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August 1998 - September 21st, 1998


HEADLINES for September 30th, 1998

Battles Rage On with TM
KGB and TM suffer heavy loses
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

The battles continue night after night. The night of September 30th saw the tide of battle shift from KGB to TM and then back to KGB again. Its seems that when the KGB war machine gets rolling and many members are active and organized, KGB is very successful. TM members are opportunists. They are most successful when they can break up a group of KGB and focus on one member. TM seems to be more successful outside of town, where as KGB seems to do better within town limits. Some members of TM have very high Magic resistance and this does not provide an advantage inside of town.

KGB was successful in an initial attack against TM at the Britain bank. Scoring at least 4 kills KGB's force quickly became disorganized when a order was not heard by all. The TM reinforcements successfully defeated some KGB members that were left behind. The score ended up even.

Members of KGB regrouped in Trinsic. With depleted numbers and troops not ready, TM launched a surprise attack. The KGB force in Trinsic was overwhelmed and eliminated.

The Rest of the KGB force was regrouping in Nujelm, and the same surprise tactics were attempted. This time KGB was well prepared and the surprise attack force was vanquished by KGB forces. TM GM Ranker was able to recall before being killed. KGB GM JetStar was also spared in the evenings conflicts.

Here are some pictures from the recent battles:


KGB GSS Infiltration Hurting TM's War Effort
KGB Agents have Infiltrated TM as Members, Ghosts, and Blue Healers
Journal Recordings of Friends of TM Planning to Cheat!
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster
Picture and Journal Text by KGB Guild Secret Service

KGB GSS agents are spread around the clock. KGB GSS Minister Peaches has ordered 24 hour surveillance of the Britain Graveyard. Intelligence information is recorded by Agents recording journals and taking screen shots. Unfortunately, our agents who are members of TM have been forced on occasion to attack KGB members to prove their loyalty. All of this information is provided by the GSS to KGB GuildMaster JetStar. There is literally hundreds of hours of surveillance information that has been collected.

Here is an incident we think you will find entertaining:

A KGB member was killed in battle in a Britain Cemetery attack. The KGB member had accidentally forgot to put his keys in the bank. A KGB GSS agent that had successfully joined TM happened to be there to loot. As TM members celebrated, the TM infiltrator returned the keys.

Daily abuse by TM members common:

Here is just one example from the last 24 hours. Below you can see members of TM Spamming. They were doing this to conceal the fact that they were abusing a healing wand and were covering the actual act with Spam. Unlucky for them a GM was watching. Here is the actual text from the Britain Cemetery.

Destiny: !&@# OSI UnSafe Bank
Destiny: !&@# OSI UnSafe Bank
Destiny: !&@# OSI UnSafe Bank
Destiny: !&@# OSI UnSafe Bank
Destiny: !&@# OSI UnSafe Bank
Destiny: !&@# OSI UnSafe Bank
Destiny: !&@# OSI UnSafe Bank

Once the GM found out what they were doing, the TM members that were Spamming got a special OSI treat.

You see: Provider (squelched)
You see: dArKmAgE (squelched)
You see: Austin (squelched)
You see: Bow (squelched)
You see: Yarni Norroan (squelched)

OSI GM Squelches TM members for Abuse and Spamming

No Limit Soldier: heheh squelched!
No Limit Soldier: u cant talk right?
No Limit Soldier: that's funny, from spamming i think
No Limit Soldier: heheh
No Limit Soldier: squelched that's funny, gms are hilarious
No Limit Soldier: heheh they're squelched
No Limit Soldier: that's the funniest $*!% i have ever seen!
USAF: why the hell is everyone squelched
No Limit Soldier: look at them! they're squelched
No Limit Soldier: from spamming

The GM also got the Wand and discharged it completely.

TM members show some respect to KGB GuildMaster JetStar

GOLD: I saw that star guy at Shame
GOLD: He recalled when he saw me though
cErEaL KiLLa: jet star?
cErEaL KiLLa: jetstar of kgb?
cErEaL KiLLa: he's gm
cErEaL KiLLa: of kgb
GOLD: I know
cErEaL KiLLa: he's good
cErEaL KiLLa: but
cErEaL KiLLa: he can't pvp one on one

Thanks Cereal Killa, and your right, GM JetStar is not big on dueling..

TM members and Allies authorize use of Bugs and Exploits

This is perhaps the most disturbing point. The reason for this post is based on the text you will ready below. After being caught exploiting a Wand just a few minutes before, TM members discuss using an exploit to loot the KGB HeadQuarters. (Please note: The KGB HQ compound contains not items of value). Read and decide for yourself.

** In order to comply with OSI's rules about disclosing exploits on UO Player WebSites, several lines of the Journal listed below have been Censored and declared classified by the KGB GSS **

Cheech: kgb what it stand for
Scorpion: ive been to there house
Scorpion: and stone
Scorpion: its south of trinsic i think
cErEaL KiLLa: i'll make that new mafia hang out
cErEaL KiLLa: hehe
Scorpion: way the hell south of destard
Cheech: yea i know some of those dudes
Hellmonger: I also have been to their house
Scorpion: ill look tomorrow for ya
Hellmonger: I was running around
Hellmonger: Dead
Hellmonger: And saw KGB headquarters
Scorpion: i was red when i found it
Hellmonger: with Jetstar's penthouse on the roof
cErEaL KiLLa: hehhe
Hellmonger: I was red and dead when i found it
cErEaL KiLLa: hehee
cErEaL KiLLa: %&@#
Scorpion: ahi wasnt dead yet
cErEaL KiLLa: if i find kgb hq
cErEaL KiLLa: i'm gonna camp there
cErEaL KiLLa: make it the new cem
Scorpion: i might now how to get in
cErEaL KiLLa: how?
Hellmonger: Its already been looted
cErEaL KiLLa: i'll get golgo and steal key ringz
Scorpion: i need a special type of (Censored)
Scorpion: it makes it so your (Censored)
Scorpion: then make (Censored) into house

Scorpion: and have him grab everything
Drake Blackheart: yah!
Hellmonger: Its already been looted

It was believed that Hellmonger and others in "The Mafia" were honorable players. KGB members have had several long conversations with Mafia Members and it was understood that this war would be fought without the use of bugs or exploits. After reading the above conversation what do you think?

GuildMaster Ranker, you are an honorable player. If this is indeed how your members act than perhaps your not so honorable. All of us here at KGB ask you to deal with this, and fight fair. Victory cannot be achieved honorably where cheating is involved.

-KGB Guild Secret Service

HEADLINES for September 29th, 1998

KGB EverQuest Page Opens to the Public
New Look, New Feel, KGB's EQ Page is top Notch
Page Design Courtesy of Brother Annul, KGB Paladin and Moe, Senior GSS Agent
Daily News and Content Updates by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster and all the members of KGB

Select the spinning EQ on the KGB Organization Headquarters Page - Click below

KGB Active Membership Reaches New High
GM's Mandates taking effect / Members prepare for new event system.
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

The KGB Active Membership reached an all time high of 45 today (44 the previous record) and is still climbing. New members have been actively training and a new guild event plan has been formed. Since June of 1997, KGB has had over 120 Active members with over 320 applications for membership.

Plans are in place now to form events with 20+ members. Imagine the site of a large scale attack with all 45 members of KGB involved. This is the Goal of the GuildMaster and the new set of reforms. Keep up the good work members. We will work as a team to surpass the level of greatness KGB achieved in its prime.


UO's Imanewbie Rumored as Joining KGB
Sightings of Paladin activity during early morning hours
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

Reports of the KGB Paladins activities are circling around the Guild. In the Picture below GuildMaster JetStar poses with the real Imanewbie as he trains in the KGB Paladin compound:

Rumors are about that he intends to join KGB. Keep an eye on the KGB Sentinel for details...

KGB's Revival
Interest builds as the GSED begins operations
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

Prime Minister and GSED Administrator Thorn Wolfbane began GSED (Guild Sponsored Events Department) operations with the selection of the GSED Assistants. Members you can still apply in the Meeting Hall or contact Thorn Wolfbane directly via ICQ or E-Mail. So far response is largely positive. There have been some concerns however.

