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December 1998 thru January 1999


HEADLINES for January 31st, 1999

Reports from the War ravaged front lines
NC makes desperate call for assistance from all Evils
An Article by JetStar - KGB GuildMaster, Wildcard - General (G1) Shadow Knights, and Talon - (NB) KGB

General Wildcard
Basically this was coming off from some failed earlier attempts @ NC where KGB suffered about 4 losses to NC's 2. Several of the KGB involved headed to sleep and others like myself were just coming online. We were hungry for some NC blood, both those from the earlier expeditions and those like myself who had just made it to the group. Also accompanying us was Mani of DK (Dragon Knights) to come along and heal since NC almost always have an abundance of blue healers.

We rallied at Occlo bank, hoping ot find some NC to attack, but after waiting about 20 minutes, running around as thief bait, we decided to move on. We then hit Covetous entrance, where we witnessed a UOE exploiting thief and helped "a ghost" and co., to not only kill one of the thieves, but convince a councilor to zap one of them to never-never-land. After this, no more exciting things occurred at all, so we decided to hit the XRoads, but of course none of us was carrying a rune so we gated back to town.

At town we met up w/ several DoE members led by GuildMaster CAVE, and a couple PoS members who decided to follow us looking for some action. Also joining our brigade was Monolith from a ghost's crew @ Covetous. We gated to the XRoads, but once again, found almost nothing. One Chaos player recalled in and was chased by the Order DoE players, but that was the extent of the excitement. The Verdict...return to Occlo.

In Occlo, Monkiboy had the misfortune of recalling in to the middle of us and promptly fled the scene in a flurry of recalling actions, (we now had around 6 KGB and around 6 DoE, along w/ Mani of DK, and Monolith. Well, as we had hoped, Monkiboy put out the all-page warning to NC that enemy forces were camping out around their bank, and in came the NC forces. At first they just kept trying to run us around and separate us, but we were staying in pretty tight groups, DoE in theirs and KGB in ours. Finally one of them came in a bit too close and DoE reminded KGB of the wonders of "boxing" by initiating our first of many Box-Kills for the event...KGB happily helped out and we began dropping each NC that came at us...staying on our enemy as we have trained, and ignoring their decoys that run up to try and break us from our formation.

KGB Demonstrates Boxing technique (See Orange enemy in middle)

To sum up the events, (the fight lasted from around 2:00am - 3:16am), we had one of the best town-fights w/ NC and their blue Allie accompaniments that I have witnessed for a while. We recorded over 12 NC deaths (according to picture count, and DoE input), while only 2 DoE were dropped and ZERO KGB casualties were taken.

Many thanks to those fighting along w/ me tonight: KGB, DoE, PoS, Mani of DK, Monolith and any whom I may be forgetting......


Talon (NB) KGB
While strolling through "Byz land" I was thrilled to actually come upon an ORANGE Byz. It appeared that Azamakri still had the urge to fight, though that turned out to be false. He quickly took the initiative and hit with a barrage of magic. To his surprise I was still standing and doing well. He then proceeded to run as I hit him with my own stuff. Barely surviving he fleeded to the tavern. The fight then went on for a while. He would hide d in the house till his mana could regen than come out. He threw 2 Blade Spirits and an EV at me from the friendly confines of the tavern, but sadly they were ineffective. =) I then sat and bided my time and he finally made a mistake. He came outside and sat on the porch. I ran up and while he tried to EV me, and failed, I hit him with an explosion and several eb's. He dropped trying to cowardly run within the tavern. All I nailed it was annoying experience as Byz once again showed their lack of honor or courage. But well....even his cowardly tactics didn't save him from me, and he learned one more lesson about messing with the Good Guys. =) (You can see his friend trying to prevent looting as I was unable to get to him due to bring banned from tavern, though I was more than happy to take the kill alone.)

Attrition forces NC to take desperate measures
NC makes desperate call for assistance from all Evils
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

Andren, NC GuildMaster (ICQ#6834664) Wrote:
HI all evil friends, In the next few Days NC will be recruiting every person on the pacific shard that would like to Kill KGB daily! Contact Andren or Mathew if you wish to join the stone to kill KGB, This will be fun for all players that wish to destroy the guild known as KGB once and for all, oh btw Jetstar if you get this msg, dont be a pussy and undeclare LOL.

SlayerT Wrote:

Desperate calls for help have gone out to evils everywhere as NC attempts to match the size and strength of KGB and its Allies. NC open membership policy means that Nightmare Clan has truly lost any sense of self respect or honor. Every low class exploiter on the shard will join Andren's new clan of merry lamers.

KGB and its Allies stand ready to take this onslaught and to finally see Good triumph Evil and lameness.

HEADLINES for January 29th, 1999

Former KGB Veteran Speedy Departs Sosaria
One of KGB Tanarus's original members was one of the few to reach the rank of Champion
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

Speedy entered KGB back in July of 1997 in the World of Tanarus. Serving as a productive member of the Tanarus team, Speedy rose to the rank of General, serving with such KGB legends as SoulScream, Drek, Wiseone, Mud, KJ and Cinder (Ardath). Speedy came to Sosaria back when KGB had 4 members on Pacific. For many, the transition from the world of Tanarus was a difficult one, and would eventually claim the lives of all the Tanarus KGB members except for Ardath (the last active member of the original KGB). Tanarus was a world where battle was a way of life, never leaving the safety of your war machine or smelling the once fresh air that was fouled by the never ending combat. The discipline of battle is not always there and Tanarans had trouble becoming statesman and learning the art of the crafts. Speedy too had trouble controlling his temper he once channeled into great victories in Tanarus. Although outliving almost all of his former mates, the days of old were long gone and Speedy struggled with politics and his desire for combat. This finally came to a head in December of 1998. In an internal Guild conflict Speedy's membership was terminated. This article is not posted to debate the decisions of the Guild Leadership or Speedy himself. Both parties respect the other and we will not question their wisdom in these proceedings.

Speedy played a vital roll in some of history's great battles, never afraid to give his life for his brothers and always fighting bravely. He reached the highest rank attainable in the Sosarian KGB, that of Champion. He achieved 104 documented kills and won a variety of awards. His War Record and a picture of him in KGB dress uniform is below:
KGB Champion

Speedy was granted a Honorable Discharge from KGB of January 7th, 1999 by me (JetStar, KGB GuildMaster). He told me he had grown wary and that RL was calling for his return. He spent the last few weeks selling his worldly possessions, and after willing his wealth to his friends he summoned me to Serpents Hold Bank one final time. We spoke for a few moments and said our good byes. He stripped down to just a kilt and walked up to a guard. I knew what was about to happen and was tempted to shut my eyes, but in respect to him, I had worn my Dress uniform and saluted him bravely as he thrust a dagger into the back of the guard, who quickly ended his life, Speedy used the self destructing magic insta res to allow himself to be killed over and over, his stats he had worked so hard for over the last year and a half took less than 2 minutes to destroy. One final blow, and speedy was gone.

GuildMaster JetStar watches as Speedy makes his final departure

I picked up his body and buried him in the Nujelm Cemetery in a special crypt. When you are in Nujelm, be sure to pay your respects to a true Sosarian legend. Farewell my brother.............

HEADLINES for January 28th, 1999

KGB and Allies keeping the losses even in some of the most intense fighting in History
An Article by Azryk Azyr, BOC GuildMaster and JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

The smell of blood and burning flesh fills the air at Skara Brae and Occlo as KGB Units and Allies face the new expanded NightMare Clan. The well known exploiters have joined the ranks of NC to bring their forces close to 50 total. NC GuildMaster Andren has truly sunken to new lows renouncing his honor and pride by allowing cheating scum such as DF to wear the once proud name of NightMare Clan. KGB and Allies have formed a small informal coalition to rid the land once and for all of this menace to the virtues known as Nightmare Clan.

Island City of Skara Brae

Island City of Occlo

   KGB and their allies were defeated by NC (and DF converts) at Skara Brae.  While estimates show only two fatalities, the battlefield was clearly held by NC.  NC was better organized and had more soldiers on the field.  After some time to recover, KGB and their allies launched an attack on Occlo.  Once again NC/DF took the battlefield.  However, this time the forces of Justice rained pain upon the devilspawn.  Indeed, the NC/DF losses were heavy.  Battlefield losses for NC were estimated at 5-7 causualties (not counting those newly ressed who sought to loot or join the battle again).

