Exploring Newark's Railroads

I've added another page of pictures featuring the Dumbarton Railroad Bridge. These are pictures that have been sent to be by other individuals.
Dumbarton Approach Signals

Disused signals on the approach to the Dumbarton railroad swing bridge. Taken 10/12/97 in Newark, CA.

Dumbarton Railroad Bridge

The Dumbarton railroad swing bridge. It was the first bridge built over the San Francisco Bay, sometime around 1910. Apparently the last time it was used was around 1982. In 1996, some of the pilings caught fire. This was taken from the old Dumbarton Bridge, now a fishing pier. Just to the left of the bridge, you can see the hangars at Moffett Field.

Again in 1998 the bridge was victim to vandals. Most of the west side of the bridge burned. Firefighters had a hard time getting to the fire to put it out.

Alternate Angle

Another picture from a greater angle. The swing bridge is actually fully open at a 90 degree angle. The Caltrain bought this bridge from the Southern Pacific Railroad.

Newark Yard
The remnants of the Newark Yard. Since the sun was in the eye of my digital camera, this picture was underexposed. This small railroad building sits between the wye of the Newark yard. To the left, the tracks lead to the Dumbarton Rail bridge, to the right they head on to Oakland. You can see a orange Southern Pacific truck parked in front of the building.

Carter Blvd, Newark Ca.
Here's what's right next to Carter Blvd, plowed dirt for an apartment complex. This was the site for the famous Carter Bros. shops. It'll be apartments within a month.

Carter Blvd, Newark Ca.
Here's the view on the same place 2/15/98.

Swing Bridge #1 over the Bay
USGS photo of Swing Bridge #1 over San Francisco Bay. At the lower left you can just see the west end of the Hetch Hetchy Acqueduct. The bridge is permanently open. Picture was taken in 1993.

Swing Bridge #2 over Newark Slough
Many people don't realize that the Dumbarton Rail Bridge has two swing sections. This is the second section over Newark Slough. When the bridge was built in 1910, I'm sure Newark Slough was an important waterway.

Navigation chart showing Dumbarton Rail Bridge
The navigation charts report the bridge is open permanently.

The location of Newark Tower. The CTC board that controlled this junction is on display at the Santa Clara, California depot. Here is a picture. Just to the right of center is Carter Blvd.

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