organized Evil or enemy organizations. The PDF was not designed to face multiple opponents in Guild War. 5 Star General Darius (Supreme Commander, KGB PDF) has been able to keep our enemies at bay by limiting the number of declared Guild Wars. With over 25 Guilds declared against the Pacific KGB stone, the PDF has gone after the opponents that best represent evil and murder. KGB PDF members fight hard many times at poor odds and continue to leave their mark. The PDF rarely walks away from a battle with a less than 1 to 1 kill ratio. OPP, DOE and CH guilds have been targeted for destruction.

DOE has gone into hiding (Their leader has RL issues), and CH is hardly seen. OPP is clearly stunned by their inability to stop KGB PDF in a decisive manner. They have instead responded to their losses with:

and OPP has responded to their losses with:

- Claims that we used some kind of bug to give them the "already casting bug"
- Claims that we deleted their guildstone
- Claims that KGB members used fastwalk (Which is long defunct I have been told)
- Claims that I was using some kind of vague super-kill UOE exploit
- Further claims of dishonorable KGB tactics - blue healers, etc

OPP officials have taken to calling GameMasters to complain about these false accusations. I will say this in KGB's defense. You have all grown to know KGB as friends or foes over our existence. We will not take part in what I consider poor sportsmanship. We dont need to try to invent exploits to win, and we never will.

Below is just a few accounts from two KGB Champions from the frontline:

Sir Michael, KGB Champion
* Sir Michael was granted the rank of Champion by the KGB GM based on his vast combat experience as a KGB friend and foe. Sir Michael represents a perfect example of a great warrior that has come to follow the light of justice instead of the darkness of evil *

After scouting the Xroads a bit, we gated in a crew of 7 KGB to attack OPP. At least 5 OPP (Perhaps more, I didn't count until afterwards)were present, as well as some OPP healers and Jackal on as his blue character. Clearly, this is a situation where OPP could have fought us. However, OPP immediately ran for cover in one of their houses, despite the even odds. We managed to cut down Achilles before he count make it to safety. OPP decided things would be in their favor at Serpents Hold, where our mages would be forced to fight their townies. So they all gated out there and we followed. However, we managed to cut three of them down and forced the rest to recall.

KGB returned to the Xroads to find OPP again hiding in their house. After tiring of being banned and dispelling their EV's, we eventually gated back to Serps (I say eventually, because OPP blues were dispelling our gates) and called it a day.

Two Nights Ago
OPP tried to repeatedly take Serps... We defeated them every time they gated in, which was at least 5 times... Again taking few casualties... Eventually, OPP gated in with double our numbers and took Serps... We quickly restocked, and returned only to find OPP had quickly logged out to "preserve their win", but we did kill Jackal at Xroads and Lancelot showed up at Serps with his blue character

Three Days Ago
We got roughed up in the afternoon (First real OPP victory that I have heard of - I wasn't present though) In the evening, Road Dogg and I logged in with a few townies and picked em off one by one in Deceit, eventually killing three We got a small crew together afterwards and held Serps the rest of the night... Losing 1 to every 3 OPP killed (After the big defeats)

Sir Thor, KGB Champion
* Sir Thor's passion is PDF. The guild continually receives compliments on Sir Thor's deeds and performance *

It was a thing of beauty to see the KGB in their battle wear of Holy white robes with their blue aprons. Many citizens thanked the KGB for their regular patrols throughout these evil infested lands. It was good to hear comments like, "DAMN the KGB are everywhere now". Welcome back its about time you took the dungeons back, etc. KGB gated to its various hotspots. THOR came along Sabertooth and Titanic of DOE in shame. THOR recalled to get backup. THOR came back with Firdausi and Drake. They encountered the DOE, with another red along with their 3 blue healers. KGB fought a noble battle and alas was chased from the field. KGB regrouped and came back with a vengeance and killed both DOE sabertooth and Titanic.

We gated to the xroads expecting to find OPP. Unfortunately, the OPP stone does not exist any longer. OPP GM Jackal insists that he the war is not over. However, he seemed to enjoy his new freedom as a blue because he certainly did not get a new stone and declare on us again. SIGH! If he does not, KGB can declared VICTORY! THE KGB gives you one week to get a new stone and declare back or we declare victory. NO excuses Jackal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Victory at a price
We went to Occolo where we lost two KGB. However we killed all of the CH there and took the town. Evil Ernie and Dumb tried to give it their best but alas could not compete against the overwhelming numbers of KGB after KGB had destroyed the rest of the CH army. Both of them can thank their fast connections for their lives. They definitely got their moneys worth tonight with all the running and recalling they did.