The most disturbing element of the Occlo attack must have been seeing the NC leader appear, through some perverse magic, as a naked woman.  The NC leader began whining about KGB's troop numbers.  He (or should I say she - it was strong magic) also desparaged KGB's ability to fight (despite the corpses littering Occlo).  He challenged Azryk Azyr of BoC to a duel.  Azryk declined by stating, "No, you would defeat me, however, you would never see me whine and sulk before the enemy...Never."  Seeing Andren in this state of whining womanhood did much to shatter any respect he had attained from BoC.  The man has no dignity, pride or shame.



These City battles sometimes have up to 40 participants. The tables turn from minute to minute as many of these battled turn out to be expensive stalemates. Both the KGB GuildMaster and the NC GuildMaster fell in last nights battle. KGB and its unofficial coalition have been able to stand toe to toe with what are considered by many to be the best Evil warriors on the shard. Each side has claimed victory at different points in these battles, is which bodies litter the streets and the storm gutters flow with the blood of good and Evil.

KGB would like to thank all those who helped. It would be impossible to name them all but you all know who you are. KGB GuildMaster is in the process of giving a special award to those that participated. Below is a example of the carnage in which this war manifests itself. this is only some of the NC and DF victims that have fallen to the forces of good.


For More Pictures of KGB victories, check out the


HEADLINES for January 26th, 1999

KGB and Allies take a heavy toll on Enemies
KGB more productive that ever before
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

Here are some shots from the battle field:

BoC and KGB work together to defeat Evil
The Brotherhood of Chakra (BoC) to soon merge with KGB
An Article by Azryk Azyr, BoC GuildMaster

The Brotherhood of Chakra, a small group worshiping the god of Mercy and Protection, have begun merger negotiations with the KGB.  BoC units established communications with KGB Guildmaster, JetStar.  JetStar, after a long hunt, called KGB units to the Orc Fort in the new lands.  On the way their, BoC units came upon the Murderer Tiger Woods and quickly dispensed justice. Unfortunately, JetStar informed the BoC that a KGB unit had been downed at the Crossroads and therefore the planned attack upon the orcs would be cancelled.

Earlier in the day, KGB and BoC troops stormed battlefield Covetous and ran off any NC units.  On one occasion, Kaz the Minotaur healed NC troops thereby providing for their escape.  Later that night, BoC returned to Covetous and launched a surprise attack upon Kaz to discourage any further assistance to NC.  Kaz met a quick and decisive death.

While searching Deciet, Gryphon the Murderer was found ebolting innocent adventurers.  A full magical attack was launched by BoC against the murderer.  Juha Elyst of BoC took Gryphon's head to Lord British's guards while Azryk Azyr collected Gryphon's illegal acquisitions.

Lastly, BoC while assisting KGB troops at the Crossroads, met two murderers and one assisting archer.  BoC set upon Warnerve with magic.  Their attack was nullified by the Murderer Demodren's healing.  BoC then entered into melee combat with Warnerve despite Demodren's healing.  A non-murderer archer attacked BoC in an effort to drive BoC away from the murderous Warnerve.  His efforts failed as Warnerve was put to the dirt.  KGB troops arrived from the south as Warnerve fell.  KGB troops then set upon the two other scoundrels, driving them into the woods.  One KGBer took the head of Warnerve and presented it to BoC.     Merger Negotiations between Boc and KGB should be in full swing within the week.  

DF Guild openly uses exploits
DF uses spamming exploit to cheat KGB out of victory
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

DF can clearly be seen using the spamming exploit and is not afraid to use it anywhere. KGB members have been visiting the Occlo bank and placing the entire membership of DF on ignore. Its just as well as the only thing that comes out of DF members mouths are poor attempts at insults. GuildMaster JetStar was told "Why is KGB so suck?" at the occlo bank. He was quite amused.

KGB Declares of CB and CBA
The strained ClanBlood cease fire breaks down
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

KGB joined the Black Hand today after the seemingly doomed cease fire agreement with KGB broke down today. Units of the KGB Armed Forces attacked and killed members of CB by accident 2 days ago and CB and CBA members have been retaliating after several attempts by GuildMaster JetStar to calm the situation.

The KGB war machine is truly at record strength and forces are confident that a quick and decisive victory will be have.

HEADLINES for January 22nd, 1999

Nightmare Clan proves to be a cunning enemy
NC's tactics prove to be expensive for KGB
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

It did not take long for Nightmare Clan members to alter their tactics to meet KGB's superior numbers. The NC seem to wait until the numbers are even to launch full scale attacks. NC members are all GrandMaster Mages and all have unusually high resistance to magic. This proves to be frustrating for KGB Armed Forces in combat. KGB members that travel alone or in smaller groups are especially at risk. NC members are not embarrassed to recall so that they may fight another time when the odds are more in their favor. The picture at left shows a large group of KGB catching NC's Monkiboy in retreat. Later, on that same evening a medium sized unit of KGB Armed Forces were overwhelmed by NC and either killed or forced to recall. For such a small Guild the Nightmare Clan has proven to be KGB's most challenging opponent. This war has forced KGB Armed Forces to refine their tactics and adopt a strict training program.

KGB is in the ongoing process of absorbing the Guild known as Nobles Bane (NB) into its ranks as a Military Division. Other well known Warriors have joined the ranks of KGB and been able to move up quickly. KGB's Commander Derid of the Shadow Knights Division has proven his worth in more ways than one. Seizing the opportunity, Commander Derid has enjoyed one of the fastest raises to power in KGB history. KGB forces continue to train and our numbers are growing all the time. We are working hard to finally gain the decisive upper hand in this long and difficult conflict.

New Generation of KGBers makes its mark
KGB's newest see to the defense of the Pacific Training Institute
An Article by Talon, KGB Candidate, Operation Nobles Bane

Incoming KGB member Talon has been working with both new and old KGB alike. In the ongoing defense of the Pacific Training Institute, NB members have served with distinction. Talon reports:

While scouting out the land north of Vesper for Byz I ran into Melissa at the PTI.  We were asked to deal with 2 men who'd been harassing and killing miners.  We promptly set out looking for them, and once found, chased them off.  We then roamed Byz for a bit and met up with ShinMasta-D.  He talked with Calis of pti and we came to agreement he'dleave them alone from now on.  Then the 2 men returned with 2 friends and a summoned Daemon.  My friend Luft removed the Daemon as me,Meliisa, and Shin matched up with the 4.  We promptly killed 3 of them in perhaps a minute or two.  The last one ran off.  Attached is a picture of us and a few spectators with the bodies of the 3 we killed.(Lancelot, WarLord, and Jay).

HEADLINES for January 19th, 1999

The Destruction of BYZ
KGB to rid the world of this long time menace to Pacific
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

Defeat after defeat and with low moral and limited Allies, the one time evil empire of the Byzantine is on the verge of extinction. KGB GuildMaster JetStar stated the reasons for this conflict in a post on the BYZ message board:
1) KGB has never been aligned with BYZ as they have claimed
2) BYZ members killed KGB members in the past
3) BYZ members are trying to destroy a player run newbie school
4) BYZ has made a false claim to a large piece of land on the northern mainland. They murder people on "their" land and try to charge toll to access it.
Many have fallen to the past evil ways of BYZ. The time has come to end their reign of terror.

Even as we speak Romeo is trying to negotiate a cease fire so he can bolster the BYZ rank. This is something I will not let happen. I plan to have our troops and allies quickly crush any guild that joins forces with BYZ.

The older more honorable members of BYZ don't seem to want any part of this. KGB GSS Ghost surveillance follows them 24 hours a day, knows there hideouts, listens to their conversations. Listen as BYZ's Akri is told of the fate of his guild by a fellow member:
Black Ghost: Akri
Black Ghost: We are not going to win
Black Ghost: We just dont have the man power
Black Ghost: anymore

In a bold move, BYZ's Black Ghost would denounce the actions of his Guild and has left. Bravo Black Ghost! BYZ's Azamikri also said in a post on the BYZ message board
"I think byz really started going down hill when you started to let newbies in but i can't change that"

GuildMaster JetStar has ordered newly intensified attacks for the rest of this week. BYZ's attempt to call on the Purple Hoard was unsuccessful. Time is ticking away for BYZ. The once powerful force has dwindled to just a few dedicated Murderers.

