The following documents define and enforce KGB Law.

  Originally created in 1997, these documents have been changed by the citizenship and leaders over the years to accommodate the many changes required to maintain our mission in ever changing worlds and situations. Below you will find the most current version that was written by the KGB High King and approved and amended by the KGB Senate and the Members and Citizens of the Knights of Glory and Beer:

Document Links
Document 1 - The KGB Bill of Rights an Conduct
Document 2 - The KGB Articles of Confederation - The KGB MULTI GAME FACTION SYSTEM
Document 3 - The KGB Constitution

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Under review by the KGB Senate

The KGB Bill of Rights and Conduct

This document represents the rules and ideals of the KGB nation. As a citizen of KGB you will be held to uphold the commandments and Oath. The Judicial branch of KGB is responsible to enforce these rules. Citizens of KGB can use a anonymous form to make the KGB Supreme Court aware of any violation. Only KGB citizens may file against an individual regarding violations of the KGB code.

Oath of KGB
The Knights of Glory and Beer

As a Citizen of the KGB Nation, my personal integrity is irreproachable. I will never degrade myself by the lying to, cheating of, stealing from, or harming my fellow Citizens or declared Allies. I hold myself personally and unequivocally responsible to ensure the preservation of the honor of the Citizenship and good name of the KGB at all times. I will, to the best of my power, uphold and defend the KGB Constitution while preventing all offences against the persons and properties of the KGB Nation.

General Orders of KGB

General Order 1: "Thou shalt uphold and abide by the ideals our Nation was built upon"
KGB Citizens have been striving to present themselves as honorable, respectable, and chivalrous since 1997. In the beginning, we came together to combat those whose existence was based on ruining the gaming experience for others. Over time we have evolved, but a basic idea and code remains. Respect both your fellow Citizens, Friends, and Foes alike whenever possible. Problems will occur and tempers will flare. Help solve the problems with calm discussion and be respectful to others if possible. Some of our foes may not deserve this respect, but do your best to offer it. Always try to respect these ideals and the many members who came before you. Always consider your nations reputation that we all have worked hard to maintain since 1997. It was this bond that brought us all together and keeps us strong.
The following policy will be enforced by the KGB Federal Faction and Supreme Court in accordance with Article 4, Section 1, of the KGB Constitution:
KGB citizens will treat each other with honor and respect and never take part in Personal Harassment. What is harassment? It is repeated, intrusive or unwanted acts, words or gestures that are intended to adversely affect the safety, security or privacy of another, regardless of the relationship between the actor and the intended target. Harassment is further defined as "engag(ing) in intentional conduct which the actor [harasser] knows or has reason to know would cause the victim, under the circumstances, to feel frightened, threatened, oppressed, persecuted, or intimidated; and causes this reaction on the part of the victim.

Humor and joking are ok, and you should be sure to let someone know if you are not comfortable. It is no longer considered joking if you are made to feel frightened, threatened, oppressed, persecuted, or intimidated. Make sure you always respect your fellow citizens.

If you feel you have been the victim of harassment, first send a private message to the actor and let them know you were offended. If the behavior continues, file a KGB Supreme Court Conduct report and allow the system to protect you. Retaliation for submitting a Conduct Report will never be tolerated, and may result in dismissal from KGB.

General Order 2: "Thou shalt swear faith to no other nation but KGB”
In game worlds / servers classified as an OFFICIAL FACTION, you are exclusively a Citizen of the KGB. You must put the goals of the KGB ahead of your own, and put your loyalty to KGB above all else. As a KGB citizen, you must not be a member of any other organization.  You will be asked to terminate your citizenship in KGB if you are not willing to comply with the order

If you have at least one KGB tagged character in a region, you may have other, alternate characters in that same region who are not KGB tagged, but they may not be associated with any other organization in that region. However, all characters, tagged or untagged, must adhere to the KGB rules and ideals. ALL GENERAL ORDERS APPLY.