We received a distress call for reds in shame. This time it was Titanic, two other reds and two blue healers. We killed one red then we killed one of the grey healers Dante Voodoo. The rest of the pk crew recalled. Approximately 5 mins later. Titanic came back with another red by the name of Comet, daemons and two blue healers. We killed Titanic again, and comet and one of their grey healers.

Finally, in bucs den we came upon a red named cinderleaf. We attacked and he recalled. He came back and he recalled again. He came back with blue char and started talking shit and about he was going to kill me etc. I find it funny that he only wanted to kill me and not the other kgb. I guess I just have a loveable personality. He logged in with his red and we fought. Only problem was he had two healers. I called in the KGB troops and we dispatched this evil scum to the realms below.

All in all a good night for the troops of the KGB! Behold we are growing in strength and number. Our cause is just and holy and we shall squash evil and lameness whenever and wherever it rears its ugly head. Beware of the HOLY WRATH Of the KGB!

Last night was a time of glory and struggle for the KGB army. While outnumbered in both soldiers and healers KGB was able to fight against overwhelming odds. There were several assaults upon us at our bank stronghold in Serpents Hold. Sometimes we held this precious ground and other times we did not. But the honor and courage of the KGB soldiers were impressive to behold. We lost one soldier, Sonny to one of these assaults. We were able to strike down Jackal and his comrades on two different assaults upon us. In another incident, OPP led by GM Jackal himself came to the KGB tower, two of his comrades fell and Jackal recalled out as we heard his infamous cackle trailing from his recall magical dust..

Later we entered the enemy stronghold town of ocolo. There we were met by the forces of evil and lameness. First we fought CH with their massive amounts of healers mainly from DF. Then OPP arrived. We lost one soldier, Odyessus to the evil hordes. While KGB continued to fight on bravely I ordered a retreat of our troops at this time and CH and OPP held their stronghold. This will of course continue to be our goal to take over their town as we did when we killed the CH dragon and all of the CH there a couple of nights ago. All in all there were brave warriors on both sides. It is just to bad that CH refuses to leave town and not fight without their healers.

KGB SP store looted, Rampant Murder and Chaos dont stop KGB progress
Article by: Crag, KGB Supreme Court Justice

KGB on Siege Perilous have been working very hard to establish our reputation as a guild who defend the innocent and persecute evil in its many forms. We suffered a few setbacks, but took them in stride.

A little-known security whole in our store was taken advantage of, and we were looted of everything that wasn't locked down, valuable or not. We were without supplies for about a week until JetStar brought a load of ore in. Since then, we have secured our store against all known attacks, and have restocked much of what we use. We've even accumulated over 103k gold according to Treasurer Armand. This money is being saved towards purchase of a larger building which will better suit our needs both as a point of sale, and a home base. The old store will probably be moved to a remote spawn point. The story has an unexpected twist. Our attackers house was located too close to ours, and disappeared suddenly, presumably because it was illegally placed. The contents were looted by passers by, and noone has seen the residents in our area since.

Over the last couple of weeks we were harassed relentlessly by E!G, the guild led by SweetEvil and SWARM. We've learned a lot about them, however, and are seeing them around the store less now that their experiences with us are becoming less profitable. Two weeks ago, these two could count on our members for GM armor. Now that we are working together, they can count on us for a chase, and sometimes a taste of their own blood. Less than a week ago about 10 of us followed three of the E!G guild back to their house. Half of us blocked the front door while the other half chased them around the woods. Everyone in the E!G guild who showed their face died (even a blue mule), and there was much taunting. They killed some of us as we were leaving, but the point was still well made.

Overall, spirits are coming back up in the KGB on SP. Our use of communication tools is greatly enhancing our community spirit, as well as helping us stick together when things get hectic. We've had a lot of new applicants, and have accepted some excellent additions to our group. Siege Perilous has been a shard of fear from the onset, and the KGB is making it known that we will not sit idly by while evil lurks.

