Gallery 6 - Suisun Bay, June 1998

Pictures of the Mothball Fleet (6/13/98):

AE-22 USS Mauna Kea
This is ammunition ship AE-22, the USS Mauna Kea. Launched 5/3/1956.

MSO 439 USS Excel
The mine sweeper USS Excel, MSO 439. At Suisun Bay since 9/92. Launched 9/25/1953.

Detail of gun mount
Close up of gun mounts.

LPH11 New Orleans and LPH3 Okinawa
The LPH 11, USS New Orleans and LPH 3, USS Okinawa in a deep sleep.

Detail shot of LPH 3
LPH 3 Proudly shows off her number.

Cargo Ships
The American Racer, Lincoln, and Agent.

Unknown crusiers.

DD 972 USS Oldendorf

DD 972 USS Oldendorf

LSD 40 USS Fort Fisher
Landing Ship Dock, LSD 50 USS Fort Fisher. Launched 4/22/1972.


DD 972 USS Oldendorf

Victory Ships
The last of the victory ships.


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