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Pictures I have taken or found of the Glomar Explorer:

Glomar Explorer in CIA service at sea
The Hughes Glomar Explorer on trials off the coast of California. She was in CIA service at the time. Compare this photo with the one below for an idea of how much equipment was stripped away.

Glomar Explorer undergoing refit
In Oregon being modified for Global Marine. With her pipe string handling equipment, docking legs and moon pool doors gone, she rides much higher in the water. You can clearly see her bow thrusters in this picture.

View of the Explorer's  Moon Pool
The author of A matter of risk, Wayne Collier, stands inside the moon pool of the mothballed Explorer. The book is where I first learned of the explorer's mission.

Looking down the length of the ship, behind and to the right of Wayne, is the end of a docking leg. These legs grabbed Clementine (the "claw") from each end and gently raised her into the moon pool. You can also see the huge rubber seals that kept water from seeping in between the retractable doors of the moon pool.
Looking into the flooded moon pool.  Clementine is
visible just under the surface.
One of the few unclassified pictures of Clementine. Clementine is connected to the Explorer's pipe string by the large bridle in the center of the picture.

Inside of the Moon Pool after modifications
A recent picture of the moon pool being modified.

Explorer Pictures
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