GuildMaster JetStar, "I wanted to assure everyone that the purpose of the GSED is not to "force" members to participate. It is a way to record and reward our most active members for their participation. It is also a way to monitor the performance of the KGB officers in charge of various KGB functions. The purpose here is to organize our operations and be able to support guild unity and offer our enemies the kind of challenge they have become accustom to. Large KGB forces were our trade mark, and they will be again. For those of you who are discouraged, hang in there. The recent mandates are my attempt to return KGB to its former glory, and I am happy to report, they are going smoothly."

Secure GSED Event Calendar to open September 30th, 1998

KGB Parade at the peak of member participation

HEADLINES for September 28th, 1998

GuildMaster Issues New Mandate
Required Reading for all KGB Members
New Procedures by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

Guild Sponsored Events Department (GSED)
Prime Minister Thorn Wolfbane Administrator

The key to guild success is participation. Today I have signed an executive order expanding the responsibility of the Prime Minister to oversee the new GSED (Guild Sponsored Events Department). Prime Minister Thorn Wolfbane will select 2 assistants that will administrate the scheduling and tracking of guild events. An member Member and or Military Commanders can schedule events that the GSED will Spencer, schedule and advertise. A guild event can consist of Hunts, Practice Sessions, Parades, Membership Drives, etc. The KGB GuildMaster will be keeping a database of member attendance data. Members will be rewarded for their participation using a new system. An electronic event submittance form will be available on the website from the State of the KGB page to submit your events.

Members will be required to participate in at least one GSED sponsored event per week (three events must be scheduled during a given week to validate this requirement). If you are unable to attend at least one event, you must contact Prime Minister Thorn Wolfbane. He can issue an Excused Absence for special conditions that would prevent you from attending. If you fail to attend one event and have not acquired a Excused Absence (EA), you will receive a Unexcused Absence (UA). After three UA's you will be placed in Inactive Status (IS). Members placed on IS will have their ranks and positions suspended, be placed in the MIA/IS section, and will be replaced until reviewed by the GuildMaster and Prime Minister. The GM and PM will interview the IS member and determine if they intend to comply with this mandate or wish to retire from UO. Retired members keep their rank and title in retirement and may become active in other KGB operations in other Virtual Worlds. You can also request a (LA) from the Prime Minister. He can grant you a time period that you will be inactive for RL issues that would keep you from the game.

I do not feel that one event per week is allot to ask from an active guild member. This new system is a way to recognize the members that are most active, and that is the most important part of your membership.

Recognition System
Participation Awards and Definitions

A special ribbon will be placed on your permanent record for participation in GSED events. Per 10 events you will receive a special participation ribbon. the are defined below:

The official beginning of this new system will be the week of October 5th, 1998. The Submit Event Form will be available at the top of the State of the KGB page by tomorrow morning. Members please be advised, choices for offices, promotions (Military ranks have participation requirements) and High Council vacancies will be greatly effected by your participation in guild events. Lets all get involved and help our guild to be even better than it is.

(Legal Note) Using Executive Branch powers GuildMaster JetStar is implementing this Mandate on October 5th, 1998. It is also being submitted as a High Council Proposal. The High Council has the authority to deactivate this mandate if they so choose. If you have any concerns about this mandate it should be raised to your High Council Representative.

KGB Portland Blowout a Success
An Article by
JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

Several members of KGB recently met in RL in Portland Oregon. Everything went very well and the participants had a wonderful time. KGB T-Shirts are now available on the KGB Meeting Hall for members. Contact Foreign Minister Hard Cash for details. KGB is planning a New Years Party in Las Vegas for 1999. Stay tuned for details.

HEADLINES for September 21st, 1998

Commander Arginal's Revenge
An Article by
Sir Arginal, KGB Knight Commander

I was feeling restless this morning and decided to reminisce about times of old. When I was but a infant in this dangerous world. While remembering victories and losses I came across one that struck a cord or two. To be truthful it made me down right angry.   When I practiced black smiting and magery I once found this cave. Adventures from Trinsic were gathered at the entrance. I asked what they were doing there, beat and tired and they replied “Huff... Huff. Dragon... Kill others.. Huff” . I became quickly alarmed and ran back to Trinsic were I mustered a few troops to take on this beast. We traveled back to the entrance of the cave and from there we lead into it. No sooner then I was in the cave did I hear shouts of pain and death. So casting a spell so I may see I charged forward and into battle. The battle was hot and fierce but the Drake had us licked. One after another we fell till none stood alive...   Today I ventured back to that cave. Deep into it’s bowls I traveled till I meet the lonesome Drake. Raising my excellently crafted heavy crossbow I let the first bolt fly. It struck true and the Drake spun around with a roar... The battle ravaged across the entire level of the dungeon till only one stood...

I had avenged myself and those I led into to face it those many months ago!
For Glory! For Beer! For KGB!
Commander Arginal of the Black Knights

SS Guild Joins Battle Against TM
An Article by
JetStar, KGB Knight GuildMaster

The KGB and the SS guild have agreed to a cease fire to allow for both Guilds to focus on The Mafia. As the War continues there are rumors of the H20 Guild joining forces with TM. This is just a rumor and the GSS information on this is Classified. Some KGB members had problems adjusting to this new status with SS, but everyone has adapted nicely. Good luck SS, we share the same battle.

HEADLINES for September 18th, 1998

KGB Hits TM Again / POA attacked KGB
Thursday Morning Raid on TM made before Server Maintenance
An Article by Sir Mantis, KGB Knight Commander

I gathered up the troops (Kadiin, Drek, Arg, Darius) that were online and we crashed TM's CEM server crashed party. Very quickly we cleaned out all the TM, and they recalled out never to return. Hell,died at least 2 times, killed at least one anther and other TM recalled out dead(guess). I was just getting ready to say lets recall out when POA attacked us, at least 15 of them. All in yellow, easy to spot. Arg and Drek fell to their attacks, and Kadiin was guard killed, but Darius and I rocked, unkilled! We (with the help of some area blues) killed at least 1/2 of the POA at least one time. 2-3 KGB vs all them at most times and we were dropping them, that should give them a healthy respect for us! :>  Since it was sever crash and no save it was meant as a moral attack on the TM, they really like running the show at that time, and in less then 5 mins we forced them out of the pic!  Overall we rocked the TM, we could not force the POA out, but they took heavy losses and if it had be real, we would have been RICH MAN! RICH! 

KGB Page surpasses 20,000 hits! / Online!
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

The KGB UO page is now over 20,000 hits and just in time for the new KGB Domain. Members will now have E-Mail forwarded to them that is sent to this site. Send the GuildMaster an E-Mail with your current address and all mail sent to KGB in your name will reach you. (your address will be

Members send your addresses in to

Cry for Dawn's Desperate Attempt
More posts on his Page - O - Lies target KGB
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

For those of you who have not heard, Cry for Dawn, GuildMaster of The Resistance has been up to his old slanderous games again. This time thinking he can create disunity in the KGB. I can tell you this is all because of the return of the Lady Delerium (Im sure all of you saw the detailed accounts of his lies and desperation over at our Guild allies website, The KOAD. Click >HERE< to review that information). Cry for Dawn is desperate for her companionship and totally jealous of the unity and success of the KGB and other guilds.

The Resistance has been a total failure. That failure can be blamed on one person and one person only. Cry for Dawn himself. He has completely destroyed any credibility he had by being caught in so many outrageous lies. If you have ever seen his page it is full of lies and deception. Most everyone who has ever been a member of TR has quit because of CFD and his never ending attempts to deceive.

Instead of trying to defend my friends and members of KGB against the absolutely stupid allegations he made against us, I wanted to offer him some words of advice instead.

1) A strong Guild is built of strong friendships.
KGB is a close knit group of friends that help each other and work together. Sure we have our squabbles, but like any relationship it is for the better. All of us here at KGB are more than just a name, or a claim. We all stick together and work toward a common goal.

2) You dont have to lie to make or keep Friends / GuildMembers.
As long as your honest Cry, people will accept you for who you are. And being honest generates respect. Respect is the key to leadership. Try being honest today! You would be surprised how quickly the general opinion of you will turn around. Remember the old saying "What a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive". You dont have to lie to kick it!

3) Blind trust and showering a woman with gifts and lies to impress her wont get you anywhere.
It is RESPECT that a woman must have for you. Not being bought! All the gifts and lies of grandeur will not buy you a woman's heart. Be yourself and respect her and perhaps she will respect you back. Throwing yourself at a woman and trying to be all romantic will only make a fool of you. I mean take a look at your own text from the KOAD page.... Its pathetic.

