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Welcome to my page. This is really just an experiment. Mail me at dante@the-kgb.com if you have any comments.

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12/09/09 Jet Star Added information about the Jet Star's demise in Oregon.
12/9/09 HMB-1 Updated information on the HMB-1 and added a couple of pictures I've taken.
12/9/09 Glomar Explorer Added link to Wikipedia article on the USNS Glomar Explorer and a documentary on the ship.
8/31/08 Glomar Explorer Updated link to point to Transocean's page on the GSF Explorer.
3/20/08 Glomar Explorer Added additional links and recent information to the HMB-1 Page.
11/22/04 Glomar Explorer Added additional USGS photos to the HMB-1 Page.
11/22/04 Railroad Added additional photos to Railroad Page 2A from the USGS.
8/02/04 Jet Star Added link to 1972 photo of the Jet Star's platform being constructed.
3/09/04 Railroad Added Railroad Page 2A featuring photos of the Dumbarton Railroad Bridge
contributed by visitors to this page. Thanks to those who shared the pictures.
2/27/04 Jetstar Added another crew photo to the Jetstar Page. (Thanks Donna!)