In worlds where the KGB does not have an OFFICIAL FACTION presence, your affiliation with other organizations must remain anonymous and not be in conflict with KGB (for instance, you are a member of the XXX organization in a game called Kill Everyone Online, and the KGB is a foe of XXX in another world). If KGB leadership determines there is a conflict of interest, then you would be asked to either leave the other organization, or renounce your KGB citizenship.
In worlds that KGB has or had an OFFICIAL FACTION or had a presence, the (GM10) High King / High Queen or (GM5) King / Queen may declare a OFFICIAL FACTION to be OPEN. This releases KGB citizens from the normal requirements of General Order 2 in that game / server, even though there is a KGB presence in that territory. This means that a KGB citizen may be a member of another guild in that region that has been declared OPEN, subject to the following restrictions:

1) You may never intentionally attack or assist in any nonconsensual attack against any citizen of KGB or KGB Organization at any time.
2) You may never use KGB resources (Web, Voice Communications, etc) against the KGB or any KGB member at any time. Such actions will be considered treason and dealt with per the KGB constitution.
3) KGB members that have affiliations with other organizations would be barred from holding any leadership position within KGB and could advance only to the rank of Knight. You must forfeit any leadership achieved at the time you join another organization. At any time, you may decide to give up those affiliations and become eligible for leadership and military advancement.

General Order 3: "I will obey the lawful orders of those in leadership positions."
In a combat situation, the authority of the senior KGB officer present is absolute. His or her lawful orders, in the absence of the (GM10) High King / High Queen, carry the same full weight of command as if those orders were issued by the (GM10) High King / High Queen, him or herselff. It is the right and privilege, however, of any KGB citizen to contest any order given once combat operations are complete using the proper chain of command. If confirmation is established that unlawful orders have been given, the officer in command will be reprimanded in accordance with the KGB Constitution.

General Order 4: "Never disclose information concerning KGB internal matters or operations."
The enemies of the KGB constantly seek to exploit information vital to KGB operations. Failure to safeguard KGB information can endanger both you and your comrades on the battlefield. Lost information of intelligence value has lost both battles and even wars. You must personally and vigilantly do your utmost to SAFEGUARD KGB INFORMATION. YOU are responsible to safeguard Information in all forms of communications.

The KGB Articles of Confederation

Section 1:    Overview
KGB is involved in many online game worlds. KGB Citizenship entitles you to take part in any game world that KGB is involved in. When KGB's involvement grows, the (GM10) High King / High Queen or (GM5) King / Queen may declare that game world a "Faction". A faction will be assigned a leadership team. This leadership rank applies to the assigned faction only. All citizens are invited to take part in the faction and follow the leadership assigned.

Section 2:    Faction Types
Clause 1: KGB Faction leaders have have the option to make their faction either a "KGB Faction State" or a "KGB Federal Faction". KGB Federal Factions would use all federal processes and its members would always be full KGB Citizens. KGB Faction States would use something called the Faction Membership System. This essentially gives the Faction State leadership virtual autonomy when it comes to processes, rules, and membership.

A Federal Faction is closely tied to the KGB Federal Government and follows documented federal processes for things like membership.  KGB Federal Faction's use full KGB citizenship as a standard of membership in the said faction. Details are listed in SECTION 3.

Faction states are essentially autonomous States within the KGB system.  They manage their own members, rules, and processes.  They are only required to follow the guidelines of the KGB Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Articles of Confederation.  Faction State Members could opt to also apply for full KGB Citizenship, thus adding all the rights and privileges of KGB Citizenship.  The details of this type of faction are listed below:

The Faction leadership can use any method or process they wish to manage membership within the Faction State. At the same time, a faction could use the formal KGB membership process if they chose to, but this would not be a requirement.
1) Faction Membership grants rights in that specific faction only.
2) KGB Faction Members would wear the title "XXX KGB Member" where XXX is the name of the game or faction. (KGB Citizens wear the title of "Knight")
3) KGB Faction Members are subject to Membership guidelines as defined in by the autonomous Faction Leadership
4) Faction members could become full KGB citizens by following the Federal Membership process to KGB proper, or just remain a member of the specific faction. Full KGB Citizens would have all the rights and protections of the KGB constitution, however, faction leadership could remove a KGB citizen from their Faction State, thereby forcing the KGB citizen to abide by KGB General Order #1 and either leave the game server, or resign from KGB proper.