I hope this information helps you CFD. Because until you start applying it to you life you will continue to be the laughing stock of the Pacific Shard. Good Luck with your rehabilitation!

HEADLINES for September 15th, 1998

Technical Difficulties Cancel Hunt
Internal Guild Conflict causing Guild Disunity
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

After weeks of planning, Crimson Knight /Knight Commander Mantis was able to organize the largest KGB Guild Hunt in months. The picture above reflects the early days of the now famous KGB Hunts. Things were going smoothly until the arrival of the GuildMaster.

After reviewing the text from the permanent record (GM JetStar saves and archives all journal files) it becomes apparent where the problems began.

The Misunderstanding
GM JetStar's explanation.

Not being informed about the procedure, route or structure, I arrived and was greeted by all. I suggested going to visit a wedding planned by the TM.

Unedited exerts from the GuildMasters Journal:

(1) JetStar of KGB: You all know TM is haveing a wedding
Brett Maverick: hehe
Weiland: NICE
Dmitri Syn: Someone that planned this from the start
(1A) JetStar of KGB: in the Cemetery
Baubb: lets crash it!!
SPEEDY of KGB: yeah
spinal: tm is having a wedding tonight?
Sir Wraith DLD: hmm if i was a chick and the pres came om me thats proof man lots o cash hehe
(1b)JetStar of KGB: We should invite ourselves
SPEEDY of KGB: you also know
Baubb: aye~!
spinal: lets go man
Nathan Rahl: HOLY *#$!!
Weiland: free booze.. kewl
SPEEDY of KGB: its a
Baubb: we take all tables and chairs
Nathan Rahl: CRASH TIME =)
(2)JetStar of KGB: I want to get a picture for the paper
SPEEDY of KGB: no weapons
Baubb: and we use em in the tower!
Price: haha
Dmitri Syn: *Puts on a DEEP voice*
SPEEDY of KGB: guys
Price: hehee
Baubb: ill take pic
Helmholtz: outside?
Dmitri Syn: I am da Party Poo-pa!
(3)Mantis: Well jet I guess you have this hnnt we will do what you want
(4)JetStar of KGB: Can we all line up outside?
SPEEDY of KGB: its a no weapons
Ardath: [Warlord, KGB]
You see: Ardath
Baubb: hold on
SPEEDY of KGB: wedding
Price: a wedding?
JetStar of KGB: Nope
Price: where are we going?
(5)JetStar of KGB: IM just a spectator
(5a)JetStar of KGB: Im not the Warlord
(5b)JetStar of KGB: He is in charge

(6)Nathan Rahl: It's Mantis' hunt

Without speaking to Commander Mantis I spoke and joked with the members that attended. Mantis and I did not correspond at all at this point except for him saying he would wait for me for a few minutes via ICQ. In comment (1) you can see me suggesting the Wedding. At that point several members get excited. This was just a suggestion at this point and please notice the use of the word "Should". Several comments were made about going to the wedding by the members. In comment (2) I can be seen ordering a event picture.

This is the key moment. Commander Mantis then makes comment (3) and I did not see it due to the fact I was moving and others were speaking at the same time. Im sure Commander Mantis at that point assumed I was ignoring him. As I moved outside you can see in comment (5) that in response to Prices question, I had no intention of leading the hunt and was unsure what the plan was, so I refered him to Warlord Ardath. Crimson Knights General Rahl then corrects me by telling Price comment (6).

Mantis did not have the opportunity to hear these comments as he was still inside. Several minutes past and per Commander Mantis's account he felt he had turned the group over to me and recalled. I was busy trying to take the picture. As soon as the picture was completed I got a message from an obviously upset Commander telling me to take the group. I attempted several times to explain but he apparently logged out and left his machine. I was then flooded with a barrage of messages:

"That was really _ucked up what you did to Mantis"
"Your a Jerk"
and a few others... Many recalled. The Hunt continued but the moral was gone. Realizing what happened I took responsibility for the entire incident and posted a formal apology on the members board. I later spoke to Commander Mantis and everything in my opinion was understood by all.

Apparently others in the Guild either did not believe me or were dissatisfied with how I handled the situation. As I am still hearing grumblings about how I "Took the hunt away from Mantis". I can assure it was not my intention and I would hope to be treated in a more respectful manner than being called a Jerk. I would hope you all know me better than that. It does not end here

The After-Math
GM JetStar's explanation.

In a discussion in the Meeting Hall following the apology I issued, the membership spoke of ways to avert a similar situation. The content of those following messages ignited another conflict.

I have decided to solve this problem once and for all. This is the way I understand it. This is clearly Warlord Ardaths call, but here is how I understand it

At any Military Assembly the group should be organized and members should group up and stand at attention quietly. The organizing Commander should then report to his superior if present and state the following, "The group is ready for battle General". Then the Warlord or commanding General may review the group. Upon the completion of the review the Warlord or commanding General may release the group to the organizing Commander. The above scenario not only respects the chain of command but also allows the organizing Commander to lead the group. This to opinion is simply how any chain of command works. The Warlord or commanding General has the authority to take the group if he pleases, but clearly would wish to allow the organizing Commander to lead the event he organized.

I hope this will end the conflict on this issue. I do not wish a guild divided. I would suggest the the heated debate over this be forgotten and members should try to make peace once again. I have spoken to the parties involved and hope to put an end to this conflict once and for all..

Thank you for your attention

Hard Cash Follows Randal Floyd as Foreign Minister
Former Assistant Foreign Minister replaced retiring Randal Floyd.
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

At 11:59pm on the 14th the seal of the KGB Foreign Minister officially passed to Hard Cash. IN a discussion with GuildMaster JetStar, Hard Cash will be working hard to form new alliances and renew out old ones. Retired FM Floyd recommended Hard Cash for the job. Congratulations Hard Cash and good luck in your new position.In an unprecedented move today, GuildMaster JetStar signed an executive order mandating the membership to begin a much needed membership drive. In a special members only section of the KGB Meeting Hall, GuildMaster JetStar posted the detail of the mandate:

The Seal of the KGB Foreign Minister

Recent Award Records Lost
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

I Posted the Award requestes per my memory. As you know I have a problem while posting last night and the records we lost after that point. I have posted these awards directly to the Charter. IF YOU WERE EXPECTING AN AWARD AND DID NOT RECEIVE IT PLEASE USE THE LINK BELOW TO POST.


KGB Award Policy states that someone (Even yourself) must send a written account of the said incident that you feel warrants an award. It is your responsibility to keep track of actions or situations that may warrant awards. You may send these accounts in any time to GM JetStar or Warlord Ardath via E-Mail or ICQ file transfer. DO NOT USE ICQ MESSAGES to send in award information. You may also use the SUBMIT NEWS feature to record this. I prefer the submit news method, as it makes for easy record of this important information

HEADLINES for September 12th, 1998

Recent defeats in Battle forces GM JetStar to issue Mandate
A Required reading for all members by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

In an unprecedented move today, GuildMaster JetStar signed an executive order mandating the membership to begin a much needed membership drive. In a special members only section of the KGB Meeting Hall, GuildMaster JetStar posted the detail of the mandate:

KGB has long since been known for its large numbers and it organization. I see a few of us trying very hard, I see many of us not taking part, or just burned out. As you know the KGB has never required a certain level of participation, but I see the current situation as critical. We currently have 17 Guilds declaring on us and every baddy on the shard is teaming up against us in town, in the dungeons and everywhere. We have become the Guild to beat on the pacific shard. With 37 current members and maybe 10 to 15 active we are a small force at best.

I have decided to issue the following decree to the Guild as a whole to combat this problem and to return KGB to its former glory. The KGB armed forces requires fresh blood to fill its ranks and to get the individual units staffed to become a true combat force.

As your GuildMaster I decree that in two weeks from today, all active members will have presented and sponsored a New Member Candidate and have their application submitted to the Chairman of the KGB High Council. Failure to comply with this mandate will result in a 10,000 gp fine.