We will post regular Wartime updates as the situation unfolds.


For More Pictures of KGB victories, check out the


HEADLINES for January 16th, 1999

The tide of War begins to turn
KGB scores two victories
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster and Cave SOV GuildMaster

** A Special Note to KGB News Readers | Please Read **
A portion of this article was removed as it contained personal views from our Allies regarding the tactics and the future of the Nightmare Clan Guild. I have spoken in depth with many of the NC membership, and although our differences are still great enough to continue this War, I would like to assure our Allies and the Nightmare Clan that we will do our best to keep these articles from becoming a forum for finger pointing about using cheats and exploits. I held a long discussion with Andren of NC and both agreed that neither side was using banable exploits.
The SOV article and their opinions can be read in it's entirety at the link listed below for the Vengeance Alliance.

The long war with Nightmare Clan continues into its second month. KGB forces have suffered more than a few defeats with only a few small victories to show. Nightmare Clan is known for its Grand Master Mages with powerful magic resistance. Meeting an enemy with these skills in battle has proven to be most difficult. Nightmare Clan's tactics have forced KGB to adopt and train in a new set of tactics. KGB Commanders are ver careful not to go into battle with NC unless the we outnumber the enemy at least 1.5 to one. These tactics have proven to be affective as KGB and its Allies have scored victories in the last two encounters.

Cave, SOV GuildMaster gave the following report:

The first victory was coming to an end as blue healers and ressed NC started pushing us back. I called Jetstar GM of (KGB), to say that we had driven NC back at Occlo and needed assistance. His response was not only fast - his troops were there in moments. When the KGB and BlackHand showed up - NC was doomed without hope. UOExtreme does not mean invulnerable, as NC discovered. The only true Coward among NC was Lord Michael who constantly recalled even with one on one. The rest of NC kept fighting and dying - they seemed to be in a state of shock- like they never thought NC could lose. They Lost BIG!

After the hour long battle - NC was gone. Most were ghosts, although a few fled to Covetous. We hanged around Occlo bank for almost another hour. We talked with KGB and BH, talked about the fight and the joys of winning. In truth, we were in a state of shock as much as NC. We had never beaten them before, no one has beaten them in Occlo (ever)! We thanked KGB and BH and returned to the guild house where we celebrated.

Apparently, NC decided to teach KGB a lesson for helping us out in Occlo and attcked them in Nujelm. Monaco (DoE), got the call and immeadiately gated into the battle. We appeared on the roof of the bank with NC right below us. "Howdy Boyz!" Is what I told the NC down below who were fighting with BH and KGB. With 14 members of V gating in on top of the bank - was a beautiful sight! Almost a magnificent as the death rattle of Andren "OoOooooo".

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Guild Site

KGB's Uniform Policy
You too can recognize KGB members in the field
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

The KGB Members Handbook has been updated with the following information:

Section 7 and 8 have been added.

The following are the standard outfits that KGB members are requested to wear at all time to support Guild unity and to help identify fellow members. As a Member you are not required to wear KGB uniforms unless it is ordered in cases of combat and or formal occasions, however wearing of the KGB uniform is strongly recommended and those who do will be recognized by Guild leadership

KGB Dress Uniform
All KGB members should own a a KGB Dress Uniform. Wearing this uniform will help to identify you as a KGB member and help you spot other members during your travels. Being seen in your Dress Uniform will help improve KGB's image and moral.

KGB Silver Dress Uniform
This is the traditional KGB Dress Uniform and is well known. During KGB Parades this uniform is worn with a red Kite Shield and a Viking or Long Sword. All members are on horseback during these occasions. The KGB HQ Tower has the proper color dye tubs in the 2nd floor Guild Stone room. This is also the proper uniform and all indoor formal occasions, minus the Shield and sword. Members should always remove your Helmet while indoors.

KGB Battle Dress Uniform
During combat, KGB Military units should all wear this standard Dress Uniform. It helps to hide your armor and keeps members from being singled out by the enemy. KGB Members may also choose to wear their Silver Dress Uniform into combat, but this may prove to be costly in the event that you are killed in battle.

KGB Paladin Uniform
The red aprin represents membership in the Order of the KGB Paladins. The red aprin is restricted to Paladins only.

KGB GuildMasters Uniform
Gold Plate Armor and the KGB signature red Sash represent the KGB GuildMasters Uniform. This Uniform should only be worn by the GuildMaster himself and or KGB Prime Minister while serving as GuildMaster


Member Awards
KGB Award Policy states that someone (Even yourself) must send a written account of the said incident that you feel warrants an award. It is your responsibility to keep track of actions or situations that may warrant awards. You may send these accounts in any time using the Award Request feature. The feature can always be found at the top of the KGB Sentinel page and the KGB Members Handbook.

Sir Llywellyn of Yew, GSS Agent (Retired) has been awarded:
The KGB Silver Star
Here is a description written by a Guild Member:
"Llywelyn showed courage, respect, true dedication to the name of KGB and with this I would like for you to PLEASE bestow the highest honor ever given to kgb members. He was loyal and made quick thinking decisions that helped KGB the best that could be done under the circumstances."
Based on his recent outstanding performance The KGB GuildMaster has nominated Sir Llyyellyn for the
KGB High Council Medal of Honor, KGB's most prestigious award.
The KGB High Council Medal of Honor
This award is pending approval from the KGB High Council.


Lord JetStar, KGB GuildMaster and General Nathan Rahl, KGB Warlord
have each been awarded:
The KGB Prime Ministers Golden Cross
"After the battle was finished KGB stood victorious with its abundance of allies looking upon the ravaged bodies if Night Clan.  Two members showed military tactics that all can be proud of.  I feel the following members deserve recognition in the form of medals for the results of tonights battle.  They are of course my Lord JetStar for assembling a huge allie force to help KGB and Warlord Rahl for his field command, which lead to an overwhelming victory.  For this show of not only using brawn but brains it is only appropriate to award the Prime Minister medal of valor.  After witnessing the victory and the pride I now feel in my guild once again, it gives me great pride to dedicate the award to these incredible members."


Lady Ragter, CKGB Member Services has been awarded:
The KGB Distinguished Service Cross
Here is a description written by a Guild Member:
"Ragter has shown her dedication to the guild and her character since the day she joined.  She is always there running the store and helping out in any way she can."

HEADLINES for January 14th, 1999

WAR VICTORY! The Resistance Defeated in 2 Hours
Resistance GuildMaster tells more lies! As KGB sets a new record the shortest War ever!
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

The Resistance finally returned the declaration of War that KGB had set long ago. As soon as they returned the declaration, KGB forces were all over them. Cry for Dawn was running like a coward all over Trinsic until he was finally forced to undeclare less than 2 hours after accepting.

To add insult to injury, CFD refused to admit he even declared. I have been contacted by 3 of his Members and they all contradicted his foolish claims that it was a strange "Bug". KGB Membership have once again proved that Cry for Dawn and his band of fool lack the self respect to be honest, and lack the courage to fight like men. Im proud to say we have finally defeated Cry for Dawn and his compulsive dishonesty.

Nobles Bane to Merge with KGB
After long negotiations Nobles Bane made its first step in being absorbed by KGB.
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

The first members of Nobles Bane joined the KGB stone for a 14 day probationary period. NB members and KGB members get a chance to work together and see if the situation is compatible. So far things are going well.

Member Awards
KGB Award Policy states that someone (Even yourself) must send a written account of the said incident that you feel warrants an award. It is your responsibility to keep track of actions or situations that may warrant awards. You may send these accounts in any time using the Award Request feature. The feature can always be found at the top of the KGB Sentinel page and the KGB Members Handbook.

Sir Hard Cash, Field General has been awarded:
The KGB Silver Star
The KGB GuildMasters Golden Cross
Here is just one written example of his performance from a GuildMember:
"While commanding the KGB forces HC was overwhelmed while trying to attack NC members while giving KGB members time to escape from the onslaught.  He could have escaped but instead remained and fought with extreme honor.  Perhaps a medal would serve to persuade other members that honor is valued more then protecting one's own ass."


Lady Kiki, Knight has been awarded:
The KGB GuildMasters Golden Cross
The KGB Distinguished Service Cross
Here is a description written by a Guild Member:
"I propose that Kiki be considered for a medal for her unquestioning bravery and sense of duty.  Every moment that she is on, she is ready to accept and respond to a call to arms.  She always responds in a prompt manner to calls from KGB and it's allies, quite often giving her life against increadible odds, fighting to the death for her allies and friends."