1) All Faction State Non-military Leaders (High Chancellor, Chancellors, and Vice Chancellors) must be full KGB Citizens.
2) Faction State Military Leaders are not required to have full KGB Citizenship below the rank of General.  All Generals (G1-G5) must be full KGB Citizens.

1) Full KGB Citizens may join a KGB FACTION STATE if they meet the membership guidelines as set by the Faction State Leadership.
2) Faction Leadership can remove a KGB citizen from their Faction State without question, thereby forcing the KGB citizen to abide by KGB General Order #1 and either leave the game server, or resign from KGB proper.  A KGB Citizen that is removed from any Faction State Membership would lose access to those resources dedicated to the specific Faction State.
3) Faction State Leadership cannot affect a KGB Citizens citizenship status, even if they are removed from a Faction State.  They only retain jurisdiction in they specific Faction State.   Faction State Leadership could in extreme cases lobby the KGB Federal Government to remove a KGB Citizen via the KGB Federal Court system.

1) Faction States would only be required to follow the rules as stated in the Articles of Confederation, specifically the leadership selection, 60 day review (Which the voting is managed by the federal faction). All other aspects of the faction would be up to the Faction Leadership.
2) Forums would be created on the Oracle with partitioned membership by the KGB Federal Government. The Faction leader would decide if they wanted the members of KGB proper to have access by default or not.
3) Faction State High Chancellors would be granted Oracle Moderator Status so they could administer their forums.   A special SECURE forum would be monitored by the Federal Government for adding access to Faction State Resources
4) All Faction State Executive Leadership (F5 - F2) would be given Administrator access to KGB United Ventrilo.
5) Faction Members would be allowed full vent access, as well as access to all services provided to that faction by the Federal Government.
6) Hall of fame recognition, as well as awards and ranks are only be available to full KGB citizens.

Section 3:

Clause 1: The rank of High Chancellor is essentially the Guildmaster of KGB in a specific gaming world or game server. The High Chancellor once selected, would form his own government and be responsible for the day to day operation of our presence on his/her specific gaming world or server.
Clause 2: The ranks of Chancellor and Vice Chancellor are chosen by the High Chancellor and serve the same term. These offices are second and third in command and support the High Chancellor in the day to day operation of our presence on his/her specific gaming world or server.
Clause 3: The G5 or commanding General(s)  focus on military organization and tactics without the burden of administrative duties. They report directly to the High Chancellor.
Clause 4: All Faction governments, both Federal and State report to the KGB Federal Government and ultimately to the KGB Constitution.
Clause 5: Faction authority applies to the specific assigned faction only. Officers may visit and be involved in other factions, but do not carry cross faction authority

The following represents the chain of command listing command ranks only:


   GM10 - High King/High Queen
    - GM5 - King/Queen
    - - GM4 - Prime Ministers
    - - - GM3 - Chief of Staff
** The rank of Chief of Staff is not defined in the Constitution. The Chief of Staff carries out day to day operations in service to the federal government. They carry the authority of the (GM10) High King / High Queen or (GM5) King / Queen but may only act in their service and not independently

    - - - GM2/F5 - High Chancellor
    - - - - F4 - Chancellors
    - - - - - F3 - Vice Chancellors
    - - - - - - F2 / G5 - 5 Star General

High Chancellor (Faction Leader)
The High Chancellor is the leader of a KGB Faction. This is essentially the GuildMaster of KGB's presence in a specific gaming world or server.  The High Chancellor reports to the (GM10) High King / High Queen or (GM5) King / Queen and the KGB Federal Faction.

The rank of Chancellor is the second in command of the Faction and reports to the High Chancellor.  There can be multiple Chancellors in any faction based on the requirements of the High Chancellor.  The position of Chancellor is carries the powers of the High Chancellor in his or her absence and is involved in decision making across the board as well as filling in and assisting for Vice Chancellor's as needed.

Vice Chancellors (Department Heads)
The rank of Vice Chancellor carries specific duties and heads specific departments as needed and created by the High Chancellor.  Examples of this are:
 - Vice Chancellor of State - Diplomacy.
 - Vice Chancellor of CKGB - Resources and City / Asset management.
 - Vice Chancellor of Training  - Training new members.
 - Vice Chancellor of Recruitment - Bringing new members into the guild.