All of our members need to do their parts to restaff the guild and help us preserve our reputation and respect. I ask that the KGB High Council support me in this matter. I am acting based on my emergency powers granted to me in the constitution. Article II, Section 5, Clause 8 clearly states that the GuildMaster shall have the power to "To raise and support Armies, to enforce the KGB's will"

Thank you and Godspeed

To all my GuildMates and friends, I realize this is a little extreme. We must however think about the guild. For those of you that are busy in RL I ask you this. Please take some extra time and do your best to complete this mandate, and be very careful who you choose. If we let things slip any farther we may not be able to recover. The fate of the guild is in your hands..

Best of luck to you all. In service to KGB,

The Following Membership FAQ can be found on the Join KGB page. Please read it and make yourself familiar with the requirements.

Membership FAQ

*What are minimum membership requirements to join KGB?*

One combat skill in the 90's.
A second skill of at least 60.

Although developing skills is important, we put far more importance on a members loyalty, devotion and sense of honor. We feel if a player demonstrates these virtues, that skill development is just a matter of time.


Payment of a 5000gp fee to the treasurer.
This fee was imposed on new members to assure that KGB does not become a welfare mechanism for players who have not mastered the ability to generate income with their characters. The members who choose military service must be able to survive disastrous deaths which usually cost much more than 1000 gold to return to battle. The Craftsmen will demonstrate success by this fee as well, and quite directly. The fees are used to purchase property and other community related expenses. The fees DO NOT go to individuals for spending at their discretion.

*What is a Sponsor and how do I get one?*
A Sponsor is an existing member of KGB that is in good standing.
The sponsor must take full responsibility for the actions of Candidate for 30 days.
To get a Sponsor, make friends with a KGB officer or member and spend time with KGB Guild members, if you do well, a member will surely sponsor you.

*What notoriety must I have to join KGB?*
You must have and maintain a positive notoriety to join and remain a member in KGB. If your alignment slips to redl, you are expected to make restoring it your highest possible priority.

*Why have I seen a couple of KGB members who are Murderers/PKers?*
Under no circumstances are KGB members permitted to PK anyone other than Enemy Guild Members, Murderers, player killers (Blue or Red) or known thieves. Some allied Murderers are exempt from the "Red = Dead" policy KGB maintains.

*Just how Anti-PK is KGB?*
As a guild sentiment KGB cannot tolerate PK'ers and is devoted to hunting them down. This does not mean that every KGB member is a PK hunter or required to be. We have guild tailors, blacksmiths, miners, administrators, etc. Each contributes as such as possible to the strength of the guild. There are also members who finance their very existence by hunting PK'ers. If you are interested in PK hunting, then KGB is a very good guild for you.

*What exactly do I need to do to join KGB?*
To join KGB, you must be sponsored by an existing member. If you don't know any members of KGB but are interested in joining the guild, arrangements will be made so that you get a chance to meet and adventure with us. Once you have a member who is willing to sponsor you (and thus vouch for your honor), you will be given an application to fill out and return by email to the person who sent it to you. Your application will be reviewed by every member on KGB who may comment on experiences with you in the past, or may have heard rumors concerning your behavior, whether good or bad. Upon completion of the member review process you MAY be asked to be reviewed the High Council in a chat for them to interview you.

This may seem like a time consuming process, but it is definitely preferable to allowing a Candidate into KGB who weakens the guild with behavior below the standards we are all sworn to uphold. We are sworn to live by and defend the Virtues on the Pacific Shard.

*Do I really have to like beer to join KGB?
Yes, you must like virtual beer at least.

*What exactly do I need to do to join KGB?*
Foremost, KGB is a group of people all working for the common good. You will have the opportunity to meet powerful friends and adventure in large groups--There is safety in numbers. KGB also maintains some real estate dedicated to the common good of the guild. This includes two towers, a forge, a tailor shop, and other buildings.

*What is expected from members by the guild?*
In addition to the notoriety requirements, you are expected to obey the wishes of the guild leadership and follow the rules and regulations of the guild. We hope that you will be prepared to put guild goals ahead of your own when asked to. When we decided to build our tower many KGB members put in extra time and committed all of their income to creating our guild home. You are expected to participate in guild events, help with rescue missions when called upon, and aid others in the guild to the best of your ability.
You are expected to represent our guild in a manner in which we can all be proud.

*Is there any special software the guild requires?*
All guild members are required to download and run the latest version of ICQ which is an internet chat program. You can obtain this program from

*Is there any special software the guild requires?*

You can either fill out the application below (Complete) and an application will be sent to you or you can provide your ICQ# to your sponsor so that so that we may contact you and send you an application. You will need to edit the file sent to you by adding answers where appropriate The more thorough you are, the better your chances of joining, and the fewer questions you may need to answer in an interview. When you complete the application, please send the application back to the person who sent it to you ...BY EMAIL, not by ICQ. Things get lost with ICQ.

HEADLINES for September 10th, 1998

Foreign Minister Randal Floyd to Retire
3rd Member to receive KGB's highest honor / Last day September 16th, 1998
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster with a farewell messages from Sandal Floyd, Foreign Minister - Dmitri Syn, Member - Moe, Senior GSS Agent - Katrina, CKGB Minister

It is indeed a sad day. Randal Floyd has been been with us almost tsince the beginning. He has always been a helpful and dedicated member. Randal has been credited with many deed during his service. He has been a two time High Council member and as Foreign Minister helped to assemble the famous Pacific Guild Coalition (PGC) which was indeed the most powerful force Brittania has ever seen. I personally will miss his wit and dedication. Randal will continue to provide us with his presence in the Meeting Hall as the spirits of many retired KGB members do. I look at it like KGB heavin. Thank you Randal for everything


Member Dmitri Syn (formerly known as Tanarus Stiel)

Farewell Randal. I fear that I did nay' get to know you very well in person; but I did hear of your deeds both on the battle field, and in helping KGB reach to the top of the mountain that it is at today. And as being KGB, you are a brother at heart rather or not you are in UO.
It's been an honor to know you, and may you have as much fun in your next lands as UO has brought you.

--Honor above death--

Senior Agent Moe

Farewell Randy, you've been a great friend in UO since the day I met you. Looking forward to dominating the next game with you and KGB.

Minister Katrina

Gonna miss ya and your Abstaining Randal 8) In the mean time, while you are not playing UO and waiting for the next world, go out and purchase Rainbow Six and let me know when I can meet you on The Zone and show you how to kill the enemy!! Or die to the enemy 8)

Guild Treasurer Arginal

Well it's not like your leaving us for good brother. Just in one aspect we resided. until the next world!


I harken back to my first days as a UO KGB when I was but a young lumberjack trying to learn the art of swordmanship, when a man by the name of JetStar took me under his wing and showed me the art of the blade. JetStar, I would like to thank you first for creating this guild and giving us all a place to call home. Thorn Wolfbane you have showed true sacrifice and dedication, and never asked for praise. To the rest of the High Council it was a pleasure working with you keep up the good work. Hard Cash, you have my utmost respect and blessings in what hopefully well be your promotion to Foreign Minister.

I would like to thank everyone that is currently in the KGB and those who have gone before me for the great memories that I have had sharing this game with you, and see you in the next world the KGB enters.

Randal Floyd of KGB.



KGB Award Policy states that someone (Even yourself) must send a written account of the said incident that you feel warrants an award. It is your responsibility to keep track of actions or situations that may warrant awards. You may send these accounts in any time to GM JetStar or Warlord Ardath via E-Mail or ICQ file transfer. DO NOT USE ICQ MESSAGES to send in award information. You may also use the SUBMIT NEWS feature to record this. I prefer the submit news method, as it makes for easy record of this important information


After reviewing Foreign Minister Randal Floyd's long uninterrupted service record, the High Council voted to award Minister Floyd the KGB Medal of Honor. Minister Floyd becomes only the 3rd person to receive the KGB's highest honor. He also received several other several awards.

The KGB High Council Medal of Honor

The KGB High Council Guild Service Medal
The KGB GuildMasters Golden Cross
The KGB Prime Ministers Golden Cross



Foreign Minister Randal Floyd


Wartime Awards

KGB Award Policy states that someone (Even yourself) must send a written account of the said incident that you feel warrants an award. It is your responsibility to keep track of actions or situations that may warrant awards. You may send these accounts in any time to GM JetStar or Warlord Ardath via E-Mail or ICQ file transfer. DO NOT USE ICQ MESSAGES to send in award information. You may also use the SUBMIT NEWS feature to record this. I prefer the submit news method, as it makes for easy record of this important information


Prime Minister Thorn Wolfbane

Has Been Awarded
The Order of the KGB Award


Has Been Awarded
The KGB Service Medal

Hard Cash to be appointed as New Foreign Minister
GuildMaster JetStar takes Minister Floyds advice and appoints Hard Cash
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

At Midnight on Septermber 16th, 1998 Hard Cash will take over as KGB Foreign Minister replacing the out going Randal Floyd. Hard Cash has served as the assistant to Minister Floyd for over a month now. GM JetStar has stated that he has complete confidence in HC's ability to do the job. Hard Cash's new position also places him on the KGB High Council. Good Luck in your new position Hard Cash.