Sir Llywellyn of Yew, GSS Agent (Retired) has been awarded:
The KGB GuildMasters Golden Cross
The KGB Distinguished Service Cross
Here is a description written by a Guild Member:
"I believe Llywelyn is deserving to be recognized for his service to the guild in the recent battles. He was red flagged as a murderer and was willing to brave the PTI to defend it from attack even when we were the only other ones there to defend it."


Sir Demoyn, Knight Commander has been awarded:
The KGB Silver Star
The KGB GuildMasters Golden Cross
The KGB Distinguished Service Cross
Here is two descriptions written by Guild Members:
"I think Demoyn definitely needs to get an award for his recent dedication to the guild.  He is always looking to fight some of our enemies and his recent PvP tournament was a great success.  He has already gotten kudos from a lot of members but I can't think of a better person to nominate for an award."

"Organization of a killer tournie, and bringing KGB's name some notoriety and recognition."


Sir Paradox Thorn, KGB Minister of Training has been awarded:
The KGB GuildMasters Golden Cross
The KGB Distinguished Service Cross
Here is a description written by a Guild Member:
"Paradox has put himself out to help train and make being in KGB fun. Instead of making the training process boring he takes ppl on hunts and provides equipment also. He is a very worthy KGB'er for an award."


Sir Derid, Knight Commander has been awarded:
The KGB Silver Star
The KGB GuildMasters Golden Cross
The KGB Distinguished Service Cross
Here are some members views:
"Derid's and experience has helped KGB to increase its combat skill. He is always ready to fight and has already shown countless acts of Bravery in his short term as a KGB member"

"I want to nominate Derid for an award based on his recent heroics at the HQTower.  He took on 3 NC alone and stayed alive long enough for the rest of us to get there and kill Savage."


Sancho, Apprentice Knight has been awarded:
The KGB GuildMasters Golden Cross
Here is a description written by a Guild Member:
"Sancho has inspired many with his opinions and dedication to KGB of KGB should act. Dedicated and hard working, his efforts have been tireless"


Merlins Slave, Apprentice Knight has been awarded:
The KGB Distinguished Service Cross
Here is a description written by a Guild Member:
"Merlin's Slave has created a new standard for how a new member of KGB should act. Dedicated and hard working, his efforts have been tireless"

KGB Turns Red Against BYZ
KGBers turn red to defend PTI
An Article by Hurmp, Page, KGB Black Knights

This past weekend the farms in Jhelom were newly fertilized with the corpses of Lamers.  Friday night the call went out that BH had engaged CH and PnS on the outskirts of Jhelom.  KGB Warlord Rahl quickly organized a war party to assist BH.  Upon the joint arrival of a wave of BH and a wave of KGB, the CH forces were immediately thinned out.  However due to the fact that there were many blue enemies, The KGB and BH forces were turning constantly Grey.  After all the enemy were killed, (with no allied casualties), waves of thieves descended upon the scene preying upon the Grey and Red Allies and prompted a decision to return home to celebrate a glorious victory, (this is where the B in KGB rears it’s head, as I soon found out).

Hostile actions by the Byzantine Guild to the Pacific Training Institute prompted a hasty reprisal by the KGB and other friends of the PTI.  Many BYZ were abusing the bug allowing one to recall into a castle’s courtyard, however present Game Master’s made sure that that tactic didn’t last long.  BYZ was repelled from the PTI in the end. There were many fights to be had this weekend to the KGB.  Hopefully soon they will be orange rather than blue.

GuildMaster JetStar accepts duel with Andren of NC
Special thanks to all of our visitors!
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

In a very rare set of circumstances, KGB GuildMaster JetStar accepted a duel with Andren of Nightmare clan. The two men went to the roof of the KGB tower and took part in a fair duel. After a noble effort, JetStar was defeated. Both men talked for about an hour and parted ways.

HEADLINES for January 11th, 1999

KGB UO Website reaches 40,000 hits
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Award Updates
Help recognize a KGB members for outstanding service
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster


KGB Award Policy states that someone (Even yourself) must send a written account of the said incident that you feel warrants an award. It is your responsibility to keep track of actions or situations that may warrant awards. You may send these accounts in any time using the Award Request feature.

HEADLINES for January 9th, 1999

Early Victories in CH/PnS War
KGB joins The Black Hand in defeating the CH/PnS lamer menace
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster
Pictures by General Hard Cash, KGB Foreign Minister (Click here for link to his Kill Gallery)


After three days of talking trash to the KGB GuildMaster, PnS GuildMaster Caperon finally gets what he asked for:

GuildMaster Caperon and his CH Friends together again

More CH Members meet their maker

The Next Generation of KGB
A new generation of Warriors and Craftsman bolster KGB's ranks
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

KGB Membership has rebounded from the initial migration to Norrath. A recent Membership drive has attracted the young and old alike. The reputation of KGB was formed long ago by KGB's most dedicated members. Many of them have moved on to other worlds. Since June of 1998 KGB has been rebuilding its ranks, relying on its Champions for victory. It has been just in the last month that the Military presence of KGB's Armed Forces has been felt my the followers of Evil. Working with Guilds like The Black Hand, KGB has been again been able to combat the overwhelming forces of evil.

Times have changed since June of 1998. KGB Military units and members of the Order of the KGB Paladins kept Dread Lords on the run. Murderers and Dread Lords alike had to feel uneasy, as they never knew if Annul and his brothers were waiting for them around the next corner. After long careers many of KGB's most decorated veterans retired (Annul still holds the record with 240 screen shot documented kills of Dread Lords and Guild Enemies). These were difficult times as more and more veterans approached retirement. KGB's future was uncertain as it lost its edge and began to fall victim to the forces of Evil. KGB building security was compromised as keys circulated on the black market. The great KGB HQ empty sat empty, a sign of the times and a rude reminder of the guilds former glory.

In a series of controversial mandates, GM JetStar enlisted all members to help bolster membership and provide KGB Armed Forces with the strength and experience it once had. During this difficult time, KGB's Warlord (Supreme Commander of the KGB Armed Forces) did the best he could with the resources he had. To his credit, the long war with The Mafia Guild was won with his efforts. Hostilities were ended after almost 4 months of brutal combat. Warlord Ardath has been a dedicated member since the days of the Tanarus KGB (KGB's home world). He is currently the only active member that was involved in the original KGB organization. After serving a terms and second in command, as Warlord, and still a member of the KGB High Council, Ardath's presence and wisdom has helped to shape the guild into its current state. General Ardath achieved the rank equivalent to a Champion (Highest Military Rank) and left the office of Warlord as a General of the 4th Circle (Third KGB member to achieve this rank). Ardath's voice continues to shape the KGB even today, as a member of the KGB High Council and as a officer in the KGB's Black Knight Division. General of the 4th Circle Nathan Rahl leads the KGB Armed Forces today as our current Warlord. New challenges face him as he leads the largest KGB force in the Guilds history. He has a rewarding yet difficult task ahead of him.

GuildMaster JetStar recently appointed KGB's 5th High Council, with a record 10 members. It is made up of KGB veterans and newer members alike. The High Council has the most difficult job of all. They must represent the Membership in the governing of the Guild and also be responsible personally for every decision they make. The direction and performance of the KGB as a Guild is shaped and monitored by this group. Very often they must make difficult decisions that are what they feel is best for the Guild. Sometimes these decisions are very very unpopular. The KGB GuildMaster appointed each member to vote on their conscious. What is best for the Guild is sometimes unpopular. Our Moral and Ethical code is upheld and enforced by this body that was designed by the GuildMaster to keep his daily control of the Guild in check. Chairman of the KGB High Council Helmholtz must face the membership daily with difficult decisions. He was selected for this job based on his strict moral code. We can change the rules, but it is important to remember the mission of KGB in those changes. No one supports these ideals better than the KGB Prime Minister Thorn Wolfbane. He is known for his conservative views and fiercely defends the mission and moral of the KGB as a Guild. He is second in command and has served as GuildMaster on many occasions. Prime Minister Wolfbane is considered the moral backbone of our Guild. Being on the High Council is a complicated and difficult task. You are directly responsible for performance and moral of the Guild, at the same time you must do everything to make sure security and stability is not compromised. Basically, you cant really make everyone happy. The current HC is always open to your input and ideals. If you present your opinion in a respectful and civilized manner, they will consider anything. They are here to represent you, talk to them, that's their job.