The High Chancellor creates departments headed by Vice Chancellors as needed in each Faction and depending on the requirements each factions specific situation.

** Chancellors and Vice Chancellors ARE NOT MILITARY COMMANDERS.  For details on the Faction Command Structure, see the KGB ARMED FORCES PAGE.

Section 4:

Clause 1: The High Chancellor shall have the following powers:
Clause 2: To fill all Vacancies that may happen within their faction
Clause 3: To remove a member or officer of KGB from their factions stone/roster/TS/Vent immediately at any time.
**FEDERAL FACTION ONLY - In such a case, it should then go IMMEDIATELY to the Court and the Senate , and the faction leadership should be REQUIRED to submit an incident report to Court/Senate/HK/Someone explaining why it was necessary, what charges they wish to bring, etc.  Faction States have their own system for law enforcement, etc.
Clause 4: To establish special rules of Membership, and uniform rules of engagement for their specific faction.
Clause 5: To declare War, grant Letters of Marquee and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water within their specific faction;
Clause 6: To make all Faction specific decisions in support of day to day operation of KGB's presence in a specific world or server.

Section 5:

Clause 1:The (GM10) High King / High Queen or (GM5) King / Queen shall appoint the High Chancellor of a newly formed faction
Clause 2: The appointed High Chancellor will have 7 days to appoint the other key positions in his or her faction. A High Chancellor would need to appoint a Chancellor and a Vice Chancellor, as well as a Commanding General(s). Failure to complete this duty would result in the required resignation of the High Chancellor and the process would begin again.
Clause 3: Every 60 days, the (GM10) High King / High Queen or (GM5) King / Queen, with the support of Federal Officers, would hold a vote of confidence (1st of every other month). Citizens involved in a specific faction would be required to vote for or against confidence in the current Faction leadership. A Citizen should not vote regarding factions they are NOT involved in. Majority rules. If the current High Chancellor is approved by the membership, then they and their cabinet would remain in office, if voted against, the (GM10) High King / High Queen or (GM5) King / Queen would appoint a new High Chancellor.
**FACTION STATE SPECIFIC - If a leader loses a vote of confidence in a Faction State, then the FACTION STATE membership would vote on a replacement.  The KGB Federal Government does not have the jurisdiction to appoint or remove any officer in a FACTION STATE outside of a loss of confidence vote.
Clause 4: **FEDERAL FACTION ONLY - Any full member of any faction may call for an election at anytime. This is accomplished by making a petition that at least 50% of the active membership of the said faction signs. At that time, the (GM10) High King / High Queen or (GM5) King / Queen would hold an election within 10 days of the submission of such a petition.
Clause 5: Elections will be administered by the Prime Ministers under the supervision of the (GM10) High King / High Queen or (GM5) King / Queen, and Prime Ministers. Elections will occur on the 1st of every other month.

Section 6:

The key to this new government is being ACTIVE. Your Nobility / Status title is permanent, but in order to hold a Military Position or Government Office you MUST be ACTIVE. ACTIVE means playing the game that the Faction you hold office in on a regular basis, and completing all the tasks required by that office. You can only hold office in ONE FACTION at a time. Your noble title stays with you where ever you go, but to hold office in two factions would be counter productive. If you find yourself losing interest in a game you hold office in, plan on resigning and letting someone who is ACTIVE take over. All Factions DEPEND on the involvement of their Officers, if you hold a position, stay committed or do your Nation a favor and step aside. If you remain in office when you are inactive, you will be asked to step down. REMEMBER YOU ALWAYS KEEP YOUR NOBLE TITLE AND STATUS! Know the difference.


The KGB Constitution

Article. I. [Distribution of Powers]
Section 1.

Clause1: The powers of the government of the KGB are divided into three distinct departments, the executive branch, the legislative branch, and the judicial branch; and no person or collection of persons charged with the exercise of powers properly belonging to one of these departments shall be permitted to exercise any powers properly belonging to either of the others, except as in this constitution expressly directed or permitted.