HEADLINES for September 8th, 1998

Victory after Victory - The End is Near for TM
The tide has turned, KGB scoring nightly victories against TM
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

Armed Forces and GSS combine to wear down The Mafia. Using some of their own tactics against them, The KGB has adapted to TM's style of warfare. Last night again the Military scored a decisive victory as they dispensed of TM members over and over again. Meanwhile GSS Thieves strip them of their equipment. GuildMaster JetStar and Warlord Ardath have ordered an esclilation of hostilities to finish TM off once and for all.

KGB Members Military at the TM Stone

Hellmonger Loses again

GM JetStar chalks up andother TM Thief

GSS Saves the Day!
GSS Minister Peaches and Agent Jaco awarded.
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

While working undercover in a Confidential Restricted operation for the KGB GSS, Agent Jaco was able to retrieve a fallen KGB members keys. Under the direction of Minister Peaches, Jaco was able to keep a members properties intact and these keys out of the hands of evil.

I would like to point out the excellent job GSS Minister Peaches is doing with the GSS. Under her direction the agency has become a powerful force within KGB. I would also like to recognize the actions of Agent Jaco. They will be receiving the following awards:


KGB Award Policy states that someone (Even yourself) must send a written account of the said incident that you feel warrants an award. It is your responsibility to keep track of actions or situations that may warrant awards. You may send these accounts in any time to GM JetStar or Warlord Ardath via E-Mail or ICQ file transfer. DO NOT USE ICQ MESSAGES to send in award information. You may also use the SUBMIT NEWS feature to record this. I prefer the submit news method, as it makes for easy record of this important information



Has Been Awarded
The KGB Silver Star
The KGB GuildMasters Golden Cross

The KGB Silver Star is the Military's highest honor. In doing his duty, Agent Jaco saved the hard work of many many KGB members. Congratulations Agent Jaco.


Minister Peaches

Has Been Awarded
The KGB GuildMasters Golden Cross

I makes us all feel better to know that the GSS is out there 24 hours a day looking out for all KGB Members. Lets all take a second to thank Minister Peaches.

HEADLINES for September 4th, 1998

The truth about former member Coake's departure
Behind the scenes negotiations revealed
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

As you know former KGB Squire Captain and First Knight Coake resigned from KGB on August 12th. I have continued to speak with him since this incident, and for the sake of honesty and by his request I have decided to disclose the details of his resignation.

Many of our long time members remember Coake and his strong political views. Coake was always very outspoken and his views and tone sometimes sparked controversy. I have always respected his opinion as I do the rest of the Guild. I am sure that he felt his views and were in the best interests of the guild and its membership. Because Coakes views and posts were causing unrest, I made the decision to remove him from the High Council in early February of this year. Coake continued to be very active in creating and pushing legislation through the Council. His proposals were for the most part rejected. Coake says this is because the High Council is bias against him and believed that the HC was not acting in the best interest of the Guild. I disagreed and continue to disagree with this. He also felt he was a candidate for a open seat on the HC. In the interest of Guild unity I felt that Coakes presence on the HC would cause too much unrest. This upset Coake very much, as he felt he was locked out of the HC just because he had strong views. His unrest, and continued push for action against what he felt was a biased HC led to my ultimate decision to force him to resign. I was not completely honest about the reasons behind his resignation in the August 12th article. Again trying to avoid Guild unrest I made the decision and used the power granted to me in Article II of the KGB Constitution.

I stand behind my decision. I would like to invite any questions, comments, and or concerns about this event and get your opinions. I have included a detailed message sent to me by Coake after I forced his resignation. Please read it, and decide for yourselves.. I would like to hear your opinions. I promised Coake I would post the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

The following was written by Coake and sent to me on 23 August, 1998:

Let me start by saying that all of what is contained in this text is my opinions, none of them with the exception of the first two are meant as a laying of blame for anything. It is written in the hope that you will see where I am coming from so that the two of us might come to an understanding. What you chose to do with this information is up to you. I do not....DO NOT mean to offend you with the following, although it is frank and to the point, so I feel, and as such it might be offensive. For that I apologize.

The first two things that I will mention I hold you responsible for. I do this for one simple reason, the bottom line on the two matters is that it was your and solely your decision that caused the events to happen. I will ceed that I was partly to blame for your decisions being the way that they were, but ultimately the decisions were yours alone.

The first decision was to never place me back on the HC. As I said above there may have been many contributing factors to this decision and I was no doubt one of them, but when it comes down to it the decision was yours and yours alone, as such I hold you responsible for your decision.

The second was the decision to remove me from the guild. Again I am partly to blame for the decision being the way it was, but ultimately the decision was yours. The HC only unanimously voted to recommend that I be removed and the final decision was yours.

The following is just my opinions and the way I see things at this moment. I want to hear your side of things and that is why I am making this, as you do not seem to be available to tell you these things in person. If these things make you mad I am sorry, but they are the way I see them.

First is an issue not directly tied to any, but indirectly related to many. It seems to me that you have a tendency to be unable to overlook certain things that are said in honesty that are not very positive towards you. I think it was illustrated well in the "Fuck you" chat we had. I stated in the body of the chat that I had given no indication of quitting, yet you told everybody that it was my desire. A second example came yesterday. We were discussing, I was bitching rather, that I was not pleased with the treatment that I had received from you and the HC. I then later changed the subject to the several commitments that you have made to me since my resigning, only 1 of which has been fulfilled. You partially addressed that issue then you switch back into the issue of why I was expelled and forced to resign, which wasn't the current issue. To me that indicated that you had not really listened to what I had said after the part about my anger at being expelled.

Second is the issue of assumptions. To be honest I think that assumptions are fair and really dont have a problem with them, however if a friend of mine says something that contradicts one of my assumptions about that person I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. I also feel it necesary to give my friends the benefit of the doubt in most cases such is what this text and the attempted chat yesterday was about. I am telling you what I feel you have done wrong so that you might explain to me why you have done what you have done so that I no longer feel it wrong. I do not think you did that to me. I told you that my course of action at the time you told me of your decision of inaction was to sit back and be quite. That was true I had come to that conclusion and was fully prepared to do it had I been given the opportunity. You made the assumption based on past experience that I would not change and that the only way for me to be silenced was to kick me from the KGB and cut off all my avenues of communication, which was something you had not done with several other ex-KGB. I think basing an assumption on past experience is also fair, but again I will give those I call friend the benefit of the doubt, as such I am going to tell you what assumption I have about you currently. I have the assumption that all commitments to me were never made to be kept, but were made to keep me quite. I have based this on past experience in that countless commitments that have been made to me have been broken and or extremely postponed. These commitments come mainly in the form of "I will chat with you in XX time." come XX time you have not notified me in advance that you could not make it and you tell me generally after the time period when I start asking why you didnt make it. That is my assumption, it may be correct and it may as I hope be wrong, but based on past experience I think it a fair assumption.

Third is the issue of commitments, truth and lies. I think that you and I have a slightly different code and definition when it comes to these three topics and I would like to get thos differences resolved. The only way I that I can think up to do this is to tell you what my definition and code for these three things are. To me a commitment is when you tell somebody you will do something, it may come with the by such and such a time attachment. Once a commitment is made it is to be followed through at all costs. If some extraordinary circumstance comes up and one is not able to follow through on it then one must notify the person who the commitment was made to that it cannot be followed through on. If the time issue was attached then the notification of inability to follow through should be made before the time limit expires. Lies, I consider a lie to be pretty much anytime that a person says one thing and either thinks, does, or says a different thing. To me not following through on a commitment and not doing the above steps is a lie as it shows to me that he who made the commitment never had any intention of keeping it. A Lie is also the opposite of the truth, for example I tell you that I dont like Helm and you tell Helm that I like him, you would be telling Helm a lie. ( not meant to lay blame, only an example that bears no truth or reality ) Also if I were to tell you that I like Helm, when in reality I do not then I am lying to you. If I tell you that I will give you 5K and I do not then I am telling you a lie. The truth, to me the truth is a statement of what is true and correct. If I tell you that I do not like Helm and you tell Helm that I do not like him you are telling the truth. If you make a commitment and keep it then you were and are telling the truth. If I tell you that I do not like Helm and I really do not like Helm that I am telling you the truth. At this point I think that my position on commitment, the truth and lies is pretty clear, at least that is my hope and if it is not then by all means please contact me and I will clear up any ambiguity. I am also aware that given certain things in the past I to have been guilty of telling a lie. I dont think that anybody can get away with being totally honest all the time, as such we all lie, whether it be intentionally or not, from time to time.