KGB has evolved beyond just being a military force. The CKGB (Craftsman [and Craftswomen] Knights of Glory and Beer are an important part of our Guild today. Members have a choice as to the type of career they wish to pursue. Former Chair of the KGB High Council and current Minister of the CKGB Katrina has been tireless in making a comfortable environment form experts in the non-combat crafts. Smiths, Alchemists, and Carpenters alike have found a home in the CKGB. They have become a important part of the support structure of KGB's Military operations in providing equipment and other forms of support. The KGB Military depends on the CKGB for this type of support. Minister of the CKGB Katrina has given tireless effort to make the CKGB what it is today. Members now have a non-combat way to earn a living through her accomplishments. Warriors and Crafts people alike can find a satisfying and exciting career in the KGB.

KGB's old and tired GuildMaster finds purpose and new motivation in younger KGB members like Commander WildCard, showing his loyalty to the Guild and the GuildMaster, was ready to sacrifice his own honor for his view of what would make the KGB better. Commander WildCard followed orders from his superior even though it would taint his image to the rest of the Guild. Commander Wildcard is an example of a Military officer doing his duty. Another example is new member Merlins Slave. Merlin's slave had an idea about KGB structure and as a Week old member, addressed the High Council in a detailed presentation about is vision. Former Enemy and GuildMaster Sir Derid found a new purpose in life and advanced to the rank of Knight in 24 hours. Sir Derid created and posted a detailed evaluation of KGB's combat tactics that will no doubt assist the Military's mission. Knight Commander Demoyn achieved the rank in record time. His tenacity and dedication has been unmatched. He not only found a place to place KGB's second tower but spent his own money to decorate and prepare the building for member training. He arranged and held a PvP tourney that attracted the best PvPers on the shard. Finally a toast to a veteran member of KGB who gave his pride and membership in defense of his GuildMaster. Regardless of being right or wrong, Champion Speedy sacrificed his life and KGB membership in support of his friend. To Speedy: we all appreciate your loyalty to your friend and to your Guild, if you could just learn to get your point across without offending and hurting people, you would truly be perfect. It would be impossible to name all of our great members both new and old, but each of them deserve the respect of their brothers and sisters for a job well done.

Former KGB Treasury Minister Arginal wrote:

I believe, and this is my own opinion, but we all want the very best for KGB as a whole. Forging ahead though thick and thin we push the veil of darkness aside and show the world that Murderers do not rule this land and defiantly do not rule the Knights of Glory and Beer!

The KGB Defends the PTI against Murderer Menace
KGB Sentinel Story revised as more reports of HFB / Matthew duel pour in
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

Members of the Byzantine (BYZ) (BYG) Guild have recently made a bogus claim to the Castle that the Pacific Training Institute calls home. GuildMaster confirmed this from the original owner of the Castle. Here is a record out of the original record of the discussion regarding ownership.

James Robert :) (ICQ#CENSORED) Wrote:
Im glad you resolved the ownership issue. I left those buildings to you.

After confirmation of the truth about the schools ownership, GuildMaster JetStar ordered units of the KGB Armed forces to defend the school with force. Alozoth and other members of the BYZ Guild were defeated in several attacks against the school. Alozoth fell three times himself in battle. GuildMaster JetStar returned to KGB HeadQuarters and declared war on BYZ.

If you have any questions about the Pacific Training Institute or would like to get involved or sign up for training, please contact GuildMaster JetStar at or ICQ#1830881

HEADLINES for January 6th, 1999

Duel Participants Speak Out!
KGB Sentinel Story revised as more reports of HFB / Matthew duel pour in
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

A story from January 5th has been removed and updated. Several witnesses have commented on the incident.

Here is what we know. A battle was fought between POA's Matthew aka Skull formerly of the X-Lords and HFBjr. Matthew was defeated, but it is circumstances that are in question. We will present the facts for you to review and you decide:

HFB sent in this account and the Picture:
He begged me all day for a duel and kept saying i was <censored> newbie and i sucked <censored>. So he started to attack me and he said, "1 on 1 duel right now bitch", and i said, "uhhhh alright then". So then we dueled and I beat him in about 1 min 30 seconds. - HFBjr

Matthew Sent in this account if the incident:
"That was far from a duel.. I had been begging HFB for a duel all day, and he would not accept, he kept saying he was busy, or had to go macro, only to showup 5 mins later with his guildmates.  I saw him at Cove and attacked him, he had his friend Tomas with him.  I attacked with low mana, maybe 20 Mana. I got HFB to 1/2 hp with my bow when I armed an ebolt, at which time Tomas and HFB both healed HFB.  So it looked like only HFB healed, but Tomas did infact heal him also. I was saying 1 on 1 plz, in hopes that Tomas would stop healing.  Again remember attacked with low mana, Tomas had healed him, and this was no official duel (we didnt even speak of rules such as "no potions" etc etc), HFB got me to 40hp and I thought was fine, having 100 str, 100 resist, usally it takes 2-3 ebolts to kill me, even at 40hp.. Well HFB let loose a Ebolt, boom, 40hp, I'm dead.  The next day I officially dueled both HFB and Tomas. Beat them both. Just some points I'd like to reitterate: Tomas healed HFB, I attacked with low mana, it was by no means an official "Duel", Tomas did a nice 40hp ebolt, and I whooped them both in official duels the next day..
ps - if I sent a mass-icq everytime I killed someone, I'd be on icq all day 24/7, I think that was pretty lame of HFB to tell his 1-sided story to everytime over mass-icq..

A bystander named Exotic Carpenter sent in this account:
I was there for the duel between Matthew and HFB. This was never a 1 on 1 duel.  The fact that HFB failed to mention that his guild member Tomas was healing him during the whole duel. I commend Matthew for fighting him even with these dishonorable tactics by HFB. Also this did not take 1min 30secs. Matthew was able to battle HFB for about 10-15mins with a 2 on 1 odds. I beleave HFB was able to defeat Matthew because he crashed or was in a long lag bubble. When they noticed he wasn't moving both of them decided to EB him witch also took about 8 EBs to bring him down. I do not consider this a Honorable duel when HFB agreeded to fight him 1 on 1 to only be healed and attacked by Tomas later.


HEADLINES for January 5th, 1999

KGB Reorganization almost complete
KGB's Warlord Nathan Rahl working to complete restructuring
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

Units of the KGB Military prepare for War under their new structure. Armed Forces officials are training and getting used to their new positions. Much of KGB's armed forces have been assisting The Black Hand in operations against Pacific's latest menace.

Two evil clans known as CH and PNS have immerged recently to challenge The Black Hand. KGB Members have been joining the Black Hand's Guild Stone to assist in their conflict.

KGB Armed Forces should be ready for combat by the 9th of this month. The KGB Armed Forces page is being updated with the latest division information and rankings. Information about ranking can be found on the KGB Armed Forces Information page.

The Resistance - Liars and Cowards
KGB Blackmailed with lies - TR GM can't accept defeat
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

A picture speaks a thousand words. On December 31st, 1998 Members of the Resistance were defeated in battle by KGB forces. The Resistance GuildMaster Cry for Dawn sent in a threatening note to the KGB Sentinel staff after reading the December 31st article. This is just another example of The Resistance's lack of honor utter stupidity. Cry for Dawn is well known throughout the land as a liar and murderous lamer who cant back up his claims.

The Knights of Glory and Beer continues to leave the challenge of a non-conditional War against TR open. To date CFD and the Resistance still refuse to accept. KGB Members are anxious to finally get a chance to destroy this guild that personifies exactly what KGB is against: Cheating, Lies, Lameness, Murder, and the persecution of innocence.