Article. II. [High King / High Queen, King / Queen, Prime Ministers / Executive Branch]
Section. 1 - Attaining and holding Office, Ascension, Appointment

Clause 1: The executive Power shall be vested in a High King/High Queen. He shall hold his/her Office during the Term of life, and, together with the King / Queen and Prime Ministers chosen for the same Term.
Clause 2: In Case of the death , resignation, or inability to discharge the powers and duties of the (GM10) High King / High Queen, the (GM5) King / Queen would immediately assume the office of High King / High Queen.
Clause 3: Upon ascension to the office of (GM10) High King / High Queen, the new KGB leader must select a new (GM5) King / Queen candidate within 10 days.   Upon selection, a majority vote of the KGB Senate would be required to attain the office of (GM5) KGB King / Queen.
Clause 4: In the case of the Prime Ministers, the
(GM10) High King / High Queen or (GM5) King / Queen would select another.  The (GM10) High King / High Queen can do this unilaterally or (GM5) King / Queen can with a majority KGB Senate vote
Clause 3: Before the
(GM10) High King / High Queen or (GM5) King / Queen enter on the Execution of his/her Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation:--"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the position of (GM10) High King / High Queen or (GM5) King / Queenn of the KGB, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the KGB."
Clause 4: A Prime Minister is second in command and his/her orders should not be questioned. The power of a Prime Minister is equal to that of the High King/High Queen in accordance with the duties assigned by the High King/High Queen. A Prime Minister is authorized to carry out the duties of the High King/High Queen in his/her absence.

Section. 2. - Position and Responsibility
Clause 1: The (GM10) High King/High Queen shall be Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and Guild Secret Service. The
(GM10) High King / High Queen and/or (GM5) King / Queen and the (G5) Generals of each faction are fully responsible for Armed Forces rank and awards.
Clause 2: The Prime Ministers will represent the Guild in enforcement of the actions of the Supreme Court, and are considered the Chief enforcement officers of the KGB code of laws

Section. 3 - Powers of the (GM10) High King / High Queen
Clause 1: The (GM10) High King / High Queen shall have the following powers:
Clause 2: To veto or override any execution of power or privilege by any rank or office in KGB without review or question.

Clause 2: To fill all vacancies in the Supreme Court and/or Senate at any time;
Clause 3: To expel a member or officer of KGB without question or review;
Clause 4: To establish uniform Rules of Membership, and uniform Laws of conduct;
Clause 5:
To declare war, grant letters of marquee and reprisal, and make rules concerning captures on land and water;
Clause 6: To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the KGB, or in any Department or Officer thereof.

Section. 3 - Powers of the (GM5) King / Queen
Clause 1: The (GM5) King / Queen shall have the following powers:
Clause 3: To expel a member or officer of KGB (excluding the
(GM10) High King / High Queen) without question or review except by the (GM10) KGB High King
Clause 4: To establish uniform Rules of Membership, and uniform Laws of conduct;
Clause 5: To declare war, grant letters of marquee and reprisal, and make rules concerning captures on land and water;
Clause 6: To propose all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution the foregoing powers, and all other powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the KGB, or in any Department or Officer thereof.  Laws or changes proposed by the (GM5) King / Queen would require majority vote from the KGB Senate, and would be subject to review and potential veto by the (GM10) High King / High Queen.

Article. III. [The KGB Senate / Legislative Branch]
Section 1.