Fourth is the issue of fairness and justice. This is kind of a touchy subject I know because I do not think that neither you nor the rest of the KGB has shown me much of these two virtues, again this is my opinion and I am telling it to you so that you may explain to me why it might seem that way. To me fairness is a simple term that is hard to explain, but I will try. Fairness is the equal treatment of all regardless of past actions of history. This would mean that no matter how devisive or negative or evil my posts may or may not have been I should be treated as any other KGB would by you and the HC. Given this definition of fairness I have come to the conclusion that the HC is not fair as they never treated me as they would have any other KGB, at least I hope they would not have been so hostile to other KGBs. Thus they were unfair to me and as they were only unfair to one and not all then they are not fair. Justice is another of those simple terms that are hard to describe. To me it means that those who do things that are unethical and not just will be punished for them. Things that I consider unethical are lying, cheating, using power to gain more power and not for the benefit of others, doing unethical things to people and lying about it to others, working to ..... *searching for word* .... undermine and destroy a descent person because he is a threat to your personal power, despite his positive group minded goals, and finally using power given to you by a group for selfish purposes and not for the good of the group that gives you that power. I feel that Helm has done several if not all of these things, yet he has gone totally unpunished, to me that is not justice. I understand your decision not to persue that course of action without proof and giving Helm, your friend, the benefit of the doubt.

Fifth the issue of the HC. Since proof came up in the last topic I will address it here. To me the HC exists to uphold and work towards several goals, they include : to represent the wishes of all of the normal KGB members, to treat all KGB fairly, to uphold the constitution and maintain the stability of the KGB. The HC admits that they exist to uphold those ideals as well as the following loyalties that they collectively have expressed, Loyalty to you Jetstar, GM of the KGB, and loyalty to the guild as a whole. I have nothing wrong with those claims and goals, I think they are exactly what they should be, the problem to me exists in the following. The goals and loyalties are 100% fair and nobody should question them, I never have. I may have questioned the HC's belief in them, but never the goals themselves. If the goals and loyalties are truely what the HC works towards and believe then why not allow all member access to the transcripts of the meetings? If nobody will question the goals and as the HC says it is working towards those goals, then who is going to object to the HC's actions towards those ends? I dont feel anybody would, they might object to the implementation a little, but if the transcripts were in the public domain then normal members might be able to come up with alternatives that would accomplish the same ends, yet also take into consideration the feelings of not only the HC, but all those who have gotten a transcript. I see no reason not to make it all public if the above is true, I believe it to be true and the HC is doing what is claims it is. So the only reason I can come up with for why the HC would want to limit the access to information would be because they are not......i repeat for emphasis, are not actually working towards those goals and they do not want to be removed from their positions once others realize that they are not doing what they said they were. What does one have to fear by releaseing the truth if one is telling only the truth? In my opinion they have none, the only reason one would have to fear releasing the truth is that one is not telling the truth. Back to proof, the problem is that the HC controls the proof in the form of the transcripts, yet they will not release them, and you allow it to be that way. Getting proof of wrong doing by a HC member is a catch 22, I cannot get the proof because those who have committed the wrong doing, so I say, control the proof and those that are committing the wrong doing cannot be removed unless there is proof, proof which they control. You see the problem there? I cannot get you the proof that you need to act because those you would act against given the proof are in control of the proof. I still do not know why you have allowed then to make it that way, as I said above I dont see any reason for the HC to keep secrets, unless it is not doing what it says it is.

Sixth the issue of you. Again I want to stress that I am in no way tryig to point the finger, this is just what I think, if I am wrong then I apologize and please correct me. I think that the way I have been treated by you is not indicative of friendship. This is an assumption that I have made based on your lies, in the form of unfullfilled commitments, and your lack of direct support, in the public and private arenas. I think I have made clear the lies porition in the above section so I will not talk about it here, but if you want to hear more on it please contact me. As to the issue of lack of support I think that for several reasons, they are as follows. Publicly on the message boards you never, that I can recall, stepped in to say that what I was saying was worth while and that my delivery was wrong. I think if you had it would have helped tremendously. I do not think that you have been exactly honest with everybody for your reasons of supporting me the few times that you did, you told them that there was some guild stability purpose, and not that you were asking because you were my friend and I was being treated unfairly. That last sentence is an assumption based on what you told me you told Helm, you did not tell him that he was unfairly going after me and that I was your friend and he should be fair and lay off, you told him that others were inquiring as to my status and that a little humility might benefit him, at least that is what I interpreted what you told him as. I am under the impression that your thoughts are that by telling me to watch what I say and telling me to curb my posting you were giving me invaluable support. I dont exactly see it that way, yes you telling me those things and listening to what I had to say was supportive, but when you would not act on what I was telling you was not supportive. Allowing things to remain unchanged for six months despite countless requests by me to the contrary was not supportive. Not giving me the benefit of the doubt about your assumptions was not supportive. I am well aware that there may have been countless private chats with others that you had engaged in and was extremely supportive of me, but unfortunately since the chats were private and I was not present I cannot apply them to this because I do not know if they existed or not, I hope you understand that. It is not that I assume that they did not happen, it is that I cannot count them because I cannot be sure, much like you cannot act on what I tell you because you have no proof. I may be 100% correct, but you still cannot act because I have no proof.

I hope you understand why I have spent the time to write this to you. It is not because I want to tell you all of what I think of what is wrong with the HC and yourself, it is because I want you to know what I think and where I am coming from so that we may come to an understanding. I think that coming to an understanding is not possible without one side knowing what the other thinks, so I have told you what I think. What you choose to do with that information is unentirely up to you, but it is my hope that you will use it to come to an understanding with me. I still value you as a friend regardless of how I think you have wronged me and I am giving you the opportunity to correct me where I am wrong and enable me to see things from your perspective.

I apologize if you were deeply offended by this file....I cannot express how it was totally NOT my intention to offend you. However if that is the case and it does I can only offer an apology.

HEADLINES for September 3rd, 1998

Request for Cease Fire by TM seen as a stall attempt
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster


You are authorized to resume hostilities against The Mafia until further notice. Please ignore eariler Cease Fire orders

HEADLINES for August 31st, 1998

War with The Mafia Continues
Mafia Members using dirty War Tactics
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster


"Player Newbie [TM] has a new character called Atticus. Beware, he may be planning to trick entry into KGB member houses or properties. I know Atticus doesnt play too much, not sure if he's on the current KGB stone."
It appears that [TM] Members are making characters using the names of former and current KGB members to attempt to infiltrate KGB. Members only bearing the official KGB Stone Abbreviation should be considered active KGB members. No non abbreviated member should be allowed into any KGB dwelling. Keep you eyes open! Read the KGB Members Memorial Page for current information on who is active and who is not.


For those of you who have engaged Mafia members in battle, you can attest to the fact that they remain surrounded by non-TM blue healers and thieves. Most of the TM guild are not even on the TM Stone. Although I consider this cowardice and cheap, we must continue the conflict. You are authorized to attack and kill any person that offers assistance to a TM member in combat.Many of our members are fighting bravely


Many of our members are fighting bravely every night. A greater number have remained uninvolved. Part of being in our great guild is contributing to the collective effort of our decided conflicts. Many of you have risen to the occasion, many more have RL things that stop them. Those of you who do have the time, please log on, contact on-line members and get busy. The KGB is very close to winning this conflict once and for all.