Here are parts of the response CFD sent in about the December thirty one article:

" lets not lie and say that KGB brought back any body parts from myself since i got all of them from my guild" -Cry for Dawn

I have your head on my Desk - JetStar

"If you want a guild war hype I will proclaim that KGB tower was destroyed, deeded and Jetstar was killed and the KGB guild stone was disbanded" -Cry for Dawn

I am not worries about your lies Cry for Dawn. Noone believes a word that comes out of your mouth anyway. Noone reads your page of lies. You should prove that your not a coward and declare War on KGB. Lets finish this on the battlefield. Lets see if you have the guts... - JetStar

HEADLINES for December 31st, 1998

KGB Defeats Cry for Dawn
Unable to run this time, KGB Armed Forces kill the TR GuildMaster
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

KGB Forces arrived at a scene of carnage as The Black Hand was in battle with The Resistance. The Resistance was Murdering innocents west of Skara Brae. KGB Members went to work and answered GuildMaster JetStar's Christmas wish. Cry for Dawn was killed in battle and his head and other body part delivered to JetStar. GuildMaster JetStar said, "What a fine decoration this will make for my desk, well, perhaps it would better serve me in my spittoon. If Cry for Dawns head is in the KGB Spittoon, im sure noone will ever miss".

KGB members involved in this battle were Prime Minister Thorn Wolfbane, General Weiland, Champion Hard, Sir Spinal, Master Knight Demoyn, and General Ardath. The only good TR member is a dead one. The KGB officers are being awarded the:

The KGB Distinguished Service Cross

HEADLINES for December 28th, 1998

Holiday's bring Unrest in KGB Government
Situation cooling off after heated debates
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

After a series of high level misunderstandings and miscommunications, the KGB Government was brought to to a stand still. KGB officials stormed out of two different High Council meetings. This unrest brought the resignations of many high level officials and several members of the KGB Military. After 24 hours things calmed down and most all of the resignations had been withdrawn.

Knight Commander Wildcard acting under orders from GuildMaster JetStar recruited a member candidates that had a similar name to a notorious murderer. A situation occurred at the KGB HeadQuarters tower on Christmas day. the fire from this situation ignited this debate. Misunderstanding and miscommunication were rampant, only adding to the fire.

Upon the resignation of GuildMaster JetStar, acting GuildMaster Thorn Wolfbane froze all KGB Military operations and removed all member candidates from the Guild stone. This was taken as a precautionary step. KGB has temporarily undeclared against Nightmare Clan until further notice. GuildMaster JetStar returned to his post at 2:00pm on Sunday, December 27th. It seems KGB narrowly averted its own destruction. Cool heads prevailed.

The following changes have been made to KGB procedures:

Member Candidates
The standard procedure will be used and Member Candidates will not be added to the Guild Stone until they have fully completed the membership process. The process is being streamlined to reduce unneeded delays.

Separation of Legislative and Executive Branches
CHC Helmholtz and GM JetStar agreed that the presence of the GuildMaster in High Council meetings is disruptive. The GuildMaster will no longer be present during voting. However complete meeting transcripts and voting records will be available to the GuildMaster upon request.

If you are a member candidate and are no longer on the Guild stone you have not been kicked out, but you will not be re-added to the Guild stone until your membership has been reviewed and approved by the KGB High Council.

HEADLINES for December 21st, 1998

Updates from the front line
KGB's War effort against NightMare Clan
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

KGB's new Warlord, General Nathan Rahl has been completing the latest reorganization of the KGB Armed Forces. Combat Training continues and Armed Forces will soon resume offensive operations.

If you have not yet been assigned or are unsure of your position in the new structure, you should contact Warlord Rahl via ICQ or E-Mail him here at

There have been several small skirmishes with NC in the last few days. POA and DF have taken up arms with NC and have made several small attacks on KGB members. KGB officials are looking at the current state of affairs with POA and DF. A resolution should be announced before year end.

GuildMaster Restructures GSS
New opportunities for Guild Secret Service Members
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

The Guild Secret Service will be expanded to offer its members career options and room for advancement. Members that dedicate themselves to the GSS will have new and expanded duties and authority. The GSS has proven its worth in battle and the gathering of intelligence in past KGB conflicts. The GuildMaster has decided to expand this division into a full time, fully staffed organization.

Covert Operations, and Intelligence are the focus of the new GSS.

The Guild Secret Service Minister will have new and powerful recruitment powers. A Special GSS Membership would allow agents into the GSS division of the KGB only. Special GSS Members would be approved by authorization from the (CHC)Chairman of the High Council, (PM) Prime Minister, and the (GM) GuildMaster. Specail GSS Membership would allow access to the GSS Conference of the KGB Meeting Hall. (SGSSM) Special GSS Membership would only allow advancement to the Senior Agent level. Full Membership to KGB may be granted by the standard membership process at a later date.

The KGB GSS will now be inplementing this new ranking structure.

This system is designed to offer full time careers and recognition to Members of KGB's elite intelligence division. Here is a breakdown of the new ranking system. The KGB GSS is a special branch of the KGB Armed Forces. The KGB GSS Minister reports directly to the GuildMaster and all GSS operations must have GuildMaster approval.

GSS Commander
This is the highest rank in the GSS. Commanders will be responsible for running GSS operations and reporting results to the Minister (GSSM). Commanders will administrate all levels of GSS agents and provide direct administrative support to the GSSM. Commanders must be full time GSS officers (Members of the Armed Forces or other divisions cannot advance beyond Senior Agent). GSS Commanders have a license to kill anyone without question as long as it fits into their mission. At this high level of GSS rank, GSS Commanders are free to persue matter of Guild security as they see fit. GSS Commanders only take orders directly from the KGB GSSM or under special circumstances from the GuildMaster himself.

GSS Captain
This is the second highest rank in the GSS. It represents the ultimate in non-administrative ranbk in the Guild Secret Service. GSS Captains will have the freedom to persue subjects that they feel are important to Guild Security. They also carry an unrestricted license to kill anyone that interfears with their mission of protecting Guild Security. Captains have the authority to take action, the trust to take chances, and the backup of the entire Guild. Captains will be our most effective agents. Captains must be full time GSS officers (Members of the Armed Forces or other divisions cannot advance beyond Senior Agent).

GSS Lieutenant
This ranks seperates experienced agents from GSS Officers. Lieutenants must be full time GSS officers (Members of the Armed Forces or other divisions cannot advance beyond Senior Agent). GSS Officers have made covert operations and intelligence gathering their primary focus in their decision to become a GSS Officer. GSS Officers must not be a member of any other KGB Organization or Division. During the most delicate of GSS operations, only GSS officers will be choosen to take part. All GSS operations are not to be discussed with any non-GSS Member unless instructed by the GSS Minister or KGB GuildMaster. By dedicating your career to the GSS you will be a part of the Guild Security inner sanctum, helping the GuildMaster and KGB government make educated decisions about the future of the Guild.

GSS Senior Agent
This rank represents a KGB Guild Member that takes part in KGB GSS operations on a regular basis and is experienced in the arts of intelligence gathering and covert operations. Senior GSS Agents may also me involved in other divisions and may hold other offices within the Guild. This is the highest rank a GSS member may receive without becomming full time GSS. While taking part in GSS opertations SA's report to GSS officers. You must complete several missions and have the respect of the GSS officers before you can reach the rank of SA.

GSS Agent
This rank represents a license to take part in KGB GSS covert and intelligence gathering opporations. You can become a GSS agent by contacting the GSSM and requesting a position. If intelligence gathering and the "spy" thing are your interest, then the KGB GSS is for you!

Minister of the KGB Treasury steps down
Commander Arginal resigns his executive post
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

Black Knights Knight Commander Arginal made the difficult decision to resignm his post as Minister of the KGB Guild Treasury. He is being replaced by the seasoned guild veteran and former KGB Foreign Minister Randall Floyd. Lets all take the time to thank Commander Arginal for a job well done.

KGB's 4th High Council Announced
KGB New High Council is a diverse group
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

The KGB's 4th High Council has been selected by the KGB GuildMaster.

Chairman of the KGB High Council Helmholtz
Prime Minister Thorn Wolfbane
HC Sargent at Arms and Minister of the CKGB Katrina
Warlord Nathan Rahl
Foreign Minister Hard Cash
GSS Minister Peaches
Training Minister Paradox Thorn
4th Circle General Ardath
1st Circle General Weiland
Guild Treasury Minister Randall Floyd

The number of High Council Members increases to 10. The new Training Minister Paradox Thorn and Guild Secret Service Minister Peaches are new to the Council. Guild veteran and new Minister of the Guild Treasury Randal Floyd has returned after a short leave of absence.