Clause 1: All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Senate of the Knights of Glory and Beer, which shall consist of prominent members chosen by the
(GM10) High King / High Queen or (GM5) King / Queen. The Chairman will coordinate the Senate. Senate members may, during a Senate meeting, present proposals for approval by the citizenship. These Proposals must be properly presented to the Senate as a whole in writing on the appropriate forum and sent to the Chairman in writing upon His/Her request. Any member, Senate Member, Prime Minister, or (GM10) High King / High Queen or (GM5) King / Queen may issue a proposal for review by the Senate.
Clause 2: The KGB Senate Forum will be used for proposals and discussion. Proposals will be presented, discussed, and then voted on by the Senate. The Prime Minister and all Senators vote on presented proposals. If a proposal is passed, it is recorded and moves to the (GM10) High King / High Queen or (GM5) King / Queen for final approval. If the (GM10) High King / High Queen approves it, it becomes Law, if the (GM10) High King / High Queen veto's it, it is returned to the Senate for review. They may continue to present it to the (GM10) High King / High Queen for approval after review and change. There is no way to override the (GM10) High King / High Queen's veto.
Clause 3: The Senate Proposal to Law Procedure Summary and Protocol.
A) A Member contacts the Senate Member of his/her choice and shares an idea for a proposal, or a Senate Member creates an idea himself that is worthy of a Senate Proposal.
B) The Senate Member writes the idea in Proposal form.
C) The Senate Member posts the proposal on the Senate Message Board
As a root message in the Senate Message board, the Message is identified as a proposal because the subject is in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. Example "PROPOSAL: GIVE THE High King/High Queen A MEDAL".
Discussion between Senate Members regarding the proposal will be done in the form of Message Replies to the original message (The proposal itself).
Only the original Proposal Submitter may agree to amend the proposal. If another Senate Member wishes to change a proposal and the Original Submitter does not agree then it must be submitted as a new proposal.
The Chairman of the Senate will monitor the page to see when a Submitted Proposal is 10 days old. The voting process will consist of a Poll will be created in the forum and set to expire in 10 days.
D) The outcome of the vote on the proposal will be posted on the message board. It will be added to the Constitution or eventually deleted.

Section. 2.
Clause 1: The Senate shall be composed of Members chosen by the
(GM10) High King / High Queen or (GM5) King / Queen. The (GM10)High King/High Queen will appoint the Chairman of the Senate as needed.
Clause 2: A Senate Members term is six months to life as to be determined by Executive decree, the
(GM10) High King / High Queen or (GM5) King / Queen may remove any Senator at any time during his/her tenure and review his or her performance.

Section. 3.
Clause 1: The Senate shall be the judge of the elections, returns and qualifications of its own members, and a majority shall constitute a quorum to do business. A smaller number may adjourn from day to day, and may be authorized to compel the attendance of absent members, in such manner, and under such penalties as the Senate may provide.
Clause 2: The Senate may determine the rules of its proceedings, punish its members for disorderly behavior, and, with the concurrence with the
(GM10) High King / High Queen and/or (GM5) King / Queen and Prime Ministers, expel a member from the Senate.

Section. 4.
Clause 1: The Senate shall represent KGB Membership on all affairs, both at the National and Factional levels, concerning all matters of Guild operation. Bringing all concerns, suggestions, or proposals forward to be deliberated and discussed on, and may at the request of another be chosen to represent a individual in proceedings or act as Defense in Judicial matters if proper representation cannot be provided by the Courts.
Clause 2: The Senate is the representation of the people, and as such has responsibility across all Factional boundaries to carry out their assigned duties therefore is not subject to censorship concerning forum rights and access. Senators will at a minimum have the same access to all forums, regardless of faction, as any non-leadership KGB member.
Clause 3: To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the KGB, or in any Department or Officer thereof.

Article. IV. [Judicial Branch and Powers]
Section. 1.

Clause 1: The KGB Supreme Court will work in tandem with the(GM10) High King / High Queen or (GM5) King / Queen and Prime Ministers to enforce and review the laws of the Guild. The (GM10) High King/High Queen will appoint a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court for the term of life.
Clause 2: The Supreme Court may officially mark Members for disorderly Behavior, and, after due process of law, expel any Guild Member or Senior Guild Official.
Clause 3: Due process of law consists of The Chief Justice selecting two additional Justices and holding a hearing in compliance with Article 3, Section 2, were evidence and testimony for both sides is presented. The accused has the right to be represented by the person of their choice. After both sides have presented the Chief Justice and the chosen Justices will come to a majority verdict.
Clause 4: No Person shall be convicted of any crime unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses and/or one screen shot of the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Supreme Court hearing, or if the Act was witnessed by a Senior Guild Official (Executive cabinet and or Supreme Court Justice)
Clause 5: If a Member is convicted of a crime against the Guild or a violation of the KGB Code, they will be sentenced by the Chief Justice using the following guidelines on the first offense:

PROBATION: The convicted party is marked with a minimum 15 day and maximum 90 day probationary period. Violation of probation is defined as breaking any KGB law that is reported via the KGB Court System (filed charges with a guilty verdict). Offenses while on probation are addressed in Article 3, Section 1, Clause 6.
COMMUNITY SERVICE: The Chief Justice may require the guilty party to complete a task in line with the recognition and desire to reform behavior based on the law or laws broken (Example: public apology, restitution of funds, etc). Failure to complete community service would be considered a second offense.
SUSPENSION: Removal from activity in any KGB Faction for a period of up to 14 days. Message board access will be limited to the Great Hall only during this time. The guilty party would be removed from carrying a KGB title (removed from the guild) but still must remain in compliance with all KGB General Orders (specifically General Order 2).

