Grand opening of Roseville, CA yard 5/27/99

UP3985 at Roseville 3985 at the new UP J.R. Davis Yard opening, 5/27/99
UP3985 at J.R. Davis Yard The 3985 sits quietly steaming in front of the new hump office on dedication day.
Engines in the Roseville Yard UP will name name 3 locomitives after schools in the Roseville area. Two of the engines are displayed here.
UP3985's Tender 3985's tender is about as big as the front of a house! 
UP Car Katy Flyer The "Katy Flyer" is the entrance to the UP souvenir car!
UP Business cars on the move The UP business cars on the move. As I was trying to turn left across the tracks, an engine with the UP business cars passed, I was able to file off a quick digital camera shot.

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