I have received written documentation regarding the following KGB Officers. KGB Award Policy states that someone (Even yourself) must send a written account of the said incident that you feel warrants an award. It is your responsibility to keep track of actions or situations that may warrant awards. You may send these accounts in any time to GM JetStar or Warlord Ardath via E-Mail or ICQ file transfer. DO NOT USE ICQ MESSAGES to send in award information. You may also use the feature to record this. I prefer the submit news method, as it makes for easy record of this important information

KGB Members and Officers recognized for exemplary service to the Guild

Please note! There are some of you that may be expecting awards that have not been published. Please E-Mail your requests only! ICQ's get overlooked too easy! E-Mail Please!

The following members are to receive the
KGB Distinguished Service Cross

Sir Drek, Sir Mantis, Sir Speedy, Commander Darius, Feeder of Souls, Sir Hard Cash, Lady Kristable, Bahdko, Minister Peaches, and General Nathan Rahl.

The following members are to receive the
KGB GuildMasters Golden Cross

Minister Peaches

Drek returns to KGB Military
His long service record makes him KGB's first CHAMPION
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster


Former KGB GuildMaster, GSS Minister, Tanarus Chairman of the KGB Joint Chiefs of Staff and 4th Circle General Sir Drek has decided to rejoin the KGB Military. Based on his length of service and war record Sir Drek becomes the first KGB member to receive the highest non-administrative rank. Drek will serve as a special advisor to the GuildMaster and will not be assigned to a Division.

Speedy just cant stay away!
Speedy breaks retirement record.
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

Former KGB GSS Minister Speedy just could not go through with retirement. After only retiring for a record 2 days, Speedy requested a return to service. Speedy will service as a special advisor to new GSS Minister Peaches. Welcome back Speedy.

HEADLINES for August 26th, 1998

KGB "Membership Code" Announced by GM
GuildMaster posts the guidelines for membership conduct
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

This information has been mirrored in the lower portion of the KGB Constitution page. It has been added to the Membership Code section

1) No Member of the KGB will use bugs or exploits of any kind

2) No Member of the KGB will use foul language to taunt and or racial slurs under any circumstances.

3) KGB will respect its fallen enemies (Res or gate if possible) provided they respect the KGB in return.
** You are not required to assist a fallen enemy that is taunting, insulting, or disrespectful in word or conduct. **

4) KGB will not execute the newly resurrected.
** There are special circumstances in which you are allowed to execute a newly resurrected:

5) Enforcement
All members of
KGB are responsible for enforcement. Members should add the following line to their UO.CFG to be able to access their journals as a means to help enforce these rules. Screen shots should be taken of any KGB member violating these rules and submitted to the GuildMaster.

(this should be deleted or compressed from time to time as it gets big very quickly)

**Download this GREAT and FREE Screen shot program! Click HipShot to Download**


Spies attempt to infiltrate KGB
GSS and New Membership staff getting tough on Applicants
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

The recent War with TM has brought on a influx of new applicants. Many of these have been enemy attempts to infiltrate the KGB and its holdings. Membership Staff and the Guild Secret Service have been working overtime to checkout these applications. New member applicants please be patient! We are doing our best to have your applications reviewed and confirmed by The Guild Secret Service.
If you have questions or comments about a KGB applicant, please contact one of the following:


KGB GSS Minster Peaches

Chairman of the KGB High Council HelmHoltz

SOV Decides on Independance
SOV Division Disbanded
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

Please read these messages from Crypt and Cave from SOV..

Cave of SOV wrote Wrote:
Well as they say - I wish it could have worked out. Most of our guild has been friends for over 7 months. As a leader of my guild I must respect everyones feelings. My own feelings for joining KGB were sufficient for me to go ahead with the merger pre-maturely. SOv is not the biggest or baddest guild in UO but we are one of the closest. Afterall, Friends make this game not Guilds. It would have been great for us to wear the KGB letters. However we have built SOV from 2 up to 20 and many of us will never be as proud of wearing SOV as we would KGB. KGB is an old and distinguished guild that many of us look up to. However when you work and suffer to biuld something like SOV - joining KGB seemed like giving up on what we had worked for. I dont think any guild could admire you guys as much as SOV but we must stay SOV. Thank You

Crypt of SOV Wrote:
JETSTAR: I've got some bad news... for some reason, many SOVers now don't want to be in KGB because of guildwar with TM. Say too many of them die in the daytime cuz KGB isn't on until nite. So, we are reverting back to SOV and I am going solo for awhile, leaving Cave in command of the SOV. There may be some members that want to stay in KGB... is that possible?

HEADLINES for August 20th, 1998

SOV Guild Merges with KGB
SOV Becomes a Military Division Under 1st Circle General Crypt
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

After a long negotiation with Assistant Foreign Minister Hard Cash, the SOV decided to join KGB as a Military Division. SOV brings the KGB's Military power to a new level. The SOV was known for their combat prowess and strict moral code. The two Guilds should meld well together!

GuildMaster JetStar said, "I look forward to joining the new SOV division in combat, I have admired their skill for a long time. What a wonderful addition to the KGB. Welcome SOV!".

Attention SOV Members:

You should take some time to do the following:

1 ) Sign up for the KGB meeting Hall to gain Full KGB Membership Status by clicking -->HERE<--
2 ) Review the KGB Military Command Structure to see how ranks are achieved by clicking -->HERE<--
3 ) Send GuildMaster JetStar a ICQ Message at 1830881 with your characters name so you can be added to the stone and to the KGB members charter. This is how your awards and ranks are recorded.
4 ) Check the State of the KGB page often for information on the current diplomatic status with other guilds. You can also review the new membership procedures if your interested in recruiting.
5 ) Check the KGB Constitution Page to read about how you can get involved in the government of our great guild. You can review the responsibilities and powers of KGB officers.
6) Have a good time :)


The New SOV Military Division helps KGB to score a decisive Victory over TM
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster with pictures from the KGB Military

The Battle for the East Britain Bank

Pictured above is carnage caused by the newly revamped KGB Military on the offensive. Members of the new SOV Division, KGB's BK and CK divisions attacked a large group of TM's at the East Britain Bank. You can see General Crypt in command of his division as KGB drops the overwhelmed TM contingent. This was the first of three major battles fought in this stunning defeat for TM. TM managed to put up a good fight but in the end it was KGB that controlled the Bank. TM was forced to retreat.

The Battle for the Britain Cemetery

Unable to find and group of TM, the KGB Army left the East Britain Bank and moved on foot and horseback to the Britain Cemetery. The Cemetery was full of TM supporters and members of the hated SS Guild (Suicide Squad). After attacking several Thieves and SS members we continued to look for TM members. We only found a few single members and were able to dispatch them easily. After a struggle with Blue healers the KGB moved to the Bank in Nujelm.









The Battle for N1 (Nujelm Bank)

This was truly the battle of the evening. KGB stuck together, helped each other, and absolutely destroyed TM. TM members were in a constant state of retreat as we pounded and chased them around like headless chickens. KGB stood its ground and remained in control of the Nujelm bank after the conflict was over. Here are some Pictures from the battlefield:


In Conclusion, by GuildMaster JetStar (A personal note to Ranker of TM)

During the planning for this battle I received the following message from a member of TM:
Ranker of TM (The Mafia)
"Oh my god what propaganda bullshit are you posting.  Everyone in UO knows that you're a pussy guild.  We've raped you guys so many times and we've never lost.  You better learn how to count without relying on your fingers and toes.  We OWN nujelm bank.  Go ahead.. try to move to another bank.  Talk all the bullshit you want jetstar.  Just remember, I have your head from a previous engagement.  You haven't gotten mine yet.  We'll fight any style... war duels you name it bud.  You want 3 on 3?  fine with me... me, Jubei Yagyu and Lord newbie will tear you a 5th asshole."


Let me grab a few Quotes from this letter and talk about TM's stunning defeat at Nujelm

"We OWN nujelm bank"
"We've raped you guys so many times and we've never lost"
"You haven't gotten mine yet"
"Me, Jubei Yagyu and Lord newbie will tear you a 5th asshole."

Dear Ranker,

Now who is posting "propaganda bullshit"???. I guess you own Nujelm Bank if having your dead bodies laying all over the place counts as "OWN"ing it. Try not to say "Never Lost" again. Because you and your cheating buddies got SPANKED! I could have had your head after I poisoned you and we killed you on the roof, but your head had this awful odor to it. Maybe its from that "5th asshole" you call a mouth.