EXPULSION: The guilty party's membership in the KGB is revoked, all access to KGB private resources is removed.

Clause 6: If a Member is convicted of a second act in the probationary period, they may be expelled without review of the
(GM10) High King / High Queen or (GM5) King / Queen, granted a second probation, or additional conditions from Clause 5 may be added. This decision will be made by the Chief Justice.
Clause 7: Expelled members may re-apply to KGB after a 180 day period. They must undergo the KGB Citizenship procedure before being allowed to join any KGB faction.

Section. 2.
Clause 1: Charges against a member must originate from a KGB Supreme Court conduct report.
Clause 2: The form must be complete to be recognized and admissible. Submitters must identify themselves, but may request that their name be withheld.
Clause 3: Forms are submitted directly to the Chief Justice for initial review and evaluation.
Clause 4: The Chief Justice will review charges with the other Justices to determine if the case should go to trial.
Clause 5: The Executive branch will not be involved in the Judicial process, except for the right of Pardon which may be granted after charges and punishment have been chosen by the court.
Clause 6: If the court decides a trial is in order, the following process will be followed:
Clause 7: A prosecutor will selected by the Chief Justice to represent the state.
Clause 8: The prosecutor will work with the Chief Justice to create the following document in the format listed below and posted in the Great Hall of the KGB Meeting Hall for all to review:

- The Citizens of the KGB vs. Defendant, Defendants Title
Individual charges must be listed here with a separate number and line for each
Proof and or witness testimony with detailed accounts of the act of violation must be listed here
The Prosecution's suggested sentence in accordance with the KGB Constitution Article 4, Section 1, Clauses 5,6 and 7.
Additional sentence details and or special requirements
The DEFENDANT and or his/her Counsel will be given the chance to answer these charges via EMAIL to the KGB forms email address DO NOT REPLY IN THIS THREAD.
You have 48 Hours to provide the following information:
Please provide your side of the story and enter one of the following pleas:
1) Guilty - Full admission and acceptance of the charges against you and the punishment the Supreme Court issues.
2) No Contest - Acceptance of the punishment, but disagreement with the charges (a detailed reason for choosing "No Contest" must be provided).
3) Not Guilty - This means you disagree with the charges as stated. If you plead in this manner the 3 member Supreme Court will hear both sides as stated in the KGB constitution.

Clause 12: The KGB Supreme Court message board will be activated with all involved gaining exclusive access. A thread will be created and moderated by the Chief Justice.
Clause 13: The Chief will post the Emailed plea in the thread.
Clause 14: If you plea “Guilty” or “No Contest”, the Court will then initiate the resolution. This could be punishment or restitution. The entire thread would then be posted in the Great Hall for review by all citizens.
Clause 15: If you plea “Not Guilty”, the defense would then post a rebuttal to the charges, followed by the prosecution posting a rebuttal to the defense claims. This would be allowed to continue until the defense and prosecution rest their cases, or the Chief Justice ends the dialog.
Clause 16: After arguments are completed, the Chief Justice would then deliberate with the other two Justices on the case and make a ruling.
Clause 17: Rulings by the Supreme Court are by majority vote of the three justices assigned to the case.
Clause 18: The defendant would then be acquitted or charged in the matter and sentence would be posted in compliance with the punishment guidelines listed in Article 3, Section 1.
Clause 19: The ruling along with the entire thread would be posted in the Great Hall for all citizens to review.
Clause 20: The ruling is final with no appeals allowed.
Clause 21: The (GM10) High King/High Queen retains the power of Pardon. The (GM10) High King/High Queen may grant a pardon per public post after the process is complete.

Article. V. [Amending the Constitution]
Section. 1.

Clause 1: The (GM10) High King / High Queen, may amend the Constitution whenever it is necessary.