The High Council will be returning to its weekly schedule starting this coming Wednesday. You should approach your favorite High Council Member with any proposed changes to KGB Law or suggestions that would require High Council approval. The High Council can also authorize the KGB's Highest order of awards. If you feel that someone deserves the highest form of KGB recognition, please contact your favorite HC member.

HEADLINES for December 13th, 1998

KGB GuildMaster Sponsors Combat Training
KGB Members training feverishly for large group Combat
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

KGB Members reviewed and trained in a new set of combat tactics developed after analyses of the recent large scale battles. KGB forces are scheduling bi-nightly training sessions for the next two weeks. GuildMaster JetStar had this to say, "KGB has been a guild geared at fighting smaller groups. We sharpened our tactics for fighting a smaller opponent. KGB GSS intelligence has been present at recent meetings between NC and several other "Evil" guilds. I deemed it necessary to review our battle tactics, as we will be fighting larger and larger groups."

KGB's Membership topped a record 82 members on Sunday morning. This training is both informative and fun. We hope to be able to hold our own when DF, POA and NC team up against us. GSS Agents have uncovered information that the War situation that KGB is currently in, will get worse before it gets better.

HEADLINES for December 12th, 1998

The Black Hand's GuildMaster Steihl Retires
BH's Famous GM leaves Sosaria
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

The forces of good were delt a knockout blow as fate takes the great GuildMaster Steihl from us all. It is a sad day indeed. RL concerns outweigh his responsibility to his Guild. May he find the success he seeks in all lands he graces.

Alander, from The Border Legion Wrote:
"We have never been very close, and that because we aren't of the same breed, but I personally consider you one of the most trust-worthy, inspirational, and loving men I know on UO....hell, one of the best that I know, period....
Watching this guild unravel in the past week or so has broken my heart...This guild, and you Steihl, are the best thing that has ever happened to the Pacific Shard....better than the KGB, better that Xlords, better than the ancient Byzantine, who I admired so much....You, Steihl, have brought 20 guys into a guild, guys who really aren't the best at combat, and made them into a force that few can w/stand....Also, you do it w/ honor and love for your fellow members, and that is more than I have ever seen before.....there are many guilds out there who can hold their own in battle (PoA), but how many of them are really proud to be PoA? I mean, would they die for PoA? Would they advertise that they were a part of PoA in a group full of enemies? No, because they know that no one really admires them, or what they do.....
On the other hand the is the BH and its members....I don't think there is a single man in this guild who wouldn't die 50 times over for this guild....I know I would if I was a part of a group such as this, and I will die for the Border Legion...they are more than I could ever ask for, and then some...and you need to understand that, Steihl....these men and women love you more than just a GM, and that's is hard to come by.....Don't leave em, Steihl, just because you feel you have failed haven't....If anything, you have inspired them to be the best they can be.....
I guess all the critisism is from them thinking, and I thought this too, that you were always were going to be there.....No matter what happened, and they took it for granted....
I know I'll miss you dearly, Steihl, and I hope one day you decide to join us again....You have inspried me as a leader, it is just too abd our friendship was never more than it was."

Darix Fornhearst, from The Black Hand wrote:
"Sire. I can honestly say that when I arrived in this world, saw thy messages upon my desk, and then read this post. I honestly felt like dying. I feel that I have failed thee as a friend, and more so as a human being.

It is with great sorrow that I watch ye leave, Steihl. You, who brought me back into this game because of one thing, friendship. Nothing more. The friends that are BH *made* me keep playing UO. It's been a chore at time, but like all things, the best rewards are those worked for."

Elwood from The Black Hand wrote:
"This ride has been some of the best fun I've ever had in a rpg! You have taken El from two bit cut purse on Vesper road (an experiment in that pesky stealing skill) to robber baron of virtue!
Ever since the first Ultimas on the commodore 64 with my D&D buds of the time, I too looked into the future for a game that would bring a global rpg. When I bought UO, I was disappointed in the world of global lamers. Upon meeting you, its been a campain to write home about!
I dont know all your reasons for leaving our virtual world but I do want to thank you for the endless hours of fun, for introducing me to such a wonderful cast of characters, and for taking the time to make Brittannia a better and more interesting place.
I really hope you dont leave forever for my own selfish reasons (i.e. the fun thats awaits me when I come home from work) but you do what you have to do. Dont leave because you think you didnt do a good job, because there is no one in the game who could do done half of what you've done."

Chelni from The Black Hand wrote:
If it wasn't for you, we would be nothing.
If it wasn't for you, we would have no honor
if it wasn't for you, we would have no name
if it wasn't for you, I would have lost my faith
if it wasn't for you, I would have left long ago
If it wasn't for you, This world would have been a lesser place

Kalin BlackBlood from The Black Hand wrote:
"From the beginning I felt welcome here. Some of you I've gotten to know better, and others not just yet. Steihl, I don't even know your real name mate, but in my short yet "long" years of life, this guild is the most successful, tightly knit group I have ever had the honor, and pleasure of being a part of. Your role of leader can only be judged as an incredible success, in my oppinion. You have put together a group which can stand toe to toe with alot of the other major guilds on Pac. No hostilities, no real grievances with one another. You have the power at your fingertips to orchestrate everything from a tourney to a huge guild get together, and those are things that matter. \
What is a guild, if only a greedy union between players which are bent on more loot? Nothing but dust in the wind. You built a pillar of strength, mate. We stand united and do not blink before the fall.
I had a great time at that tourney, even though I was only there for the first round. I got to meet the Pirate Roberts in game, and he's just as damned cool as I thought he'd be. We all got to hang out, kick some ass, shoot the breeze. That's what it's all about. The Black Hand is more in depth than anything else in UO, and that's why I was so eager to join up. You make it special to be a part of the guild, I feel like I am a part of something greater when I have my title displayed. We run around in full black plate, and dark green kilts. We are the Omega of guild being I think. We do not prance about in multi-colored yellows and purples. This guild is a complete organism, breathing, thinking, whole.
In essance, it is your child.
While I will loyally follow any who come to command if you truly choose to leave, I fear for the future of the guild. While I have only spent a short time in your presence, I will miss you greatly.
Thank you for reading"

A message from GuildMaster JetStar

On special occasions, I have been moved by a person outside KGB enough to feel a award is necessary. This is one of those times. By the powers vested in me by Article II, Section V, Clause VII of the KGB constitution, I hearby grant The Black Hand GuildMaster Steihl the following award:

The KGB GuildMasters Golden Cross

Goodbye Steihl and the best of luck!

KGB Public Forum Opens Again
Members need to document achievements
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

After months of a closed door here at KGB, we have opened a public forum to help us better understand and be understood by the peoples of Pacific. Seems the mission of KGB has been misunderstood lately. We hope to spread the word that we are working for Good and for all of you that live by the virtues.

Where are the Awards?
Members need to document achievements
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

KGB Award Policy states that someone (Even yourself) must send a written account of the said incident that you feel warrants an award. It is your responsibility to keep track of actions or situations that may warrant awards. You may send these accounts in any time to GM JetStar or Warlord Ardath via E-Mail or ICQ file transfer. DO NOT USE ICQ MESSAGES to send in award information. You may also use the SUBMIT NEWS feature to record this. I prefer the submit news method, as it makes for easy record of this important information. Complete descriptions of the available KGB Awards are available in the KGB Members Handbook and on the KGB Armed Forces Information Page.

Speak up for your Brothers and Sisters!

HEADLINES for December 10th, 1998

POA, NC, and DF Cheat their way to Victory
Cheating rampant, Enemy needs exploits to win
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

The Battle That Could Not Be Won
KGB and Allies BH suffer stunning defeat at the hands of POA, NC, DF, and of course UOExtreme. The call came at about 10:30pm Pacific. Black Hand GuildMaster Steihl messaged that he was going into battle. The Black Hand Members and GuildMaster marched bravely into what would be an overwhelming trap by our enemies filled with exploit use and unfair disadvantage. Near the Occlo bank, the BH forces were overwhelmed killed in Battle. KGB took the call from its fallen friends and quickly assessed the situation. GuildMaster JetStar broke a standing KGB rule of never taking sides in the Order vs. Chaos battles and declared Order so KGB forces could attack POA, NC and DF. KGB arrived in Occlo and a fierce battle. KGB forces were able to gain the upper hand against the remaining DF forces. Then the main POA, NC force arrived. Badly outnumbered, KGB forces fought bravely as the attempted to withdraw. KGB suffered heavy casualties. Members were being attacked my a bug that causes your client to crash. You must either restart or reboot, and by the time you return, its all over.

