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Thanks to some anonymous people that have found these pages (How did that ever happen?) I've got a few more pictures to display. I did not take these pictures.

Dumbarton/Newark Slough Railroad bridge

The approach to the Newark Slough Bridge (from the Newark side). Note that the swing section in the distance is the bridge over San Francisco Bay, not the Newark Slough.

Newark Slough Bridge

The Newark Slough Bridge. You can see that the bridge is swung open. With voters passing additional bridge tolls in the bay area in Feburary 2004, this bridge (probably heavly changed and refurbished) may again see rail traffic.

Newark Slough Swing Section Closeup

In this view, you can see the foundation that the swing section pivots on. I'm guessing that the machinery to move the bridge is in the house, and the long driveshafts that come down vertically transmit the power from the house.

Newark Slough Bridge house closeup
A great closeup of the bridge house. You can clearly see the drive gears. You can also see that one side of the bridge has taken the brunt of the weather and sun.

Newark Slough Bridge Panorama
A nice wide angle of the swing section.

USGS color photograph

USGS 2004 color photograph of the main swing span.

USGS color photograph

USGS 2004 color photograph of the main swing span across San Francisco bay. It appears the tide is going out in the picture.

USGS color photograph

USGS 2004 color photograph of the span across Newark Slough.

Dumbarton Bridge, 1958

This photo was sent to me by another individual. It is reported to be from 1958. You can see that this is the section over San Francisco Bay. You can see the Hetch Hetchy water pipeline pier in the background. This is looking west to Redwood City.

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