GM JetStar standing over Rankers Corpse

Attention KGB Members:

If you took part in the KGB Thursday Offensive you should Email GM JetStar to receive your:
The KGB Service Medal
Include your characters Name! Thank you

CLICK HERE to E-Mail GuildMaster JetStar

HEADLINES for August 19th, 1998

Going Away Party for GSSM Speedy
Members should be at the Yew Abbey at 3:00pm Pacific on the 19th!
A request by Speedy, KGB Guild Secret Service Minister

Tomorrow is my last day in this world. A friend of mine in Yew on the Pacific Shard her name is Lady Shannon will be throwing me a farewell party I hope all of you can attend. The party will be at Yew Empath Abbey on the Pacific Shard at 3 pm PDT.

KGB Veteran and GSSM Announces Retirement
Speedy of KGB prepares to leave UO after long KGB Career
An article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

Speedy has been a dedicated member of the KGB almost since it was created back in June of 1997. Entering his 5th quarter of service, Minister Speedy has always carried the KGB name with pride. I am sure we will be seeing him in the next world KGB goes too. Speedy was an original member from Tanarus and reached the rank of General and member of the KGB Joint Chiefs of Staff.

I am awarding Speedy the GuildMasters Golden Cross for his service to the guild, please join me in wishing him the best....Until we meet again Speedy *Salutes*.
GSS Minister Speedy

GuildMaster Chooses New GSSM
With new expanded duties and responsibilities, the GSS will be a new organization
An article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

The KGB Guild Secret Service is an importnat and mostly unused arm of the KGB. I intend to overhaul the Service and get it rolling quickly. After consulting with several members of the Guild I have made my choice.

Peaches will take over as Minister of the Guild Secret Service. Please help Peaches to adapt to her new position and join me in congratulating her on her new position. Wat

Speedy has been a dedicated member of the KGB almost since it was created back in June of 1997. Entering his 5th quarter of service, Minister Speedy has always carried the KGB name with pride. I am sure we will be seeing him in the next world KGB goes too. Speedy was an original member from Tanarus and reached the rank of General and member of the KGB Joint Chiefs of Staff.

HEADLINES for August 18th, 1998

All Guild Members Invited to KGB Event
GuildMaster JetStar is sponcering a GUILD TM HUNT on Thursday, August 20th - 6:00pm Pacific
An article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

The time has come for us as a guild to unite and show the world our power in numbers. Your GuildMaster asks that all members attend this huge TM hunt lasting from 6:00pm Pacific on Thursday August 20th to early into the morning on the 21st. Make what ever arrangements you can to be there at some time during the night. All members attending and taking part in the Hunt will receive:
The KGB Service Medal

Uniforms will be provided at the function. They will consist of a White Robe and a Blue Aprin. All members should be at the KGB HQ Tower by 6:00 pm Pacific


KGB Paladin makes SS pay!
Brother Aror keeps the fighting spirit of the Paladins alive as the SS GuildMaster learns of the power of the KGB
An article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

When you think of Paladins, names like Annul, Sto, and Atticus come to mind. These are our most decorated war heros. Remember that we still have two active Paladins with us. Brother Aror and Brother Raging Wulf still uphold the Paladins ministry.

Recently Brother Aror has challenged the GuildMaster of the Suicide Squad. The same guild that looted and rendered KGB HeadQuarters unusable. Brother Aror killed Jacx, the SS GuildMaster in two seperate duels. In a thrid duel that Aror had requested, the GM refused to partisipate. Congratulations Aror and thank you for teaching the GM of SS a valuable lesson about messin with the KGB!

Brother Aror will receive the following award for his outstanding service to the KGB:
The KGB Distinguished Service Cross

HEADLINES for August 14th, 1998

PK Head Hunt Contest a Success
KGB's Dewke wins!
An article by Ardath, KGB Warlord

The results of the PK Head hunt quest are in and the prize goes to Dewke.  Dewke got two verified kills to earn himself first place.  Mantis came in second with one verified kill (and two others, but unfortunately they didn't get verified).

There were many unverified kills on the battlefield and fighting was fast and furious.  I counted ten different TM corpses.  In addition, several thieves and two members of SS bit the dust as well.  Obviously we encountered technical difficulties when verifying the kills (especially after I died).

Guild participation was wonderful.  And even Chairman of the High Council Helmholtz appeared briefly to spirit my ghost back to our tower for proper resurrection and re-outfitting.

Congratulations to all who participated!!

KGB Members and Officers recognized for exemplary service to the Guild

Please note! There are some of you that may be expecting awards that have not been published. Please E-Mail your requests only! ICQ's get overlooked too easy! E-Mail Please!

The KGB Silver Star
Awarded for his victory in the PK Head Contest

Order of the KGB Award
Quarterly Service Award
Drek has formally requested discharge from the KGB and has applied for and received these awards. Drek will be leaving UO soon and is taking care of his final business.

Raging Wulf
Quarterly Service Award
Based on length of service, the above award was granted.

Nathan Rahl
Quarterly Service Award
Based on length of service, the above award was granted.

Reports from the Battlefield
The War with The Mafia escalates
An article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

KGB Military Commanders report general success and many victories in the War against The Mafia. Reports of body counts are just coming in for verification. It appears that the TM has gone to desperate measures and allowed former members of the Fallen Lords to join. Stay tuned for reports from our members fighting this battle against Evil..









HEADLINES for August 12th, 1998

Coake Resigns From KGB
Long time KGB member Coake granted an Honorable Discharge
An article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

In a closed discussion with GuildMaster JetStar, Former Guild Squire Captain and former High Council Member Coake had resigned from KGB. Coakes membership has been surrounded with controversy since his departure from the KGB High Council in January of this year. Coake has always had strong opinions and was not afraid to voice them. GuildMaster JetStar had this to say, "This is a difficult situation, as Coake has always been there for me when I needed help. He was the first to give me a sash and cape after I was robbed or killed. He has donated allot of time and effort to the guild and its cause. For that I thank him." All Coake had to comment was this "The Price of Freedom is Eternal Vidulence, not all those who wish to limit that freedom exist on the outside"

Coake was granted a honorable discharge and we wish him well.

HEADLINES for August 1st - 7th, 1998

Join the QUEST!
An article by
Ardath, KGB Warlord

Warlord Ardath is hungry again, and we all know how grouchy Ardath can be when he hasn't had a good dinner. This time he is hungry for PK soup. Join with General Raider as he organizes a hunt next Wednesday, August 12 at 10pm PST in an attempt to gather enough PK heads to satisfy Ardath's appetite.

What's in it for me you ask? Fame, Glory and a chance to tell tales at the Keg and Anchor. But if that's not enough! Raider will record who landed the killing blow on each murderer taken down on the hunt (using forensics). The person or persons who score the most killing blows will take home (or split in the case of a tie) a pot of 10,000 shiny gold coins donated by Warlord Ardath and the High Council Chairman Helmholtz. ** GuildMaster JetStar is also offering the KGB Silver Star to the winner **

What? Your not in the KGB military? Who cares. This quest is open to any and all KGB members who want to try. And if you find you like it, General Raider or Nathan will find a nice place in the military for you.

Raider and Ardath will keep you posted with additional rules and regulations as they come up with them. So spread the word to your brethren who may not read the message boards and lets gather and have a great time next Wednesday night at 10 PST.

P.S. Only kills verified by Raider and earned within the hunting party may be counted towards the prize. And if by next Wednesday we are at war with the resistance, Ardath will accept resistance member kills (made during the hunt) as well.

GuildMaster JetStar Requests Stone War
SS (Suicide Squad) deserves a Stone War
An article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

After being cheated by the SS (Suicide Squad) GuildMaster JetStar on his return to Pacific has requested the Guild support him in a declared Stone War against the SS. Members please post your opinions in the Members Only section of the KGB Meeting Hall.

KGB Members and Officers recognized for exemplary service to the Guild

Please note! There are some of you that may be expecting awards that have not been published. Please E-Mail your requests only! ICQ's get overlooked too easy! E-Mail Please!

Guild Service Medal

GuildMaster JetStar Returns
An article by
JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

After a week long RL adventure GuildMaster JetStar has returned. He was successful in saving a RL ship from decay. Thank you all for waiting and I am ready to get things rolling again... Please bare with me..

KGB will rise again............

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