KGB Regroups in Nujelm
The wounded were healed and the dead resurrected as the remaining KGB forces gathered at Nujelm bank. GuildMaster JetStar took command of the group in what was to be the greatest loss in the history of the Guild. Dante Voodoo was spying for POA and attempting to lead KGB into a trap. GM JetStar ignored him and ordered the KGB force to Skara Brae to assist any wounded or outnumbered BH members.

As KGB arrived through the gate, POA and friends were ready for them. Using a bug to crash over half of the KGB force, while the KGB members were crashed, they were easy and helpless targets for POA and friends. GuildMaster JetStar said "This was the most blatant us of exploits I have ever seen, so far each time I have encountered POA or NC in battle, I have frozen up to find myself dead afterwards. Bug use and cheating is truly out of hand". The KGB force was slaughtered. GM JetStar switched the stone back to Standard mode and quickly left for Occlo. There he spent 15 minutes telling POA members what he thought of their tactics. Shouting in their faces, GM JetStar called them the Cheap Cowards that they are.

BH GuildMaster Steihl Steps Down
After suffering the loss, GM Steihl decided he had had enough. Recent events had worn him down, fighting a battle that could not be won, recent opposition to the BH - KGB Alliance, and internal issues made GM Steihl finally give up. The Black Hand currently has no GuildMaster.

Stay tuned for more details and reports tomorrow!

CB Violates Treaty
CB has taken to random PKing once again
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

The Cease Fire agreement between CB and the KGB has been violated and suspended. The brother of a KGB member happened to be walking by the X-Roads and was randomly killed by members of CB. Many reports from allied guilds have been coming reporting the same thing.

KGB has not redeclared on CB as of yet, discussions are under way how to best handle the situation.

HEADLINES for December 3rd, 1998

A Challenge from NC
The War rages on. War is not a Duel!
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

I the following letter from Andren of Nightmare Clan. Seems NC is making the same mistake that many of our other enemies have made in the past. Please read the letter and GuildMaster JetStar's comments

Hola Jetstar,
I read the post on your news page about the big fight between the 3 guilds vs NC. to correct your statement, I would like to let you know that there is only 9 members in Nighmare Clan, only 6 are active. We did not have 15 members there at Covetous the night of the big fight. Also there was 22 people all together on your side. Another instance you failed to mention, is the first wave of KGB that came to covetous withought PO of CB support were taken out, exept for the ones that recalled. Then the next wave of CB that came were also taken out. Only could your guild win  with the help of 2 other guilds. Jetstar, I tell you once again, NC is only 6 members. Does a guild of 79 people really need help from other guilds to destroy only 6. I am officially asking you right now for a 1 vs 1 duel, Jetstar of KGB vs Andren of NC. If you remember correctly, at the beginning of the fight at Covetous, you were the first person to die. And I was the one that killed you. So Jetstar, Do you accept my challange? You can never bring NC to their knees, We will kill you all off 1 by 1 untill you are all broke without any more equipment. Jetstar, please post this message on your News page, I want everyone to know that I asked you for a duel, if this is not posted, I will know that the KGB guildmaster is nothing but a coward to fight 1 on 1 on a stage infront of many! Do you accept my challange?

Andren of Nighmare Clan

Sir Andren, Please let me educate you on some of the points you raised in you letter and about the KGB in general. Lets start with your letter.

Andren Wrote-
"To correct your statement, I would like to let you know that there is only 9 members in Nighmare Clan, only 6 are active"

Allow me to correct you again Sir Andren, you have 12 members on your stone, The OWO Guild registry states you have 12 members in your Guild. Allow me to show you the members that are on your Guildstone:

Andren, GUILD PK!
Frostwind, Temp
Mordecai, Death
Poison Ivy
Sir Goodwin

You obviously have trouble counting. Your version of the battle was quite inaccurate also, we did take heavy casualties, but you and your men were killed or chased off the field. I can see your not only GrandMaster Mages, but GrandMaster runners too.

Lets now talk about War. I have said this many times before and I will say it again, "War is not a duel". KGB Members dont claim to be the best, in fact we are quite normal. We dont have the wonderful 3rd party cheats that you do. We dont cast spells with our crossbows equiped. We dont have an army of Blue Healers like you do. We are all links in a chain, and together we are a powerful machine. Our numbers will overwhelm you, and our commercial operations means a constant flow of money and equipment. The strategy of attrition is a old and effective tactic, and we will prevail.

A War is a contest between nations or states, carried on by force, whether for defense, for revenging insults and redressing wrongs, for the extension of commerce, for the acquisition of territory, for obtaining and establishing the superiority and dominion of one over the other, or for any other purpose; armed conflict of sovereign powers; declared and open hostilities. As war is the contest of nations or states, it always implies that such contest is authorized by the monarch or the sovereign power of the nation. A war begun by attacking another nation, is called an offensive war, and such attack is aggressive. War undertaken to repel invasion, or the attacks of an enemy, is called defensive.

A duel is combat between two persons, fought with deadly weapons, by agreement. It usually arises from an injury done or an affront given by one to the other.

I have no interest in dueling, as my strength is in my Guild. This Conflict is not a contest to prove who is the best individual fighter, not a "fun" prearranged contest. This war is the forces of good (KGB and it's allies) against the forces of evil (Nightmare Clan and those like them) who would seek to harm innocent people. KGB and its allies intend to inflict defeat upon you until you leave this world or offer an unconditional surrender. We intend to force you to taste the beer you have brewed for others, and the more you talk, the more you will have to answer for when you beg for surrender.

HEADLINES for December 2nd, 1998

ClanBlood War Ends
Peace Treaty ends War
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

ClanBlood Enemies to Friends

After fierce fighting all over Sosaria last night, peace talks resumed. ClanBlood GM Menzo and KGB GuildMaster JetStar agreed to the original terms of Peace and have combined efforts against NC. Pirate Overlords assisted in the combat. Its nice to see Guilds that are so used to fighting each other, fighting together against a common enemy.The terms of the Peace treaty are as follows:

1) Neither Guild shall partake in the persecution or murder of innocents, newbies or other uninvolved individuals.

2) Both Guilds will take to arms against NC and the POA alliance.

KGB is focusing on the NC War effort as CSE and many others focus on POA.

KGB Declares against NC
KGB, CB and PO Join forces to fight NC
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

Victory at a heavy price

KGB, CB, PO win first battle against NC with heavy casualties

It was truly an epic scene. KGB gates to the Covetous entrance to find NC forces waiting for them (Pics posted later tonight!) with 12 to 15 members on each side. NC forces are all GrandMaster Mages. This became obvious as KGB forces took heavy casualties. NC forces expended their Mana on KGB. Then CB and PO arrived to mop up. NC members had no chance against CB and PO forces with full mana. Most of the NC members were killed and their horses slaughtered. The battlefield was a horrid scene. Bodies of members from both sides littered the field with the smell of burnt flesh and the sight dismembered horses.
This promises to be an expensive and challenging conflict for all involved. Stay tuned

The Resistance retracts War Challenge
TR will not fight an unconditional War
An Article by JetStar, KGB GuildMaster

KGB's refusal to create rules of engagement changes TR's mind

TR GuildMaster Cry for Dawn met with KGB GuildMaster JetStar on November 30th to discuss their planned declaration of War. Cry for Dawn explained that the majority of his guild wanted official War status against KGB. He went on to explain that certain Terms of engagement should be created and followed. These terms included a stipulation of no combat within city limits. GuildMaster JetStar asked for a 24 hour recess to discuss these terms with the membership of KGB.

I was agreed that agreeing to terms would offer a disadvantage to KGB based on the fact that KGB has superior numbers. KGB could easily cover all the worlds banks and quickly move forces to combat banking TR members. GuildMaster JetStar said, "War is War. There are no rules, and it is not for pleasure. KGB does not fight to fight. KGB fights for a purpose, and that is to prove to those that would take advantage of others that their is a price to pay. If TR feels it wants War with KGB, lets have one."

KGB declared War on The Resistance at 10:00pm on December 2nd. GM Cry for Dawn refused to return the declaration. Upon hearing that we would not agree to his terms, he then referred to KGB as "Cowards". You decide who the cowards are here!!

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