HEADLINES for September 15th-30th, 1999

KGB Update
All hands focus on advancement in SP, as Pacific Defense force continues our mission.
Article by: Raist, Chairperson of the KGB High Council and Guild Treasurer

Siege Perilous:

Some time has passed since the house and stone were placed. Members have been recruiting left and right for new members who wish to join the fight against evil and all things that are lameth. Warlord Vuldan Ironhand has taken on the task of revamping the military. Operations for training and hunts have began and so far, we have come up against some very formidable opponents. As we try to hunt down the evils of the land, we also have a store to run and Holden has done excellent work in making the store a success so far, with mentions to JetStar and General Kiki for slaving...and everyone else who has contributed to the store. I am looking forward to many adventures on Siege and the KGB will grow strong here.

"Power can obtained overnight, but strength takes time to build"


The members loyal to Pacific have been fighting bravely and been rather successful. The Pacific Military is on the upswing and accepting some very talented members. There are no worries that the KGBPDF will be a force once again under the excellent command of 5-star General Darius. Since this is our home shard, we did not and will not leave it in chaos. Justice will be served."


The CKGB General store is now the Oasis Tavern and General Store. CKGB Minister Holden has re-modeled the entire tower complete with Jousting-Deuling arena on the roof (compliments of Peregrinator). Holden is working on getting the gods of Britannia to bless the tower. In the meantime stop by and sign the guestbook..."

KGB Sentinel News Updates
Article by: JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

As you know, the KGB has been active in colonizing a new shard (Siege Perilous). During times like these I have to put away my GuildMaster and KGB Sentinel Editor uniform and collect hides and mine for ore. As we get settled on the new shard I will be back to regular updates here in the KGB Sentinel.


HEADLINES for September 1st - 15th, 1999

The Power of Perseverance: KGB Siege Perilous
The road to success on the Siege Perilous Shard
Article by: General Vuldan Ironhand, KGB Warlord

The move to Siege Perilous was a hard and arduous task for so many of KGB. But the move became reality. The austere conditions of the shard, the forced dependence upon ones fellow’s, be they friend or guild. It becomes readily apparent to anyone setting foot into the land of SP for the first time that life, as they knew it in UO just ceased.

KGB, strong in its beliefs, yet withered in number from various strife found themselves torn. Many members simply did not want to make the move to Pacific and many members moved out of a sense of loyalty. Quickly we found ourselves behind the power curve, as small in number, we were forced to attempt to keep pace with guilds whom had transferred in from other shards with numbers in the hundreds. Yet, perseverance and the keen nature of our members allowed us to prevail.

Following a disastrous liaison with a new member who was a GM smith and whom left our hopes shattered in his betrayal, the remaining KGB, rallied stoutly by now GSS Minister Khail, rose to the occasion with flying colors. First, funds for a boat were obtained through fierce, dogged determination and numerous visits to the now familiar healers of Sosaria. Next came the almost insurmountable attempt to gain funds to purchase not only a house, but stone as well, to secure the mighty designation KGB, lest some lamer group steals it from under us. Working almost exclusively in secrecy, Minister Khail, along with Knights Raekwon and Afar obtained the funds necessary to purchase the house and stone, calling for a special meeting were the deeds were formally presented to GM JetStar.

In the mean time, work diligently progressed on our Guild Smith, named appropriately “the KGB”. This moniker was picked by none other than our own Lord Caustic and a damn fine name choice it was. Work progressed throughout the guild, with numerous members spending countless hours mining the ore of the land and transporting it to the forges to be turned into the ingots of wealth. Minister Khail and Treasurer Raist spent countless more hours, in the end almost exclusively, with some help from other members, and at last, the GM Smith was born. All across the land you with find weapons, finely crafted by none other than the KGB! A stroke of genius Lord Caustic and kudos on the name choice.

Back at home on Pacific, the war with OPP raged. Loyal members, endeared to Pacific continue the fight under newly appointed 4 star general Darius, Pacific Defense Forces commander.

Back in SP, a new Warlord was appointed, and given the daunting task of rebuilding and restructuring the military of the KGB. Never to be under estimated, the military arm of the greatest guild in the history of
UO will rise again, triumphant, stronger than ever, more organized to meet the unique and challenging threat, which is SEIGE PERILOUS! In the words of the new Warlord….Non Sibi Sed Omnibus….Not for one, but for all! Long live KGB, the Knights of Glory and Beer!

KGB Creates Pacific Defence Force
Brave KGB members remain behind to defend lands and virtures
Article by: JetStar. KGB GuildMaster

Many of KGB's most seasoned warriors have chosen to remain behind and defend KGB lands and ideals. The KGB Pacific Defense Force is lead by KGB 5 Star General Darius. Undermanned and fighting at a disadvantage, the raw experience of KGBPDF continues to score victory after victory.

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